A Variety of Hunting Knives for You Selection

Huntng knives come in various features and styles, choosing one that suits you best can be quite daunting. Whether you are a weekend hunter, a profes...


Huntng knives come in various features and styles, choosing one that suits you best can be quite daunting. Whether you are a weekend hunter, a professional game hunter, or a siimply a knife aficionado, hunting knives should be included in your must have tools. This is for the hunter who wants nothing less from his/her hunting knife.

If you want to be on the loop regarding hunting knives, the best thing to do first is do some research. Research the different types of hunting knives and find out what makes one unique from the rest. Then determine which one suits your needs for hunting and game purposes, then find manufacturers that have the type of hunting knife you are looking for.

Hunting knives come in various styles. There is the fixed blade hunting knife that is great for skinning a field game. This type is more difficult to carry than foldable ones. Fixed blade hunting knives requires a good sheath for your own protection while you are carrying it around. Folding blade hunting knives are more ergonomic and can be placed in a pocket. But be sure to put it in the pocket carefully as it can be a real problem if the knife fell off somewhere. Therefore, you won’t be able to skin off your prey on the field.

Custom made hunting knives can also make for good gifts. This is something that you can use yourself now, and then pass it down to the next generation. Of course, custom made hunting knives are more expensive than regular hunting knives. . Custom made hunting knives can make great gifts to those you know who are hunting aficionados or simply knife enthusiasts. It is a great gift for all occasions.

Buy Knives Guide For Beginners


Do have any clue what you need to know when you buy knives? What is the specific purpose of the knife and what makes it better than the rest? Additionally, why is it safer to buy knives which are sharp? These are just some of the things that you need to consider when you are going to buy knives for your kitchen.

Knives are one of the primary tools needed in the kitchen by all chefs. If a chef does not have a knife, it is like being a photographer without a camera. Here are some of the most common knives you should consider when you buy knives for your kitchen.

A chef’s knife is also called a French knife. It has an length of 8-14 inches. It is a good all around kitchen knife.

Paring knife is a small knife used for delicate chopping. It is a miniaturized version of a chef’s knife.

Serrated knives consist of small grooves that form as smaller cutting edges. This puts less pressure when cutting. Serrated knives are used for cutting soft bread since it can cut through the bread without crushing it.

A cleaver is a large knife commonly known as a chopper. Cleavers are great for cutting through bones and crushing garnishes and garlic. The cleaver has a very extra thick and tough edge so that the knife can withstand the repeated pressure of chopping bones and meat.

A sharp knife is better than a dull one for safety reasons and practical reasons. A dull knife requires more pressure, and once it slips, could cut the user. When you buy knives, you also need to include knife sharpeners. A lot of chefs use the long sharpening steel for manual sharpening. But there are also electric sharpeners available. it is up to you to choose which sharpener to purchase, but be sure to have one as it is required when you buy knives for your kitchen use.

Chef Knives 101


Chef knives makes a kitchen feel whole. The different types of chef knives are made to accomplish different kitchen tasks. But there are some chef knives that can accomplish different tasks. Whatever chef knife you use, what is important here is the sharpness of the blade. Dull chef knives oftentimes cause unwarranted injuries due to the fact that added pressure must be used and when it slip, can cut right into the skin.

Chef knives have been very popular due to its all rounder feature. Chef knives are fairly heavy with a blade length that normally goes up to 8 inches. Chef knives are used from readying steaks to grill to mincing onions. The blade of chef knives are also strong making it ideal for chopping tasks. This knife makes accomplishing kitchen tasks very easy.

Asian or Japanese chef knives is becoming a favorite among chefs. Japanese chef knives are famous for their being very sharp. Japanese knives are all the rage for a lot of chefs. Japanese chef knives have low tip and broad blade that is slightly curved. This enables the blade to be rocked while slicing and dicing. Japanese chef knives have hollow grounds that create air pockets for cleaner cutting.

Nakiri chef knives is also a growing popular chef knife. It is D shaped making it easier for small hands to handle the knife. Just like any other chef knives, this blade should be handled with care.

Chef knives are better off hand washed than dish washed. A great chef knife allows you to maximize your potential as a chef.

History of Knives


Knives has been there for as long as man first needed them. The Bronze age brought great and overwhelming change for how knives were made. This is due to the fact that the Bronze age brought the use of bronze, and after which iron replaced bronze because iron was far more sturdier than bronze.

