Endoluminal Gastroplication: Basics about the Surgery for Acid Reflux Disease

Although the symptoms of acid reflux start by being relatively small and harmless, they eventually end up being uncomfortable and destructive. You don...


Although the symptoms of acid reflux start by being relatively small and harmless, they eventually end up being uncomfortable and destructive. You don’t have to worry so much though because there is a certain surgery that is guaranteed to cure acid reflux and it is called Endoluminal Gastroplication. However, before signing up for anything, you should first try to know everything about it.

The procedure is done in order to create placations and pleats at the lower esophageal sphincter. It is basically done by sewing a suture near the LES. In this procedure, you don’t have to worry about being sedated too heavily. This is because this surgery for acid reflux is relatively smaller in scale compared to the other medical surgeries out there.

Even though it is simpler and smaller than other surgeries, it does not mean that it comes without any precautions. Part of this precaution is staying away from the foods and drinks that you are prohibited from days after the surgery. You have to allow your stomach to heal which is why drinking alcoholic drinks and acidic foods should still be avoided.

You should not also expect your doctor to order the surgery for you once you are confirmed to have acid reflux disease. This is because you still have to meet other criteria before you can become qualified for the surgery. Trust your doctor when he says that you are not fit for the surgery. Don’t insist on having the surgery if your doctor feels that it is not right for you.

If you are up for this surgery on the other hand, you have to talk to your doctor about your anxieties. Although it is relatively simpler than other medical procedures, it is normal to feel a little bit anxious about it.

After the surgery, you have to be prepared to make lifestyle changes so that you won’t have to go through the surgery again any time soon. Even if the Endoluminal Gastroplication is the magic bullet for acid reflux, it does not mean that you are immune to the disease for the rest of your life.

Foods for Acid Reflux: To Eat and Not to Eat, That is the Medical Dilemma


One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t develop acid reflux or have it again is altering your diet. Although this might seem like a stretch, it is a stretch that is worth doing none the less. You don’t need to worry though because the diet changes are not as severe as the other changes that might be necessary for other diseases.

Don’t eat foods that are too spicy. Start lessening the amount of salt, pepper and hot sauce that you put in your food everyday. Don’t even think that a sachet of hot sauce might not possibly bring you any harm. Fatty foods should also be avoided.

You should also avoid foods that are too hot or too cold. If you are eating something that is too hot like a freshly cooked soup, better let it cool down first before eating. If it is ice ream on the other hand, make sure that you let it melt a little first. The idea is that you should not eat foods that might irritate your esophagus since in acid reflux; the esophagus is already damaged and is in a bad shape.

When it comes to drinks, you should not drink anything that contains alcohol, coffee and citrus juices. This decreases your intake thus decreasing the acid level of your digestive system.

These foods on the other hand cause very little heartburn and they are good for the body. If you can’t stop eating sweets and adding a little bit of extra flavor to your salad, consider using fat free salad dressings and eating fat free cookies.

If you are looking for substitutes to eating meat since you cannot eat anything that is fatty, then you might want to consider fat free tuna and turkey. Nowadays, eating fat free foods is not that hard and is not that bad. A lot of groceries are offering fat free foods that actually taste good. You just have to make an effort to find them. You can even ask people for the best fat free products that they are aware of.

Gastro-esophageal Disease: The Treatments for Acid Reflux Disease


Although acid reflux at its core is not as severe as the other diseases known to mankind, its symptoms and long term effects are definitely devastating if left unattended. This is why if you are diagnosed with the disease, you should be aware of the different forms of treatment of acid reflux. Here are some of them.

The immediate drugs that you should be taking are anti-inflammatory drugs. Not only will they relieve the pain that you might be experiencing, it also has a counteractive effect on the internal causes of the symptoms and the disease itself.

There are also numerous drugs that you should stay away from such as calcium channel blockers so better make sure that you only drink the medicines that are prescribed by your doctor so that the pharmaceutical treatment for the acid reflux disease won’t be countered by other drugs.

