Electric folding bikes: bike for all season

Nowadays, going to work or school using a bike is the best measure to counter rising transport costs. It has been a consistent problem for those with ...


Nowadays, going to work or school using a bike is the best measure to counter rising transport costs. It has been a consistent problem for those with a small budget since gasoline prices are rising. However, it may seem improbable at some circumstances especially if your workplace is too far and it requires you to take the train or a bus, you cannot just bring a conventional bike on the bus or train because it’s space consuming. This way the best innovation in bikes is the electric folding bikes.

One of the biggest advantages of electric folding bikes is that you can bring it easily anywhere; you do not have to worry about it being stolen from a public domain. Although, electric folding bikes have been established in the market, the uses of it are still yet to be discovered by many. Electric folding bikes are electric powered bike but at the same time it can be folded for accessibility, whenever you want to use it.

An electric folding bike can be very useful if you live in a place where flood incidents are common. Since electric bikes won’t be a good idea with high levels of flood and bikes are difficult to transport from one place to another, the best way is to fold it and carry it. When this happens, owning an electric folding bike might come handy and seems a very good idea. Another situation where you can maximize the usability of an electric folding bike is when you’re stuck heavy traffic, you can easily get off the bus and go on your way and avoid being late. When you get home, just simply fold it and store it in a small place like a closet, rest assured you will never have to worry about natural elements or thieves.

Electric folding bikes makes commuting very ineteresting. Because it is creatively designed for portability, chances of a bike collapsing while in use is very rare. Electric Folding bikes come in different sizes and a wide range of features. It definitely works better in comparison with ordinary electric bikes in the market. In short, an electronic folding bike provides the best features where typical bikes simply fail.

More updates on fast electric bikes


Electric Bikes are known as cost efficient and interesting rides,what more if one can go as fast as 30 mph to 60 mph. Excitement, along with fast speed connotes excitement and this is the main reason why manufacturers are building fast electric bikes.

Before considering fast electric bikes, it is important to remember that the fast electric bikes have the same effect on spending. They make your money disappear from your wallet as quick as they catch your fancy. As technology keeps on developing fast electric bikes, the more they expensive they become. Another downside besides it, being expensive, is the faster the bike the more it is not suited for long commutes. An example of this kind of fast electric bike is the A2B Metro and the A2B Hybrid.

The manufacturers of the OB1 claim that they have the fastest electric bike on the market today. Its motor can produce an output of 850 watts unlike other competitor brands whose output is only a mere 350 watts. The maximum speed of this fast electric bike can only be up to 20mph. This is in compliance with traffic laws that they should not exceed such speed for it to be considered a bicycle but some claims show that it can reach speeds of over 30 mph in private roads. The disadvantage of this fast electric bicycle is its costly price tag. It costs around $14,000, it seems costly for new riders but riding experts believe that its price is just right. The bike is cutting edge in technology, and it is the ultimate when it comes to electric bike improvements.

Others on the other hand try a different tack when it comes to fast electric bikes. They gather a solid frame, two carbon fiber wheels, a steering wheel, an electric motors, a set of pedals and time and create their own electric bikes. PG Bikes believe that the lightweight materials and their latest technology, which transforms the kinetic energy into electricity and stores them for later use, is the fastest electric bike ever. They branded this bike the Black Trail and asserts that it can go as fast as the OB1. What’s the going price for the Black Trail due to its limited supply? Whopping 60,000 Euros.

Fast electric bikes attract attention of people whose into fast vehicles.

The importance of electric bike review


Choosing the right electric bicycle is a crucial decision for most bicycle enthusiasts. They are always caught between the decision of purchasing a conversion kit for their existing bicycles or purchase an outright electric bicycle. Come the yuletide season, parents should avoid getting any run-of-the mill electric bicycle. Friends who are dead serious in biking through steep hills and long distances should also take time and consider what brand of electric bicycle would suit the terrain and track they would use. There are also a lot of factors why they should opt for electric bikes, like the environmental concerns, legislation as to where their bicycles are allowed to traverse. All of these factors come into play when one plans to purchase, or already owns an electric bicycle. To answer all of these inquiries that flood the mind, it is always better to consult an electric bike review.

