Dealing With Tinnitus: Using A Tinnitus Device

Dealing With Tinnitus: Using A Tinnitus Device DONE Tinnitus is a condition that thousands of people around the world are suffering from right now....

Dealing With Tinnitus: Using A Tinnitus Device DONE

Tinnitus is a condition that thousands of people around the world are suffering from right now.  It’s a frustrating and uncomfortable condition in which an individual can hear certain noises that no one else can.  It’s frustrating because no one else can hear the sound but that individual and it can range from being mild where they only notice it once in a while to being severe where they can hear it all the time.  While there is no surefire way of treating tinnitus conditions for good, there are different methods of treatment which can help offer relief, one option is to use a portable tinnitus device.

A portable tinnitus device uses electromagnetic waves in order to stimulate and regenerate cells that have been damaged.  This device was created by a man named Gerald Neuwirth in the year 1998.  After suffering from severe tinnitus himself for several years, he worked hard and finally came up with this tinnitus therapy device that has been quite successful since its inception.  The portable tinnitus device is that which patients are able to take home with them and use on a regular basis, compared to those used in medical facilities for treatment.

These devices are quite expensive but worth it to most people suffering from this condition who would give anything to live a normal life again.  However there is a process that must be completed before an individual can get started on their treatment with the tinnitus device.  This assessment lets doctors see their specific profile and most important of all, determine how serious their condition is to start with.  To complete the assessment a Neuromonics Processor is used, which the patient will listen to for at least two hours each day.

Doctors usually tell patients to continue this for about two weeks, as this will ensure they get the most accurate results.  In total the program runs about $5,000 and takes 6 months to complete.   While this program on its own has been quite successful, there are also certain rules that any tinnitus sufferer must remember if they want to have the best results.  Avoiding loud noises is of course the main point here.

Just as important is to start making changes to your life so that you don’t end up making your tinnitus any worse while you’re going through the treatment or bring it back afterwards.  People with tinnitus should never try holding down jobs where they’re going to be working in a noisy environment on a regular basis.  Fill up an iPod with all your favorite music and listen to that on your commute to work or while relaxing in bed at night.  Even just buying a CD with sounds of the rainforest or waterfalls to use when going to bed at night will be extremely helpful.

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