Thanks to the century’s medical advancements, there is now a medical procedure that can actually cure acid reflux. The medical procedure is called Endoluminal Gastroplication. This procedure is designed to create a pleat between near the lower esophageal sphincter which is the main location of the disease.

It is guaranteed to be a sure fire treatment of acid reflux. However don’t go into panic mode if your doctor does not want you to go through the procedure immediately. There are certain considerations for this medical procedure even though it is relatively simpler than other operations.

Now that you are aware of your medical options, you should also be aware of the natural treatment of acid reflux that you can also do very well on your own. This treatment of acid reflux includes diet and lifestyle changes that will eventually make the disease weaker and weaker.

However, you should not just rely on this type of treatment of acid reflux to help you get rid of your acid reflux forever. You should still consult a doctor even though are you are starting to feel a little bit better. This type of treatment also takes a longer time to take effect not unlike pharmaceutical means.

Pregnancy 101: Handling Pregnancy Induced Acid Reflux


It is normal for pregnant women to feel uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. However, even if these symptoms are unavoidable, you can still do something about them. One of the pregnancy symptoms that you can do something about is pregnancy acid reflux. Here are some ways that can help you cope up with the said symptom.

Although pregnancy acid reflux symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a mild acid reflux disease, it does not mean that they can both be treated in the exact same way. One big difference is that patients who are not pregnant can be given NSAID’s or anti-inflammatory drugs at any given time. Another major difference is that normal patients can go through the normal medical operation called the Endoluminal Gastroplication. This operation is guaranteed to cure acid reflux disease. Pregnant women should not go through this operation because their pregnancy is already a big risk.

Another thing that you should remember about pregnancy acid reflux is that the best way to treat it is by using natural, non-pharmacological ways. Lying on their side when they are about to sleep can help manage the pain and discomfort caused by pregnancy acid reflux. Elevating the head from four to six inches can also do the same thing.

Pregnant women should also consider altering their diet. They have to avoid eating spicy, salty or fatty foods. They should also stay away from any acidic substances such as foods that have sugar or any form of alcohol. They should not drink or eat anything that has caffeine. Pregnant women should also lay off foods that are too hot or too cold if they want to prevent pregnancy acid reflux.

In line with changing the diet, pregnant women should also change the way they eat. They should eat small frequent meals instead of three big ones and a light snack on the side for a whole day. The main idea is to keep the stomach full without generating additional acids that can only worsen the acid reflux.

The best way to deal with pregnancy acid reflux is by going to the doctor. Not only will he give some useful advice, the patient will also feel more relieved and relaxed.

Severe Acid Reflux: When the Disease Gets Out of Hand


Gastro-esophageal reflux, better known as acid reflux is often shoved under the rug by many thinking that it is not that bad. What they don’t realize is that all illnesses, no matter how small they start, may develop into something deadly when left unattended and acid reflux is not an exception. If acid reflux gets out of hand, it develops into severe acid reflux. Here are some facts about severe acid reflux disease.

The symptoms of severe acid reflux are somewhat similar to a mild acid reflux. One of symptoms of mild acid reflux is difficulty in swallowing. In severe acid reflux, the esophagus is damaged up to the larynx. This is why not only is it difficult for patients to swallow, they might also experience coughing, wheezing, choking during the night and sore throats.

When it comes to severe acid reflux treatment, it really depends on the severity of the situation. In normal severe acid reflux cases, doctors may give the usual dosage of proton pump inhibitors. However there are cases where in increasing the dosage is necessary to contain all the symptoms and to prevent worse complications.

Severe acid reflux in infants on the other hand is a whole different story. Since their small bodies cannot take largo dosages of any kinds of medicine, it is important for parents to listen to the doctor’s advice very well. They should not rely on the normal lifestyle adjustments and medicines that worked for them. It will be important for them to stay calm about the matter and let the doctors get a hold of the severe acid reflux before it gets a hold of their baby.

Severe acid reflux is a very serious condition. Although it might start off with mild and gradual symptoms, nobody should take it for granted. This is because even though the symptoms may take some time to develop, it does not mean that the body is slowly being disintegrated. This is why in order for severe acid reflux to be prevented, patients should not, in any way, take mild acid reflux lightly.