Electric bike reviews have a lot of benefits to the current or future bicycle owner. Reviews usually provide a wealth of information to the rider about the latest technology. They post comments that note the pros and cons of the latest brand. They would give positive reviews on the latest models and badly comment on what they consider lemons.

Electric bike reviews also include the accessories that are attached to the bicycles. They would say practical advice about the latest technology on wheels, tail lights, and even handle bars. One could just read the reviews and testimonials about the latest trends and think what enhancements that can still be added to make the bicycle perform excellently.

Electric bike reviews also have a special section on the current and latest legislation on electric bikes. What are the locations that are limited by sound abatement ordinances? What are the penalties and sanctions for not using a helmet?

There is also a forum in most electric bike reviews where one can comment or ask about electric bikes. This forum has a lot of benefits, as one can make friends there, or form bicycle associations or riding groups. One not only gets information but also establishes a network of relationships.

These are just some of the reasons why bikers should browse electric bike reviews, remember, knowledge and information benefits people.

The need for Electric Bike Parts


Electric bicycles utilize parts that are no different to standard bicycles with a few enhancements. Electric bike parts consist of the electric motors, electric batteries, and a handlebar mounted speed controller. There are several designs of an electric bike that is comparable to the standard bicycle; however, every two-wheeled vehicle with pedals and an electric motor is not really a bicycle. Electric bicycles are vehicles that have electric assist motors, or assist in pedaling, if it has non-assist motors, then it is considered to be a scooter, moped or motorcycle.

The first electric bike part to know is the electrical assist bike motor. There are different kinds of electrical motors. The electrical assist bike motors increases the power of a rider’s pedal stroke. It receives input of the power from the pedal stroke. If a rider pedals, the motor would detect it and then assist by putting more power. It causes a faster rotation in the wheel. Normally, two designs of electric assist motor are available such as hub motors located within the bicycle and motors mounted on bike frames with roller-drivers in contact with the bicycle tires. Keep in mind that assist motors only deliver power when a rider pedals on a low speed. Online electric bicycle resources suppose that 400-watt motors meet the requirements of most riders.

The electric battery is the electric bike part that makes the electric motors of electrical bicycles run. Companies usually produce lightweight rechargeable batteries that are very compatible with the electrical assist motors, such as lithium ion batteries. Many electric motor systems can work on batteries of different sizes generating different power levels, especially for drivers that cover long trips or used to climbing steep hills. The drained batteries can be recharged through wall plugs or on-bike power generators that are placed in specially designated areas. The batteries can be fully recharged in a span of three hours.

The last electric bike part is the electric bicycle speed controllers. They are normally mounted on the handlebar, and commonly operate on levels of power for electric bicycles. Typical power level speed controls have two to five level speeds.

It is important to know the electric bike parts so one can always maintain and revise it to suit the riding conditions that one would undertake.

The versatility of electric scooter bikes


One of the things that an urban dweller often encounter are the traffic jams that one experience when going to and from one’s place of work. Having a car is no longer a luxury anymore since it’s almost useless in a traffic. Some people fix their schedules that suits the public commute’s departure and arrival. Some on the other hand elect to use electric scooter bikes as a solution to this problem.

Electric scooter bikes are two-wheeled vehicles that employ electric motors to attain locomotion. Rechargeable batteries power most electric scooter bikes but recent developments in technology sprung a lot of fuel cell prototypes and even a hybrid of petroleum and electric motorcycles.

Those who are interested to purchase electric scooter bikes must know what kind of light electric vehicles they should buy. There are different kinds of electric scooters, a small stand-up-and-push type is for short trips and can be carried in a car. A standard pedal bike can be converted into a scooter by a conversion kit, including lightweight batteries and motor that can be fitted in the rear or front wheel.

