Why do we need to go through Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Today, Large companies and major establishments normally implement Pre employment drug testing. This is a precaution to keep the work place and enviro...


Today, Large companies and major establishments normally implement Pre employment drug testing. This is a precaution to keep the work place and environment secure and drug-free.

Preventing someone who regularly use illegal substances to join the company will save a lot of money and time because issues relating to undesirable events that occur when an employee is under the influence of prohibited drugs will be avoided. Aside from that, its reputation and company image is at stake if they hire people who are constant users of such illegal substances.

For these reasons, pre employment drug testing is imperative nowadays among most job applicants in order to prevent unwanted events and problems; and to avoid possible injuries and damages. This involves retrieval of specimens or samples like blood or urine; hence, subjects are generally required to visit specific clinics that cater to drug testing where laboratory tests on samples are performed.

In most cases, pre employment drug testing usually consists of the standard 5-panel test that determines the presence of cocaine, PCP, marijuana, amphetamines like methamphetamine, and opiates like morphine and codeine. In other cases, several companies prefer to have more comprehensive drug tests that include several physician-prescribed drugs to determine and verify present medications. But most of the time, companies only require the standard test procedures because the comprehensive drug testing is very expensive.

Applicants are automatically rejected if the pre employment drug testing results come out positive. This results should be done prior to giving a job offer, so that it can easily be verified if the test results are 100% positive because there are factors that can cause false positive results. Recent food intake must be taken into consideration by the medical officer, and do not forget to consult the concerned person about the results. To confirm the initial positive result, another thorough test may be necessary.

Nonetheless, pre employment drug testing has become very beneficial in terms of security and health safety in the work place, it can also maintain a company’s reputation and good image to its clients and business partners.

What to do to Pass a Hair Drug Test


Taking illegal drugs that are typically against company policies, this is why employers require their applicants or employees to undergo testing if they are positive of consuming illegal substances. A hair drug test is also administered among the different types of tests like blood test and urine test. According to laboratory testing sites, hair drug test is the most accurate and less invasive form of test.

They claim that there is no way a person can tamper or cheat the test. While hair drug testing is very difficult to pass if one used or is currently using drugs, it’s still possible. This article will try to help you pass a hair drug test.

To answer the question how to pass a hair drug test, one must first have a knowledge how labs detect drugs in hair. Any toxin grows into the hair shaft. Cortex is what the inner shaft of the hair is called. It is deposited into newly grown hair strands because drug metabolites are deposited in the hair shaft. The metabolites are pushed towards the outer edge of the cortex as the hair grows. Metabolites are not the only thing that can be detected by analysis, with the help of technology it can also provide information like the quantity consumed and the history of use.

To get the most accurate reading labs only look back 90 days from the date of the sample was taken, because drug metabolites tend to wash out after 90 days of growth, which is approximately 1 ½ inches of hair.

On how to pass a hair drug test, there has been a lot of suggestions and advice, most of them are home remedies like lemon juice method and Macogo method. There are also products that are being sold that guarantee success like masking shampoos and other detoxifying products; unfortunately, tests have shown that they only achieved minimal success.

According to some people who went out of their way just to pass a hair drug test is to apply a coal tar shampoo, then rinse at least 6 times and lastly make use of a strong acid to penetrate the cuticle and purify the outer cortex. To really penetrate the cuticles one must need a strong industrial prepared acid. Toxin Wash is the most recommended detoxifying shampoo by the experts.

The next best thing after passing a hair drug test is to stay away from drugs and refrain from using them because you may get away once with this technique but like what the disclaimer of the shampoo says, it is not 100% full proof.

What is an Over the Counter Drug Test


Different people use over the counter drug test for different purposes, it can be used to check if your teenage daughter or son is being influenced by prohibited drugs or it can be as useful to companies who want to make sure their employees and applicants are not consuming illegal substances. To determine whether a person is using prohibited drugs, most people and companies resort to over the counter drug testing kits.

Drug testing can be a very sensitive issue, this is why it is very difficult to choose the right test especially is we are unfamiliar with the methods of detecting drug abuse. One has to learn and be knowledgeable about the capabilities of the over-the-counter drug test and the specific drugs that one wants to identify. Over-the-counter drug tests can be classified into three types. They are the urine test, the saliva swab test and lastly the hair test.

The urine test is a common type of over-the-counter drug test; it relies on trace amount of drugs that the body has failed to process completely and therefore exits through the excretory system. They provide instant results without the need of going to a lab to have the urine analyzed. The disadvantages of this test are, one, it requires a witness to make sure the urine sample is truly yours and it can be very uncomfortable to be in that situation.

Since a saliva swab test is a less invasive method, most people prefer this drug testing kit even though it’s new in the market. This over the counter drug test may immediately determine the drug that has been taken, its better to utilize this method especially if you are suspecting someone of drug use. However, it can be difficult to control because it has limitations in finding out the quantity, and the time and type of drug is being tested for. Over the counter drug test also include the hair test. A hair test is the most accurate test but it will also take a lot of time because the samples have to be analyzed for at least 30 days. A hair test however can detect wide range of illegal substances and how long is the subject been addicted to illegal substances.

