The Pros And Cons

You've thought about having cosmetic surgery, haven't you?We all have.It's likely there's some feature of your body that you think could be improved b...

You’ve thought about having cosmetic surgery, haven’t you?We all have.It’s likely there’s some feature of your body that you think could be improved by having plastic surgery.

So what are the advantages of plastic surgery?Let’s take a look at the pros of having plastic surgery but then we’ll examine the cons.

First, after plastic surgery you will probably look younger.Having a facelift is a common procedure among some of the aging.A facelift can hide the fact that your body is aging as much as everyone else’s.

Want to look prettier, or have more self-esteem and confidence?Having   fixed the features you think are attracting too much attention can help you feel better about the way you look and less self-conscious.

But what are the negatives to having plastic surgery?We know from tv and magazines that there are cons to plastic surgery as well as pros, and it would be a mistake to ignore them.

Doctors are not perfect they can make mistakes.Usually everything turns out fine, but if not. . . you could end up worse off than before the plastic surgery.Depending on the procedure, plastic surgery can impede natural function.This surgery has become a   coming of age type of present from high school in some parts of the United States though that hardly makes it innocuous.Surgeons performing these surgeries on the breast must be special trained to preserve the natural function of the breast which, unless the woman is post menopausal, she should care about deeply.Being able to nurse a baby is a women’s role, and though you may not recognize it now, you will be very frustrated in the future when you do have children and cannot breastfeed them.

Plastic surgery can necessitate a long recovery time, and entails pain.Since most people want to avoid pain, post-surgery will usually result in taking pain medicine.People tend to get addicted to pain medicine that they take during their recovery.Addiction to pain medicine is a real challenge for some people.

Some people even get addicted to having plastic surgery.Like the girl (who wanted to look like Barbie) and had surgery after surgery, it’s possible to get hooked on the idea of   fixing what to others seems like a perfectly good body.Once they’ve had one or two surgeries, more isn’t a big deal to them, and they can end up with unrecognizable features.

Plastic surgery isn’t cheap.Medically indicated surgeries make sense.But if you don’t even need to have it done, but elect to have it, the cost might not be justified.

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