Electric scooter bikes have numerous advantages and provide benefits. They are great fuel savers as they only cost about 25% of the total fuel consumption of a combustible-fueled vehicle. They are helpful to the environment, not only they are silent but they don’t emit any toxic fumes that adds to the carbon footprint of humans. They can be conveniently carried because they won’t get into to traffic jams and parking them is effortless.

They also require less maintenance, they don’t need tune-ups and rarely require replacement of parts. One only needs to make sure that the batteries are always recharged.

Using this scooter pose only few disadvantages for the user ; for example, they are more expensive than gasoline powered motorcycles, but in the long haul one can actually save a lot of fuel. One of that is the silent features, they are accident prone since other motorists rarely hear them running on the road.

Electric scooter bikes make life easy and practical, it also contributes to a cleaner environment which makes it suitable either for family or personal use anytime..

Why one must use the right electric bike chargers


Usually, electric bike chargers are often used for recharging batteries. It is very necessary for electric bicycle riders to get to know and maintain their batteries through the use of the right electric bike chargers.

First and foremost when it comes to maintaining the battery for an electric bike charger is use the supplied charger for the applicable battery. Do not use a cheap substitute, chances are it may damage the battery and limit its longevity. If one lost the charger or damages it, it is better to call the dealer for a replacement. Battery chargers are designed for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. Any brand of SLA electric bike chargers may be employed on electric bikes that uses SLA batteries provided the voltage, amperage, connector, pin polarities are the same as the bikes original battery charger.

Always remember to plug the electric bike charger into the bike before plugging into the wall outlet. When charging is finished, then unplug the charger first from the wall before removing it from the bike.

It is essential to recharge the electric bike chargers immediately after every ride, although it maybe a short ride. Leaving an electric bike battery in a partially discharged state for certain periods of time shortens the battery life.

When the electric bike would not be used for sometime or when it is in storage, it is necessary to recharge the batteries of electric bike chargers at least every three months.

To keep the quality and preserve the life of batteries, it is required that one must use a slow rate electric bike charger. If the bike is being driven for more than one battery cycle per day, then it is recommended that one should use smaller electric bike charger overnight and a larger battery charger on daytime.
The following “do not’s” is very important to prevent damage to the battery and the bicycle. Avoid using electric bike charger to power other electrical devices since this would result to damaged batteries and may even cause fires. Avoid using any type of automotive or motorcycle chargers to recharge electric bike batteries. It will permanently damage the battery of the bicycle as caused by overcharging and overheating.

Always remember that the electric bicycle is designed and created for precision and a long useful life, as long as you maintain it properly with the precise electric bike charger.

Why three wheel electric bikes are good to use


Three wheel electric bikes owe its being well-known to senior citizens who use it. They are often the preferred choice because they give senior citizens a good chance to safely go around and do their tasks. Three wheel electric bicycles can ably assist physical impairments, and normally come in different shapes and sizes; thus, it can be modified to suit your weight, your size, your physical complaints like weak grip, bad back, bad balance, etc.

Three wheel electric bikes have a lot of benefits compared to that of a two-wheeler. It is safer because it provides stability and balance to the rider. With its two huge hind wheels, it allows the rider to compensate for a weak grip without toppling over. An additional benefit is when getting off the bicycle, it does not need to hop similar to that of a regular bicycle. The adult tricycle gives you ample time and balance if you wish to get off the bicycle.

Three wheel electric bikes are good for the environment. Since it is electric, it does create pollution and with the correct use of pedal, the rider can also get a right amount of exercise that’s very comfortable.

There are many individuals who can take advantage of the three wheel electric bikes. They are some people that need transportation but they dont’ have driving skills. They are better modes of transport for people who want to go out or just go outdoors with family for a walk so to speak.

Three wheel electric bicycles have same benefits of a regular bicycle but with less problems. It’s rider is not required to have a driver’s license or registration when one is on the road. It’s not as complicated when it comes to maneuverability and balancing problems of a normal cycle, yet riding on it promotes fitness and health.

Three wheel electric bikes is not simply a bicycle but a transport that can make one healthy and fit. It can provide the elderly rider more excitement and a sense of fulfillment.