Important Dog Obedience Training Tips

All dogs need to be properly trained.  This is not only going to make the owner's life more easier, but the dog's as well because then they aren't go...

All dogs need to be properly trained.  This is not only going to make the owner’s life more easier, but the dog’s as well because then they aren’t going to be constantly yelled at and disciplined.  It’s all in the hands of the owner and any person who wants to own a dog is going to have to make sure that they take the time to train their dog at least the basics.  Dogs should not jump up on people when they enter the home, run away at the park or otherwise act in a manner where they are disobeying their owner and being disruptive.

One of the best dog obedience training tips is to socialize the dog correctly.  A lot of people make the mistake in thinking that by keeping their dog at home this will make them more polite and obedient but this is actually not the case.  No dog should be kept in home all the time, and rather they need to be outside and get taken for walks to socialize with other people and dogs.  Socialization techniques should begin as early in a dog’s life as possible for the best results, because just like with a child this is the time in their life when they are a sponge and taking everything in.

Get the dog exposed to a variety of situations to properly socialize them.  Another important dog obedience training tip and one that every owner should enforce is to teach the dog how to sit.  Every dog should at least know how to sit, and fortunately this is one of the easiest tricks to teach a dog.  The dog should start off standing and then you want to tell them repeatedly to sit, pushing lightly on their rear if you need to give them a little help.

To teach a dog to sit the first step is finding a quiet location where the dog will be able to focus and not be distracted.  Just make sure that as soon as they follow your order and sit, you reward them with some sort of positive reinforcement.  As soon as they do without wasting any time at all you want to give the dog some praise.  This must be done immediately after the dog has sat down, so they know what you’re rewarding them for.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have some sort of positive reinforcement you’re going to be able to use here.  This is given to the dog as a reward once they follow your order, whether you give them a treat or just a nice pat on the head.  It allows you both to enjoy your life together more and means less hassle and trouble for you.  It’s much more fun to have a dog around that you can praise and enjoy.

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