Tips and advice for those who want to pursue professional belly dancing

One of the exotic dance that can be traced back to the Middle East is "Raks-sharki" or popularly known as belly dance , which according to some histor...


One of the exotic dance that can be traced back to the Middle East is “Raks-sharki” or popularly known as belly dance , which according to some historians was first viewed by Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt. Interestingly, this dance became a worldwide craze as women from all ages flocked health and spa centers , dance schools and fitness centers to enroll and actively pursue belly dancing as a sport or hobby. For many, belly dancing is as good as any rigorous work-out. However , for those who truly soaked up the techniques as well as the culture, they decided to become a certified belly dancer. So what exactly is professional belly dance?

Professional belly dance is a lifelong passion to master the advanced routines of this dance. This could also mean appreciating middle Eastern music to experience the groove needed in executing the sensual moves in this dance. Also, a deeper understanding of the dance’s history and roots would be valuable to master the the different styles of belly dance that developed as decades passed by. Professional belly dance techniques can be achieved by enrolling in belly dance schools that require certification test for every level. The demanding conditions for every level ensure that the dancer has passed and mastered the vital techniques. The majority of professional belly dance schools rigorously train their students various types of dance genre such as ballet, jazz, Indian dance and other folk middle east dance that would complement belly dancing moves. Alternative professional belly dancers insert modern styles such as cabaret or tribal fusion to create a more eclectic form of belly dancing

Professional belly dancing also calls for not only investment in time as well as resourcefulness in creating costumes for every performance. A part of a professional belly dancer’s life is hopping from one show to another which not only entertains but inform the public about the beauty of belly dance as a performing arts. People’s misconceptions about belly dance as an obscene show that features the contours of a woman’s body must be corrected but rather it must be established that this dance is a creative form of middle eastern dance technique. In addition professional belly dancing status is acquired through long years of dedication to the art and not by few weeks of training. To those who are truly interested in becoming a professional belly dancer, one can look for belly dancing studios that have certified instructors. A careful background check of the credentials and experience of the teacher reveals the professional background. It’s not late to become a professional belly dancer.

Things to consider in choosing a belly dance teacher


Belly dancing has gained worlwide acceptance that sent millions of women enrolling in dance classes trying to be physically fit, making new friends, learning new steps and performing for friends if given the chance. Belly dancing is not just a traditional middle east folk dance anymore as it evolved into a global dance and fitness exercise. Some women love to belly dance since it gives them confidence to express themselves through the dance movements and the wonderful costumes. There are also those who find belly dancing as a form of fitness routine that challenges some parts of the body to make isolated movements such as the hips and arms. Whatever the reason maybe to start on belly dancing, one of the basic things that should be considered is choosing a good belly dance instructor.

Belly dance instructors can equip beginners set of moves that are considered fundamental in belly dancing. Normally, belly dance instructors also have rigorous training from other dance genre such as ballet, tap, jazz, or a fusion of any of the dance mentioned. A belly dance instructor with a background in some dance disciplines exhibits discipline and grace when they teach as well as perform. Ballet gives grace and fluidity to movements without sacrificing posture. In addition to this, belly dance teachers that have been engaged in fitness training are also good choices since they can integrate the basics in a fitness routine. Normally, belly dance instructors these instructors have good physique as a testimony to their dedication to their craft. Besides, hours of practice and teaching can really shake off all those body fat.

It must also be realized that belly dance instructors have certification at different levels and from different styles. Level 1 connotes a new instructor while higher levels indicate years of experience and expertise. Some belly dance instructors also integrate other dance types such as tribal from North Africa and even Meditteranean styles. On the other hand, some belly dance instructors adopt the cabaret style of performance which is high on showmanship. A beginner in belly dance could browse online to search for belly dance instructors in a local area. It is most certain that even the class schedule as well as background of the belly dance instructor is available to attract enrollees. Keep in mind that regardless of the belly dance style, still, basic movements are covered.

