Why You Should Consider Home Staging Rental

Most people think that home staging is all about buying new furniture and accessories to make your house look more presentable. Although this is also ...


Most people think that home staging is all about buying new furniture and accessories to make your house look more presentable. Although this is also an option if you want to enhance the overall look of your house, there is also another option that you might want to consider and that is none other than home staging rental.

Home staging rental is about renting furniture and other home fixtures to make your house look more stylish and enticing to potential buyers. By renting these items, you won’t have to buy new ones which could end disastrously since you might end up with no income at all.

Sticking to your old furniture and fixtures might not sound like a good idea if you are conducting a home staging. Think of it this possibility. You have been living in your house for so long that you have been used to seeing those horrid furniture that they actually seem beautiful to you. They might seem nice in your eyes, but what about in the eyes of the potential buyers? Don’t risk the fact that you might lose a sale in exchange for being a cheapskate.

Some people hesitate when it comes to home staging rental because they think that they will only get scammed into paying much more than the original rental price. Although there have been cases like this, home staging rental, just like any other rental services, is all about finding the right company to work with. Don’t be overshadowed by the fear of being scammed. However, do a little background check on the company that you are thinking of renting furniture from just to make sure that everything is in place.

Be wise when it comes to doing a home staging. Always remember that you have lots of options if you want to amp up the style value of your house in order to rake in more potential buyers. And in your list of option, you should always include home staging rental There’s nothing wrong with going the extra mile to ensure that your house is going to be sold.

What is Virtual Home Staging and How is it Done?


Are you thinking about trying the services of a virtual home staging company or agent? What is a virtual home staging anyway? Staging a home once meant adding props and accessories to a home for sale. The aim is to create an appeal of warmth and comfort. This makes it easier to sell a house. Nowadays, home staging can be done virtually. The aim is still the same, you rearrange furniture within the house, but the accessories and furniture involved are digital rather than real.

Virtual home staging is a new addition to the sales techniques used to market a home. This method focuses on taking photos of a home as it is and then dressing it up. Afterwards the photos of the home’s interior are created using virtual furniture, wall paint, pictures, window coverings and other accessories to help potential clients visualize home possibilities.

With the actual home staging, you need to purchase furnishings and draperies, then transport them to your home and arrange them. This arrangement is premade and this method relies on the hope that the buyer will come to appreciate the design of the house. Unfortunately it cannot always be the case, most of the time traditional home staging relies on chance. Your design and decor may not appeal to the buyer’s taste. With virtual home staging, empty room photographs can be submitted to buyers with photo shopped or digitally added furniture and draperies to enhance the look of the house. If the buyer doesn’t like the matching accessories and furniture, they can simply return the photos and revising the whole image is as simple as clicking the mouse to overhaul the look of the entire house.

You have to remember though that there are some things that virtual home staging agencies can’t do. Virtual home staging companies won’t add non-existent landscapes, appliances, or corners. They also will not remove power-lines and other furniture that are existent during the photographs. Agencies also tell sellers to explain to the buyers that the rooms and the house are virtually staged so the buyers know what to expect.

Virtual home staging is a very nice alternative to traditional home staging procedures. Plus the fact that it is less time consuming to do and costs less as well, you lose nothing by doing virtual home staging. Most companies only require you to submit photos of the vacant house and the results will come up in about 5 business days.

Things You Need to Know about Home Staging


Gone are the days of selling your house the old fashioned way, by hoping and praying that potential buyers like you house. Nowadays, if you want to sell your house at a respectable price, then you might want to read about home staging. Home staging is a great way to amp up the style value of a house thus making it easier for you to sell it to potential buyers. Here are some things that you might want to know about home staging.

Don’t overdo it. This time, the old saying that less is more is very applicable in more ways than one. If you don’t stop yourself from over-designing your house, you will just end up making it look like a cluttered mess.

Speaking of clutter, you should stack books neatly in a shelf. Books should be stacked vertically so that it is more pleasing to the eyes. If you don’t want to get rid of your old magazines or other paperback materials, then you might want to consider making or buying inexpensive baskets so that you can have a place to put them in.