Different methods to detect if you are using prohibited drugs and a person who uses them must be capable of confronting the consequences of the results. You can breathe a sigh of relief if the tests are negative, but if it turns out positive prepare for the next steps on facing drug problems.

Various Drug Testing Laws


All countries have drug testing laws, some prohibit it some allow it to be used on a professional manner. That’s why it is very important to examine laws in your locality so that conducting drug tests will be easy and without any malicious intent in violating any rights of an individual.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of drug test methods, and it is very important to take note of any accessible drug testing laws so that you won’t have to violate any of it.

Drug tests are usually required by many companies and employers among its workers and applicants. This is done to protect the company’s image and reputation; and at the same time protect its employees from any untoward events that might occur as a result of having a team member influenced by illegal drugs.

There are several countries that mandate companies to perform drug tests among its applicants as part of their drug testing laws.

On some places, random drug tests may be required among its employees to ensure that all workers are clean from illegal substance abuse. This is especially done on organizations and companies where its employees are performing crucial tasks that involve safety of other people; such as bus and taxi drivers, pilots, and ship captains.

There are drug testing laws that mandates every person who was involved in a car accident should undergo post accident drug tests as a part of the vehicular accident investigation. Also, insurance companies needs the results of such tests for matters involving claims to the damages. If they found out that you are under the influence of illegal drugs when the accident happened, they will forfeit any payment to damage claims.

Bear in mind that before doing any drug tests, one must be careful and considerate of the local drug testing laws because some individuals are not comfortable to undergo that process.

Things you need to know about swab drug test


It is more common and popular these days to use saliva swab drug test as a method to check drug use. In most cases it can more or less replace urine and blood tests. Swab drug test is a test that collects saliva as the sample. A swab is utilized for collection of samples in this kind of test. Administration of a swab drug test is easy, and this is used to check immediately if the person is under the influence of drugs.

Swab drug test is being utilized more because they think this is less invasive for it does not require needles to be injected in the body. The risk of infection is close to a minimum. They also don’t have to urinate on a cup with a witness checking whether the urine sample is not being tampered with. Being in this situation is very awkward for everybody.

The first saliva drug testing kit was approved last November 2002 by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. The kit has helped most employers, police officers and some law enforcement agents to detect if the subject is under the influence of prohibited drugs.

The concentration of the blood drug can be indicated or analyzed through the saliva sample, research and clinical tests have proven this theory.

At any given time or place, a swab drug test can be administered immediately. This is a very easy procedure, all you need is a swab provided in the kit. The swab should be placed in between your gums and your lower cheeks for a couple of minutes. As soon as the pad absorbs enough saliva and it becomes wet, be sure to place it on a vial to avoid contamination. For drug test, you can finally present the vial to the laboratory. The test results will be ready after 24 hours.

There are a number of swab drug testing kits available. There are home kits and professional kits, home kits are used mostly by parents who intends to check if their children if doing drugs while professional kits are used by law enforcement. These kits are very efficient in 24-hour diagnosis for drug abuse.

Swab drug tests eliminate discomfort on both the one giving the sample and the one administering the test. It has no infection risks, and both genders can be tested with fast and accurate results, hence the popularity of swab drug test is on the rise.

Health: Cocaine Drug Test


Most people are addicted to cocaine, it is one of the most popular prohibited drugs and they abuse it for recreation. This is why it became a part of most companies’ pre-employment requirements include employers to undergo a cocaine drug test. Employers prefer to keep drugs away from their workplace by performing cocaine drug test. The test may be ordered once a job offer has been made and before the employee begins working for the company. Failure to pass the test means the offer of employment has been terminated.

There are different types of cocaine drug tests. There is the blood test, which is very expensive yet the most accurate. Blood sample is used to detect the presence of cocaine. It must be conducted inside a laboratory because it is the most invasive form of testing. A hair sample is another method involving taking of a hair sample from the person tested, it can reveal cocaine use up to 90 days after use. On the other hand, a saliva swab test is different from blood test as it is a non-invasive cocaine drug test. Aside from being a simple method, it can also immediately detect cocaine in the saliva after 24 hours. Some drug tests like the urine test can be very uncomfortable and intrusive but at least it can be done in the comforts of your home. A substance like cocaine can be retained in the urine up to 3 days.

There are several factors that allow examiners to detect the presence of cocaine in these cocaine drug tests. The quantity of the cocaine consumed primarily help in detecting it. Two other factors are the age and the frequency of the cocaine consumed by a person. Body mass and the tolerance level on the drug is dependent on the examinee, the rate of metabolism is also contained.

If addiction to cocaine is responsible for the negative consequences in someone’s life, then it is time to consider if snorting this powder is truly worth it. Compulsive abusers of coke are prone to addiction to this substance. A rehab facility will help a lot if you know someone battling cocaine addiction.

