What You Should Know About Plus Size Modeling

Gone are the days where in all models have to be stick thin and light weight in order to land a modeling job. Nowadays, models that are curvier than o...


Gone are the days where in all models have to be stick thin and light weight in order to land a modeling job. Nowadays, models that are curvier than others are ruling fashion magazine spreads and runways all over the world. However, this concept may be relatively new to some especially those who are so used to seeing super skinny models in all the events and magazines that have something to do with fashion. If you are one of them, here are a couple of things that you should know.

Plus size modeling has gained immense popularity over the last few years. This may be because fashion designers and people in general, are starting to feel that super skinny models do not represent real people. Models should not just be able to sell a garment or a product. He or she must also be able to represent the consumers.

Even if the weight requirement for a plus size modeling job is not that hard to reach, plus size modeling is not really easier. Plus size models have to make sure that they work as hard as other models to sell a garment or a product. They also have to be aware of how their body moves during a fashion show so that they can use it to their advantage.

If you want to be a plus size model, it is not enough that you meet the weight requirement. You should also make sure that your entire body is completely proportionate. You don’t necessarily have to lose weight in order to do so. You should just make sure that no body part looks bigger than the other and that nothing stands out in bad way.

Although it is taking the fashion industry into another, more client-centered direction, it does not mean that plus size modeling is just apparent or useful in commercial modeling. More and more high fashion designers are beginning to see the advantage of using plus size models for their shows and campaign. This is why plus size modeling is something that should never be ridiculed or looked down upon.

The Male Modeling Industry at a Glance


The modeling industry has certainly evolved throughout the years. Aside from the rising popularity of using plus size models, the fact that the number of male models are continuing to increase is another living proof that the fashion industry has indeed changed. Gone are the days when the runways are limited to female models.

The female industry has Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford while the male modeling industry has Marcus Schenkenberg and Tyson Beckford. Marcus Schenkenberg is considered by some as one of the world’s first supermodel. He has graced numerous runways and is the favorite of a lot of designers for their ads. Tyson Beckford on the other hand, is a household name. He is undeniably one of the most recognizable and successful male models in the entire world. He has successfully made a transition in the mainstream entertainment industry and has changed the way most people view male models.

Male models basically go through the same process as female models when it comes to finding a modeling gig. They also go to casting calls and they got to have a portfolio. The one thing that makes both industries different though is the criteria that they have to meet. There is a stereotype in the female modeling industry where in as a female model, you have to look like a certain way.

In the male modeling industry, the looks are very versatile. Some branches of the fashion industry like male models that are chiseled, masculine looking and have that aura of a tough guy. Some designers on the other hand, love male models who are more on the metrosexual side. Some designers even prefer those male models that are not that masculine. One thing remains the same though; they have to ooze some level of sex appeal.

As of now, male modeling industries are also beginning to establish themselves. Since there is an increasing demand for male models, a lot of agencies are being established to meet those needs and a lot of existing agencies are making necessary adjustments to be able to take a dip into the world of male modeling themselves.

The Guide to Commercial Modeling


Most models got their high fashion modeling career by starting out as a commercial model. This is because commercial modeling has a lot of ability to expose people that have modeling capabilities. Although a career in commercial modeling can give you an upper hand in the modeling world, it can also pull you down. Here are some of the things that you might want to know.

If you are trying to break into the high end fashion industry, don’t make your demeanor and poses look too commercial. Even though commercial modeling is all about ads and product endorsements, you should put some depth in everything that you do. That way, you will be able to catch the attention of those people that are in the haute couture fashion industry. However, don’t overdo it up to the point that you will not be able to please your client.

If you are thinking of building a career out of commercial modeling on the other hand, you have to invest a lot into your looks. You also have to be centered in nailing the job, no matter what it takes. Not all commercial modeling jobs are serious so you better make sure that you can be versatile. Being versatile is not limited to having the ability to give different facial expressions. It also has something to do with having the ability to match the facial expression with the body language.

Commercial modeling jobs are not that hard to find these days. However, that does not mean that you should just stick to one. Try to book as many commercial modeling jobs that you can so that you can have a very diverse portfolio.

