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Dating Tips for Men- Understanding The Basics

Any man who has been out on a date thinks he is an expert on dating and many of them have written books advising others how to be a success in dating....


Any man who has been out on a date thinks he is an expert on dating and many of them have written books advising others how to be a success in dating.  Some of these books may have information of value (many do not) but before trying them out, knowledge of a few basic tips will allow you to know what makes sense and what does not.  The first of the important dating tips for men is that each woman is different and while there may be some common characteristics, generalizing about women is a big mistake.  All the  Women Are From Venus‚Äù theories are fine, but they are only guidelines, not a Bible to be followed blindly.

Equality does not mean that good manners have gone down the drain  women like to be treated with consideration and good manners; treat your date with respect and you will receive the same.  Any date has to be a 50:50 affair if it is to work out  let her talk about herself as much as you talk about yourself.  Show interest in what interests her  while having compatible tastes is great, do not expect everything that interests her to interest you; if that is what you expect, you’ll be better off dating a clone of yourself.  Never pretend to be knowledgeable about her interests in the hope of impressing her  she will spot the fraud soon enough and that will cast a question mark about the kind of man you really are.

Fighting traffic can be difficult but if you are late for a date, she will think that it is because she is not important to you and if that happens, you will stop being important to her.  Take her flowers  that old fashioned gesture still has value and is a way of showing her that you are interested.  Humor is very important to most women so go out of your way to make her smile and laugh but if you don’t know her well, be careful of saying things that may offend her.  Do not bore her with talk about your job  tell her what you do and leave it at that.  If she asks you for details of what you do for a living, reply to what she asks but do not go overboard  she may just be trying to be polite and overdoing the job talk could bore her.

It’s easy to make mistakes on a date but one of the most important dating tips for men that can help you to recover from them is to always treat her like a person and not an object you are lusting after.

Dating Tips: Conversation is Where It All Begins


When you are on a date, you are spending time with another person and, hopefully, taking your relationship with him or her a step ahead in terms of your mental, emotional and physical interaction.  The only way for two people to get started in getting to know each other and taking their relationship to a higher level is through conversation.  A first date can be awkward and getting a conversation started, let alone keeping it going, can be tough so here are some dating tips on conversation.

Humor is the key any dating conversation: no matter how serious the other person may be, making them smile or laugh out loud is the best way to get them to open up to you.  It is also a great foundation for a relationship as being able to later recall funny moments and private jokes builds a bond between the two people.  Although it is nice for couples to have a lot in common, having no differences will make the relationship boring: it will be like talking to yourself.  Take an interest in what interests your date says and ask questions, not just of the sake of keeping a conversation going, bit to learn more about him or her: you will be surprised at how this kind of conversation can add depth and value to a relationship.

It is also important to build up on what the two of you have in common: learn to not just talk about things that interest you but to analyze them for a deeper understanding and appreciation of what these things mean to each of you, both as individuals and as a couple.  Conversation will allow you to grow as a human being and the new perspectives you get from your conversations will only add to your appreciation of each other and increase your desire to spend time together.  Any list of dating tips on conversations will be incomplete if mention is not made of the importance of listening: not just listening with attention to what is being said but asking questions to demonstrate your interest and show that you are interested in your date as a person and not just a one night stand.

Never try and dominate a conversation: your date is an equal partner with an equal right to say what her or she wants to: blocking your date’s opportunities to talk will mean blocking interest in you.  Do not be afraid of having arguments as long as you are both clear that you are expressing your thoughts as equals and that disagreeing with your date does not mean any lack of respect for him or her.

Dating Tips 101: Getting Started The Right Way


Not knowing the basics of dating is a major reason why people who have been dating for years are left frustrated by the experience and their lack of success: advanced dating techniques will never work if the basics are wrong.  Dating tips 101 is meant to be a guide on the first few steps that both newbies and experienced daters need to know to avoid frustration and failure.  Out of the millions of people out there, only 0.2% of them may be the type you are compatible with which means that if you hope to meet the right person, you have to get out there and meet as many people as possible.  The chances of finding the perfect person on your first date are incredibly remote so the more you meet people and date, the greater your chances of meeting that someone special.

