What You Need to Know About a 2 Day HangoverThe Impact of a 2 Day Hangover

Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed those who experience a 2 day hangover. As a matter of fact, they are quite many and they can be found in ...


Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed those who experience a 2 day hangover. As a matter of fact, they are quite many and they can be found in different countries. Even though this type of hangover is not really well-known, people should be aware of these kinds of things because it can happen to anybody at any given time. Also, there are times where in a 2 day hangover is worse than the other types of hangover that only last for a couple of hours. Here are the things that everybody should know about a 2 day hangover.

The 2 day hangover lives up to its name. It is the kind of hangover that lasts for 2 days. So far, this is the longest time that a hangover can last. There are some people though, who claim that their hangover has lasted for more than 2 days. They’re not really that reliable though because it has not even been proven that a hangover can last that long. Even though a 2day hangover is not really scientifically proven either, doctors do recognize its presence because a lot of people have already experienced it in the past.

Those who claim to have experienced a 2 day hangover have been consistently saying that it is worse than the average hangover. They say that its as if the dizziness and the headache have been taken to a higher level.

Until know, the cause of a 2 day hangover is still unknown. There are some who say that it only happens to them if they drink way more than they should. There are some though who say that even if they drink less than 2 glasses of wine, they still end up with a 2 day hangover.

What all people should remember about this kind of hangover is that they should not resort to drastic measures to make it go away. This is because hangovers go away on their own. The only thing that a person can do during a 2 day hangover is manage its effects using the most effective ways possible.

Uncovering the Truth about a Delayed Hangover


The concept of a hangover is definitely as old as the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man. Hangovers have different types and the worst type is definitely the one that posses all of the hangover effects that everybody hates. They make you want to puke your stomach out and sleep like there is no tomorrow. They also make you tired and feel as if moving is not really the best idea at that moment. There is one kind of a hangover though that is not that known to many. This is what you call a delayed a hangover.

So, just what is a delayed hangover? For starters, it is called a delayed hangover for a reason. They might occur hours after you have woken up from your drinking coma. It can even occur after 24 hours. There are times where in your hangover might kick in after a few hours late in which case it is still classified as a delayed hangover.

Most of the time, a delayed hangover is worse than the normal type of hangover. This is why it is not really a brilliant idea to want to have a delayed hangover since it only delays the effects of drinking. Also, since it is delayed, the chances of it being so much worse are extremely high. Your headaches will be worse and your nausea might become a case of bad strings of vomiting. This is the reason why it pays to know the different ways that you can cure a delayed hangover.

The most effective way to handle a delayed hangover is preparing your hangover cures before it hits you. You’ll know if you drank more than what your body can handle in which case, you have to be ready to face a hangover. Don’t even think that just because it is a few hours late that it won’t occur. You have to be on point when it comes to being prepared for a delayed hangover since it is the worst of its kind.

Tips That Can Help Prevent a Hangover Headache


Most of the time, a hangover headache is what makes people so scared of getting a hangover. This doesn’t seem to affect those people who still continue to drink though. This is why all people should be aware of the hangover headache tips that can save them from this dilemma. Here are a couple of them.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages that contain a lot of congeners. These congeners are the ones that are responsible for making your hangover headache worse as well as the other effects of a hang over. These beverages include whiskey and red wine.

Drink a lot of water and other fruit juices. Alcohol eats up the stored sugars and other electrolytes that you have in your body which can make your hangover headache worse. Also, by drinking a lot of water, you get to avoid dehydration which does nothing but worsen a hangover headache.

Don’t smoke if you are experiencing a hangover headache. This lessens the oxygen supply of your brain which is already decreased since you have been drinking the night before. Aside from causing a hangover headache, smoking can also make it worse than it already is.

This is the perfect time to indulge in fatty foods. This can make your body absorb the alcohol in a much slower way which can help ease your hangover headache by a mile. Fatty foods are also known to be rich in carbohydrates which can be converted by the body into simple sugar. Once these carbs get converted into sugar, they can be used to replenish the sugar levels in the body.

Another ting that you can do is drink in a much slower pace. This allows your liver to properly consummate the amount of alcohol that you are taking in. Not only can it help you out with your hangover headache, it can also save you from a lot of liver problems that can be caused by drinking a lot of alcohol too fast.

The key to making sure that you get to avoid a hangover headache is making sure that you are well aware of the things that you are doing and the foods and drinks that you consume.

The Truth Behind the Alka Seltzer Hangover Remedy


Over the course of the years, the alka seltzer remedy has become popular because some say that it is a very effective way to get rid of a hangover. However, the thing is that there isn’t really that much study that can prove its affectivity. If you are interested about this myth, then here are a couple of things that you might want to know.

