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What are the Advantages of Offering Subsidized Day Care to Corporate Employees?

Subsidized day care by corporations has been an on-going trend since the id 90s.  This initiative addressed problems such as lack of affordable yet q...


Subsidized day care by corporations has been an on-going trend since the id 90s.  This initiative addressed problems such as lack of affordable yet quality day care services parents who are employed by such corporations.  This is also very helpful to employees who worked the off-hours or those who worked through graveyard shifts.

Subsidized day care for a company’s employees is one of the biggest benefits that a parent/s can get.  Some of these subsidized day care centers are operated by the company’s staff, but most of the time companies hire outside contractors to get the job done.  Since companies get experienced day care staff, outside providers give companies higher quality and better qualified staff with minimum costs.

When a company offers a subsidized day care plan or center, it helps create employee loyalty similar to a health insurance.  Subsidized day care does not only make an employer more desirable to potential employees, it keeps them from thinking of leaving the company.

At the same time, a company with a subsidized day care benefit offers potential employees comfort and security that other companies may not have.  If you are thinking of getting the best talent and you are offering a benefit such as subsidized day care plans, you put your company ahead of the competition for being family-oriented.

Most of the subsidized day care centers operate during the business hours of a company.  Some businesses require a lot of off-hours or graveyard shifts or even extended shifts like a 12-hour shift.  Subsidized day care options make companies more attractive employers in the eyes of the workforce and potential employees.  Often times companies need to change shifts among their workforce, hence a subsidized day care being offered by a company comes in handy as it can be as flexible as an employee’s needs require it to be.

Offering subsidized day care to employees also lessens absenteeism among the workforce.  Employees feel more confident and relaxed that they can check on their children every once in a while during work hours.  This allows them to focus on work, reducing stress caused by constantly worrying about their kids at home or at out-of-site day care centers.

All these results of higher productivity, increased retention, and attractive benefits to potential new employees can mean only one thing: cutting overhead costs of the company.  The savings that companies get from the benefits of subsidized day care plan more than pay for the plan itself, they can use these savings in order to give further incentives to employees and even expand their business.

Starting a Home Day Care


Do you know a fun movie about fathers starting their own home day care? Daddy Day Care was a blast of a movie for anyone who watched them. It showed the experience of free-wheeling but loving parents who know nothing about starting a home day care, but eventually succeeded to cap a good ending. Of course a lot went wrong in the story, showing us how inept people can fall flat when running a day car center. This just shows that starting a home day care takes a lot of hard work, patience, and a lot good breaks.

Starting a home day care can be a very fruitful experience, and with the right amount of planning and foresight, you can earn a worthy income. Starting a home day care also allows you to work from home doing what you do best. You are pretty much your own boss, and your time is only limited to the schedule that you set.

However, there is also a lot to consider in starting your own home day care. First, you need to ask yourself if you really love to be with kids. There is a difference between having the natural instinct to take care of your own child compared to being responsible for somebody else’s child. You have to learn from each and every kid that comes through your day care. You have to know what they like to do, what they hate to do, what food they eat, what kind of kids they play with, and even the things that will prevent them from crying. Thus, there is a great deal of emotional investment not only to the business, but also to the kids that you are bringing in.
Another thing that you should consider is your home and family. The home dynamics can be altered once you have other children running around the house. Your own children may or may not be able to handle having to share their personal space, toys, and even your attention with other children.

In addition, your home may not also be that large to accommodate a large number of children. Make sure you have sufficient garden space and living room space to be able to conduct games and activities. Child-proofing measures such as removing sharp objects, keeping them away from electrical sockets and large furniture, and carpeting the floor is important in maintaining a child-friendly day care center.

There is little risk in starting a home day care center. As long as you have a good house, you do not need much money to start one. However, what you need to have is the right approach and a positive outlook. It should be all about taking care of the goods, and making money should only be secondary to it. It requires hard-work, patience, and a lot of emotional investment. Once you realize that, you will surely be successful.

Make It Easy To Find A Work From Home Paid Surveys Job


From data entry to work from home paid surveys jobs, working from home is more ideal than ever before.  It offers you ease and the convenience of working from the comfort of your own home.  There are companies from all around the world offering paid survey jobs, but because a lot of these are scams you must be careful with which you apply to.  There are a few steps you should follow if you’re ever looking to get started with a work from home paid survey job.

Of course the first step is to find a reputable company to do business with.  A lot of people are wary about online jobs in general and especially paid survey jobs because so many of them are scams.  To determine a company is legitimate, go through the Better Business Bureau where you can check to see if the company has any complaints against them.  You can also find reviews online given by people just like you who have already gone through and worked for a company.

