Why Learn French?

Learning a new language is quite challenging but it definitely adds value to one’s skills when applying for a job. Many employers from multinati...


Learning a new language is quite challenging but it definitely adds value to one’s skills when applying for a job. Many employers from multinational companies prefer individuals who are multilingual. A very good language that should be learned is French. It is a very popular language spoken no less than a hundred million people worldwide. The language descended from the Latin language but derived its influence mainly from a combination of Celtic (Gauls) and Frankish language (Germanic). Today, aside from France, French is spoken as an official language in 28 countries including Italy, Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. France and Italy belong to G7 countries which are considered highly-developed and very progressive nations. Moreover, French is also considered as an official language of the United Nations and a multitude of international organizations. This translates to better job opportunities in global organizations when one is fluent in French.

Historically, French is considered as lingua franca of the elite in European nations since only the well-educated spoke this Romanic language. Aside from its intonation that carries a certain flair, acquiring fluency of the language opens numerous opportunities. If you are considering migrating to Canada as a skilled worker, fluency of French is a must since most regions in Canada speak French especially Quebec. Even in United Kingdom, French is widely popular .Transacting in business using French is recognized and understood by no less than 23% of the population according to EUROPA. In fact, French is widely spoken in the 27 member states of the European Union .Even in the United States, states like Louisiana ,Vermont and Maine recognize the French language. Travelling to South Africa also is not a problem since a sizeable part of the population speaks French.

Another important value of learning French is that most culinary terms emanate from the said language .It is imperative for people in the hotel industry to master this language. Cooks and chefs alike know Hors d’ Oeuvre ( part of first appetizer) since culinary excellence can also be traced to France. In fact, those who are taking up culinary classes would always encounter French terms in cooking. So whether you are considering migrating, travelling in a safari, dealing with European organizations or learning culinary skills – French is the language to learn.

Learn To Read French


In our everyday life we happen to encounter the French language. We see “À la carte” or “à la mode” on our favorite restaurant’s menu, “c’est lavie” on our friend’s status message on facebook and art nouveau or haute couture section on the lifestyle section of our morning newspapers. We use French even if we don’t realize it. But do we know how to read them properly?

Well, you are in luck because everyone who knows how to speak English can easily learn how to read French. Both English and French have the same 26-character alphabet. But even with the apparent similarities there are complexities to be taken account to when studying the French alphabet. In French, vowels are divided into single vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and vowel groups where two or more vowels combined like ‘ai’, ‘au’ and ‘ou’. Consonants are pronounced differently in French. An example is the sound of ‘r’. In English, “r” is soft and round. Contrary to French, where “r” is rough or low. If we would like to learn to read French we must not only concentrate on the alphabet but also study French grammar and vocabulary. The French sentence structure is similar to English where there is a subject and predicate. And just a trivia, in French, every noun has a gender associated with them but unlike English, French do not have neuter gender for inanimate objects. It’s only masculine or feminine. These are only few examples of the differences and similarities of English and French.

Without going into further details, it is no question that if a person can read English, one may easily learn to read French. With the French language worldwide presence there is no shortage of resources in learning French. We can go to libraries and bookstores to look for French – English dictionaries. Owning a good dictionary is a must for anyone who wishes to speak and read French. We can also go online to search for French language tutorials. Plus, there is Alliance Francaise an organization dedicated to promote the French culture and language all over the world, you can visit their website for more details.

Learn How to speak French


Learning how to speak French provides many benefits such as widening one’s social network to French speaking people, applying for jobs that require bilingual speakers ( great pay!) and simply enjoy conversing in a new language. Like any other languages, French has its own unique set of pronunciation since it contains 16 vowels in which some are not commonly used in some dialects. True, there are many regional accents for this language but there is only one version that new learners can study which is understood by all French-speaking people. The language is a bit nasal in pronunciation which seems difficult at first. As a rule, pronouncing French words depends heavily on the spelling; however, French spelling is not much of phonology but history. This makes French as a language quite unique.

There are many ways to learn how to speak French:

1. Subscribe to French language classes online such as bbc.co.uk which gives free lessons that are stimulating especially for beginners. The lessons show short conversations that are essential for non-French speakers such as riding a taxi and finding your way in France. There are other websites that offer similar lessons but do come with a price. Nevertheless, it would be wise to browse different sites to compare prices and services before signing up for a new program.

2. Enroll in actual class in language school near you. Attending a class allows you to actively interact on a more personal level with other learners like you. You win new friends and learn a language which is a great plus towards personal development.

3. Watch French shows online. By doing so, you hear the words as they should be pronounced in real setting. List down word that you find difficult and look them up in an online French-English dictionary.

These are just some of the ways to speak French which could help you begin acquiring fluency. Do not be discouraged as you encounter unintelligible words because this is a challenge posed to all new learners of a language. As mentioned, learning to speak French opens opportunities that is why it highly advised by educators teach foreign language in the classroom. If you enjoyed this article and found this helpful, please subscribe to my RSS.

Learn French Translation


It will never be easy for anyone to translate a language without an extensive cultural background of the language you are trying to translate. Yes, you can translate a language word by word but you will find trouble giving its appropriate meaning after doing so. The point is that Language translation requires a lot of knowledge and understanding.

