The Tinnitus Research Initiative and Their Development of Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus was quite rare just a decade ago, but over the past few years in particular the rates have been climbing steadily.  Thousands more people ea...

Tinnitus was quite rare just a decade ago, but over the past few years in particular the rates have been climbing steadily.  Thousands more people each and every year are reporting symptoms of tinnitus to their doctors and struggling with finding a treatment.  While in some cases tinnitus will disappear on its own, in many others it can be quite serious and even related to serious health problems such as high blood pressure and aneurysms.  This is where the Tinnitus Research Initiative comes into play, a privately funded organization that’s striving to find out more information on the cause of this condition and how to deal with it more effectively.

The Tinnitus Research Initiative is dedicated to development of all effective treatments that are presently being used for tinnitus.  Not only that, but they have ongoing research programs through which they’re trying to come up with more effective and permanent treatment methods for tinnitus sufferers.  Of course their main goal is to understand how to prevent tinnitus from developing in the first place.  Their main goal is to offer relief for all types of tinnitus so that anyone suffering from it can start living a normal life again.

The organization features seven research domains of interest.  One is the pharmacology workshop which features a group of the most skilled pharmacists from all around the world.  There is the pharmacology workgroup for one, which focuses on the development of drug treatments for tinnitus.  While there are a few anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications used already for tinnitus, none of these are as effective as doctors would like.

The neurostimulation workshop has a much different focus which is to improve on the development of neurostimulation strategies for tinnitus.  Rather than working towards finding effective drug treatment for tinnitus, this workgroup is focused on developing different neurostimulation strategies which will get rid of tinnitus.  While there are a few neurostimulation strategies used today including the portable tinnitus device, none are advanced as what the Tinnitus Research Initiative is working on for the future.  The Tinnitus Research Initiative wants to do everything they can to help tinnitus sufferers around the world, which is why they offer grants.

For different single researchers, inventors and small companies who are interested, they may qualify for a grant if they’re interested in aiding in the development of tinnitus treatment.  Particularly for people who have dealt with tinnitus firsthand or has a loved one who does, it’s easy to appreciate the Tinnitus Research Initiative and what they’re working to achieve.  They are one of the main organizations of their kind and have been working hard for years now to find out the best ways to deal with tinnitus.  The hope is that within the next few years an effective treatment will be found for tinnitus and possibly even a method of prevention as well.

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