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Where to Download Movies on the Internet

If a person wants to see a feature film these days there are several choices available besides the familiar ones of watching one on television, rental...


If a person wants to see a feature film these days there are several choices available besides the familiar ones of watching one on television, rental of a DVD at a video store, or going out to  a theater. One can now get DVDs by mail from companies like Netflix, or the newest choice is downloading films from the web that are of reasonably high quality while not as good as films on DVDs.

Most film downloading services operate in comparable ways and have the same basic structure. They all feature a website with a database of movies. You can either browse the database, or do different types of searches, such as for a specific title or for a certain director or actor. To buy or rent movies, you normally have to have an account set up, and you either pay for individual movies, or you may just pay a monthly fee, or both. If you are renting, the site will give you a time limit and later remove the video from your computer or add a code that makes it unplayable, while if you are buying you get to keep it forever, but it has coding that restricts what you can do with it.

When choosing a download service, in addition to checking how good the selection is, the resolution (it should be at least 640 by 480), and price, you need to find out what operating systems, Internet browsers, and players are required. Most of them do not work with an Apple computer, and need the operating system to be Windows XP or a later version, and most can use either the Firefox web browser or Internet Explorer, but some can only use the latter. Some services use their own proprietary media player, but most use the Windows Media Player

Your choice of where to download movies depends on a variety of factors. Downloading services include the iTunes music store, Netflix’s WatchNow service, CinemaNow, MovieFlix, and Vongo. Among these, the one with the most ways of delivering films is CinemaNow, which offers everything from a few free, low quality movies to costly “burn to DVD” films which are almost as good in quality as regular DVD fims. Its selection of films is also one of the biggest. The iTunes store is about your only option if you have an Apple computer, while MovieFlix is the cheapest, and Vongo is inexpensive but only allows you to rent. Netflix is the best choice for where to download movies in my opinion, unless your computer doesn’t use Windows, because you have the addition of DVDs by mail, the selection and quality are among the best, and the downloading is a free addition to your subscription.

Where to Download Free DivX Movies on the Web


Today there are so many more viewing options available for film fans, compared to just a few decades earlier. You can see a movie at a theater as always, for the best quality; rent DVDs, which is becoming ever more popular with the advent of widescreen TVs and Blu-Ray players; get your DVDs in the mail via companies like Netflix; download movies from the web for a fee; or, you can even download DivX movies for free. This last option is what will be discussed in this article.

DivX is the brand name created by the company DivX Inc. and is a video encoding codec that has become very popular because it can compress video files, which are normally quite large, into a much smaller size while retaining reasonably high quality. Because of the small file size, DivX movies are particularly suitable for sharing in peer to peer networks and downloading without waiting hours for the download to complete.  Peer to peer networks have a very negative reputation among people in the movie industry and the music business because of the problem of piracy, and their ability to avoid prosecution because the network only provides the means to share the files, with the sharers themselves, who are anonymous, being the ones who may be involved with pirating. The software known as Limewire, for example, essentially lets anyone get a free copy of a newly released song for free, yet the music industry has been unable to shut it down. The situation is a little different with movies, because even divX videos, despite the hype, are not nearly as good quality as commercial movies released on DVDs, and even if people are willing to wait the very long time it takes to download a completely uncompressed film, anti-copying technology at least so far has ensured that the amount of full-quality pirated movies available for free is relatively small. Consequently, most film fans still prefer to spend some money to ensure that the movie quality is high.

If you still desire the opportunity to download free DivX movies, quality websites for free. Completely legal downloads include AngryAlien, the Internet Archive, AtomFilms, PublicDomainTorrents, and Emol. Websites containing a mixture of illegal and legal downloading choices include 4Shared, MediaFire, Rapidshare, and MegaUpload. You need to first find the movies in order to download them from these latter websites, and the preferred way  is to make use of search engines that specialize in finding this type of file. Quality search engines of this kind include FilesTube.com, Rapidshare-Search-Engine.com, OneClickFiles,com, and Shareminer.com.

The Best Of Movie Download Programs


There are more than enough movie download programs to choose from but you want to take time to compare your options and see that the DivX program comes out on top. Of course you want to pick the best of the best and that would be the DivX movie download program. The best thing about this program is that there are never any compromises for quality of the image of the movies you watch. This is the most popular video compression technology and it was developed to allow computer users like you to play high quality videos faster on the computer.

