Basics of Astrology and Numerology

Most humanistic astrologers and numerologists with soul-oriented approach believe in reincarnation, and believe that each person is born with divergen...

Most humanistic astrologers and numerologists with soul-oriented approach believe in reincarnation, and believe that each person is born with divergence of personality traits.  Based on the same principle, soul chooses the auspicious time for incarnation, imprinting the map of individual’s mental and physical patterning into the new life, and natal chart represents the model for that circuitry system.  Elements, signs and houses are the qualities of these planets, and their interpretation helps present a comprehensive and complete picture of an individual.  A birth chart consists of three parts namely planets, house and sign, and astrology involves blending of these three elements for deeper understanding.

Study of symbolism of numbers is called numerology, and it is used to determine the strengths, personality traits, talents, inner needs, obstacles to be overcome, way of dealing with others and emotional reactions of a person.  It is believed that everything in the universe has a particular vibrating frequency, and once you find the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the energies and qualities associated with it.  By using the name and date of birth, you can do the numerological analysis of calculated frequencies to get information regarding any person’s personality traits.  In numerology, numbers are reduced to single digit by simple addition, except master numbers 11 and 22, and all these numbers represent the rate of vibration associated with the characteristics of the people.

Numerology is mainly a self-help tool that helps people to gain greater understanding and insight into their own true nature and inner being, and reveals different aspects if personality and character.  It is a mystical relationship between numbers and living things or physical objects.  Preventive measures can be taken reduce the intensity of health problems, avoiding serious problem in married life and business can be started at appropriate time or with right partners to avoid adverse results or financial losses.  If you are interested in astrology and numerology, there are plenty of books available that you can buy from even the supermarket, however, the really good books that explain each and every aspect of this art and application and utilization of them in your daily life are quite difficult to find.

Most astrologers believe that each number is ruled by a celestial body of our solar system, such as zero is ruled by planet Pluto, one by Sun, two by moon, three by Jupiter, four by Uranus, five by Mercury, six by Venus, seven by Neptune, eight by Saturn and nine by Mars.  These two are the incredible cosmic gifts that can be accessed easily, and through the learned knowledge, we can consciously create happy, healthy life which is full of purpose and love, however, these sciences are the combination of free-will versus fate.

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