Valuable Advice For People Engaging In Guided Meditation

Meditation is often the alternative approach sought by most individuals to reduce stress because of the gained benefits. Sounds of a word or a phrase ...


Meditation is often the alternative approach sought by most individuals to reduce stress because of the gained benefits. Sounds of a word or a phrase is often repeated when meditating that brings focus to that sound. Some religious groups claim that chanting in meditation help create a different mind-set since the brain apparently secrete endorphins or natural pain killers that calms down the being of the person. The endorphins also create a ‘natural high’ feeling which testifies to the presence of endorphins working as a result of meditation.

Guided meditation is actively being taught by several religious groups like Mahareshi Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation and Hare Krishna. The technique for guided meditation is joining the group and chanting series of sounds using natural rhythm of breathing. The sound of repeated breathing is akin to natural sounds like flowing water on a brook or even low tones from drums that make a person feel calm. When a certain sound is consistently repeated, vibration is caused since sound is a form of energy. The sound commonly known as ‘mantra’ chanted by people who meditate can seemingly clear the mind from inner noise like guilt, fear or other unwanted thoughts.

A technique in effective guided meditation is uttering a mantra that heighten’s the awareness of a person. This would make them more attuned to the world yet with a calm mind. Normally, the mantra is derived from Sanskrit- a very old Indian language. Traditionally, mantra sounds represents states of consciousness like dreaming that makes meditation effective.

Guided meditation is relaxing because breathing becomes heavy while chanting can create a sense of peace. The body is nourished by oxygen flowing and the mind in a resting state. Effective meditation can be enhanced through the use of music and instructional videos. Music or visual images from videos are used by an instructor that can set the mood for beginning meditation. Music is also relaxing especially when there are soft sound in the background coming from drums or other musical instruments. Some have visual images that can help the mind focus on while chanting the mantra. Guided meditation is easy even on your own using these aids.

The Unique Features Of Tibetan Meditation


Ever since meditation became a beneficial method of calming the mind for millions of people worldwide, numerous literature and materials about meditation flood bookstores today. Individuals starting to learn meditation would highly benefit from understanding the unique features of Tibetan meditation.

There are different types of meditation depending upon its origins but the most common are Chinese, Indian and Tibetan meditation. The Tibetan meditation or Tibetan Chi Kung is actually part of yoga and martial arts practiced by people from Tibet’s remote places. Normally, meditation is reputed to relax both body and mind which is why it is a popular form of stress management. It is quite similar to Chinese meditation in terms of clearing the body of blockages that occur in major parts such as heart, liver, kidney and spleen. Nevertheless, Tibetan meditation has unique properties and is not only used for healing but as a form of connecting with spiritual powers as well.

The concepts behind Tibetan meditation is predominantly Buddhist philosophy that believes in the power of meditation in achieving Nirvana or ultimate peace. Meditation then is not just a relaxing exercise or a healing method that is beneficial for the physical and mental being. Tibetan meditation is basically a way of attaining a spiritual plane that Buddhists desire. Therefore, Tibetan meditation is unique since its practice encompass mind, body and soul as well.

The proper way of beginning with Tibetan meditation is by seeking a quite place where you can’t be disturbed by other people or loud noises. The most preferable part of the day to begin meditating is in the morning when everything is still calm and your mind is free from worries. Begin with a comfortable sitting position making sure that you sit upright. Make your thumbs touch and put them below your navel. Meditate on visual images such as natural landscape so you can focus your thoughts. Repeat this procedure for at least 10 minutes and you would immediately notice the difference in terms of awareness.

People that habitually practice Tibetan meditation have a more heightened sense of awareness and become deeply introspective. One good option to do this properly is by seeking for local Tibetan Buddhists that teach this type of meditation.

Spiritual Meditation: Natural And Effective Stress-buster


The daily grind of modern living cause so much stress for millions of people worldwide. As a consequence, people take sleeping pills since their sleep cycles have been erratic due to stress and anxiety. There is now a higher incidence of depression and anxiety due to stress from daily life. Others cope with the stress through substance abuse such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Ironically, the things that people seek to reduce their stress even causes greater stress that takes toll not on their minds but their bodies as well.

Is there a natural and better solution to calm restless bodies and minds? A way of finding inner peace and satisfaction without taking drugs or medicines? Indeed, there are millions of practitioners of spiritual meditation that attests to the benefits of practicing this technique.