Drug Testing Policy Implementation


Any company should review all the factors that must be considered before implementing a drug testing policy. Drug and alcohol policies differ extensively. Employee manuals provided by the company contain simple or complicated provisions relating to drug testing during pre-employment and post-employment stages.

Most employers enforce a drug testing policy in an effort to maintain a workplace free of drugs and alcohol. There may be no legal obligation to require employers to put their employees under drug testing but some still feel the need to enforce this kind of policy so that they can report who are the employees are considered under the influence of drugs or alcohol thus rendering them unsafe to work with. It is important for a company to draft a drug testing policy while considering various legal issues.

A simple drug testing policy can be stated as such. It is the Company’s policy not to hire or employ people who take illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. The Company reserves the right to require every employee to submit to mandatory or random drug testing as a continuing condition of their employment as the Company deems this as necessary for a safe and efficient operations of its goals. Any person who refuses to undergo such procedure or has been tested positive for illegal drugs are suspended until further investigation and is subject to discipline including termination.

In writing a drug testing policy, employers must deem the policy fit for the employee’s line of work. Employers should make sure their policies address the issue of the perils that drug and alcohol present. Employers should state in their policy the detailed descriptions and enumerations of what is prohibited. It must state what are the types of situation is prohibited, the types of drugs that are not allowed and the appropriate grade of alcohol consumption when coming to work.

It is important that when you have a drug testing policy, there should be a credible and reputable testing facility that would conduct the tests. This would make sure that the results wouldn’t be challenged.

This would make sure that the identities of the people being tested are secured and there is no breach in confidentiality.

On a final note, make sure that everyone should sign the policy stating they understand what it is and the repercussions if they violate the provisions of the policy. This would help the company against frivolous suits arising from the tests.

Drug Testing Athletes—Is it Necessary?


Athletes are always put on a pedestal especially in today’s society. Those who excel in their respective field not only have sky-high salaries by they also bag millions of dollars from product endorsements because they often get a lot of publicity. However, some athletes choose to take short cuts and exploit drugs to enhance their athletic abilities, they would think “why not?” as long as they’re getting significant incentives for it. This is why a lot of international sports federation requires drug-testing athletes.

Drug testing athletes is performed at various levels from collegiate athletes to Olympic games participants. Drug tests are conducted to identify if the athletes are taking performance-enhancing drugs and how far have they abused their body by taking these drugs. Drug testing results are so rigid and strict that anyone found violating the policy is not allowed joining the competition.

Drug testing athletes always submit urine specimen before and after competition. Sometimes a urine sample is not enough to detect other substance abuse, others are required to surrender a blood specimen. Though it seems like a very simple procedure, this process must be highly regulated and formally executed because if it results to a false positive an not only the athlete will suffer from its repercussions but also the sports federation.

In any case that the specimen is proven tampered, an athlete who lost his place, medal or accolade or endorsements may file a lawsuit against the federation. It’s why there are firm protocols in terms of handling and delivering the specimen to avoid any tamper of the proof.

Unluckily, there are still some athletes in all levels of sports competition who continues to use performance-enhancing drugs even if they are aware that it will jeopardize their careers and health. For example, Ben Johnson, the athlete who broke the 100 meter record in the 1988 Olympics with his bulging muscles got disqualified and never to be heard off again.

Drug testing athletes is important because it can restrict and prohibit drug use.

If athletes are constantly and randomly tested, they are prevented from using drugs. Drug testing athletes should be implemented always to avoid unfair competition.

Most significantly, these athletes health may be saved, by giving them a better life even after their competitive days.

Do you Agree that Major Companies Use Marijuana Drug Testing?


Employers became suspicious and cautious about their employees using illegal drugs, this is why job applicants and current employees are required to undergo marijuana drug testing procedure. Serving a client with good quality products and performance will maintain a firm credibility and great image for the company but it will help if the company upholds a drug-free work-environment.

Marijuana drug testing is also crucial in guaranteeing that all employees are capable of doing their responsibilities. In fact, most companies nowadays conduct the drug test not only to determine the presence of marijuana in the blood or in the urine but also for other illegal substances as well; such as opiates, morphine, methamphetamine, and cocaine among many others.

The results of the drug test can significantly influence the decision of the management regarding the application status of job applicants. For regular employees with positive results of their marijuana drug testing, consultations with the human resource management may be required in order to resolve the issues. In such cases, rehabilitation may be required and other therapies imposed to help overcome the problem.

Drug test is an important procedure that must be imposed among workers handling crucial tasks like driving public vehicles and other transportation utilities.

For instance, if a bus driver is under the influence of illegal drugs, he or she might put many lives in danger. The government mandated the people who have crucial responsibilities in the safety of the citizens and community to undergo a marijuana drug testing procedure.

Major companies and establishments will benefit from this because it will protect their own interests as well as the interests and welfare of their employees. Your workers will maintain their trust to your company and will definitely improve the company’s image to others. Marijuana drug testing will not only preserve the company’s reputation but it will also uplift the morale of the employees because it can definitely make a lot of difference to a person’s life.