Terms In Breakdancing

Breakdancing started as a culture of hip-hop among the African Americans young ones and was later on followed by the Latin Americans teenagers. Everyt...


Breakdancing started as a culture of hip-hop among the African Americans young ones and was later on followed by the Latin Americans teenagers. Everything started and developed in the Bronx of New York during the 1970s. Some even say that during the late 60s, breakdancing was already taking off. This dance was eventually called breakdancing due to the breaks in the remixed music used for dancing. Breakdancing is not only limited to hip-hop music, but other genres of music can also be used. All the types of music used in breakdancing are remixed and sometimes rearranges so that some tempos and patterns are made to be more upbeat inorder to keep up with the routines.

There are many breakdancing terms you have to know if you are interested in breakdancing. From what you call the dancers to what the steps are called. Dancers call themselves as b-boys, b-girls or sometimes, breakers. There are also various names by which breakdancing is called by different people. Dancers of this style can sometimes call it breaking or b-boying.

There are many basic steps and terminologies in break dancing. The first step you should learn is called the toprock, this is a step that can be performed while in an upright standing position. These are the steps used to open breakdancing routines or breakdance battles. The toprock will show the style of the breaker. The second step and term you need to familiarize yourself with the downrock. This can also be called floorwork . This is used to describe movement that is done on the floor using hands to support the body, just like what the feet do. The third step and term is the power move. These are acrobatic moves that need some sort of thrust before performed. The dancers’ upper body is used to support the rest of the body when power moves are done. Some of the power moves are different steps used in gymnastics or martial arts. The last of the basic terms are called freezes or suicides. These moves are quite advanced already, requiring the dancer to suspend his or herself in mid air, only being supported by the upper body. Freezes and suicides are used to emphasize the strong beats in the music. Suicides are usually used to signal the end of a routine and are done by losing control in the end.

Physics of Breakdance


Break dancing is a popular form of street dance that evolved in the early 70s. The moves are artistic, creative, full of power and simply amazing. Nevertheless, beyond these basic steps of break dance is a firm foundation on the principles of physics. There are different break dance steps that are considered basic such as top rock, power rock, freeze, power moves and suicides. Each of the dance steps have their own unique moves that when executed involves basic principle of physics. Among these basic steps, power moves involves the most movements that require balance and momentum. These principles are exemplified by certain moves such as head spins, flares, and windmill. To better understand the physics of break dance, let us pick a move that can be analyzed. When break dancers execute a head spin, the audience is amazed by the balance of the head to sustain the body in air while a little support is extended by the hand by touching the floor. The physics of this break dance move involves the principles of circular motion and torque.

First, executing this move requires the break dancer to input a great amount of strength in order to keep in moving using the head.

At the beginning, the hand is used to push off the floor so the head would start spinning. Later, the legs are spread apart like a split which actually determines the speed of the head spin. Once the dancer contracts his legs, the spin gradually slows down which is actually the momentum. When a change in position occurs such as the extending of legs, there is corresponding change of speed which is known as angular momentum. The dancer’s body ( mass) and the speed of the power move must fit into the radius of the head which is circular. In order for the head spin to stop, friction works by placing the hand on the ground. Watching a head spin being performed is not sheer talent for the dancer, it is a delicate combination of balance and spin supported by the hand. Break dance physics is important since physics is an exact science that has principles. If the principles of physics would not be followed by executing a unique move, there are many probabilities such as losing one’s balance and/or decelerating speed that could lead to physical injuries. It is for this reason that break dance needs practice as well as strength which would put power in the dance moves.

Midget Breakdance


When break dance was introduced more than 3 decades ago by African Americans in the Bronx, it was immediately adopted by Latinos who immersed themselves in hip-hop culture. Break dancing has its own genre of music and culture. This dance has its own attitude which reflects its origin as a way of settling fights between fighting groups commonly known as gangs. It is also a very interesting dance style that involves not only strength and power but also creativity. For this reason it has attracted all types of people, young or adults including midgets. It is true, midgets can break dance too and their moves are also amazing. Break dancing has basic steps that must be performed well such as toprock which is the introductory part. This is not quite hard yet since the break dancer assumes a standing position to execute the moves so a midget doing break dance can handle that. Videos of midget break dance shows how easily they can create steps with an attitude that makes the viewers take a midget break dance seriously. The second step known as the down-rock is a more advanced step since midgets have to do some movements such as scissors, belly swim or side slide. As we all know, midgets have shorter limbs and for them to fluidly execute any of the moves there must be mastery of the steps. Some popular midgets who break dance are Superstar and Little Indian midget.