The importance of basic belly dance routine


In belly dancing, the dancer performs isolated movements that project sensuality and mystery which is why women are attracted to this dance.. Mainly, the audience is captivated by the gyrating hips and graceful arms that are actually well-coordinated. Besides, not all who can sway their hips and wear veils can be classified as belly dancers. Belly Dance is in itself a performing art which when gracefully executed can appreciated and respected even by professional dancers. It takes patience, perseverance and discipline to learn all the fundamental belly dance moves.

Belly dance is similar to other dance techniques that relies on core movements . Basic movements are isolated movements using the arms, hips, and abdomen which can be said as routines that definitely strengthen the body’s core section. Belly Dance is composed of four basic moves fundamental and necessary for any type of belly dancing. As a learner slowly progress to more advanced techniques, choreography can be developed to create a presentation.

The Four Basic Moves are Staccato Hip Moves, rolling hip moves, ribcage circles and armand shoulder routines.The Basic Stance is basically standing with the body weight evenly distributed to achieve good balance. Fundamental as it maybe , having this routine executed perfectly aids the dancer in maintaining poise. In most cases, the toes are pointed while the knees are slightly bent as the dancer change positions. Most hip movements like hip twist hip bumps are learned in this basic move. The Basic Rolling Hip Moves involves hip movements that rotate to form horizontal 8 through various vertical and horizontal movements. Basic hip circle and vertical hip circle are part of the Basic Rolling Hip movements. Again, another movement known as ribcage circles is considered challenging since only the waist going down should move. The ribcage is isolated to move on its own by maintaining straight legs which is rather difficult.Other movements included in this essential move are horizontal ribcage circles, diagonal ribcage circle, vertical ribcage circle with undulation. The main reason why a belly dancer looks great on stage is because of the coordinated movementscoming from the arms, shoulder and head. The face is equally important to project attitude which is why it is also laden with ornaments. In addition, the head moves synchronized with the body .Arms are also important since the “ snake arms” are expressive ways of movement . There are also many instances where the arms must make semi-circles so arm movements are definitely worth paying attention to during practiceBelly dance moves are quiet complex but once you have found a good class with a patient instructor, you’ll be surprised that you’re already readying yourself for a public performance.

Learn bellydance easily through the following tips


Formerly a middle east folk dance , “raks-sharki” or belly dance has evolved into a dance craze which attracted millions of enthusiasts ( mainly women) who wants to learn its esoteric moves and fitness benefits. Although this dance is reputed to have originated from the Middle East, women from all races do belly dancing with all zest and vigor. There are belly dance festivals in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and just about any part of the globe where women love to dance. Why shouldn’t they when Belly Dance is a very effective method of losing weight especially when done regularly. The gyrating movements of belly dance is known to have helped women prepare for childbirth in ancient times. Aside from the physical fitness aspect, belly dance is an interesting dance due to the colorful costumes and exotic props that belly dancing enthusiasts can use.

People who are interested to learn belly dance can shop around various dance clubs. Unbelievably, it seems that even health clubs, gyms, fitness centers and senior citizen organization offer beginners belly dance lessons. People studying belly dance would find themselves in a public class where there are as much as 20 students. There are even belly dancing lessons for senior citizens which can be considered as less costly but interesting. Typically, belly dancing session runs for at least an hour so that repetitive movements can be practiced well which is enough to give beginners a good sweat. If one is really serious learning belly dance, it is highly recommended to get a private instructor ; however, keep in mind that this is more costly since you are paying just for your time. On the other hand, some individuals choose to join classes since they want to meet new people and have group interaction which can be enjoyable too. Additionally, attending a class gives a learner the chance to ask questions from the instructor such as tips and techniques for movements.
On the other hand, there are those who want to learn belly dance but are too shy to attend classes. This is where instructional DVDs for belly dancing plays an essential role in helping beginners learn bellyd ance in their own time, place, and pace. There are also online sites that teach belly dancing moves for beginners. Whatever learning program is undertaken, learning belly dance is an interesting activity that can definitely add spice to one’s life.