The Greeks and the Romans where the first to be craft folding knives using ivory as blades. They used to cut fruits due to the ivory’s resistance to rust. Then in the 1095 up to 1272, the Crusades was launched by the Europeans. They began traveling all over and this opened a window of opportunity for France to manufacture blades of various shapes and sizes from a variety of materials.

Pocket knives started sometime in the 15th century. This was again due to the necessity of the tool, before cutlery, knives were mostly used for combat and also for cooking. The 15h century also saw multiple laded knives. Carbon steel and stainless steel were already used for knives. Today it is still the practice.

Knives today have different styles for different uses. Cooking, combat, fishing, hunting, survival and rescue to name a few. This began in the 19th century. Since during that time, more materials were available for knife making and more people learned how to craft knives. Knives were in abundance then and today.

There are plenty of different styles of knives. Teens and adults both appreciate sporting some sort of knife, whether be it a pocket knife or a rescue/survival knife. More and more people are requiring the use of knives outside of combat and the kitchen. Knives has a really rich history.

How Japanese Hand Forged Knives came to be


Japanese hand forged knives can be dated some 800 years ago. The world knows how good Japanese hand forged knives are. For those who do not know the difference between high quality Japanese hand forged knives and low quality kitchen knives, the Japanese hand forged knives are created by master sword smiths whose expertise have been handed down to them from a generation of 800 years of crafting Japanese blade and swords. Japanese kitchen knives are well known across the globe for their durability and most especially for their sharpness.

Japanese hand forged knives are the result of the ancient art of sword crafting. The Japanese were masterful sword smiths dating back to as early as the 12th century. They were known for creating their own style of swords that have superior cutting ability compared to any other sword in this world. The Japanese made their swords to slash and cut and not to thrust and bash. They made swords to make it breeze fighting while on horseback.

Japan is known for its huge industry of sword smithing. The Japanese were the best at what they do, and that is the hand forged knives.

The first Japanese hand forged knives were the deba bocho which was a cleavre type of kitchen knife. The misono, gyuto, sujihiki, and hankotsu were also great varieties of kitchen knives. Now, chefs all over the globe rave about Japanese hand forged knives.

If you are looking for high quality kitchen knives, then don’t settle for anything less. Check out your local knife shop for Japanese hand forged knives. These are cutlery tools that are surely high quality and something that you can be proud of.

Survival Knives – What Makes a Good Survival Knife


If you are out on an adventure, camping, or hunting, being prepared is a must for any camping, hunting, or survival situations. This is why people purchase survival knives. Survival knives have a variety of uses.

Survival knives has a lot of great features that make it perfect for certain situations. Its size, the quality of the blade, and the simple design makes it essential for any traveler, camper, hunter, and plain knife enthusiasts.

Survival knives are not supposed to be double edged. A double edged survival knife may be cause for injuries. Especially when you are traversing rough terrains or hiking challenging slopes. The weight of the survival knife is important. Minimal handles make using the knife a lot safer and better.

If in case you got lost in the wilds, and you have caught fish for your meal, then of course you will surely cut and clean it first before cooking. Survival knives should be cleaned at one rinse only. This is to assist you in water conservation.

Survival knives can be small enough to be tucked into a pocket or belt. The size is really crucial as it makes the person more mobile than bringing along a larger knife. Boy scout knife owners carry their survival knives always. You can find it in their pockets, belts, or bags. You can also keep them in storage compartments.

Survival knives are crucial and is a requirement for any survivor’s gearbox. This is used for any survival type situations. Protect yourself from animal attacks with this. If you are a serious camper, hiker or hunter, having a survival knife in your person always can provide a sense of security.

What are the Advantages of Custom Made Knives


Hunting knives should be top notch for serious hunters. A good hunting knife is equivalent to a good hunting rifle. If there are custom made rifles, then you can also get custom made hunting knives. Custom made knives can make for great gifts for anyone you know who is serious about hunting or is simply a knife aficionado.

Custom made knives for hunters are something that you can get from master craftsmen and blade smith. The great thing about these custom made knives is that they will be made out of the specifications that you tell them or they will make the knives accordingly to how the user will intend to use the knives. Custom made knives can be used now, and then passed on to the next generation of hunters. This type of knife generates a certain feel of uniqueness and vintage as time passes by.