Spiritual meditation is actually a practice of communicating to a higher being known as God. Usually, Christians view spiritual meditation as prayer since there are words uttered known as prayers wherein a person can give thanks, worship or ask for supplications. Similarly, Buddhists practice spiritual meditation by chanting words that have energy. Also, these mantras are good for tuning up one’s breathing as people normally hold all the tension in their chest by doing shallow breathing. Meditation promotes heavy breathing that infuses oxygen and calms the body.

Buddhists and religious people promoted the practice of spiritual meditation since medieval times. Mystics and saints are said to have practiced spiritual meditation since they are praying most of the time which makes them very profound beings. In fact, some people seek the prayers of monks or Buddhists especially when they have a petition or certain need. Individuals that practice spiritual meditation believe that there are things beyond their control. A greater spiritual power above man that people should place their faith in.

Spiritual meditation is personal and special but the key element is relationship with a higher being. There are several CDs, videos and online manuals that can guide you through a meaningful spiritual meditation.

Meditation Retreat :A Refreshing Vacation That’s Truly Relaxing


Globally, a huge volume of travelers trek different places to search for adventures that can refresh tired minds and bodies. Commonly, most travelers are exhausted from the corporate lifestyle and seek out adventures that would relax them. While some people travel to exotic locations like islands or beaches to get a tan or enjoy water sports, a portion of travelers now prefer to have meditation retreat.

A meditation retreat is a special kind of vacation that can be taken by people who are truly interested in not just resting their bodies, but their weary minds as well. Unlike ordinary vacation where one sleeps all day in a room or gets soaked in the sun, a meditation retreat is very much relaxing. For beginners, a meditation retreat is like a time out from the usual strenuous activities involved with any normal vacation. A person enlists himself in a meditation retreat which already has a complete program designed so the stay would be maximized.

Usually a meditation retreat is held in a place or center managed by groups that practice meditation as a way of life. These meditation retreat centers are either in the Himalayas or in a secluded place in a mountain that’s perfect for isolation. Normally, a meditation retreat can last from two days to a week depending on the program. The program is created with activities beginning with an orientation about the type of meditation being practiced in the retreat center. After the orientation, guests would be encouraged to participate in some group sessions for guided meditation. Practicing the acquired skill in meditation is highly recommended especially that most of the areas are created for solitary activities.

The meditation retreat program normally includes meals so you can focus on the activity so it’s hassle-free. The rooms are often cozy and designed for people who need a lot of space so they can free their mind and practice the technique. Meditation retreat centers present their services and profile through their website that provides valuable information about their unique program. People that have chosen to experience a meditation retreat are refreshed, relaxed and happier.

Meditation For Beginners


Historically, the practice of meditation can be traced back from Buddhist monks who chanted mantras for their spiritual connection that begins with a clear mind. Mantras have been traditionally used way back in Vedic times , most of it mainly derived from Sanskrit. Buddhist temples all over the world actively encourage meditation to its followers as the practice promotes well-being as well as a clear mind. In modern life, many people have adapted meditation as a stress management technique especially after a hard day’s work. Health centers and spas offer meditation lessons coupled with Yoga or Pilates. Indeed, meditation is popularly practiced by people today since it provides a lot of benefits that not only clears the mind but energizes the body as well.

Meditation is not actually hard to practice. There are several ways to learn how to meditate properly to get the desired results. A superb way of learning meditation is by searching for religious centers ‘ usually Buddhist or Chinese temples that can teach traditional meditation. In the beginning, it would always be wise to watch first how masters meditate so you would also have an idea of certain rules and practices. Perhaps, asking some questions about the philosophy behind the practice can be helpful too. If there are available sessions that teach beginners, enlist yourself and get immersed in traditional meditation.

A second strategy to gain knowledge in meditation is simply joining a program in a meditation retreat. Orientation is usually given to brief attendees proper techniques that can be applied later. Most retreat centers have a very conducive environment that’s perfect for learning meditation. Upon achieving mastery through constant practice, meditation becomes a daily habit.