They have long been the leader in their field and DivX is known for being the most popular MPEG-4 based codec. The quality and speed of it make it an easy winner which is why so many people rely on this movie download program over others. One of the best things about the DivX movie download program is that you are able to see the same image quality with a movie even if the bandwidth is limited. So you can fit a whole movie onto a CD but not have to worry about compromising the quality of the video any which is really great.

Just make sure that you have the proper codec before you try to play any DivX videos otherwise it is not going to work. It only takes a matter of minutes to download the entire program. The installation takes only a few minutes and if you ever have questions there is a full lineup of answers on their site. They talk about one common problem which is no audio available with a movie.

In this case, because video and audio are two separate things you need to figure out if it is the program or the actual movie you are trying to watch. More times than not it is the movie that is missing the audio file and you will have to look for this and download it. Or you may notice that the picture of the movie is distorted when you go to play it. Audio and video are two separate things and when there is a problem you need to figure out which you need first.

Try upgrading and if you still have a problem you will need to figure out another way to deal with it. Of all the movie download programs this is certainly one of the best. It is worth downloading and at least trying out. Once you have you can start watching all the DivX movies you want.

So You Want To Find A Legal Movie Download


It is definitely tempting to download movies illegally online. The way this generation has been raised it is almost like whatever they see online they think they can get it for free. It is much more worth it to take the time and find sites that offer legal movie download selections. For a legal movie download one of your best options is to go through the Movies Capital site for one.

Here you can completely legally download and stream movies to your computer after choosing from millions of different movie titles. There is no third party software needed and you never have to worry about getting in trouble because there is nothing illegal about it. You just need to search through their vast selection of movies and find one you like. Then you can download or stream from their servers 24/7.

There is also the Movie Pro site which is worth checking out. You will be charged for most movies but again it is worth it considering how huge the fine is if you get caught. They have over 10,000 different movie titles to pick from in fact so no matter what type of movie you want to watch you can find one that you will enjoy. This will definitely be one of your favorite places to head to when you want to enjoy a good movie.

They have iPod/PSP ready movies as well as instant download movies and burnable movies. The Vizumi site is also quite popular and is a site that is recognized as offering legal movie downloads. They even offer all the new release movies so you never have to worry about waiting for a new movie to become available. Remember if you are caught downloading a movie illegally you may be charged with a fine up to $100,000.

This way you know that you can always get the entertainment that you want, when you want it. Before downloading movies from anywhere it is important to have antivirus software up and running on your computer. Just make sure before you do any downloading, even if it is legal, that you have your antivirus software up and running properly. You want to make sure that your computer is going to be protected and that you will not get any viruses from your downloads.

How To Download Movies Online: Follow These Steps


Any person who wants to know how to download movies should know this process is quite simple. It only makes sense that you would want to watch movies online in the first place, as it is much more convenient than heading to any movie rental store. Not only are you saving yourself the hassle and inconvenience of going out to a movie rental store but as well you will get to keep the movie forever after you download it. Now you just need to learn how to download movies so you can get started.

To download movies,  the first thing you want to do is not look for a movie downloading site but instead make sure you have your antivirus software up and running. Even if you are going through a legit movie download site, the point is when you are downloading anything from another computer onto your computer there are going to be risks. You can download different movie files but at least take the time to protect your computer. Now it is a matter of finding the right site to go through where you can download movies.

Oh and there is also that little tidbit that you can end up being fined up to $100,000 if you are caught committing piracy. Sure it can be tempting to have access to as many movies as you want completely free to download but there are major risks involved. ZML and Blockbuster are prime examples of movie download sites where everything is legit and where there is less worry. Now you just browse through their selection of movies and find the movie that you want to download, sometimes you can download more than one at a time.

Find one you like and choose to download it. A movie rental store only has so much room to hold movies but online the average site offers over 10,000 movie titles to choose from. If you know you will be downloading quite often it is a good idea to set up a new folder just for downloaded movies. It will ask where you want to download the file to and you should have a new folder set up for this.

The best part is that with most sites you can download more than one movie at once. Just bear in mind that typically the more movies you download at once the longer they will take to finish. It does save you a lot of time and hassle however, not to mention money because you are paying less even with the charges than you would at a regular movie rental store. Now you can start watching all your favorite flicks right at home.