Interesting features of gypsy belly dancing


Aside from the raks-sharki or traditional belly dancing that started in Egypt, another type known as gypsy bellydance from Turkey is making waves nowadays. Classic belly dancing has its roots from Middle Eastern Folkloric dance and believed to have originated from Turkey during the Ottoman Empire. Later, a group of people from other lands like India and Europe combined their own belly dance techniques that later became gypsy bellydancing.

Although gypsy belly dancing is considered as a deviation from the traditional belly dance, it still retains some movements from the original form. Even the old folkloric steps from Middle East are incorporated into the dance program. Aside from this, gypsybelly dance uses the same jargon from the tradiitonal belly dance to identify the movements so same “raks-sharki” moves are familiar. A very distinctive feature found in gypsy belly dancing the liveliness of the dance which requires high spirits and some fast steps. Although traditional belly dance is slow and sensual which makes it very expressive, gypsy belly dance is filled with flair. Usually, additional props such as tambourines, finger cymbals and musical accompaniment from different instruments are usually included. The dancer can use middle Eastern music but with live violin music in the background. Aside from violins and tambourines, the handy guitar can also provided rthythm from the background which really make sthis dance unique. Seeing a gypsy belly dance performance brings memories of country fairs and carnivals that greatly attracted attention of all types of people. Music is more lively and upbeat while the dancer is highly-energetic and entertaining.

Aside from the music and the instruments used, this type of bellydance also uses different costumes. Most often, a gyspy skirt or a frilled skirt is worn by the dancer which is different from the traditional belly dance costume of silk pants or long skirt. Gypssy bellydancing costumes have an extra pizazz on them as swirling ruffles and frills mesmerize the audience just like a flamenco dancer. The skirts are made of heavy fabrics and does not make use of velvet hips scarves with coins. Instead, belts are made of metal or fringe scarves. The top garment of this dance requires an open back that is usually tied by a string as contrasting to “choli tops” that have closed backs in classical belly dance. Apparently, the traditional belly dance does not require tops that expose the back since hips are given much emphasis. When it comes to accessories, gypsy belly dance is more colorful and unique as ethnic jewelry, stones and intricate designs are added to the costume that completes the uniqueness of the dance. Most gypsy belly dancing costumes and accessories are available in online shops. In fact, we are one of the biggest stockists of these products that can fulfill your wish to do belly dance like a gypsy.

Helpful advice on belly dancing for males


When belly dance became a hit, millions of people joined the bandwagon as throngs of women enlisted in belly dance classes. Just about all fitness centers offered belly dancing classes that were customized to meet the fitness regimen of active women. Similarly, local dance clubs started belly dancing classes that enlisted women of all ages and cultures. Because of this phenomenon, belly dancing costumes were always out of stock from stores and traineors also hopped from one dance class to another due to many enrollees. This has been the forefront of bellydancing for women but behind the limelight,, male belly dancing has slowly evolved through the centuries. In the past, male belly dancing bean during the Ottoman empire in Turkey. There were several claims from historical records that male belly dancers existed during the Ottoman empire as substitute for women who were forbidden by religion to dance and engage in revelry. The male belly dancers were referred to as rakkas while female dancers were termed as rakkase. Since Muslim culture is very strict on women’s behavior, it was very rare to see a woman belly dancer then. If ever there was one, she would only be viewed by female members of a harem under the close watch of palace guards. So male belly dancers were the only source of entertainment during that time. Truly, male bellydancing has caught the attention of modern society too

Most people today are not yet aware of male belly dancing. A quick browse on the net features real male belly dancers who do it for a living. They too have undergone rigorous dance training that involves the fundamental moves in belly dancing. At first, some people may not take seriously male belly dancers who must eb respected since they worked as hard as professional women belly dancers. Some male belly dancers still perform in bars and restaurants in Turkey which is considered as the origin of male belly dancing. But for those in need of a live performance for entertaining guests or having a party, there are some websites of male belly dancers for hire. It is also recommended to reserve ahead of time since they are quite in demand for those who want to experience watching male belly dancing. Want to get in touch with a good male belly dancer? Call us.