Most fitness centers package Yoga classes with meditation techniques. When you accomplish that, you gain two distinct benefits that cost less. However, some individuals prefer to learn alone. There are online videos, books and manuals that can assist a person in learning to meditate. Visuals, good imagery and calming sounds greatly assist in achieving more focused meditation especially for new learners. Learning to meditate on your own is also good but a quiet space is needed in order to do this successfully. Whatever the strategy you choose to learn meditation, you would discover that it’s easy and does provide many benefits to the mind and body.

Meditating While Walking Works Well


Most of the meditation techniques from well known disciplines such as Chinese, Transcendental Meditation and Tibetan are already being practiced by millions of followers worldwideare performed while. Normally, common meditation is practiced while sitting comfortably in an upright manner. It may be new and peculiar but there is a form of meditation known as walking meditation.

Meditation by walking is also focusing one’s thoughts but instead of using images, one shifts the focus to the walking experience itself. One has to be very intuitive and aware in performing this type of meditation since it takes some effort to focus since our eyes are open while walking. As opposite to sitting, the eyes must be closed so the thoughts could be filled with calming images. Walking on the other hand is an activity that engages full awareness since we may trip or stumble if we are not mindful the path we are treading.

A walking meditation begins with selecting a path preferably one that is connected to nature such as a forest or park that can enhance the activity. Having too many people around is quite distracting so choosing a quiet path in a forest , clearing or beach can help enhance the experience. In typical meditation a person is seated ,while in walking meditation the person must have presence of mind since its possible to trip over a rock. According to people who practice walking meditation, this makes their sense heightened since they cannot fall asleep or make the thoughts wonder lest their feet make them stumble .The mind must direct the body where it should go yet the consciousness is focused on the feet.For additional information on how the actual landing and lifting of the foot matters in walking meditation, search for numerous publications online about walking meditation. Usually, some instructional materials have sample music which can be used for this meditation that can enhance focus .

Helpful Items For A Better Meditation


Everyday, millions of individuals manage their stress by meditating at the start or end of the day. Various factors in modern living such as pollution and fast-paced living make life stressful that makes people sick. Meditation as an alternative method in relaxing the body and healing from certain diseases has become a way of life. For this reason, there are hundreds of meditation products available in the market to make meditation more effortless and effective.

Meditation products include meditation music and videos that assist practitioners in focusing on thoughts or images. The meditation CDs have a compilation of music that contains tones from Buddhist monastery like chanting as well as drumbeats. Some meditation music CDs also have in them binaural waves that make the brain relax and help you to sleep. Also, the music have varying musical instruments being played in the background with some white noise or noise from nature that creates a wonderful rhythm.

Aside from the CDs, meditation products include meditation videos for a personalized instruction that details the steps in effective and powerful meditation. Instructional CDs contain valuable information such as the right posture for basic meditation. The right posture and hand positions have a lot to do with aligning the energy flow during meditation so it’s best to watch meditation CDs to correctly proceed with meditation.

Meditation products also include cushions that prove practical and convenient when meditating. Cushions come in different shapes and sizes like zafu ,pranayama ,rectangular cushions etc and they are mostly made of 100 cotton to prevent any allergies from the user. A necessary item for meditation are pillows which allows for a more comfortable seated position.

There are also meditation books that have provide beginners with the philosophy as well as benefits from practicing meditation. Numerous images and pictures of proper meditation are illustrated in the books. Usually, people who meditate are seated for long periods so products like meditation chairs reduce the strain on the back.

Truly, there’s a wide assortment of meditation materials that can assist people who meditate. Some products can be found online particularly health related websites.

Healing Meditation As An Alternative Approach To Battling Diseases


Worldwide, millions of people suffer from a range of sickness that range from colds, flu to the more severe complications and infections caused by bacteria or virus. Pollution and a stressful lifestyle greatly contributes to the prevalence of more complicated diseases that plagues modern man. Most of the time, newer and deadlier forms of cancer strains come out with many doctors perplexed by the cause of such diseases. While people may have resorted to taking medicines as well as health supplements, these are not enough to combat the illness. Medicines are also synthetic and add toxins to our system.

Healing meditation is a form of meditation that focus on improving the well-being of a person whether physically or emotionally. People with nervous breakdown can benefit from healing meditation since the practice itself purges the mind of unhealthy and unwanted thoughts such as guilt, fear and anxiety. Negative emotions are viewed by eastern medicine as elements that contribute to sickness.