Don’t stick with the old fashioned ways of designing your house. Think outside the box. Dining room chairs can be used to create a lounge area at the patio. A coffee table does not have to be in the living room all the time. You can put it in the master’s bedroom to add more class to it. One thing about home staging is that you should consider thinking out of the box more often.

Another thing about home staging is that it’s all about the light. Letting the rays of the sun come in through clean and properly designed windows can be very enticing to potential buyers since it creates that scene of perfection and peace. Proper lighting is also a good way to visually enhance those less flattering areas of your house. If you can’t manipulate those places into looking more flattering, then consider manipulating the lights.

Lastly, one more thing worth remembering about home staging is that different buyers have different taste. You should never give up if one buyer says no.

Things to Remember When Considering Home Staging as a Career


A lot of in people take their talents for granted. Some just ignore these natural skills that they’ve got while some assume that they simply don’t have what it takes. If only you can recognize your true talents that can help you build a successful business then you might be giving more importance to these innate talents and skills.

Have You ever considered home staging as a career? If you aren’t sure that you’ve got enough skills or talents to be successful as a home stager, there are a lot of home staging classes out there that can help you hone those skills and become a successful home stager.

If you have a lot of creative juices flowing within you, then you are halfway there. You do not have to be an interior design professional to consider home staging as a career. You just need a little help from the home staging courses to help you hone those creative skills. By then you will be doing just fine. If you have the talent, then no training can substitute for that.

If you are an organized individual, then you have a definite advantage. You will have keen attention to detail if you are an organized person. This is a very important skill especially in the home staging department. Most often than not the houses that you will stage are decrepit or chaotic, so a high level of organizational skills is very important.

A lot of clients call you in to prepare their house fro home staging a few weeks before they sell the house. Sometimes the house is already listed in the real estate markets or for sale houses before they even decide to stage a house. Do you think you can cope up with the pressure of a tight deadline?

Home staging as a career requires you to work with a variety of people. You will be dealing with different types of clients and buyers who are an essential part of your project. Maintaining good relationships with these people is very essential to your home staging career.

If you have the basic skills mentioned above, then home staging as a career is not a far-fetched idea. It may turn out that a home staging career is the best one for you. Aside from you being able to use your talents and skills, you can actually make good money out of this career.

Some Tips on Interior Home Staging


Today’s competitive real estate housing market any type of advantage can make a difference in selling your home faster. If you want to avoid going through the pricing wars with other homeowners who are selling their houses like you, you need to make sure that you are adding value to your home and make it more appealing to buyers in ways no other homeowners can pull off.

You will want buyers to feel warmth from your home. You can do this by removing yourself from the picture and let the home sell itself. The best way to do this is to use some interior home staging techniques that will surely give your house an edge over the competition.

One of the least expensive ways to enhance a home is to give it fresh coat paint in modern colors. Updating paint makes a very big difference. Buyers see themselves in the home instead of seeing the work that still needs to be done. This is a must for any interior home staging that needs to be accomplished. Another essential task is to remove all the unnecessary clutter. Make sure that the shelves, cabinets, closets and counters are all clean. This allows your buyers to imagine that their own possessions are inside the home instead of yours. This also makes it appear larger.

As for furnishings just use comfortable pieces for cool weather and few furnishings during the hot, summer months. You will want to tap into the buyer’s emotional side. When a buyer sees your home as a place away from all the harsh and hectic elements of the world, you are sure to sell that home.

Interior home staging can also be applied to the outdoor space in order to help sell your home. All you need to do is make sure that the inside of the house is coordinated with the colors from the outside of the house. Add in a touch of flowers and plants to match the season.

Always remember to put into mind the emotional needs of your target market. Buyers who have families, big or small, want shelter and security without sacrificing the warmth of a true home. After you have spruced up your home, add a few carefully selected props to encourage buyers that the house you are selling is the home that they are truly looking for. Remember, a house is very different from a home. Applying these simple interior home staging techniques will spell the difference between a house and a home, and will pay off faster and with a bigger pay check.