French culture is not that easy to deal with. With the French people considered to be snobbish and not that friendly people, it is definitely hard to cope and interact with them. Nevertheless, French translation can still be learned but expect to undergo a difficult process.

One can learn French translation from school. Some international schools offer courses on French language. Try to consider enrolling in these schools if you are really interested in learning the language.

You can also get a French tutor who can teach you at the comforts of your home or you can either do it online. French tutors will really be a big help for you because they possess the knowledge of the French culture and you can them to teach the appropriate translation to you. Tutors are most of the times available online. Some work for a company while others are freelancers.

If you do not want to spend some money to learn translating French, you are free to use the internet for language translations. There are varieties of websites available for free online translations. But what if you cannot go online all the time? There are free downloadable softwares in the internet. You can transfer them on your ipod or cellphone, so you do not have to go to the internet everytime there is a word or sentence you want to translate. With this, it will be easier and more comfortable for you to learn French translation.

Learning French translation entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. You need to instill in your mind that you will be undergoing a difficult and long process in learning such. Good thing is that there are lots of methods now. You can even save your self from paying some money by being computer literate. This shows how technological advancement has help people in learning though traditional ways can still be dominant up to this generation.

Learn French Program


The Learn French Program is an amazing way to learn a second language without burdening yourself with boring lessons that makes you give up a minute after starting the program. The Learn French program offered by bbc.co.uk is a great way to learn French online by just logging in and subscribing to the program for free. Users can check their level of proficiency by taking an assessment test which would categorize the level they need to begin with when taking up the lessons. It is also possible to subscribe to Twitter to see the updates of this website; in addition, RSS feeds is also advisable so one is easily informed of the latest news and activities for subscribers.

The 12-week intensive program even for beginners would supply subscribers stimulating audio slideshows and activities that would boost one’s learning since it learning by doing is an effective way of acquiring a skill such as language proficiency. Users would be provided with email regularly that would give subscribers tips and suggestions that would enhance their learning on this program. The French Steps program presents a beginners lesson in taking a taxi which is a common vehicle for transport around France. The lesson begins with a conversation between a passenger asking for a taxi driver to take him to a hotel. After listening to the conversation, the program leads to a quick quiz that checks if one can match the words, the pronunciation as well as the meaning. It is very easy to learn this way! Sounds can be repeated often to validate the way it is pronounced. A learner hears by listening and later gain understanding of French words through actual use of such words in a practical situation. The learn French Program is definitely one of the best ways to gain fluency in French without spending a dime. A second part of the beginner’s program takes you to Talk French where a short clip of a video shows actual situations like friends meeting up on a café. Immediately, the viewer acquires a deeper understanding not only of the words but the culture of the language as well which is important in inter-cultural communication.

Learn French Interactive


French is known to be the language of elite. It is considered to be the most sophisticated language not only because French people pride themselves so much but also of its complicated phonology and syllabication.

French language can trace its roots from Latin. It spread all over the European countries and the Americas and even in some parts of Asia because of the colonial expansion of France. It is said to be the official language of 29 countries all over the world.

Many people today want to add French as one of their spoken languages. They have various reasons in doing so. Some people just want to communicate well with French-speaking people. Most of the people who take French lessons for this reason are businessmen who want to impress their French business partners to encourage them to invest in their company or whatsoever.

Other people prefer to learn French to have a deep cultural understanding of the French people. Language is one of the primary defining factors of culture. Thus, we incorporate new ideas and views within ourselves whenever we learn other languages. It is fun to mingle with other people if you are equipped with the knowledge of their culture. With this, you can feel more worth and satisfaction of communicating with them.

Lastly, French lesson are taken by people who wants to be employed in the countries where people who can speak French are preferred by the employers. Canada and France are the leading countries which opt to employ French-speaking individuals. Consequently, they are two of the richest countries in the world. No wonder why lots of people wants to learn language to earn a living in these countries.

Learning French interactive can be done in different ways. You can do it online from a French tutor. You can also download software from the internet that will help you learn on your own. The important thing in French interactive learning is its application. Whenever you learn any word, phrase or sentence, try to use it in the proper way based on your understanding. It is best to consult other people regarding the correct pronunciation of the words. Learn from them and fulfill your purpose of learning the language. It is fun to learn.

Learn French For Children


Most developmental psychologists would agree that young children have greater capacity to learn a second language. What language could be better than French for children? In the United States, French is widely spoken next to English, Spanish and Chinese. In fact, some states like Maine and Louisiana recognize French as a second language. Children who learn a second language at an early stage ( even as a toddler) can easily be fluent especially if such language is often heard and spoken in the home environment. This leads to natural language acquisition which is the ideal form of acquiring a second language. Chomsky, a prominent linguist whose seminal works in linguistics about Language Acquisition Device asserts that learning a second language benefits most very young learners since language learning follows a pattern. Beginning early learning of French is children is a timely and productive investment for their future.

