A very versatile bag: backpack handbag

Presently, women are always on the move considering their busy careers and fast-paced lifestyle. If women are making waves in the board room, they’r...


Presently, women are always on the move considering their busy careers and fast-paced lifestyle. If women are making waves in the board room, they’re usually riding out in the great outdoors. Because of this, the backpack handbags made a comeback as women need bags that don’t only look fashionable but can be versatile too. In addition to this, women carry more stuff as compared to yesteryears. A notebook, car keys, some make-up ,cash , camera, Ipod player, hairbrush and even medicines need to be inside one’s bag nowadays. A typical clutch handbag won’t be able to contain such so a backpack handbag would be the perfect accessory.

Typically,a backpack handbag has a narrow top and widens to a narrow base. The narrow base is an advantage since it gives more space for containing many items which women find necessary to carry every day. The straps as well as the size and shape of the bag is determined by the designer and manufacturer of backpack handbag. Primarily, the most important feature of a backpack handbag is its functionality since it was designed to contain more stuff than traditional ladies bags. A backpack is more suited for an active lifestyle since it’s mainly designed to be carried at the back while one can be hiking, walking or riding a bike. Yet, it is not as large as a real backpack nor as exagerrated as a camping bag. It’s technically a redesigned bag that contains more things and more convenient to use as well. Usually, you just wear a backpack handbag over the shoulder and carry coffee or beverage on the other free hand. For this reason, backpack handbag is also commonly used by college students too.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that backpack handbags are boring, in fact, most designs that come out nowadays are very creative. They can be made from different materials like satin, leather, nylon, suede and fabric materials too like canvas and denim. When choosing a backpack handbag, take a close look at the strap which must snuggly fit into your shoulders since the bag would definitely carry weight. On top of this, locate pockets where you can place or put small things inside and outside the bag. Lastly, choose a backpack handbag that’s sturdy enough yet easy to maintain. Remember, delicate fabrics or materials are not ideal for everyday use. Choosing the right backpack handbag is always worth its price.

How about a Hobo handbag for all your needs?


A great deal of women all over the world love to buy different types of handbags especially the ones popularized by Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton and Sienna Miller. A well-known bag available in the market today is the Hobo handbag. Apparently, these bags can be seen everywhere –from online stores to fashion boutiques. From ordinary women to Hollywood celebrities, Hobo handbags are considered a craze. In fact, hobo handbag is one of the fastest selling item in this decade at par with eye candy designer handbags. Remarkably, these bags have been around since the 1930s but have only gained attention in this decade as women reached back to yesteryears for a fashion statement.

Hobo handbag is technically a type of bag that is slouchy, soft and roomy. The bag is called hobo since it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos carried on their shoulder as seen in cartoons. Hobos are migrants and penniless workers that carried their bag on a stick that comprised the american population the 19th century. Although the Hobo handbag is considered by some designers as a tramp design. Nevertheless, there are artistic bag designers who added oomph to the plain and slouchy crescent-shaped Hobo handbag. Mainly for this reason, the hobo handbag became a fashion statement as its design incoprporated different colors, patterns and fabrics. Suddenly, the Hobo handbag was everyone’s choice as it was made available from all stores. Hobo handbag isn’t a thing of the past anymore , it was the “in “thing carried around by superstar celebrities.

Hobo handbags are primarily versatile and functional. Its soft fabric as well as slouchy shape makes it ideal to hold many essential items that women bring along like toiletries, cosmetic, keys, wallet and mobile phones. These bags also have good houlder straps for extra ease and frees the hands for holding beverages or a mobile phone. Commonly, these bags are made from leather materials and have zipper or snap enclosures. There are also numerous pockets inside which can be very helpful to women who needs to organize their stuff. Leather hobo bags are usually designed by well-known designers. Since designer brands have made a complete remake of this tramp bag, latest styles have become popular making women acquire more than one hobo bag to suit different occasions.

How to choose the right evening handbag


Evening handbags are vital accessories that every fashionable woman on this planet must have.. Normally,a woman attends of cocktail parties, night out with girlfriends and of course formal dinners. Working women often find themselves attending social functions after office hours so it’s really necessary to buy evening handbags in case an occasion comes up. Choosing the right evening handbag is important since a sophisticated attire with matching stilettos can be ruined by the wrong choice of evening handbags.