The videos of their break dance can be viewed on YouTube which are pretty amazing. The good thing about midget break dancing is that they have upper body strength due to their body structure enabling them to perform complicated dance moves such as the handstand. The videos of midget break dance especially the ones portraying showdown is pretty interesting since the competitors are serious break dancers. The stunts that midget break dancers have integrated some moves from capoeira and martial arts with a flair of hip-hop dance routines. The costumes are the typical hooded jacket while there are some who choose to wear flamboyant attire. For this reason, many local groups also feature midget break dancing competitions but on an individual basis. Some video sites do present midget crews but solo dancers are very creative. Whether midget or not, break dance lessons can be learned by enrolling online , watching videos or visiting a local dance club.

Learn Breakdance


The popularity of break dancing has swept all over the world since it was introduced in the early 70s by African Americans in the Bronx. There are annual, national, regional and local competitions for break dance which draws thousands of young people to learn this amazing dance style. It is a dance that combines creativity, power, and agility that never fails to attract audience. Even adults are interested to learn break dance since it is challenging and artistic. However, there is a need to be cautious in learning the steps all by yourself since the moves have to be executed properly to minimize risk. In order to learn break dance properly, it is advisable to watch break dancers first by going to a live street dance competition or browsing the internet. It is exciting to watch a live competition where crews would try to outperform one another. Unique moves are combined with the fundamental steps to produce a more creative rendition. The movie “You got Served” demonstrates how competitions are held between crews.

If time is a constraint to learn break dance, one can browse videos on the internet. There are many online ‘learn breakdance” videos or classes which one can sign up with. Some of the popular learn break dance classes charge a fee for their lessons since the instructors are professional break dancers. It is also possible to browse the website’s curriculum to have an idea of the fundamental steps that would be taught. Upon paying the fees, one is immediately signed-up for an online class where there is no waiting time. The only important thing to prepare is enough space to practice the steps and comfortable clothing that would fit the dance. Usually, these learn break dance online schools give proper advise before starting a program with them. Another way of learning break dance is by reenrolling in a local dance studio near your place. It is convenient to attend classes when the studio is close to your home; moreover, learning break dance in a dance studio assures you that you would be personally monitored by an instructor. If this doesn’t fit your time, it is also possible to watch free videos to learn break dance. Hundreds of videos are found online to teach you how to break dance, some of them are even a series of video tutorials. In short, there are many ways to learn breakdance and all you need is determination.

History of Breakdancing


Breakdancing is a popular form of dance often seen executed in street dance competitions. Originally, it was called as B-boying or breaking since the dance was executed based on the breaks in records that were connected together by street DJs. The breaks provided the DJs a chance to bring their creativity in mixing good rhythms which the dancers could use to exhibit their breakdancing skills. The history of breakdancing goes way back some 30 years ago at that time that hip hop culture was flourishing among African Americans. Nevertheless, certain elements of the dance can already be seen in some cultures specifically that of West African countries. The original steps were quite raw jumping and jiggling which was modified later when it was adopted in the west.

In fact, the history of break dancing in the US can be traced back as early as late 60s. The group Zulu kings can be credited for introducing break dance in America as a form of settling violence that normally happened between gang fights. The Zulu kings led by Africa Bambaataa was able to create a community of rappers, dancers, graphic artists that came from the Bronx. The Bronx is also known as a place where gangs thrived and battled for supremacy to control certain territories. Bambaata conceptualized the idea that fights can be settled in the streets by redirecting aggression into performing arts such as dance; hence, the term “break it down” meant breaking up a fight by showing breakdancing skills. Indeed, the young men would “get on their foot” and engage in a showdown of strength, creativity ,and agility as shown by breakdancing. Another person who popularized breakdance was the singer James Brown. He would get on his foot when he sang: Get on the Good Foot’’ which was mimicked by young people . Eventually, this practice became a culture propagated by “break bets”. This break bets were also called break boys which are also known as b-boys. Technically, breakdance is performed using hip-hop music. In the 70s, even Latinos immersed themselves in hip-hop culture and adopted breakdance into their streetdance competitions. It was even made popular by Rock Steady especially when it was introduced in Japan. Later on the whole world caught the breakdance fever as it spread across US, Japan , and Europe. Streetdancing competition was held as annually where thousands of crew members performed to show their skills.

