Understanding How Birthday Numerology Works

There are a few different types of numerology that can be used.  The entire practice of numerology itself is one that has a great cloud of skepticism...

There are a few different types of numerology that can be used.  The entire practice of numerology itself is one that has a great cloud of skepticism surrounding it, just as with other similar practices such as tarot reading.  Birthday numerology is one of the most basic and popular forms of numerology because it uses such little information and provides such vast results.  For birthday numerology the day, month and year of a person are used in order to determine a single vibratory number.

The numbers are then added up so for a person who was born March 7, 1984 they would add 4, 7, 1, 9, 8 and 4.  With the determined number, the vibratory number will be found and that shows a person’s character and what they should be striving to achieve in life.  Spiritual numbers are used in birthday numerology and each has its own significant meaning.  Every number used here has a certain power which is expressed by its symbol and has connection to universal principles.

For one thing there are other numbers that can be found using a person’s name and other information, and as well the description of the numbers can be taken in many different contexts.  This number represents new beginnings and purity.  The number one is used to represent both kinds of action, physical and mental.  The number three on the other hand is very different and refers instead to magic and advantage.

The number three represents the past, present and future so this is really the number that deals with one’s life and where they’re going in life.  It’s important that any person who goes through with a birthday numerology reading, whether they have a professional reading or do it alone, take it seriously and really put thought into what their vibratory number is telling them.  Even people who were maybe skeptical at first came to realize that there is a sort of methodical way in which birthday numerology works and in fact it’s a form of science.  A person’s birthday numerology can show a lot about their personality and life and what obstacles are going to be in their way in the future.

Numerology is actually not that general of a practice at all and as you learn more about the different numbers such as your life path number you see just how specific it gets.  The life path number above all else is considered as being the most important because it represents the entirety of your life.  It’s thought that if a person is able to determine their life path number they can choose to follow on the path they’re on or make changes accordingly.  Birthday numerology is certainly a very interesting subject if nothing else and it’s worth getting a reading to find out more about it and how it works.

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