Evening handbags are considered important accessories when dressing up in evening. Aside from complementing your outfit, evening handbags should keep important items like lipstick, compact make up, some cash and car keys. Evening handbags are stylish yet elegant or they can be a centerpiece by itself. The price of evening handbags usually range between $50 to a hundred dollars especially when buying designer brands. Nevertheless, there are many kinds of evening handbags available out there but there are certain things you have to keep in mind when buying. The following guidelines can be considered in choosing evening handbags that would surely add flair to your evening outfit:

1. First of all , when buying evening handbags consider the outfit you are going to use. Dress up a plain or simple evening dress with bright colors. A good suggestion would be carrying a red satin evening bag along with classic cut black dress. Silver , gold or red always stand out in a crowd and reflect high spirits of the owner.

2. The fabric of the evening handbags must not be similar with the outfit. Leather skirts and shoes is a bad combination when coupled with leather evening handbag.

3. Beaded evening handbags are perfect for metallic outfits. The total look is fashonable and glamorous. Normally, people wear black on dinners and cocktails make a contrast to the dark colors by carrying beaded evening handbags.

4.Consider your height and body frame when choosing evening handbags. If you are quite short, refrain from buying clunky and bulky types of evening handbags. Stick with satin or metallic handbags that are elegant. Tall women must not buy very small bags that seem inappropriate to carry around.

5. Buy the right bag size that can contain all the stuff you need to bring. Never underestimate the importance of functionality..

Every season, fashion trends change but buying an evening handbag that’s made of satin or silk can never go wrong.

Nothing as versatile as the wallet handbag


Million od women worldwide consider shopping as an activity that reduce stress from a bad hair day, a break-up or bad day at the office. Because of this, the wallet handbag becomes the perfect companion for such women. Usually,you need both hands free when shopping to be able to carry the boxes and bags you bought. Maybe, you need to free a hand for calling up someone or drinking coffee so a wallet handbag is just perfect for that situation.

Wallet handbag have become popular these days since they prove to be very practical to use especially when a person carries minimal stuff like cash, cards and keys. A wallet handbag is great when making short trips to the grocery or convenience store. It is also practical to carry when you want to take a walk or drive around without the burden of carrying too many items. In fact, most of the time tourists carry wallet handbags so they can have more mobility in going around and rummaging through sale items in a shop.

Ordinarily,a wallet handbag is made out from leather materials so it is sturdy and elegant. A lot of designer wallet handbags feature zippers outside where you can put loose change or a calling card. The wallet handbag is classically designed to be rectangular in shape and comes with leather straps at times so it be can be held in the wrist. For the past few years, wallet handbag was primarily used since they are practical to bring along when doing tasks but today they have become stylish too. Designer brands such as Louis Vuitton , Balenciaga, Coach , Gucci and Chanel have joined the fray in producing quality stylish wallet handbags that create a statement for the owner. Simple and plain designs of wallet handbag have become a thing of the past as these wallets now come in different colors such as bright red, glossy black, blue , green and orange which brightens up the look. Superior tanning of leather produced colors that made the wallet handbag fashionable. No matter what brand you choose to buy, closely inspect important features such as good enclosures like zippers, clasps or snaps. After all, the money and cards stored inside the wallet handbag are more important than the bag itself.

Satchel handbag is the ideal bag that’s versatile and stylish


In the latest comedy “The Hangover” , one of the character said “it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel” when someone noticed the bag he was carrying . Historically, satchel bags were traditionally used by English schoolboys since these bags hold books, paper and pens. Usually, satchels are made of quality leather or fabric in some instances. Usually, people from Indian countries also carry satchel bags made that have colorful fabric designs. The satchel gained wide recognition during the 17th century but later on the backpack became more popular especially in the early 80s. Nowadays, designers have reached back into the past by redesigning the satchel and making it a satchel handbag.

The satchel handbag has become popular nowadays as different styles, designs and colors are available in discount stores as well as high-end fashion boutiques. Even Hollywood starts like Hillary Duff, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba can be spotted carrying a satchel handbag. Usually, satchel handbag has a triangular gusset, top closure and double-handles. An important feature of a satchel handbag is that is convenient to carry and look good as well. There is also some space in the bag that can store important items for a woman such as cosmetic, toiletries, mobile phone, Ipod player and keys. It looks small but very versatile as some designs have pockets inside that can be fitted with cards.

Currently, it is common to see satchel handbags with great designs. Originally, it closely looked like a doctor’s bag and appear traditional due to its tailored style that goes well with pants and jackets. However, the modern remake of the satchel handbag makes it perfect for casual occassions.Some designs of satchel handbags are oversized which is suited for working out on the gym. A water bottle, towel and extra clothes can also fit in a larger satchel handbag. Some satchel handbag can be made of sporty canvas that can be easily cleaned. On the other hand, more formal satchels have leather materials which is appropriate for a night out with friends.

Satchel handbags have come a long way from the past as a schoolboy’s bag, it is now a very hot fashion item that every woman must buy.

