Benefits Of A Motorcycle Auto Auction

Anyone who's on the hunt for a new or used motorcycle may be able to find just what they need through a motorcycle auto auction.  The benefits of a m...

Anyone who’s on the hunt for a new or used motorcycle may be able to find just what they need through a motorcycle auto auction.  The benefits of a motorcycle auto auction are many, but more than anything the reason they’re so popular is because you can find a bike in great condition and get it at half the price it’s actually worth.  Often time you can find a motorcycle in almost mint condition for less than half the price of what it’s actually worth when you go to one of these auctions.  Anyone interested in getting a motorcycle from an auction should stick to a few well known companies, to avoid having to deal with any scammers.

Salvage Bikes Auction is one of the best places to check out when looking for a motorcycle auto auction.  They are an auction that’s limited to licensed auto dealers and dismantlers so you know that you will never get taken advantage of.  The bikes are all quality whether new or used and you can choose to either bid online or in person at one of their live auctions.  The process is simple through the Salvage Bikes Auction Company.

First you need to search through the bikes listed on their auction which you can do online or in person the old-fashioned way.  Once you have decided you place your bid and if it turns out you have the highest, you win the bike.  There is a security deposit required which is 10% of the offer and then the balance will be due plus a $50 handling fee.  Just remember that all fees are non-refundable so you can’t go back after you’ve agreed to buy a bike, but this applies to most auto auctions.

They are not the only motorcycle auto auction worth checking out and there is also Biker Bids.  They offer some of the best bikes including Indians and Harley Davidsons.  There are always new live auctions becoming available and most people choose to place their bids online.  You can at least use the website to gain more information on what different bikes they have available at any given time to save yourself time when you get to the auction in person.

You can go through the entire bidding and purchasing process completely online if you like.  You can get your new bike and have it delivered to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  As long as you shop carefully and stick to respectable auction companies such as those listed here, you should be able to get a great deal.  Make sure that you get all the proper paperwork and keep it in a safe place, especially the warranty in case you need it.

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