Some Home Staging Statistics That You Should Know


Home staging statistics shows that home staging is still advantageous despite the current market conditions. This means that one can still consider home staging and expect good to better returns on investments in the real estate marketing industry. Home staging statistics by real estate companies show that home staging is a reliable way to sell your home faster and for more money.

Staged properties sell quicker than un-staged homes. Research shows that staged homes sell 2 to 2.5 times faster than un-staged ones. This is great news for many people who consider home staging as a good start to move to a newer house and sell the old one. Many people apply staging techniques that will make buyers put up solid offers and attract more buyers. These can therefore lead to bidding wars for a staged home raising the price and providing a quick closure time.

The best benefit you can get from home staging is certainly the financial aspect of the investment. Home staging statistics reveal that staged homes sell for as much as 17% above the price compared to an un-staged home. Furthermore, staged homes sell on average about 7% to 10% higher than the regular asking price. This makes your small investment pay huge returns and extra profits once the staged home is purchased. You can do the computations yourself. A staged home priced at around $400,000 could sell for an additional 8% earning you an additional $32,000! This just goes to show that home staging literally pays for itself once the property is sold.

Aside from increasing the profitability and the short time that your home will spend on the market, home staging is tax deductible. This is a truly good investment on your part as you have not only recouped your home staging expenses, but you also profit from that investment. This is a true win-win situation.

For you to maximize the effectiveness of your home staging design, you have to make sure that you have completed staging before listing the property for sale to as real estate agent or company. In order to learn more about the home staging statistics in your area, contact your local home staging company or a real estate agent. You can also perform your own home staging with the help of a real estate consultant. Take advantage of this opportunities so that you can maximize the earning potential of your home.

Lowering the Costs of Home Staging


Home staging can be really complicated because there is so much to do that knowing where to start if you are doing it yourself is as important as the home staging process itself. In any real estate market, you will find yourself spending hundreds to thousands of dollars just to make your house stand out from the competition. But are you sure that you will be able to recoup the costs? Do you know where to exactly start with the home staging project? See here what re the basic ways to lowering the costs of home staging.

Good lighting is perhaps the most effective way to sell your home. When a buyer looks through your house, they will explore every detail during their exploration. Once a buyer sees a burned out light bulb or lamp and in consequence is unable to see the details of a room or closet space, then they won’t have a very good impression of your house. Make sure to replace all old bulbs with new ones to ensure they are working especially when a buyer checks out your place.

Another way to lower the costs of home staging is to clean the gutters outside of your house. How your home looks outside almost makes up 50% of the buyer’s first impression. If they see that the gutters outside the house are cluttered with leaves and other debris. It will make them think that house maintenance is very poor. Buyers don’t want to inherit a seller’s cleaning problems so better to clean up your act and start cleaning those gutters.

Clear the kitchen counter space. Kitchens are the heart of the home and this means buyers will want to know if there will be room to grow in that space. Clear away unnecessary counter appliances and kitchen decorations to give the buyers an impression of more space.

Paint high traffic spaces. These areas are the best places to find unwanted marks on the walls which may look like poor maintenance but are actually signs of daily wear and tear. Paint the walls in high traffic spaces.

Lowering the costs of home staging can be a pretty daunting task, but they are actually pretty simple to pull off. You just have to know these basic stuff so that when the time comes that you need to stage your home, you will only have to spend a few hundreds of dollars and even before you know it, you have already recouped your expenses for the home staging.

Inexpensive and Easy to Follow Home Staging Ideas


Home staging ideas come in many forms, most of the time the ones you find at magazines and websites are quite expensive for the average homeowner planning to sell the house. Most home staging ideas recommend that you purchase new furniture and stuff, ones that can cost from average to expensive. But the truth is you can stage your house on a beer budget and still greatly improve your chances of selling the house. The most important factor perhaps is to detach yourself emotionally from the house.