Alka seltzer is a well-known pain reliever. It has been getting rid of different kinds of body pains for quite some time now and it has been known for getting rid of these pains quickly. Most of the time, people take this drug without their doctor’s consent especially if the pain is just minor. There are times where in the doctors recommend the use of this drug than other pain relievers if they think that it is more appropriate to do so. There are times though where in doctors say no to this drug if they think that it is not the proper drug for their patients or if they think their patients will end up experiencing something bad instead of something good.

Alka seltzer hangover remedy on the other hand is known to many but is not scientifically proven to get rid of hangover. There are some who say that it is effective while there are others who say that it didn’t do much for them.

This just goes to show that the alka seltzer hangover remedy’s effectiveness is not really consistent. It works for some people while on some, it does nothing or causes their hangovers to get worse. The only way for you to know if it can work for you is to try it yourself. If you’re already thinking of trying it, better make sure you take it appropriately. This means following the right dosage and don’t take it if you know that you are allergic to it.

The Most Hangover Food That Everybody Should Be Aware Of


Eating the appropriate hangover food is definitely a better way to handle a hangover than drinking pain killers. One great thing about these foods is that they are quite cheap. They can be found anywhere and they are not that hard to prepare. Here is a list of the best hangover food that you should always have in your fridge.

Fatty foods such as peanuts are a good food group to eat. What makes it the best hangover food is the fact that it takes care of your liver. It makes sure that the lining of this organ is thick enough so that the alcohol that you just ingested the night before won’t drill a hole in it.

Fruits are also one of the best hangover foods since it helps replace the lost electrolytes due to a whole night of drinking. It also supplies the body with vitamin B and C which are two of the most important vitamins that you should be taking in if you just drank alcohol the night before.

Another good food group to munch on are sweets such as chocolates since they replenish the blood glucose level of the body. It takes care of your body’s depleted blood sugar level. Alcohol can eat up your blood sugar which is why after a night of drinking; your blood sugar is at a drastically low point. Potassium rich foods like bananas are also very advisable.

Even though it might sound weird, there are a lot of people who recommend eating cold pizza. Even though it cannot be backed up by a scientific study, the testimony of other people should not be ignored. Since it can’t really do the body any wrong, trying it would be a safe idea. You just have to make sure that the cold pizza is still good enough to eat. It also pays not to rely on this food so much since it has a lot of anti-fans.

The Criteria for a Good Hangover Drink


Different hangover drink recipes are abundant in the internet these days and most of them are said to be the best among others. Although there are indeed positive comments about these drinks, negative comments are also present. If this can prove one thing, it’s the fact that there is no particular drink that can get rid of a hangover. There are some however, who can help make it more manageable. Here are some of them.

Sweet drinks – Whenever you drink, the blood sugar level in your body drops. This is because alcohol breaks them down and eats them up. This is also the reason why people have headaches as one of the untoward effects of hangovers. They develop a condition called hypoglycemia, which is the term for a low sugar level.

Energy drinks are also highly recommended for those who are trying to get over a hangover since it replaces all the lost electrolytes in the body. It can also help the body become more energized and pumped up. There are some who prefer to drink a concoction of sugar and salt in order to get the same effect however, this is more commonly used if a person is suffering from a disease.

There are some people who say no to the idea that it is best to drink coffee when you’re experiencing a hangover. These people seem to miss out on the fact that it can help with the nausea and can give you that energy boost that you really need during a hangover. However, there are some who say that coffee does not work for them. Even though there are some people who say that coffee did not do anything good to them, there are still some scientists and doctors who strongly recommend coffee.

Drinking can cause the electrolyte level of the body to go down. When this problem arises, the best solution is to simply drink lots of water. This is the least expensive, yet most effective hangover drink that hits the trouble spots of hangovers in more ways than one.

Regimens That Can Help You Avoid a Hangover


These days, it is not that hard to find hangover cures that are purely myths. Even though some of them are indeed effective, a lot of them can only worsen your hangover. This is why it is important for you to know the right steps to avoid a hangover even if you are not really a heavy drinker. Here are a couple of them.

Eat something while you’re drinking alcoholic beverages. This is the right time for you to eat foods that contain more fat than other foods such as popcorn and nuts. What these types of foods do is absorb some of the alcohol that you are taking in thus lessening the chances of you getting horribly drunk and having a hangover the next morning.

Don’t restrict yourself to alcoholic beverages all night. It is best to take non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic liquors alternately. What this regimen does is quench your actual thirst which decreases your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Drink beer gradually. Make sure that every drink that you take has at least an interval of one hour. What this does is allow your liver to digest the alcohol properly. Aside from helping you avoid a hangover, this can also protect your liver from certain health conditions.

