Grabbing an Creating Free Chicken Coops for

Most people never find free chicken coops when they're looking because they just don't know the effective places to look.  Most cases are simply the ...

Most people never find free chicken coops when they’re looking because they just don’t know the effective places to look.  Most cases are simply the fact that people forgot to check their local papers, their garage sales and the local dumps for free chicken coop materials.  Don’t miss out on free chicken coop material just because you’ve failed to check all posted advertisements and the like.  It’s easy to overlook some places if they aren’t already first and foremost on your mind.

First things first, you should always check the dumps and transfer stations in your area.  If you can’t find an actual free chicken coop available there, you might be able to find the materials to make it yourself which we’ll talk about later.  Another place to check is the freebie section of the local newspaper.  People end up forgetting about this section because there usually aren’t very many good things available there but sometimes you can score, so you never know until you check it out.

Finding a free chicken coop online might even be possible nowadays.  Do a quick search and see if you find results for freebies in your area, specifically a coop or materials to build one.  If you can’t find results that way, think about visiting all the garage sales your area might have on any given weekend.  Many times people who are moving away are trying to get rid of as many things as possible, even for free.

Building your own free chicken coop isn’t really that hard and you can find materials just about anywhere around town!  Keep in mind that you can use just about any kind of material of your choosing in order to build chicken coops.  Using material such as ply wood, left over planks, screens and chicken fence are just a few ideas.  Although not required, some imagination can really help your project go a long way.

If you aren’t interested in creating your own chicken coop design, consider finding free designs online then printing them out.  You can use them as is or customize the plans to incorporate your own individual needs and choices.

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