Knowing where to find dates is important: obviously your school or workplace is a great place to start, but there are many other options open to you.  You have friends who have friends who have friends: get out there and make an effort to meet now people: one of those whom you are introduced to could the one for you.  There’ s nothing wrong in using online dating sites, chat room and speed dating parties to find someone: everyone is doing it and because there are so many people online and at the parties, your chances of finding someone are high.

If you want to get a date, the first impression you make is very important: and it all begins with your physical appearance.  There is no such thing as physical perfection and while some people may be better looking than others, a good makeover and some tips on how to dress can turn anyone into a dating success.  The impression does not end with how you look; if you carry your self with confidence you make yourself more attractive: but overdoing it to the extent of appearing arrogant can be a huge turn off.  While some people have natural confidence, others have to work at it and if you are lacking in it the best thing to do is go to bars and clubs and watch how people approach strangers: there are hundred of techniques and you are sure to find one that you are comfortable with and which will give you confidence.  After you have approached someone and started talking you must ensure that you keep the conversation going: there are lots of tips on this subject which you can pick up online; once again, be sure to use a style that suits you.

Best Blind Dating Tips For You


Blind dates are fun and mysterious and many people like them.  Many will be gripped by anxiety and this is not uncommon at all because of the mystery.  However, you do not have to contend with this because you can apply essential blind dating tips that will help.  You should keep the following in mind if you want to break ground and find the love of your life through blind dates.  First, like with all dates, you have to look your best.  This is pretty crucial when you are meeting people for the first time and it goes a long way in shaping your image.

It is also good to be safe than sorry and when going out on blind dates, make sure that you are safe.  If a close friend is setting you up, you need to trust them, if this is not the case; it is better to be safe than sorry.   Keep in mind that even your best friend can make a mistake and you should never fully trust anybody.  Before you go, make sure that your family knows where you are and know how to contact you in case of anything.  Know how to cater for your transport needs while going home and this will be a wise step to take.

You must play your part and become part of the life in your blind date.  You might be surprised at the strides you make through the blind meeting with your date.  Be positive so that you can have the results you desire and do not be like many who have no faith at all and go in expecting nothing.  However, there is a danger in pegging your entire hopes on the person you are going to meet on your blind date.  Be reasonable and have an attitude that is commendable and you might not be disappointed.

You must be yourself at all times when it comes to blind dates and all dates for that matter.  Fabricating who you really are can be the cause of your downfall in the relationship if you proceed with it.  You need to show yourself fully to your blind date and not pretend to be something you are not.  Do not hurry things with your blind date because you need to take all the time to know each other.  Time is a necessity for success and maturity if a relationship is to be realized.  Blind dates have connected thousands of people and this shows that it can work when you play your part as you meet someone that might just interest you.

Basic Starting Tips For Online Dating


Everyone seems to be into online dating these days and if you are looking for love, there is no reason why one of them should not be you.  Online dating has some rules and procedures and a few simple tips for online dating can help you to ensure that when you do meet someone, you can take the relationship ahead start by being as polite and considerate as you would be in the real world.  Also keep in mind that if you find someone who is special you will want to move the relationship out of cyber space and into the real world.  Everything you do online must be done with the idea of actually meeting the person as the next stage in the relationship, so don’t do or say anything that can blow up in your face later.

Make looking for love a logical and decision based process it sounds silly to talk about a search for a relationship on these terms but with the huge number of people online, you need to try and find a relationship with a long term potential.  Research all the information about the person and even do a Google search, if you know enough to be sure that the results you get are for the right person the more you know about him or her, the more you will know about your compatibility.  Every list of tips for online dating will tell you to be honest, and that makes sense but do not blindly expect the other person to follow the same policy.  Keep in mind that even when trying to be honest, people can often unintentionally mislead others it’s difficult to be objective about oneself; so be ready to over look small inconsistencies.

Flirting online is easy but watch for your date’s reaction to your efforts if there is no positive reaction, do not get put off and drop him or her.  If your date wants to go slow, that can be a good sign because it could mean that you are interesting enough for them to feel that they want to be sure that this could be something serious.  When you meet someone online and you think that the relationship should grow into the real world, take it slow and offer a few hints and be patient in waiting for a response it’s a good sign that someone is putting a lot of thought into meeting with you.  And if a meting does take place, offer a neutral place where both of you are comfortable and if the offer is made to you, insist on the same.