Why Create Homemade Baby Shower Invitations?

Homemade baby shower invitations can make your baby shower not only exciting and entertaining, but also full of fun and anticipation for you and for t...


Homemade baby shower invitations can make your baby shower not only exciting and entertaining, but also full of fun and anticipation for you and for the guests that makes it a very memorable experience. Homemade baby shower invitations give a personal touch to the grand occasion.

If you are thinking about coming up with a homemade baby shower invitation, what you can do first is do some research from books, magazines, and most importantly the internet. You also need to squeeze out those inner creative juices and let your imagination fly.

The best thing that you can get from homemade baby shower invitations is that you can create them within your budget range plus most often than not, you can find resources within your home that you can use to create this baby shower invitations. They can be made from various materials such as teddy bears, diapers, and other baby stuff. They can also be made eye-catching through the use of colourful designs that can be made unique. Just remember to put in the trademark baby colors such as light pink and powder blue.

The choice of words for homemade baby shower invitations should be really polite and courteous enough that your guests will feel honoured to attend such a memorable event.

Making homemade baby shower invitations makes the event truly unique and memorable. You can always make time to go to shops to find invitations but it is quite pricey and may not suit your taste. You can go online but you will have a very hard time choosing which one you like. Custom made baby shower invitations can be made according to your specified design and uniqueness. �

Creating your own homemade baby shower invitation helps make the mother really proud and honoured for having the baby and for her friends honouring your baby�s coming.

The birth of a child changes the lives of a lot of people. Parents are really happy about the coming of a baby that thy make all the necessary preparations for his or her coming. That is why they invite their family members, friends and relatives to be one with them in this joyous occasion. What other way can you make a baby shower unique but by creating homemade baby shower invitations.

What You Need to Know About Baby Shower Planning


Baby showers have been a tradition around the world for a long time. It is a joyous celebration of the mother-to-be and her guests. Accompanied with it are the stages of baby shower planning. As of today, baby showers can be an interactive and fun event, gone are those days wherein baby showers are just boring gatherings. Since then, baby shower planning have become an integral part of the whole celebration. Baby shower planning is as important as the event itself.

There are a couple of things that you should remember when you are planning to throw a baby shower party. First is who should throw the party for the mom-to-be, and second is how you plan on celebrating the baby shower party.

Most of the time it is the best friend of the mom-to-be who initiates the baby shower planning, but it can also be her close friends, or her immediate family members who can do so. If you are the parent, it is up to you if you want to plan the baby shower yourself, or allow someone else do the planning.

You also need to remember that the baby shower planning should not necessarily mean that it is given to a single person. It is a huge event, so you can ask for as many willing people�s help as possible. This way you can disseminate the tasks and be able to execute the event more easily and with lesser stress.

Baby shower planning nowadays can be hosted by relatives as well compared to the traditional ways of only a non-relative can only host the baby shower event. Reason for this is that anyone has the right to throw a baby shower party in honor of the mom-to-be and the incoming baby.

Baby shower planning is indeed an overwhelming task but you can always get the help of friends and relatives in order to make sure that the event is held and that it comes out as a success. What is needed is careful forethought and organization so as to ensure that it not only ends in a success, but that all the guests enjoy themselves in this fun and exciting event.

Some Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Baby shower gifts is a tradition being practiced for a long time and has continuously evolved as time passed. There are a lot of baby shower gift ideas such as traditional simple gifts to personalized ones. Today, there is abundance of baby shower gift ideas that you can find at magazines, stores, and online.

If you are invited to a baby shower but you don�t have a huge budget for a gift, then you can always opt for personalized gifts. Here are some baby shower gift ideas that will help you decide which one is suited as a gift for the expected baby.

There are many stores online and offline that have personalized baby clothes. These personalized baby clothes come in one-piece baby body suits. Usually they come in cotton and can be personalized with your own favourite artwork or design. They can also be embroidered with the name or the initials of the baby.