Shopper Handbags for Everyday Use


Shopping is an activity that women all over the world enjoy so much since it brings them pleasure. For a lot of women, shopping seems therapeutic for daily stress of life. For this reason, shopper handbags have been a preference for many women that’s why it became popular. A definite characteristic of this bag is that it is oversized which makes it roomy to accommodate all of the stuff that a woman needs to bring along with her. Most of the time a woman brings along tons of stuff she can’t live without such as hair brush, make up kit, toiletries, mobile phones, Ipod player, medicine kit, notebook, pen, keys , wallet and other things she considers necessary. For this reason, an ordinary clutch bag won’t be able to hold all the stuff a woman carries with her to work every day. This makes shopper handbags a very practical accessory that makes it indispensable especially for women on the go. No wonder, popular celebrities like Sienna Miller and Paris Hilton are often seeing carrying shopper handbags. A Hollywood celebrity surely brings along with her many stuff such as vanity kits , toiletries, perfume and facial spray.

Shopper handbags are not fucntional, they can be fashionable to use too. There are a variety of designs, colors and styles to choose from whether from online sites or fashion stores. Having the latest shopper handbags isn’t just a for pure fashion, it’s also a necessity for women who appreciate versatile bags. Truth is , even ordinary women can afford to have these bags since they can buy from online sites that sell medium priced shopper handbags. However, designer labels are a different story since they realy are costly.

Shopper handbags suit the active lifestyle of many women. Millions of women worldwide have become health conscious so they often enroll in yoga or any fitness club as a fitness regimen. For this very reason, shopper handbags are well-suited for these health conscious women since it can contain all the stuff they need to bring such as towel, extra clothes, shoes and toiletries. Keep in mind not to exceed beyond the weigh it can carry since the bag may get deformed or even break .Truly, shopper handbags manifests the fast-paced and active lifestyle of the modern woman.

Try to be different: buy handmade handbags


Each woman buys a handbag that isn’t only functional emough to contain important stuff but also expresses her uniqueness. A woman’s handbag says something about her style, her personality and her mood as well. However, due to the popularity of some handbag design it’s normal to bump into someone carrying the same handbags. For this reason, nothing is as unique as buying handmade handbags. By doing so, you have a very attractive piece of accessory that is suited only for you.

Handmade handbags have become a trend since a great deal of women would love to have something that truly reflects their own style. There are different types of handmade handbags usually categorized according to the fabric or material that they are made of. The following description of handmade handbags would guide you in choosing the style you want:

Handmade handbags are typically made of fabric. Usually, handmade handbags are one-of-a kind since they are commonly sewn using special kind of fabric. |One of the latest craze nowadays are handmade handbags made out of vintage Japanese kimono Because the fabric is unique, the handbag looks very oriental and exploding with vivid colors of flower prints. Nappa is responsible for creating such pretty and unique handmade handbags. Another material that’s typically used for handmade handbags are denims which is sturdy enough to contain heavy stuff such as notebooks and school supplies. Some college students prefer using denim handmade handbags since they are not only one-of-a kind but very functional as well. If they become soiled, such bags are considered wash and wear type. Typically. some designs of handmade handbags are combined with other fabrics such as lace and animal prints for more creativity. Some designs include laces and pearls sewn into the fabric which is cool to bring along for a night out with friends. Another fabric also used is tapestry. Actually, tapestry gives the bag a classic or vintage look which makes this suitable for everyday use.

Handmade handbags are unique and personalized which is why women appreciate them. At the same time, they’re quite affordable and not hard to maintain as compared to designer bags. It’s time to get one today.

Why designer handbags are worth its value


Handbags are fashion accessories it seems that women cannot live without. Truth is, women purchase handbags every season and buy at least two pieces. For this reason, the “Sienna Miller syndrome” became a popular term to refer to women who need to bring two bags at a time. However, a more pervasive practice nowadays by most women is splurging on designer handbags. It seems so natural for a woman to spend a month’s salary on buying the latest designer handbags for the season. A good reason for this is that designer handbags aren’t just fashion accessories anymore, they are also valued for their functionality. Of course, you can throw in the fashion statement created when lugging around two designer handbags like Sienna Miller.

Apparently, two handbags are necessary since the bigger one would be holding important items such as toiletries, extra clothes, notebook, ipod player, medicines and other things. The smaller one can hold mobile phones, wallet, loose cash, make-up and car keys.

Designer handbags are definitely more expensive since they do carry brand names such as Burberry, Gucci,Celine,Chanel,Prada, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Roxy,Isabella Fiorelli and many more. A piece can cost at least $300 to $2000 particularly if they’re the newest lines from Gucci. Nevertheless, it’s always a money for value deal since designer handbags exhibit the finest craftsmanship by having perfect stitching and premium quality leather. In fact, designer handbags appreciate value especially if they are part of a collector’s edition.