Some Basic Information on Acid Reflux


Some studies show that ten percent of the population experiences the signs and symptoms of GERD or acid reflux disease. The sad part is that almost half of that population brushes off these symptoms. This is probably the reason why almost one third of today’s population suffers from monthly acid reflux. If you don’t want to be a part of this sad statistics, then you better start reading information about acid reflux disease. Here are some of them.

Acid reflux disease can affect anybody. It can affect infants as well as people who are at their golden age. This is why you should never think that you are too young to have acid reflux disease. Sad information about acid reflux is that most people who experience its symptoms often blame stress and so, they end up not seeking any form of medical help. This is why a lot of mild acid reflux cases turn into severe acid reflux every single day.

Vital information about acid reflux that you must keep in mind is that the best way to prevent it is by stepping up and noticing the symptoms earlier on. Symptoms include difficulty in swallowing, chest pain that can radiate to the back, neck and jaw, choking during the middle of the night and heart burn. Don’t relate everything that you feel with stress because you might end up overlooking a serious ailment that is developing inside your body.

If you just underwent an esophageal or gastric surgery, then the chances of you developing acid reflux is pretty high. You may also develop acid reflux if you have been vomiting for a very long time and if you have duodenal ulcer.

One thing worth noting about acid reflux is that there is a surgery that can cure the disease. The name of the surgery is Endoluminal Gastroplication. In this surgery, a pleat will be created near the lower esophageal sphincter thus stopping the reflux from happening. If you are afraid of undergoing invasive procedures, then you might want to consider the natural ways to cure acid reflux.

The Natural Cures for Acid Reflux Revealed


Endoluminal Gastroplication is the medically tested and proven procedure that can cure acid reflux disease. However even though it is the magic bullet that can make the disease go away, what sets most people off is the fact that it is still a very invasive procedure at heart. If you have the same concerns, then you might want to give natural cures for acid reflux disease a shot. Here are some of them.

Try your very best to lose weight especially if your BMI or body mass index is way off the normal value. This will not just make your body become healthier holistically. It will also lessen the gastro-esophageal pressure gradient in your body which is one of the causes of acid reflux. This is actually one of the most effective natural cures for acid reflux disease.

In line with losing weight, another natural cure for acid reflux is staying away from foods that are too hot or too cold. You should also avoid foods that are spicy and fatty. You should also stay away from drinks that have alcohol, chocolate, coffee and citrus juices. The idea is to lessen the acid level in the body.

One of the symptoms of acid reflux is nocturnal choking or choking at night. The way that you can prevent this symptom from developing happens to be one of the natural cures for acid reflux. All you have to do is raise your pillow or the head part of your bed 6-8 inches when going to bed. You should not also eat or drink anything three hours before going to bed.

Another great way to cure acid reflux is by eating small, frequent meals everyday. The idea is not to overload the stomach so that it won’t be obliged to produce more acid.

Aside from the fact that these natural cures for acid reflux are relatively easy to do, it does not require any special skills. You don’t have to worry about drinking some herbal medicine that you know nothing of. Sometimes the answer to your medical dilemma relies on the diet and lifestyle adjustments that you are willing to make.

The Symptoms and Signs of Acid Reflux Disease


Recent statistics show that almost thirty percent of the population suffers from acid reflux disease every single day. If this study can mean one thing, it is the fact that nobody is immune from the disease. This is why everybody should learn about it especially the about the signs of acid reflux disease in order to prevent them from being a part of this statistics. Here are some of the signs.

The most compelling sign of acid reflux has to be heartburn. It is the inexplicable pain that may radiate from the chest to the back, neck and jaw depending on its severity. If it is just a mild acid reflux, then it can be described as a pain that moves up and down the chest. If it severe acid reflux on the other hand, the pain can extend from the chest all the way to the back.