Receiving blankets often come up as one of the many baby shower gift ideas because this is one of the most used items a mother is going to need for their baby. These baby shower gift ideas are very practical that is why they are very well received by the mothers. Now aside from this gift idea being affordable, you can have it personalized and this is so much easier to personalize using embroideries of the baby�s name or his or her initials, or some designs that you deem fit for the gender of the baby/

Personalized wall decors are one of the most thoughtful and affordable baby shower gift ideas that you can come up with and give to the baby. There are a lot of variations for the wall decors and you can also use this as to help accent a child�s nursery. You can add personalized details such as baby artwork and the name of the baby as well.

These are just some of the widely popular baby shower gift ideas that you can find and there are still a wider variety of them that you can find not only in magazines and stores, but online as well. You just need to let your creative juices flow so that you can give out a truly one of a kind baby shower gift for the expecting mother-to-be.

Some Baby Shower Games


Baby shower games are a great way to get your guests to get acquainted with one another and also a fun way to let them enjoy and pass the time. Baby shower games can be enjoyed not only by the young ones, but also by the adults. In planning for baby shower games, you need to figure out first how long do you plan for the baby shower event to last. You also need to profile your guests for the occasion, if they mostly very old ones then a baby shower games portion is not advisable. But if they are mostly young adults and the likes, then it is a good idea to put in some baby shower games. Below are some baby shower games that will help you get started.

One of the most popular baby shower games is the baby items a-z. What you need to do is print out a sheet of paper that has all the letters of the alphabet on it and pass them on to your guests. Give them 3 minutes to write down baby-related items that correspond each to each letter of the alphabet. The person who gets the highest number of baby items wins.

Baby truth or dare is a trivia game should include questions from family members such as the grandparents or the siblings of the parents. Questions can include like what is the due date, what the parents are planning to name the baby with, what is the baby�s gender, etc. If the guest was unable to get the correct answer, he or she will take on the dare.

Name that baby food is another baby shower games that you can put in at the event. Take hold of some baby food jars and take the labels off and number them. Pass around the baby food jars and let the guests guess the flavour of the food in the jar. The person that gets to provide the correct answers the most wins the prize.

It is important to remember that in hosting baby shower games, there should be a corresponding prize for each or the game that you plan to host. This makes the whole event more fun and exciting. This will also help you entertain guests without having to do it all by yourself.

Planning a Twins Baby Shower


Baby showers is a truly joyous occasion, if it happens to be twin�s baby shower, then it is twice the fun! It is not only the parents who are immensely overjoyed by the event, but also the guests who are invited to partake in this wondrous occasion. Twins baby shower is a promise of new life and new beginnings that lasts a lifetime.

In preparation for the twin�s baby shower, there are some special factors that you will need to consider. A mom-to-be carrying twins is going to experience increased tension especially during the last months of her pregnancy. It is usually advised that for a twin�s baby shower there is only a small gathering of family and friends. But is the mother-to-be is looking for a large party, then do not in any way disappoint her.

Baby shower gifts for twin babies should obviously be for both babies. If you are making invites for the twins baby shower event, make sure that it is explicitly noted there that the baby shower is for the twins or that if the guests plan to bring gifts, that they should bring two for the twins. Of course not all guests can afford gifts for the twins, so this is where your creativity must come in. You can inform the guests that gifts bought by groups are acceptable.

Baby gift baskets for twin�s baby shower look best if they are created based on the theme. You can provide for a single or two baby shower gift baskets where the guests can put in the gifts for the twins. Two sets of everything will be required. You can also ask the guests that instead of purchasing gifts, they can opt to give their gift in cash. Doing so will ensure that you will have double the expenses after your bundles of joy arrive. You can take off some of the financial burden off your back through this.

Lastly, make sure that thee twins baby shower favors that you chose are themed for twins. There is an abundance of these from online stores as well as walk-in stores for party favors. This will make giving back to your guests double the fun!

Ideas for Baby Shower Decorations


Excellent baby shower decorations are pulled off from a lot of careful planning. Finding time to walking around and browsing baby stores, baby magazines, and the internet can help you get inspiration on what baby shower decorations you will want for this great event.