This way you get an insider’s view as to how much work is offered, how much they get paid and whether they’re paid on time.  When you do get hired by any paid surveys company, make sure that you pay attention to the quality of your work so that you can keep your job.  It can be easy to get carried away and start rushing the work but this will be a problem in the long-term.  Companies will see the poor quality of your work and will stop sending work your way because they have more than enough eager applicants who are willing to pay attention and hand in acceptable work.

Companies offering paid survey work are not going to waste time on people who aren’t going to get the job done right.  There are more scam paid survey jobs than ever before but there are also some really great ones.  Legit survey sites are getting hard to find but a few examples are American Consumer Opinion, Canada Talk Now and E-Search.  Always take time to check out a company’s website before deciding whether or not to do business with them.

You’ll see that the information offered is detailed rather than vague and reviews are always positive.  Legitimate companies will make you fill out a user profile that is quite in depth and not just be interested in what your name and email address are.  Those that don’t are liable to be fraudulent companies that are just going to overflow your inbox with spam emails.  Take pride in your work and offer detailed, valuable information and you’re sure to have great success.

Some Tips on How to Open a Day Care Service


Opening a day care service is a rewarding and profitable venture since it is a booming industry.  This will continue for many years to come as the financial demands make parents work extra hours or off-hours.  If you are planning in venturing this growing industry, how to open a day care service that is of high quality will be your aim.

Research what are your local government’s regulations with regards to opening a day care center.  Most of the time the basic regulations involve getting the business registered and getting you and staff (if you have any) registered as well.  Other regulations also involve what the appropriate child-to-staff ratio is.  Most regions allow 6 children to one teacher, while others base it upon the age of the children.  Check with your local regulations what the ratio for the teacher-to-children is.

Think carefully if you want to open a home-based day care center or if you will purchase or rent a facility.  Operating a home-based day care service keeps your overhead costs low, however there will be space limitations.

Take CPR and first aid certification classes so that you can handle any emergencies that might occur within the day care center.  Always keep a first aid kit within thee premises and regularly check medicines and ointments if they are expired or not.

Make sure that before you open a day care center, the premises, be it home-based or an outside facility, that you have the proper fire hazard equipment.  Make sure there is a concealed place for cleaning and other harmful chemicals so children won’t find them.

Protect your personal so that if ever your business is sued, you won’t have to worry about your personal assets being affected by the case.  Also make sure to purchase insurance3 for your business in cases that your business will suffer damages or if a child is injured under your care.

If you ever decide on operating the business yourself, you will need to handle the accounting, the billing, and advertising responsibilities.  You need to set up a good accounting system and you need to devise a good advertising scheme to get your business known.

Research the nutritional needs of the children so you can have a daily meal plan that you can offer the children.  Usually the meal selection is handled by your local government’s nutritional department.  You can ask for their help with regards to this so you can carefully lay out what meals to offer to kids daily.

Perhaps one of the most important tips that you will get on how to open a day care service is the purchase of toys, educational books, games and puzzles.  You need to keep in mind that children need to practice harnessing their fine and gross motor skills.  Perhaps the best part of owning a day care center is having fun with the children.

Learn How To Join Paid Surveys Companies And Add To Your Income


If you’re someone who’s interested in bringing in some extra money each month, going to join paid surveys companies may be the perfect solution.  Online work is extremely popular these days because almost everyone has a computer and Internet connection.  The paid surveys companies are especially popular because they allow you to make money just by offering feedback to different corporations.  You can complete all your work right at home and working with paid surveys companies is a top choice.

You offer your personal feedback and in turn you receive compensation for the work you deliver.  There are just a few steps you’ll need to take to go through and join paid surveys companies.  First you’re going to need to make a list of the different paid surveys companies that will be worth you applying to.  Unfortunately today a lot of these companies are nothing more than scams so have patience and be smart.

A few examples of paid surveys companies you can trust in are American Consumer Opinion, Opinion Outpost and Greenfield Online Surveys.   After this you can begin the registration process with each of these companies.  It usually takes anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes to register to a paid surveys company.  They need information such as your name, age, location and job.

You don’t want to take on more than you can handle so at least give yourself a chance to get more experience with the work before taking on more jobs.  Keep in mind that you may not receive a lot of work from these companies at first because they want you to prove yourself.   Corporations rely heavily on these surveys to provide them with crucial information and they want to know that you’re a hard worker before sending loads of work your way.  Once you’ve shown that you can pay attention to detail and offer honest, accurate work they will begin to send more work to you.

You need to keep track of what you’re getting paid by each company, when the pay dates are and so on.  It’s also important to work on your user profile on a regular basis after you’ve joined paid surveys companies.  Most people are rather surprised at the amount of money they can make just from filling out surveys.  Make sure that you hand in quality work and you can actually continue these jobs for the long-term and make a pretty decent living doing so.