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House Sitting: Financially Rewarding

If you are considering house sitting you may be surprised that it can make attractive amount of money and employment opportunities. It is very advanta...


If you are considering house sitting you may be surprised that it can make attractive amount of money and employment opportunities. It is very advantageous, the mere fact that you can save income you would have spent on mortgage payments or rent by living in a house free of charge. Sounds like a great deal? This will allow you to save thousands of dollars while watching over and living in someone’s house while they are out of town.

At first, the pay is low, but the upside is you can save money from not having to pay a mortgage or a rent. Anyway, you can do this without giving up your day job.  By finding house sitting jobs you are providing someone the help they need and as well as developing a great opportunity to generate extra earnings. Money will start to come in when you already have a reputable foundation in house sitting.

Now the only question running into your mind is how much should I charge for house sitting? Remember, it has nothing to do with how much you think you can get out of this but how much you can earn by lending your services to people. When I said that, I meant, there are specific circumstances you have to consider.  Get it down on paper. List your possible expenses while performing your duties and responsibilities. Keep in mind your location may affect your gasoline consumption, or bus/train fare. What you should be hoping to do is to breakeven.

Constantly making money out of house sitting means having standard visits, clienteles regularly asking for your services and a schedule that will not overlap your other workloads.  Just remember, if you are trying to profit out of it, you need to network. It essentially important that you do a fantastic job and leave the house in magnificent condition.  Arranging house and pet sitting jobs often relies solely in word of mouth. If you are interested in more jobs, you better have people talking about how fabulous you are, it may cost a lot of opportunities for you.

House Sitting Contracts


House sitting became very popular and took the world by storm. The concept of this service is for someone who will care for the landlord or homeowners’ homes while they are away. The homeowners have someone to look after their houses, pets and gardens while the house sitters gets rent free accommodation in return for doing minor household duties and whatever they have agreed upon.  Every agreement must be mutually beneficial for both parties. Here are some guidelines to arrange your agreement:

Note the sitter’s detailed information like full name and driver’s license number for verification purposes.

Do not forget to indicate homeowner’s contact numbers, email or address; to be contacted in case of emergency.

Include the house sitter’s expected time of arrival prior to the departure of the client for final instructions.

Your house sitting contract should indicate the terms and conditions under which a sitter may live in your home.

Specific and detailed instructions for the tasks you’ve prepared in which your sitter is bound to do. Indicate the instructions for lawn and garden care: equipment used, pet care: feeding time/exercise schedule/vets visits and medication dosing, pool maintenance, mail handling and forwarding.

House sitting contracts should also specify your utility billing arrangement. Take into account if the sitter is responsible for making these payments or not. For example; you have agreed upon to continue paying the bills yourself by a friend, a family member, or better yet by direct debit. Then the sitter shall reimburse their portion upon your return.

It is also important to indicate that if the house sitter is taken seriously ill or for any other reason to leave the property for a certain or extended period, or should there be any damage in the property, he/ she must contact the homeowner immediately.

As the homeowner you should prudently consider your personal requirements and expectations. It is also your responsibility to clearly explain your criteria’s to the house sitter. You may need to arrange for a bond to be held by an independent party when securing a written agreement. You can ask for your attorney’s help with this procedure. Every situation is unique, nevertheless, we included the accepted standards of a general house sitting contract/ You can remove or add points to suit your situation.

House and Pet sitting


Many people are starting to look for second jobs because of today’s economy. Having to do two jobs doesn’t mean you have to work your butt off. A second job must fit your current schedule and must be flexible but can still help you generate enough money for your needs. Well, you are in luck because this article might just be the answer to your prayer. This will help you start up a new line of career without ruining your day job.

House sitting is very ideal if you are working 9 to 5. There are working people who are often called out of town for one reason or another. Sometimes people need to go out of town for family affairs, or they need a vacation. Dependable people to house sit are needed while they are gone. But before you get too excited, it is necessary to find out if you are suited for this type of business. Being responsible of watching other people’s house and beloved pets is a serious matter; they are trusted to you to keep safe and healthy.  So aside from making ends meet, you must have a good disposition with animals is one qualification in house and pet sitting. It is necessary to have working knowledge about pet health and safety.
Furthermore, before going into this line of business, you must also take into consideration if you want to house sit only during specific hours. Are there any laws and ordinances in your area specifically about house and pet sitting? Are you willing to travel?

If you feel positive enough to take on the responsibility and motivated to earn a good income then design a suitable business plan around your needs and desires. Research on pet care, gardening, and house keeping, strategize your work schedule and take advantage of affordable internet marketing and advertising. A reputable name is also important in this trade, it will help you launch your business easily and soon enough people will come up to you to look after their homes and beloved animals.

3 Things to be in Demand in House Sitting


If you want to increase your market value, get more clients and build the career path you always wanted as a house sitter, there are only three concepts you ought to know. They are trustworthiness, networking and flexibility. In this article I will further discuss each of these concepts and show you how to leverage them to become successful in house sitting services.

Building a good reputation as a house sitter is only worthwhile if you are trustworthy. Otherwise, why choose this career? You may have few clients who come to you but how will they continue to seek your services if the first time they came to you were a disaster. To gain other peoples trust you should act professionally and responsibly when a homeowner contracted you for the house sitting services they wanted.  Only after you have attained this should you be able to expand your network.
Expanding your network when it comes to this kind of job is actually easy when people trust you. When you are still starting up with house sitting, you start to render services to your friends and families. If they become satisfied with the services you supplied them, you will get positive feedbacks and they will compliment you to their friends and families as well. The word of mouth is your best tool in expanding your client base. From time to time people may give negative remarks but if people hear more of your good deeds and accomplishments then that is enough to suffice your good reputation.

The hardest part is how to maintain your clients and be flexible with your schedule. It will be hard especially when you have different clients with overlapping period of stay in. It is desirable to schedule your projects within your availability. Do not try to commit your services when you know you can’t deliver it properly.

Trustworthiness will put you on a path toward your goal. Expanding your network will speed up the success of your career but flexibility will allow you to keep your business going. Make these principles as a regular part of your job and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

House Sitting a Trending Job Opportunity


House sitting is becoming a trend these days.  But what is house sitting? Just to give you a brief description house sitting is a job that allows you to stay and live with someone’s home for a period of time. This type of job is ideal for retired couples, young families, singles, writers and artists who are adventurous, fun and exciting yet trustworthy and professional. Most people desire to be a house sitter to live rent-free and be able to go to places they’ve never been before.  Artists and writers choose house sitting jobs because living in another home can give them the ambience or mood they need to allow them to practice their profession. Some people need temporary accommodation while moving from one house to another while others just simply enjoy the change in scenery.  Reasons into getting this lucrative job vary in numerous ways and there is no stereotype for a house sitter.

However, house sitters are expected to responsibly live in and look after the house of their contractor. It may include house cleaning, house security, taking care of pets, gardening, forwarding mails and phone messages. Sometimes it also involves unconventional jobs or whatever the homeowner and the sitter both agreed upon.
Acquiring a house sitting job depends on many factors. Things like your date of availability, duration flexibility, location of choice, location flexibility, and the house sitters profile. These aspects can affect the decision of the homeowners when choosing the suitable house sitter for their homes.

Do we receive payment for house sitting? Well, that is all up to you and the homeowner. In most cases, both parties just agree to do a straight swap, where the sitter guards the house and pets in exchange of free lodging. Although there are times when a homeowner offers an amount of money for the house sitting job. They do this because of undesirable location, too short period of stay, or there are many obligations for the sitter. You must be reminded that everything is negotiable between yourselves and should be able to work something out for the welfare of both parties.