Your home is a special place for you, no doubt about it. However when the time has come that you want to get it listed as for sale, the best thing that you can do to erase any attachments for the house is to look at it in the perspective of a new buyer. This entails that you should remove all photographs, artwork, furniture, or any item that you consider personal. You must understand that the goal of home staging is to create a home that everyone can feel at home at. Once you have done that, you have raised the chances of your house getting sold.

Other inexpensive home staging ideas include simple things like putting mirrors that reflect light into smaller space. This will make the space seem larger. Also, remove unnecessary clutter and furniture from these rooms to make the room more spacious. You have to remember that for most buyers, it doesn’t have to be big; it just has to look spacious.

Apply neutral colored paint to your walls to enhance the value of the house. It doesn’t have to be the over the top paint colors. Simple and neutral yet modern colors will do the magic.

Too much furniture will make the room look and feel cramped. Even if the room is large you should place minimal furniture and accessories. For the kitchen and bathrooms, remove all used items such as soap and shampoos to make a ready-for-occupancy feel. Place plush towels in the bathroom area to make it look more luxurious and relaxing and not a cold, damp area.

These are some affordable yet effective home staging ideas that you can employ when you decide to sell your house. A budget of a few hundred dollars can do the trick and may be more than enough to make your house very warm and inviting to the buyers.

How to Prepare for Home Staging


Home staging is undoubtedly one of the most successful marketing strategies for selling a house. However, success is not always guaranteed. The key to a successful home staging is preparing for it long and hard. This is why if you’re thinking of doing home staging, the best thing that you can do is read basic home staging how-to so that you will be able to prepare for it properly. Here are some things that can help you prepare for home staging.

Clean up your space. Take time to make sure that your house does not look cluttered. The best way to do this is by getting rid of anything that is not significant to home staging such as old magazines. You might think that these things can amp up the style factor of your house. However, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to home staging, less is more. Don’t hesitate to throw away anything that does not have anything to do with home staging.

Another great home staging how-to is incorporating nature to your house’s style. Think of bringing in plants in for the sake of the show. Just make sure that the color and style of the plants that you are going to bring in are somewhat relevant to the overall style of your house, or at least to the theme of the place where you’re thinking of putting it.

The best thing that you can do if you’re trying to prepare for home staging is to think outside of the box. Don’t follow the usual trends when it comes to styling your house. Although it is a very wise move to look at home style magazines, you don’t have to copy everything that you see. One great home staging how-to is thinking of new and innovative ways to make your house look like its worth a million bucks.

When thinking of doing a home staging, always remember that you should take time to look and analyze everything in your house. Try to look for different ways that you can enhance every part of your home.

How to Get a Certification for Home Staging


Due to the growing number of people who wants to sell their houses, more and more people are looking for professional home stagers. However, not everybody can become home stagers. If you think that you have a knack for interior designing or if you have a unique sense of style, then you might want to consider getting a certification for home staging. This way, you will be able to develop your skills while earning money all at the same time. And so, how do you get a certification for home staging you ask? Don’t worry because all the details that you will need to know is indicated below.

The first thing that you have to consider is the fees of the schools that are offering classes on home staging. Although they are not that expensive, you should still prepare a clear budget plan.

Another thing that you have to consider is the schedules of the classes. Make sure that you will be able to all of these classes because there are some home staging schools that require complete attendance before a certification for home staging is given out.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should choose the right home staging school to enroll to. Keep in mind that choosing the school where you should get your certification for home staging from should not just be cheap, but reputable as well. There are lots of home staging schools today so better be sure that you have your sets of criteria so that you won’t be persuaded to just choose the cheapest or the nearest.

Getting a certification for home staging is not as easy as it seems. However, since there is a demand for home stagers, being a certified home stager definitely has its perks. This is why if your thinking of getting a certification for home staging, best be prepared to actually devote time and effort into. Put your back into it. Don’t even consider taking it lightly and you will sure reap the rewards of having a certification for home staging.