Exposing children to a second language like French has numerous benefits. Even the European Commission ( EC) itself is promoting the advocacy of learning a second language to its member countries in the belief that this would bring more opportunities in business and employment. Most EC members choose English due to the language’s global accessibility plus the popularity of western books, movies, and pop culture. Nevertheless, French is the second language chosen by EC members since it is a well-recognized language even by the UN. Another good reason why children should learn a second language like French is that studies have been made about increased academic performance of students who acquire a second language. A report in 1992 by College Bound Seniors revealed that learners who at least studied foreign language in no less than four years performed better at verbal section of Scholastic Attitude Test (SAT). This alone is a remarkable information that all parents must keep in mind when considering whether their children should learn a new language. What better language could be more beneficial to children than French? The language is a romance language with nice nasal intonations that children would find amusing as well as beneficial to their future.

Learn French at Home


French is a good language of choice if you would like to expand your skills set to increase your marketability, in business and career. In United States alone, French is the 3rd most frequently used non-English language at homes and businesses. French is a major language where countless of resources available both online and offline. We can always enroll to language schools to learn but if you prefer to learn French at home, here are some tips for you to follow:

Online French Lessons – There are various companies offering French tutorial via skype. You can also google the French basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and verb lessons. To date, there are plenty of French learning software, compact discs and videos being offered online. These modern teaching methods will help as you learn the intricacies of the French language.

Books and Movies – Another important technique in learning French is by listening and reading. Listening and reading does not only familiarize you with the words but will also help your brain to think in French. Read novels like The Princesse de Cleves, Candide, and Le diable boiteux aside from learning French, these books are a good read. French Movies can help a lot, just make sure to turn the subtitles on so that you can also imitate the pronunciation of each words. I recommend watching Amelie and The Perfume Story to tickle your fancy and inspire you to speak and practice French.

Practice speaking and writing in French – What is learning without practice? Nothing. Try to speak French whenever and wherever you can. For example while eating in a French restaurant, say “Je voudrais un café, s’il vous plait” to oder a cup of coffee. Use French proverbs while giving an advice to a friend in need, like “Après la pluie, le beau temps.” Write your shopping list and to do notes in French.

ENJOY- Learning French at home doesn’t have to be a chore. When you enjoy learning you’ll easily pick-up the patterns to learn French at home. Just enjoy the experience and knowledge you are gaining.

How To Learn French Fast


Planning a trip to France? Going to a French speaking country? You will need to learn French fast. When traveling to another country it is better to speak their primary language. Speaking their native language will help you understand the culture and the people of the country you are visiting. It is also a good way of showing them your respect for their culture.

Here are five essential learning French tips to help you speed up your learning curve significantly.

1. Learn the Basics. Start with the French language background, and the common rules of French vocabulary. Learn conversational words or sentences like “bonjour” and “comment allez-vous?” which means “hello how are you?” Listen to French language tapes and French songs. You can also go to a French translation website and listen to the correct pronunciation of French words. Do this on a daily basis, and before you know it you can recognize French words and sounds.

2. Buddy up. If you know someone who can speak French, talk to them in French and better yet ask them to be your mentor. If you don’t know anyone, ask a friend to learn French with you. Learning something with someone is the best way to help you accelerate your learning. After all two heads are better than one.

3. French Dictionary. Use a dictionary to make notes, themed words lists, and flashcards. It is better if you use the flash cards to label everything and organize your house.

4. Test yourself. The best way to memorize if to test yourself. Make a list of the words you’ve learned and try to define each word in French. It is advisable for you and your buddy to exchange essay questions and answer it in French.

5. Have fun. Include games and trivia’s into your education. Make sure you are free from stress when trying how to learn French fast.

There are no magic formulas for learning a new language. It requires time, energy, and patience. With these tips and techniques you will make your French language study quickly and efficiently in time for your vacation.

How Long To Learn French


Learning a language is a natural process. There are several things that can affect the time it takes to become fluent in French. Language is a skill. Others may be good in math, science or music but there are some people who are proficient in languages. Everyone has the potential to learn but some people are more capable of learning a language than others. There are factors that can affect your language fluency.

Geographical location: If you are living in a francophone country you can become proficient in French for over a year. It is helpful in your language proficiency to use French as a primary language. For a person who do not live in a French speaking country and do not use French on a daily basis, it might take more than 6years.

Age: Generally speaking, the younger you are introduced to the language, the better. It gives you more time to practice and understand the language you prefer to study. If you want your children to learn how to speak French it is better to expose them to the language as much as possible. Children have unlimited capacity of learning a language. As they grow they lose their capabilities to learn the sounds and distinguish the words they are not exposed to.

Patience and Effort: These are the main factors that affect language fluency. Fortunately, these are the factors that you have the most control of. If possible, you can enroll in immersion schools. If not, there are other ways to learn how to speak French; get a tutor, enroll to a class – some dedicated students are usually at intermediate level after 2 years and possibly advanced after another year, study everyday – the effort you put into learning makes a big difference. Like every other skill, practice makes perfect.

Learning French is definitely not a question of time or how long to learn. It is sure that you will learn quickly enough if you are dedicated in studying and practicing the language. In developing a full-speed comprehension of the French language simply requires a lot of practice, time and effort.