The Usage of Viral Means When Marketing Beauty Products

The theoretical knowledge of the formulas known as the 4P's and AIDA is well recommended when marketing beauty products; but you should be aware of th...

The theoretical knowledge of the formulas known as the 4P’s and AIDA is well recommended when marketing beauty products; but you should be aware of the fact that their practical usage may slightly diverge from the sheer, economic definitions that bound them.In economics, when we’re talking about the 4P’s formula we are actually referring to the basic principles of the economic business strategy and plan operation, which include: the product, the price, the place and the promotion of the certain product or/and service.Marketing beauty products is certainly no exception of the aforementioned rule, so before you start with the usage of a promotional tactics and methods of a varying spectrum, you should ask yourselves a couple of crucial questions for you and your business: What specifically is my product?, What is my target group?, What means of distribution are most adequate for me?, How can I promote myself?.AIDA on the other hand (attention + interest + desire + action), as being the second part of the aforementioned acronyms, is referring to your primary goal from the communication with the customer.This is successfully transmitted information which will, in later term, transform in more recruited customers and more corporate profit.

After the thorough market scan and its’ detailed segmentation, you should be fully informed about the demographical structure of the market’s population.This includes the characteristics of the product that you want to sell to the certain part of the market (your targeted group), about the structure and the methods of your competitors and about the price that is the most suitable for your momentary status on the market.As well you’ll need to pay attention to your cost projections and your profit expectations.Finally, project the price for your product that is the most acceptable according to your financial analyses and expectations.

As a matter of fact that’s one difficult question to give a simple answer to, and even more difficult answer to practically exploit.Its’ basis is in a direct correlation with multiple factors that are/will be influencing the work of your firm in this way or the other.Those influences are the possible sources of problems for your company, which you can easily neutralize or diminish if you include entrepreneurship and risk-taking mentality in your work, combined with the politics of creative thinking and elastic adopting.In other words you have to be bold, creative, risk-embracing businessman and, if you can not predict them, you have to deal with the latent problems almost instantly!In the digital, well-connected era that we’re living in, you have to be creative when you’re marketing beauty products, and, beside the well-known methods of marketing propaganda, you have to involve the new, promotional means, such as viral marketing.

Viral marketing is actually a combination of marketing means which uses the social networks (you tube, twitter, facebook, myspace etc.).It’s an efficient way of marketing beauty products, equally tempting, as much as for the low marketing budget firms, also for the richer, more suited companies on the market.Viral marketing can help during marketing beauty products, and, if used properly, it can provide you with an efficient marketing campaign for a very low price.However, you have to have in mind that your strategy of marketing beauty products must be well prepared and highly applicable on the specific market, because, used without a leash in your hand and a vague sense of direction, it can lead you directly to the opposite side of the framework and mark you as an annoying spam in the customers book, which could easily spell catastrophe for your product and your firm.So, there aren’t any promises in this fragile, new area of possibilities if you’re looking for one, but if you do succeed and make it right – then it will certainly worth your while.

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