Breakdancing Styles


Breakdancing is a type of dance founded in the Southern Bronx of New York in the 1970s. Break dancing was first done by the African Americans and was later on followed by the Latino Americans. Some say that this was started to provide an alternative lifestyle for those living in the Bronx. This type of dancing is called breakdancing because of the breaks in the remixed music. Dancers refer to themselves as b-boys, b-girls or sometimes, breakers. There are also different names by which breakdancing is referred to such as breaking or b-boying. These are just some of the term that you should familiarize yourself with if you are interested in break dancing.

There are many styles of breakdancing. Every individual has his or her own personal style when it comes to breakdancing. Different crews also have different styles. Each style of break dancing is unique and fun to watch. The first known style of break dancing was that of James Brown. His song, get on the good foot, started the break dancing craze of the 70s. The first noted style of breakdancing was called the good foot- now called b-boying.

Different styles of breakdancing emerge each and every day. Most of these styles have no known name and crews or individuals just make up names as they go along the way. All of these styles involve 4 basic steps. No matter what style, there are basic steps that every break dancer should know how to do. breakdancing The first basic step of breakdancing is called the toprock, this refers to the steps done while standing up. This is the step where the breaker shows off his style. The second step is the downrock. This is also called as floorwork where the breaker uses the whole floor to showcase what he or she has. This is when hands do as much floorwork as the feet. The third step is what is called the power moves. The dancers upper body usually supports the rest of the body when power moves are done. Some of the power moves are movements borrowed from gymnastics or taekwondo. The last of the basic moves are called freezes and suicides. These are the moves you do in mid air and are usual a way to end a routine.

Breakdancing Basics


Breakdancing is a sport, an exercise, a past time loved by many, especially those in the younger generation. You can see many people breakdancing, may it be on TV, on the streets, in the schools, in basically any area where there is free space to dance on. Some breakdancers refer to themselves as b-boys, b-girls or breakers. Sometimes, breakdancing is referred to as breaking or b-boying. These are just some basic slang to introduce you the Basics of Breakdancing.

Before heading to the basics of breakdancing, one should learn even some history of the dance. Breakdancing started as hip-hop culture among the African Americans and was later on followed by the Latin Americans. Everything started and developed in New York. It was eventually called breakdancing because of the breaks in the remixed music. Breakdancing is not only restricted to hip-hop music, other genres of music can also be used. All music used in breakdancing are remixed, some tempos and patterns are made to be faster in order to keep up with the routine.

There are four steps you have to know in order to get a good grasp of the basics of breakdancing The first basic step of breakdancing is called the toprock, this refers to the steps that can be performed while standing up. This is usually used during the opening of a dance battle or a performance. The toprock will showcase the style of the breaker. The second step you need to know is the downrock. This is also called as floorwork . This is used to describe movement that is done on the floor using hands to support the body as much as the feet do. The third step is called the power move. These are acrobatic steps that require some sort of momentum before performed. The dancers upper body usually supports the rest of the body when power moves are done. Some of the power moves are steps borrowed from various sports like gymnastics or some martial arts. The last of the basic moves are called freezes or suicides. These moves are quite advanced already, requiring the dancer to suspend his or herself in mid air, only being supported by the upper body.

Freezes and suicides are used to emphasize the strong beats in the music. Suicides are usually used to signal the end of a routine and are done by losing control in the end.

These are just some of the basics of breakdancing that you need to know. Go out and practice with friends or find an instructor if you really want to learn and practice the sport.

Breakdance Steps


“Breaking” become popular worldwide and different type of remixes can be used to perform this dance. DJs across the world remixed different music genres which can serve as a platform in executing this dance step. There are two main considerations in choosing the music : rhythm and tempo. As long as the breaker can synchronize the dance moves with both elements, then performance would surely be applauded by breaking enthusiasts. Since its origin is traced from averting street fights among gangs, there must be 2 groups or “crew” that would perform a showdown. Breakdance has general pattern of steps which can be modified or combined to exhibit artistry and creativity.

The following are basic break dance steps that a b-boy or b-girl must be familiar with:

Toprock. This step is usually in the opening part of the dance and assumed in a standing position. It is the most basic and must show immediately the dancer’s personality to make an impression in the audience. A b-boy can show aggressiveness while performing toprock as long as his moves are clean. This dance step integrates also other dance styles such as popping or locking.