Custom made knives are far more expensive than regular knives. This is due to the fact that they are handmade, and have extra craftsmanship and aesthetics involved. This give new meaning for them.

A unique hunting knife is an investment. The value of custom made knives created by well known blade smiths increase as time passes. While regular ones are still the same. Also, most handcrafted custom made knives are better in quality than regular hunting knives.

A unique gift is really thoughtful. It can even be considered as a prized item. Many consider them as irreplaceable. It may be hard to find the perfect knife that fits your hand the way you want it to, but with custom made knives, this problem can be addressed. Get your knives made according to the way you want them to.

What You Need to Know About Fishing Knives


A fisherman’s tackle box has all the required tools. A fishing knife is sure to be one of them. How come? That is because most fisherman attribute their success to fishing knives, and having a fishing knife handy can spell the difference between readiness and unpreparedness. Here are some of the things that you need to look out for in fishing knives before you go ahead and purchase one.

When choosing a fishing knife, the size of the fish that you are trying to catch should be considered. A large fishing knife will damage a small fish during cleaning if you are not extra careful about it. On the other hand, small fishing knives used on medium to large fishes such as a catfish or grouper may be time consuming next to impossible.

If you are going to catch different types of fishes, then you should have various fishing knives. You can find fishing knives sold solo or in sets.

The quality of the blade is the next consideration you should take when choosing fishing knives. Stainless steel blades can preserve its sharpness for long periods. It is highly rust proof. A fishing knife must be as sturdy as a hunting knife.

The last thing you need to consider with choosing fishing knives is your personal style. Think about how much time you will spend with the fishing knife. An unorganized tackle box requires a foldable fishing knife. This is safe so as not to injure yourself when reaching for the knife.

What You Need to Now About Rescue Knives


Rescue knives are used for situations where you are in danger, or simply lost in the wilderness. Rescue knives are made for use in situations such as cutting branches of wood, skinning a meal out in the wilderness, survival, and rescue.

Rescue knives should be made of a metal running own towards the handles. On both sides of the metal is a high quality material that will form as a handle. This is what is called as full tang or narrow tang. A full tang provides a powerful and sturdier support for the blade thus this is what you should look for in a rescue knife. A rescue knife that has a separate blade and handle will have lower durability.

Stainless steel and carbon steel are the two main steels used for quality rescue knives. Stainless steel are rust resistant and usable in wet environments. A stainless steel blade little maintenance compared to carbon steel. Stainless steel is a lot difficult to sharpen. Carbon steel needs to be regularly coated to prevent rust. Carbon steel rescue knives maintain their sharpness longer.

There is also a choice between a serrated and straight bladed rescue knives. A straight blade is much easier to sharpen. Serrated rescue knives can easily cut a rope. There are rescue knives that share the same features.

Rescue knives have different types of handles. Some will have hollow handles, while others will have a full tang. The handles can be either made of rubber, or different types of polymers.

Getting a good rescue knife can be hard. But with a little research, you can choose a rescue knife that you can be proud of.

Why Choose Japanese Pocket Knives?


The past few years saw a rise in popularity of Japanese pocket knives. Chefs all over the world clamor for Japanese chef knives. Japanese knives are plenty, but come in as expensive due to its high quality. So why is that?

Unlike other knives like the German knives, Japanese pocket knives are designed to be very lightweight with a extra fine edge. Japanese steel blade is brittle and sharp. This makes Japanese pocket knives very, very sharp. Japanese pocket knives’ edge has a lesser possibility of bending, thus preserving its sharpness for a longer period. Japanese pocket knives must be hand washed to maintain its sharpness.

Japanese pocket knives are forged in two different methods. First is Honyaki. Honyaki is a forging style where the blade is made of high-carbon steel. Steel and soft iron forging is called Kasumi forging style. The steel is the blade edge, and the soft iron is the body.

Unlike their Western counterparts, Japanese pocket knives especially those that have been forged in the past, are single ground. Today they also do double ground.

The Sakai region in Japan produces quality knives. Even way back in the 1930s when they used to make samurai swords, they were the top notch region to create Japanese blade. Today, Sakai is till the top Japanese blade producers and surely this is where you will find a lot of the best Japanese pocket knives available.

Japanese pocket knives are hard to use since they are very sharp. Now double ground is also used on Japanese blades. Nevertheless, Japanese pocket knives and any other Japanese cutlery for that mater is still the best out there.