Typically, career women love sporting designer handbags since this create a more polished look especially when attending a business lunch. The style is thoroughly polished when tailored outfit is complemented by designer handbags. The designer handbags shouldn’t only look good but versatile as well since it must carry business cards, PDA and some documents if possible. One of the hottest designer handbags nowadays is Balenciaga motorcycle bag visibly carried around by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker. This bag has become popular since it has a lot of room inside that can be filled with important stuff. Each handbag comes with its own serial number making it limited although an average Jane would find a hard time acquiring it. Whenever you’re interested in buying a designer handbag, you need to place an order weeks ahead. Indeed, nothing is as good as buying your first designer handbag.

Why shoulder handbags are good for women


This seems astounding but many women can’t live without buying shoulder hand bags! Shoulder handbags palyed an importnat role in women’s fashion as early as the 1980s when shoulder pads and big hair styles courtesy of soap operas where fashionable then. Remember the quilted Chanel shoulder handbags with a golden chain that sold millions worldwide? Everybody just wanted to acquire a piece of that accessory during that decade as other fashion houses made their own designs of shoulder handbags. Presently, there are hundreds of designs to choose from as different styles emerged. Several colors, styles, shapes and materials were used to create stylish shoulder handbags that proliferated discount stores, online shops as well as boutique shops.

In the past, the shoulder handbags contained items such as filofax , pens, calculators and toiletries as women of the 80s found these items indispensable for their work. Nowadays, shoulder handbags have cosmetic kits, Ipod players, mobile phones, and mini pill cases reflecting the changing lifestyle of women.

Shoulder handbags are can be very affordable with prices starting from as low as $50 while top range are priced at $300.Designer brands such as Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Nine West, Coach and other known designer brands have higher price range. However, several online stores often sell at discounted prices on these great bags so one can save some extra cash by buying when it’s sale time. Normally, shoulder handbags have medium to long shoulder straps which that are conveniently adjustable. There are women who find long straps inconvenient so most straps of shoulder handbags nowadays have medium length. Some designs feature removable shoulder straps which is more flexible.

Shoulder handbags can be made from various materials such as faux leather, premium leather, patent leather, fake animal skin or embossed with unique prints. Also, these type of bags can have different enclosures depending upon the design. Some enclosures are made up of metallic locks, zippers, drawstring, and flaps. They bags have different colors ranging from black, brown, white to bright hues such as red, yellow, green and even orange. Sizes can be from medium sized to large ones depending on the buyer’s preference. However, the important feature is that the bag is worn over the shoulder and has a firm structure. Shoulder handbags also differ when it comes to the number of pockets found inside the bag that’s good for organizing. Shoulder handbags are not only practical to use but very fashionable too so women need to have at least one of these bags.

Why you need to own a clutch handbag


Remarkably,a Dailymail London report published that most English women owned no less than hundred handbags in the course of their lifetime. This translates to the fact that women never outgrow their need for handbags all the time. Some handbags are even passed down to the next generation as mothers that cherish their favorite handbags give such to their daughters. There are just too many types of handbags but one of the most versatile type is the clutch handbag.

The clutch handbag is an important accessory since it commonly contains very important items that a woman uses. Clutch handbags are perfect for daytime use since they are suited for carrying important items. Among the things contained in clutch handbags are money, mobile phones, makeup, medicines like paracetamol, vitamins, and of course keys. This makes the clutch handbag a much coveted accessory for a lot of women.

Clutch handbags are nornally small but rectangular and suitable for cocktail parties. Generally, |clutch handbags really don’t have handles since they were suited for clutching under the arm or grasping. In spite of this,clutch handbags were redesigned as fashion styles changed. Nowadays, clutch handbags can also havestraps as long as they are small enough to be strapped under the arms or carried around the wrist. Clutch handbags differ due to the following factors: color, shape, size, price and brand.

Popular designer clutch handbag brands are Lacoste, Burberry, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Urban Expression, BCBG, Clava, Chocolate New York, Roxy, Diesel and a lot more. Prices of clutch handbag can be as low as $25 to $200 depending on the clutch handbag brand. Clutch handbag come in different shapes too as some are rectangular ,square or round depending on the designer’s whim. Women start buying the latest clutch handbags especially when seasons change. A very popular and hot clutch handbag made by Givenchy known as Melancholia is one of the top-selling bags. It has a fake crocodile leather flap design and features pockets that can contain credit cards and driver’s license. Despite being a faux leather, women went crazy over its design and features.

Looking for a perfect clutch handbag? Then it’s all a breeze as since all it takes is the click of a mouse to browse online shops.