Enjoy a great work-out through belly dance fitness videos


Belly dance is not just suited for performing exotic dance moves , it’s a superb choice for a good work-out making you fit.. Truth is, most of the routines in this dance targets the main core of the body- back , torso and abdomen extending to teh hips. These areas are prone to accumulating body fat through the childbearing years of a woman so exercising these parts would definitely give tone to the muscles and reduce fat. Another important thing to consider is that most exercises nowadays focus on core training. Millions of people worldwide suffer from backache due to poor posture and lack of flexibility as caused by being seated in the office the whole day. A visit to the doctor would yield one basic advice: strengthen your core.

This is good news for those engaged into belly dance fitness since belly dance routines strengthens and tones the body’s core section. Strong core muscles support the back, torso, at the same time readying us for twisting and reaching transalating to reduced sports injuries . Muscles in the abdomen are constantly developed through various isolated movements during belly dancing. Actually, certain routines in this dance have been known to prepare a mother for childbirt, imagine that!. Indeed, belly dance fitness can help enthusiasts gain the body they want at the same have fun.

Start building core strength by watching belly dance fitness DVDs that would challenge your body . Most of the belly dance DVDs can be bought from websites that feature fitness tarining or belly dancing pograms. Most fitness trainors have also included belly dance routines in their cardio training program Even people with no previous belly dance training can embark on a belly dance fitness program through the instructional videos step-by-step procedure that is truly enjoyable. Most of the instructors of belly dance fitness videos are health fitness experts who designed the steps so people can achieve fitness by simply following the program.

Complete the great belly dance act with unique accesories for your costume


Why is belly dancing such a worldwide craze for women aside from its sensual dance routine and graceful movements? It’s all because of the enticing costumes that are colorful and unique especially with wonderful accessories. Belly dancing isn’t just a palin hobby with rigorous isolated movements in the routine but also an interest in dressing up for the performance too. In fact, belly dance costumes and accessories make this dance routine attractive and mesmerizing. Each isolated body movement is enhanced with accessories that accentuate the movement. There are many belly dancing accessories one can choose from to complement the costume.

Choli tops are a must in belly dancing since it is the piece that dancer wears for the top part of the costume. The bodice can be made of different materials such as velvet Lycra or any cloth that has a pattern suited for belly dancing. Traditionally, choli tops should have a close back as opposite to tops used in gypsy belly dancing whic are usually open and tied with a string. While traditional belly dance require choli tops that are closed at the back.A more enticing are the ones with sparklin faux stones or shiny sequins that draws attention to the upper body. It is also important to keep in mind that using hip scarves spell a lot of difference when accessorizing the costume. Each sway of the hips is emphasized by the beautiful hip scarves made from silk, chiffon or velvet with crocheted coins. The gold plated or silver coins look exotic enough as they are sewn into the hips scarves in numerous rows. Necklaces, hand bracelets and earring are important too especially for tribal belly dance. The feet is also important for a dancer as toe rings and delicate anklets are shown as toes are always pointed in most basic routines. Some dancers use the eye of Horus sandals in cases where they have to dance in rough surfaces. For more pizzazz, some dancers use Isis Wings which are usually golden and spread out while performing. However, hand scarves also create the same effect when making snake like movements using the arms. Nearly in all perfprmances of belly dance, the silk scarf is an vital belly dance accessory that can be playfully waved by the dancer. Accessories for belly dance are widely available online on sites selling costumes. Our company has a wide assortment of accessories that you can choose from.