Dyspepsia is also one of the most inconvenient sign of acid reflux. It is characterized by burping a lot and wanting to vomit after eating. What is so bad about this sign is that too much vomiting itself can cause acid reflux or make it worse. It can also cause patients to feel fuller than they really are.

Another very uncomfortable symptom of acid reflux is regurgitation. This symptom causes the patients to feel as if the food that they have eaten has just crawled up to their mouth. This can give a bitter after taste and can happen right after a meal.

Patients who have acid reflux have also reported that they find it difficult to swallow. In severe cases, not only do they find it difficult to swallow, they find it painful as well. Aside from that, they can also experience coughing and wheezing. Since the acid can also burn up the esophagus and larynx, some patients also report feeling some sort of pain in their neck.

One sad thing about these symptoms of acid reflux is that a lot of people think that these symptoms are just caused by stress. This is why they just sweep it under the rug and pretend that they are not feeling anything.

The Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease


The best way to prevent acid reflux disease from getting to its worst state possible is by being aware of it’s signs and symptoms. This way, you will be able to immediately tell if you are already at the verge of having it or not. Here are signs and symptoms of acid reflux disease or also known as gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

One of the most apparent symptoms of acid reflux disease is the pain that can radiate up the back, neck or jaw. Most of the time, patients say that it feels as if the pain is moving up and down their chest. The pain can be triggered by doing strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects. It can also happen after meals in which it can be alleviated by taking medicines that are made for hyperacidity and antacids.

Next to pain, the other most apparent symptom of acid reflux disease is heartburn. To some, the pain that they are experiencing is similar to heartburn. Others however say that they can totally differentiate the pain from heartburn to which some might say that they experience both symptoms simultaneously or separately.

Some patients might also experience odynophagia or painful swallowing since it is also one of the symptoms of acid reflux disease. It does not matter if the food that they trying to swallow are a solid, a semi-solid or water. The pain is still there.

Along with odynophagia, patients with acid reflux disease might also suffer from dysphagia which is like a milder version of odynophagia. This symptom of acid reflux disease causes the person that is affected with the disease to have problems when it comes to swallowing all kinds of food.

Other symptom of acid reflux disease that has something to do with the mouth is water brash or eructation. This symptom may cause the mouth to produce uncontrollable amounts of salty secretions. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can also be deadly since it is unnatural and it can cause the salt level in the body to rise into an abnormal level.

What You Should Know About Gastric Acid Reflux Disease


Gastric acid reflux disease is one of the most common stomach problems in the entire world. It is reported to affect the lives of one third of the total population every single day. Although this study says otherwise, some people still think that gastric acid reflux is not that common. However what they fail to realize is that most of the time, people think that the symptoms that they are feeling are only caused by stress, not a particular disease. This is why it is very important to read about gastric acid reflux.

Gastric acid reflux disease is also called acid reflux. Its symptoms may develop gradually over time however there are cases where in the disease might develop into its severe state quicker than the normal rate. The symptoms include heartburn, chest pains, throat pains, and regurgitation. The symptom that mostly defines gastric acid reflux is heartburn. In severe cases, the chest pain may radiate to the back, neck and jaw.

The treatment for gastric acid reflux is a surgery called Endoluminal Gastroplication. In this surgery, gastric acid reflux is cured by creating a suture near the LES or the lower esophageal sphincter. Patients are not that heavily sedated compared to other medical procedures since it is just a minor medical operation. However, this does not mean that the surgery is for everybody who has gastric acid reflux. Doctors still have to consider other factors such as their overall health and the religious belief of the patient.

In line with the surgery, patients should also consider their diet and lifestyle to ensure that they won’t develop gastric acid reflux again. Days after the surgery, patients should eat small, frequent meals instead of eating their hearts out during breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the major things that patients should avoid is taking in too much acid. This is why they should avoid any acidic foods.

Although gastric acid reflux might seem less severe than other stomach conditions, it should never be pushed aside. If it develops into its worst state, patients may suffer from coughing, wheezing and vomiting. It can get to a point where in patients will never be able to go back to their previous lifestyle or diet before they had gastric acid reflux disease.