Downrock. If toprock is standing, down rock is done on the floor using hands ( or feet ) to support the dancer. This is the part of the dance that gets exciting as the dancer starts to show strength in supporting the body. However, breakdancers must not only support themselves but show mastery of the 6-step which helps in establishing momentum in executing a down rock. This corrects that notion that breakdance steps are just random and easy to execute. Mastery of the 6 steps can ensure stability and safety on the floor.

Power moves. These break dance steps are more complex since it involves strength and momentum to execute so the body can move in a circular motion. Known power moves are head spin, flare, windmill, and snipe.

Freezes. Among the break dance steps, this can be considered as the most stylish since it engages the dancer to suspend himself off the ground which enthralls the audience. Moves from gymnastics can be include in the dance.

Suicides. The name has strong connotation since this is a break dance step that shows the dancer losing control thereby falling. Viewers often grimace as they imagine the pain fo hitting the floor but experienced dancers have practiced this step to minimize pain and injury.

Breakdance Classes


Since breakdance became popular worldwide, many young people wanted to learn the steps which are not only entertaining but physically challenging as well. Most b-boys or b-girls (technical term for breakdancers) learned the steps from their own peer groups that belonged to hip-hop culture. Nevertheless, many breakdancers also enrolled themselves into breakdance classes to ensure that they would acquire all the fundamental steps in learning this unique learning style. Where does one enlist for a break dance class anyway? Here is the list of suggestions that would lead you to break dance classes:

Search for a local dance studio near your community. These studios offer different dance lessons which usually includes break dance classes since it is a popular dance style. The studios post their schedule of classes online on their website. Nevertheless, dropping by at the nearest dance studio near you is the best option so the facilities can be viewed. It is also wise to ask about the background of the instructors giving the lessons; however, most break dance instructors have been members of a popular crew that competes regularly. Aside from the instructor, it is also good to check out how many students are normally enrolled in a class. Ask them about their curriculum and if possible, attend a free session so you can observe how the class is being taught. An overcrowded class size would mean not having enough attention from the instructor. Break dance studios want to train potential dancers whom they can encourage to join a competition.

Surf the net to search for online classes. If you haven’t got time to join a regular class, enlist for online break dance classes. Normally, online break dance classes charge for a membership fee and/or class fee. This type of break dance classes are convenient for one’s schedule since you can choose the time you want to learn by viewing the videos. The only important thing here is to have enough space – as much as 10×10 feet where you can practice the fundamental steps. Online break dance classes usually cover in their curriculum the basic steps such as toprock, drops, footwork, and freeze. It would be best to search for different online break dance classes to compare their price rates as well as methods in delivering instruction.

Lastly, it is of prime importance to shape up by building strength and muscles before enrolling in nay break dance class.

Battles in Breakdance


Breakdance battles are very common these days. Breakers, b-boys and b-girls usually join together to form a crew and different crews compete with each other in battle, it can also be two individuals who just want to battle it out. Battles simply mean doing a dance off between the two crews or two individuals. A battle is merely just a showdown between crews in order to showcase their talent and skills. Battles have existed since the 1970s. Breakdance battles started in South Bronx of New York where Latino Americans used to battle it out against African-Americans. These days, breakdance battles are a normal scene between crews. Some movies and tv shows use these breakdance battles as the main plot of show. Whoever wins the battles, may it be a crew or an individual, will be known as the best in battle and will win accolades and praise from colleagues.

Anyone who breaks can join a breakdance battle. Before jumping into battle, here are a few tips that may help you win, or at least give a good fight. The first thing to do is practice your breakdancing moves and skills. You have to be at par with your competitor in order to give a good fight and to make the breakdance battle interesting. Remember to create your own moves or modify the moves you’ve seen and make them your own. Try to practice your moves while facing the mirror. This will show you what you can improve on and what moves you’re strong at. You can ask your friends to watch you and comment on your moves or on your routine. Having someone comment on your style and your moves will help you improve, they may be able to see what you don’t. You can also do mini breakdance battles with your friends so you know what can happen during the real battle. If you think a move is weak, mimic it and make is careless just to show how weak the move is. Making fun of the moves and steps of others shows disrespect, this is very well embraced during battles. If you do all these, you’ll be more than ready to battle it out.

Breakdance battles are a good way to see the moves of other crews and a great way to keep breakers on their toes. These battles showcase great talent and win or lose; you’ll be able to take home a few new moves.