Some Tips on How to Open a Day Care Service

Opening a day care service is a rewarding and profitable venture since it is a booming industry.  This will continue for many years to come as the fi...

Opening a day care service is a rewarding and profitable venture since it is a booming industry.  This will continue for many years to come as the financial demands make parents work extra hours or off-hours.  If you are planning in venturing this growing industry, how to open a day care service that is of high quality will be your aim.

Research what are your local government’s regulations with regards to opening a day care center.  Most of the time the basic regulations involve getting the business registered and getting you and staff (if you have any) registered as well.  Other regulations also involve what the appropriate child-to-staff ratio is.  Most regions allow 6 children to one teacher, while others base it upon the age of the children.  Check with your local regulations what the ratio for the teacher-to-children is.

Think carefully if you want to open a home-based day care center or if you will purchase or rent a facility.  Operating a home-based day care service keeps your overhead costs low, however there will be space limitations.

Take CPR and first aid certification classes so that you can handle any emergencies that might occur within the day care center.  Always keep a first aid kit within thee premises and regularly check medicines and ointments if they are expired or not.

Make sure that before you open a day care center, the premises, be it home-based or an outside facility, that you have the proper fire hazard equipment.  Make sure there is a concealed place for cleaning and other harmful chemicals so children won’t find them.

Protect your personal so that if ever your business is sued, you won’t have to worry about your personal assets being affected by the case.  Also make sure to purchase insurance3 for your business in cases that your business will suffer damages or if a child is injured under your care.

If you ever decide on operating the business yourself, you will need to handle the accounting, the billing, and advertising responsibilities.  You need to set up a good accounting system and you need to devise a good advertising scheme to get your business known.

Research the nutritional needs of the children so you can have a daily meal plan that you can offer the children.  Usually the meal selection is handled by your local government’s nutritional department.  You can ask for their help with regards to this so you can carefully lay out what meals to offer to kids daily.

Perhaps one of the most important tips that you will get on how to open a day care service is the purchase of toys, educational books, games and puzzles.  You need to keep in mind that children need to practice harnessing their fine and gross motor skills.  Perhaps the best part of owning a day care center is having fun with the children.

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