Colorful belly dancing outfits make you stand-out


Belly dancing is not just well-known for its exotic dance routine that excites viewers but also for the beautiful costumes and accessories worn by the dancers themselves, often adorning them from head to toe. Most of the time, the audience are mesmerized by the colors of the costumes made of sheer silk, expandable lycra or smooth satin with extra trimmings that glitter like sequins.Even the jewelry used in belly dancing are one of a kind since these ornaments represent middle eastern cultures which are rich in designs and patterns. The belly dancer’s face is not spared from artistic expression as bindi jewelry is laid across her face. There are many types of belly dancing outfits which can be worn depending upon the dancer’s judgment of what type of costume would suit a certain routine. Some actions call for a lot of hip swaying which can be accentuated by hip scarves. There are certain arm movements that form semi-circles that when gracefully executed, looks very charming. For this reason, the arm is laden with bands that have beautifully designed sequins laid out in a brilliant pattern that complements the “snake-like” arm movements needed in the routine.

Belly dancing costumes have many kinds so dancers can be as unique as possible , namely: Belledi dresses, Khaleegy dresses, full costumes, Saiidi dresess, and certain two-piece sets ( bra and belt). Dancers often select some full costumes such as full attires composed of silk pants, bra and veil as well as Belledi dresses. Belledi dresses have two pieces: a choli similar to a bra top with close back and a long skirt with a slit. The skirt has a long slit that shows the movement of the dancer’s legs. Hip scarves are draped across the hips to accentuate hip movements such as the vertical 8. The bra top or choli usually made up of shiny cloth or any fine fabric enhances isolated waist movement. Full costume dresses are also a favorite by many dancers since these belly dancing outfits are exotic and glamorous since the outfit shows the feminine curves of a woman’s body. The long silk or satin skirt complements the bra top full of shiny sequins which completes the Arabian nights look. Aside from the outfits, any body part is emphasized with the wide array of accessories . Get your belly dancing costuem now at a discounted price. We have many stocks and sizes available.

Basic moves in belly dancing that every beginner should know


All dance styles regardless of complexity or origin have fundamental dance steps that all beginners must familiarize.In the case of belly dance, gyrating hips , pointing toes or swaying arms are not enough especialy if the movements are not choreographed to work together. It is best to learn basic dance steps in belly dance so people would appreciate the art and not perceive it as an ordinary sensual dance seen in bars.Mastery of the essential and basic dance steps make belly dance a respected performance that would captivate the audience for its disciplined routine

Belly Dance is composed of four basic moves that can be considered the core of the dance. A variation can be made depending upon the dancer as one slowly learns the intricacies in this dance. Nevertheless, it is highly suggested to practice regularly the basic moves until consistency in performing the routine is achieved. The Four Basic Moves are:

1. Basic Staccato Hip Moves

The Basic Stance may seem basic but requires discipline in maintaining a good poise starting from the standing position. The feet should be flat on the ground with body weight distributed so balance is maintained. Toes are pointed forward while the knees are bent slightly which readies the body in a position to shift movement. The staccato hip steps includes hip twist, Hip bump as well as Up and Down Hips.

2. Basic Rolling Hip Moves

The Basic Rolling Hip Moves involves certain actions made by the hips alone such as rotating or spinning the hips to form a horizontal 8 by executing different vertical and horizontal movements. This move also features basic hip circle and vertical hip circle.

3. Basic Ribcage Circles

Although this is considered basic , the routine seems advanced since only the waist should move which is challenging. Moreover, isolated movements from the ribcage must be done with teh correct and balanced straight leg stance.

In this key routine, mastery should be gained in the following: horizontal ribcage circles, diagonal ribcage circle, vertical ribcage circle with undulation.

4. Basic arm, Shoulder ,and Head moves

This move includes arm waves, Shoulder rotation with arm ripples also known as “snake arms” and head slide. Crucial in the execution of these steps are arm and hands movement that form semi-circles and flowing like a wave.

Belly dancing’s basic moves are quite rigorous or challenging for beginners; yet, perseverance and dedication will pay off in the end.