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Teeth-whitening safety issues

A lot of people want to have white teeth but simply cannot pay for costly cosmetic procedures. Because of this, many people opt to use cheaper product...


A lot of people want to have white teeth but simply cannot pay for costly cosmetic procedures. Because of this, many people opt to use cheaper products like do it yourself teeth whitening kits, zoom, laser teeth whitening , gels and strips . Of course people often do not weigh the repercussions of teeth whitening.Is teeth whitening safe? Yes and No.

Yes, because unlike in the 80’s most current teeth bleaching products contain only ten percent concentrate of the active oxidizing agent carbamide peroxide. Recent studies have shown that the current whitening products may have side effects but it can be rectified. This is indicated by feeling slightly sensitive teeth or mild irritation around the gum are but will soon be gone . Usually. some sensitivity is felt in areas of the teeth since cheap whitening products wear down teeth enamel which must be kept in mind. It is very important then to choose the right bleaching product by knowing if the manufacturer is a reputable company

No – most teeth whitening products are not really safe to use. Most moanufacturers say that their teeth whitening product is safe but wrong use of the product actually is a health risk. Avoid products that contain hydrogen peroxide since side effects are severe such as nausea,vomiting and stomach pain when ingested. Over teeth bleaching can lead to slightly translucent gray discoloration in the corner of the mouth or teeth. Therefore, consumers must altogether stay away from harsh teeth whitening products that can cause irreversible damage Moreover, seek treatment only from your dentist especially when you have sensitive teeth. Gum sensitivity may also happen if you are using bleaching trays and it hurts the gums because it does not fit properly. It is also possible that gums get irritated as soon as bleaching chemicals are applied to sensitive tissues of the mouthNo study has proven yet that strucutural damage of the teeth is caused by teeth whitening products so they’re still safe to use as long as directions are followed. Teeth whitening products produces a healthy white smile as long as the consumer follows the directions and does not abuse the product. Dental experts also pointed out that coffee, tea, soft drinks, and smoking cigarettes can actually cause more damage to tooth enamel than tooth whitening products.

Teeth whitening procedures that can be done at home


Teeth can be easily discolored or damaged by smoking as well as drinking coffee,tea or even different types of wine. However, society demands a great smile from everyone Because of this many people are searching for teeth whitening procedures. However, some methods require people to spend a lot or money but not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars just to get their teeth whitened by a professional. In this case, people resort to home teeth whitening products and remedies. They can be used to whiten teeth without spending extra money to get that beautiful smile. In fact, there are a number of home teeth whitening remedies that can be found in your medicine cabinet or kitchen.

Baking soda. It is the cheapest and most popular remedy for whiter teeth. In fact,baking soda is a common ingredient of toothpaste since it can effectively remove stains Baking soda has been used for a long time since it’s relatively safe and effective but can also make the teeth sensitive when used for a long period

A preferable choice for mouthwash would be the common hydrogen peroxide Stain molecules that have collected on the teeth can be removed Using peroxide is safe and effective but do not swallow it The body is not suited to intake hydrogen peroxide since it is caustic to the internal organs It can also cause gum sensitivity and enamel erosion if used too frequently.

Strawberries are also ideal home teeth whitening remedy that is very popular. Strawberries can naturally whiten teeth because it has acid These fruits are not only delicious and safe , they’re commonly found in the home which makes it an ideal remedyYou can slice open the strawberries and rub it along the teeth or crush the strawberries and use it as you would toothpaste then rinse it.Home teeth whitening remedies are actually no-fuss methods for anyone It’s a great option  for those who don’t have the means for professional teeth whitening. However, the results may take longer to effect it is still a very effective way to whiten your teeth. Just be sure to use these remedies with precaution and moderation, as you do not want to damage your teeth

Teeth whitening business as a good source of cash


Many people want to have their teeth whitened because a pearly white smile creates self-confidence Remarkably, many people are willing to break the bank just to have pearly white teeth Since teeth whitening have grown so widely-accepted these days, it developed into a big business  almost doubling the number of companies that offer whitening products and services And it will be a great idea if you join the bandwagon.

A limited budget is not a problem; you can have your own teeth whitening system as long as you desire to help other people. But before starting a teeth whitening business, you have to consider your business plan, location, advertising, all of these will affect your way of making money out of teeth whitening.