Healing meditation has its origins from Tibetan Buddhism. It has long been known that Tibetan people are attached to the earth and utilize its medicinal benefits through herbal plants. Aside from herbal medicines, they also specialize in meditation which not calms the body but also heal as well. In fact, Tibetan Buddhists developed healing meditation that when effectively used, can help people cope with less pain even with terminal illness such as cancer.

It is best to commence a healing meditation in a quiet and comfortable space. One begins with a comfortable seating posture and slowly clears the thoughts of bad thoughts as mantra words are uttered. When one has properly attained the correct breathing along with the chanting, he visualizes an image that may prove healing such as waterfalls or bright light shining. The visualized light can be thought of as a healing ray that heals the sick parts of the body.

Online sites offers a variety of tools that can aid in practicing healing meditation. These aids can assist guided meditation through its calming music and helpful instructions which can enhance focus. Indeed, healing meditation is easy and provides a natural way of supporting your body overcome illness.

Handle Stress Naturally Through Relaxing Meditation


A large amount of people meditate daily as a means of handling stress naturally and safely. Several studies including one made by renowned Harvard emphasize the health benefits derived from meditation. Meditation can be very relaxing since the person has to engage in natural breathing which helps the body to be infused with oxygen properly.

Relaxing meditation can correct that by teaching you how to go with the real and natural way of breathing until your body is accustomed to it. However, breathing is just a fundamental part of having a relaxing meditation. The main idea behind practicing meditation is to free one’s mind from negative thoughts that preoccupies us for most of the day.. That is why towards the end of the day, our energy is depleted and we feel bad about ourselves.One of the best approach in managing such stressful situations is to relax the body and mind using relaxing meditation. The steps are relatively easy so just anyone can have a relaxing meditation by following the procedure:

1. Choose a quite place. Any place that’s quite and comfortable like a small room is ideal as long as you won’t be disturbed. Preferably, the place should be free of clutter and distracting sounds and images. Remember, a relaxing meditation should empty the mind.

2. Seat in a comfortable manner. Keep your eyes closed. Begin with tightening all the muscles in your body, holding it for a few seconds then releasing the tension. Breathing should draw air from the diaphragm squeezing lungs as much as possible.

3. Focus on an image to help you concentrate. Deeply as you clear your mind start chanting a mantra or phrase. Do this for at least twenty-minutes.

A relaxing meditation is relatively easy and provides benefits to our mind by clearing unwanted thoughts. Likewise, meditation aimed at relaxation promotes correct breathing that loosens tight muscles and relax our bodies. Practice the technique during your free time and feel the difference of a more relaxed mind.

A Guide To Transcendental Meditation


Some thirty years ago, one of the most controversial and popular meditation that caught the world by a storm is Transcendental Meditation. As early as the 1950s, this type of meditation was being taught in India by the founder -Mahareshi Yogi. Many individuals got hooked with this technique since they were looking for ways to relieve themselves from the grind of daily living. According to the TM website, a mantra sound is uttered during the 15-20 minute meditation wherein one is sitting with eyes closed. This meditation is practiced twice a day for desired results that claims ‘ supernatural powers’. Not only common people like students started practicing Transcendental Meditation but famous people like Hollywood celebrities and world leaders as well. Most of the followers of this meditation technique came from the United States. Later, the TM institute promoted training of people through the TM Sidhi program who wanted to learn more advanced techniques that included levitation. According to some TM practitioners, the meditation is adequate to create a peace-inducing field which was questioned by a publication that discussed epilepsy.

The roots of Transcendental Meditation could have been influenced by Hinduism. Certain mantra words are believed to have been part of the Tantric tradition according to a new age writer named Williamson while other experts trace back the mantras from the old Vedic tradition in ancient India. The founder himself, Mahareshi Yogi ( who passed away some years ago) claims that using a certain thought or words to connote a thought can be significant since such thoughts have unlocked powers that can be discovered as one learns the discipline of meditation. Furthermore, he advised people that such thoughts have power especially when they become mantras such as oooommm. Fundamentally, this is the keystone behind Transcendental Meditation. For this reason, many individuals became practitioners of meditation hoping that they would acquire positive energy vibrations.

Many scientists and academician doubt TM’s claimed results since there is not much scientific research to support the claims. Indeed, TM is still popular since many loyal followers attest to have derived health benefits from TM that calm both body and mind.