Drink vitamin B if you’re still conscious enough to do so after a night of drinking. What this does is lessen the probability of you developing different liver diseases. It is also highly advisable to drink painkillers before sleeping as well.

One of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to stay away from those drinks that have dark spirits. The darker the spirit, the more congeners it has. If your drinks have a lot of congeners, you won’t get to avoid a hangover. This is the reason why it is highly advisable to drink light alcoholic beverages. They will satisfy your need to drink some alcohol without giving you a bad hangover the next morning.

Hangover Effects: What You Should Anticipate After Drinking


In order to avoid horrible hangover effects, it is simply not enough that you drink the right type of alcoholic beverages. You must also recognize these hangover effects since there is no doubt that you will be experiencing them the next morning. Also, don’t even assume that just because you have been drinking for so many years now that you are immune to these hangover effects. Here are a couple of them.

Headache – When you drink, your body loses electrolytes which is why you become dehydrated. Dehydration is the thing that causes the brain to pull away from its inner lining. This is the main thing that causes the headache to become worse.

Sensitivity to environmental stimulus – After a night of drinking, you’ll figure out that you can’t take loud noises or bright lights. This is because drinking can cause your central nervous system to become overly excited. Once this happens, you will feel sensitive to every single stimulus around you.

Nausea and vomiting – In order for your body do keep up with the alcohol that you just took in, your pancreas has to amp up the production of digestive chemicals. The increased levels of digestive chemicals causes the pain, nausea and vomiting to erupt.

Dehydration and frequent urination is also caused by the kidneys’ lack of ability to absorb water after drinking. This is what causes the frequent urination and dehydration.

Dry mouth and throat – Aside from the fact that the body is in a dehydrated state after a night of drinking, alcohol can also cause the mouth and throat to dry up which only intensifies the feeling of being dehydrated.

Another hangover effect is fatigue which is brought upon by low blood sugar levels. One of the functions of blood sugar is to give energy to the body. Low blood sugar levels can cause the body to not have enough energy.

Hangover Dehydration: Its Treatment and Causes


Hangover dehydration is one of the major causes of the other hangover effects that all people hate. It can cause dry mouth and throat aside from causing fatigue. It can also make the body weaker since it causes the electrolyte level of the body to drop significantly. The fact that this is a common occurrence in the millions of people who experience different hangover effects everyday does not make it more positive either. This is why all people should be aware of the causes and the ways that hangover dehydration can be managed.

Ultimately, the thing that causes hangover dehydration is kidney failure. Once a person drinks, the alcohol causes the kidneys to stop functioning. Since one of the functions of kidneys is to absorb water, the suddenly loses its ability to absorb water whenever there is alcohol in a person’s body.

Hangover dehydration is further worsened by frequent urination. This is not really avoidable since it is the body’s normal reaction to alcohol. What they can do though is stay in a place that is near to the comfort room.

It is also worsened by excessive sweating. This is caused by another untoward effect of drinking though which is the hyperactivity of the central nervous system because of alcohol. What does is further increase the rate that the body is getting rid of water.

The best treatment for hangover dehydration is simple and very cheap. The solution is simply water therapy. What makes it so effective is the fact that water contains all the essential electrolytes that the body has lost because of drinking. Another thing that makes it so great is that it is virtually preservative-free.

Energy drinks that are packed with electrolytes are also a good choice. Even though they are more expensive than water, they also make a good substitute for it. Energy drinks also contain vitamins and minerals which only makes it better.

Hangover Cures: The List of the Ones That Are Effective


Everybody agrees that the World Wide Web is full of hangover cures. However, the ones that actually work are quite hard to find. If you’re tired of trying out different hangover cures that simply won’t work, you might want to try some of the remedies listed below. They are easy to do and they have been proven to be effective by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world.

Take a warm long and warm bath the next morning. It helps ease the nerves in your body and it gets rid of that dirty feeling that you might have that is caused by having too much fun the night before.

Drink vitamin C and vitamin B the next morning. Alcohol breaks down the vitamin C in your body which is why after a night of drinking; your body’s vitamin C level is at a very low level. Replenishing it as soon as possible does not only make your hangover less worse, it also makes sure that your body is still healthy after going out. On their other hand, vitamin B can help the body ingest the alcohol that you just drank the night before a lot better.

It is also advisable to drink coke or coffee. The caffeine will give you an energy boost. One proven treatment for nausea is eating something that has a lot of sugar which is why coke is highly advisable. Just keep the sugar intake in moderation so that you won’t have to worry about certain health conditions.

Finally, the best hangover cure that you can do is taking pain killers. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for them and they are guaranteed to get rid of the headache and all the other pains that you might have. However just like eating sweet foods, you have to take these medications moderately. For best results, you can drink them right before you go to sleep after a night of drinking.