Once you have seen your select baby shower decoration ideas, jot them down and highlight your favourite ones. This will help spring to mind the best baby shower decorations that you can come up with.

If you already know the gender of the baby, the baby shower decorations are all the more easy to plan. Knowing the gender beforehand can help significantly in on focusing on a specific decor. The most common baby shower decorations revolve around the colors blue and pink. But any decor will do so as long as long as you keep it close to the baby�s gender.

At the end of the day, distinctive baby shower decorations are the most memorable and fun compared to the common, everyday decor. Baby shower decorations should reflect the mother-to-be�s taste in decor as well as the gender of the baby.

Some of the favourites for baby shower decorations is a diaper cake centrepiece for the table. This can be created by using a package of newborn baby diapers and some inexpensive party favors. What is great about this baby shower decoration is that the mom-to-be will have an array of memorabilia and an entire package of diapers at her disposal. Setting a diaper cake at the center of the table generates an ideal setting for more decorations and light refreshments around the centrepiece.

Themed baby showers can also help in the overall planning of the baby shower decorations. A lot of the themes for baby showers come straight from cartoon characters or the baby�s gender. This is also a great way to expand upon the baby’s nursery theme.

Remember that baby shower decors should suit the baby�s gender and that it should be simple, yet unique. This makes the baby shower event more fun and memorable not only for the guests but also for the mother-to-be. It is also a grand way of sharing a mother-to-be�s joy to other people for the coming of their baby into our world.

How to Choose Baby Shower Themes


One of the first things that you need to consider when you plan on throwing a baby shower is the carefully choose a baby shower theme. This task is quite difficult since there are a lot of choices out there which makes it equally hard to choose. However, having a baby shower them makes the event more exciting and fun. Not to mention very memorable as well. So how can the parents, or the baby shower organizer choose what is best for this certain event?

One of the first options available is basing the baby shower theme on one of the couple�s occupation. Even other occupation types can be considered. A police theme, fire fighter theme, military theme, modelling theme, the choices are huge. If this type of baby shower theme is organized creatively, this will surely liven up the event and makes it truly unique.

Another baby shower theme concept can be taken right from the baby�s nursery theme. Parents choose themes and colors based on the baby�s gender, the suitable printing patterns for the baby’s gender, and other cute characters found in a baby�s nursery. If you are unsure of the gender of the baby, as some parents would like it to be a surprise, then opt for solid, sophisticated looking colors that are neutral.

Another option for baby shower themes would be cartoon characters that are created specifically for babies. The theme can be the Cars movie, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Angel theme, Jungle theme, Sports theme, Dora theme, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure that whatever it is that you are choosing as a baby shower theme, it suits the gender of the baby. If you are unsure yet of the gender of the baby then opt for neutral characters.

When planning for a baby shower event, try to think outside the box. Let your creative juices flow and explore different ideas. You can browse kiddie magazines or the internet to help you come up with baby shower theme concepts. Just make sure that everything, from the invite, the decor, the supplies, all match the baby shower theme. Now start exploring your theme ideas and let your imagination fly!

Homemade Baby Shower Favors


Baby shower favors is not a necessity for the occasion. It is however a good giveaway to the guest in order to commemorate the coming of the baby into our world. These favors may come in too pricey for some newbie parents, so one option is to opt for homemade baby shower favors instead.

There are a lot of baby items that can be filled with stuff to make it as a homemade baby shower favour. This includes baby bottles, socks, gloves or even cloth booties. You can fill them with sweet treats like candies or chocolates. You can then put in cute little ribbons unto these items, or you can be more creative and put in some other baby-related stuff.

If you know how to bake, then why not bake some cookies or brownies instead? All you need are thee ingredients for these goods and it surely will save you on a lot since the ingredients are inexpensive. You can bake them and make them into any cute shapes that you desire. Then you can put these cookies or brownies into brown paper bags and tie them in with cute ribbons to accent the homemade baby shower favors.

Candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors that you can give your guests. Candles are really cheap and you can buy them in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes to match the baby shower theme or the baby�s gender. Once you have bought a bulk of these baby shower favors, you can then package them right at your own home. You can put in some glitters around the candle or maybe even put them in cute little boxes with designs and ribbons in place.

Another homemade baby shower favors are baby accessories. They come in really cheap and what is good about this type of favor is that you can create them in varying shapes, sizes, and combinations. So it is almost like no two or more homemade baby shower favors are alike. You can stuff them into small and cute baskets or hampers with ribbons that will complement the baby shower theme or the baby�s gender.

Remember, you are not obliged to give away shower favors, but it helps to make the event more memorable to your guests. If you are on a tight budget, homemade baby shower favors is the way to go!

Baby Shower Supplies


Holding a baby shower event is stressful and tiresome. You will need various baby shower supplies in order to make this occasion into a memorable one., and there are many areas for parents to consider in the baby shower supplies.

You need to star with the decorations. What are the things that you need to decorate in your baby shower party? Start the decorations by hanging a bunch of balloons all throughout party area which will include streamers, confetti, and banners.

Next, your baby shower supplies should include table wares specifically the silver wares. You also have to consider that what centrepiece you will put into your table as it will be the basis of what you put besides it. For the table wares, if you are serving appetizers you will need napkins and platters. If you are hosting a buffet, make sure that your baby shower supplies include plates, spoons and forks, glasses, and cover for the buffet table.

Another consideration that you need to take when planning what baby shower supplies to use is the baby shower games. You have to keep the guests entertained, so you need icebreaker games at the shower party.

You also need to remember the baby shower favors. You can find inexpensive baby shower favors that can be purchased a lot cheaper if bought in bulk. Look for items at a local gift stores or craft stores, or even online. Assembling shower favors can be a lot of fun. You can invite some few friends in to help out in assembling the baby shower party favors for you. This is also a great idea to make personalized shower favors.

Last and not the least, don�t forget the baby shower gift idea. It is very important for the guest to know the gender of the baby. If you as the parent, do not know for sure what is the gender of the baby, as some parents would like to keep it as a surprise, then you can ask guests to bring in baby shower gifts that can be used or that will suit both genders.

Baby Shower Registry


As an expecting parent, what you need to prepare is a baby shower registry. That is right, a baby shower registry since the arrival of your baby is a joyful and exciting event that as parents, you should be thankful for. Baby shower events are one of the momentous stages that a parent undergoes in order to share their joy to their friends, relatives, and family members from either side of the family. Mentioned below are some tips on baby shower registry so that you can overcome the hassles of it.

As early as possible shop for the baby items that you need, make a schedule and mark it on your calendar or your reminders. Four to five months prior to the baby�s due date, you can little by little list down the items on your baby shower registry. You can check out baby magazines, baby stores, and even online stores for what items you need on your baby shower registry. Doing this will not only take off the burden of having to cram for the items that you need for the baby shower, but also in most instances, you get discounts for baby supplies and items that you will need for the baby shower.

The items that you can put in your baby shower registry can include but are not limited to diapers, strollers, furniture for babies, toys, clothes, etc. There are hundreds to thousands of baby items that you can add to your baby shower registry, just make sure that they are within your budget range.

Once you have made your baby shower registry, you need to find a store, either online or offline, where you can trust that they provide quality products and items. Do a little background check on the stores that you have in mind. You can even use the internet to see what reviews and feedback people have on the baby store that you have selected.

This is the moment that you have been building up for; this is the reason why you created the baby shower registry in the first place, so you can have a reference on what items you need to purchase for your baby shower needs and the baby�s arrival. Use your registry and if there is something not on your list but you deem is important, then go ahead and purchase it. Just make sure that you are within your budget range or watch out for that credit limit if you are using a credit card. You might max it out without ever noticing it.

It is always important to plan ahead so that you won�t get caught up stressing out on things especially before the arrival of the baby. Making you baby shower registry ahead of time ensures that everything is well laid out for the arrival of your baby. Happy list making!