Once you have set out your business plan ad everything initial investment for the business is needed. It means you will need to buy a teeth-whitening system, individual client kit, comfortable sitting, safety glasses and cleaning supplies will also be included in the expenses.

It’s just actually a small business but most people  think that it’s too costly to have their own teeth whitening system. On the contrary, manufacturers offer a start up cost that only needs one to two thousand dollars capital Profitability begins when people understand that your business is more affordable than the rest  Think of this, your clients go out and meet people who exhibit the positive results of your teeth whitening system which makes them lead people to get new clients for you This is waht visual sales is all about When you get a new referral that comes from your clients since other people like what they see When you start profiting from your teeth whitening business, it’s wise to to purchase more products that will help in improving your business.

Regardless of cost,  a lot of people still find it more important to maintain good looks Typically, some of these people have tried almost all  home whitening products that failed to deliver and took a long time take effect Truth is , there are may possible clients in teeth whitening business who wants fast results  All you have to do now is provide excellent service.

Simply baking soda for teeth whitening


Having good oral health care habits is definitely important Pearly white teeth can spells a big difference in a person’s  social life because it creates an impression that one is healthy and younger-looking  Today, more and more new whitening products come up  in the market but they can be very expensive. But for people with limited budget many inexpensive home whitening remedies are available.

One type of home remedy is baking soda teeth whitening. Aside from being a kitchen ingredient, baking sodas are also used as primary ingredient in most toothpaste. A simple combination of baking soda and water can be used as a powerful teeth whitening agent.

A good deal of people claims that it is extremely effective to use baking soda as a teeth whitener. In a way, this is true since baking soda does whiten and clean since  it is a white crystalline powder that contains abrasive which  removes  stains from your teeth. The result can be faster when a small amount of strawberries is aded to the baking soda. It’s easy to make baking soda teeth whitening paste , just put  four to five  sliced strawberries in a half cup of water plus a cup of baking soda in a mixer then blend it. Put the mixture in the refrigerator so it can last for a couple of days.

However, constant use  of baking soda can also lead to deterioration of teeth. Do not excessively use the mixture of baking soda and strawberries toovigorously because the small particles of the strawberry seeds can cause harm to your gum and teeth.Dentists usual advice on this matter is that whitening your teeth with baking soda should not be used more than twice a month. An ideal usage for the mizture would be every two weeks.

Unless you’re teeth is sensitive and cannot tolerate abrasion, there is no reason why the use of baking soda would be discouraged by dentists It may seem like its no big deal but you should use extreme caution when using baking soda teeth whitening products because the health of your teeth is far more important than cosmetic beauty.

Learn more about teeth whitening procedures


There are different types of procedures available to whiten teeth There are some individuals who procure the services of professionals that are costly while others are contented with over the counter products or home remedies that are affordable To help you decide on what teeth whitening procedures suit you, read through this article.

Over-the-Counter Whitening gels and Strips

Very thin and virtually invisible strips that are coated with a peroxide-whitening gel are known as the Whitening strips. While whitening gels are peroxide based, clear gels that are applied directly to the surface of your teeth by a small brush. Both are applied twice daily for 30 minutes. After a few days, initial results become more visible but final results are sustained in about four months.

Tray whiteners that are custom-fittedThis teeth whitening procedure utilizes a custom-made mouth guard-like tray which is prefaerably worn everyday at a certain time It normally  takes 2 to four weeks to complete this procedure. People looking for affordability in a product choose this method  because it is the most effective among other over-the-counter whitening products.

In-Office Whitening

In-office procedures is an immediate solution  to remove teeth stains normally done by a dentist. Laser is the top-ranking teeth whitening procedure. It is a combination of heat, a special light and/or a laser. After 30 to 60 minutes of treatment, the results are very pleasing This type of procedure is very costly for most people.

Whitening rinses and toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes can really eliminate surface stains since it contains several mild abrasives and gentle polishing or chemical agents. It can only remove surface stains therefore it can only whiten your teeth by about one shade.

Whitening rinses are the latest teeth  whitening products widely available today It is similar to a mouthwash that can freshen breath , reduce plaque and gum disease But these products include ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that can whiten teeth. Manufacturers claim that the results will take about 12 weeks to be seen.

It is still appropriate to go to professionals before conducting any teeth whitening procedures. This measure is for preventing damage in  gums, uneven whitening and teeth sensitivity, especially if you would use teeth whitening for the first time