You also have to pay attention to the commercial modeling agency that you should be in contact with. Since there are a lot of people that are trying to break into the world of commercial modeling, you will find a lot of scam agencies. This is why you should always do a background check on your agency. It is also not enough that they are legitimate. They should also be able to do their job properly and land you a slew of good commercial modeling gigs.

The Different Modeling Jobs: Choosing the Right One for You


Supermodels such as Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford did not just become modeling superstars because of their years of experience. They also gained that stature because of the fact that they excel in almost all of the modeling jobs there is. If you are a rookie on the other hand, it is better to first focus in just one modeling job. Here are the modeling jobs that you should consider.

Runway Modeling Jobs – For this modeling job, it is not enough that you have the ability to walk straight. You should also be able to give off a certain aura when you walk. That is the essence of walking with a personality. It is important that you maintain balance in every step that you take and every turn and pose on the runway should be fluid.

Commercial Modeling Jobs – This is one of the most commonly sought after modeling job in the fashion industry. Although the mood of the job is definitely lighter than high fashion modeling, it does not mean that it is easy. You must be able to sell the products without losing yourself. Some professional models even find it hard to make that transition of becoming a high fashion model from being a commercial model.

Not all modeling jobs are for high fashion magazines, cutting edge fashion shows and commercials. Some modeling jobs such as birth death modeling jobs and swimsuit model jobs are easier to book. They are not even that difficult to find. Although most of the time they pay a lot less than other modeling jobs, you can also use them to your advantage by using them as the stepping stone into the fashion industry.

Although there are a lot of modeling jobs out there today, one thing remains the same. You can be rejected more than once. One thing that you have to remember though is that different modeling jobs have different qualifications and criteria. It does not mean that if you get rejected once, you will never ever book a single modeling job. You just have to make sure that every time you get rejected, you will work harder in your next gig.

Runway Modeling Mishaps: Things You Should Avoid


To a normal person, an embarrassing video is nothing but a funny video. To a runway model on the other hand, an embarrassing video is more than just a very funny accident. It can be something that can break a career into pieces. Social networking sites that allow people to pass these videos around effortlessly are not making it any easier either. This is why you should know the things that you should do and the things that you should avoid in order to have an untarnished runway modeling career. Here are some of them.

Practice walking in super duper high heels. Don’t even assume that just because you have already successfully walked once in those super high heels in a fashion show, you will never trip. You have to be aware of the length of the heels that you are wearing. Make sure that you take very step with precaution and grace.

Always stay focused. Most of the time runways models fall down because they are not paying attention to their environment and the dress and shoes that they are wearing. If you stay focused and make sure that you are aware of how long your dress is, then you won’t step in it. If you stay focused, you will still be able think about the every step that you are going to take with those deadly high heels.

If you can take a look at the runway before the fashion show begins, then by all means you should. This allows you to take note of anything that may cause you to trip. Although high end fashion shows are well funded, there are certain circumstances where in the runway is not really that smooth. Either which way, you should always do your best to make sure that you are well prepared for anything that may cause you to fall down.

Runway modeling is all about working the garment. However, don’t lose focus in doing so. Always remember that runway models should have the ability to think about everything all at once, the runway music, the dress, the people watching and their body movements.

Print Modeling Basics: Things to Keep in Mind


Out of all the modeling jobs, print modeling has to be one of the most famous types. Aside from the fact that it includes magazines and fashion spreads, it also includes billboards and online posts.

Although there has been an increase in the demand of print models, it does not necessarily mean that booking a print modeling job has become easier. If there’s one thing, it became tougher since designers and organizers had to amp up their taste and requirement. However, here is some print modeling tips worth remembering.

Print modeling is all about having the ability to paint a thousand words with one picture. Even if the picture or the spread is meant to endorse a product or any other commercial purposes, it does not mean that a print model just has to look pretty in them. It must have some sort of depth. One thing that can help print models keep this in mind is the fact that a lot of people are going to be looking in their pictures and one of those people might be designers that are looking for the right models.

Print modeling not just about smiling at the camera. Each picture should be able to tell a story through the model\s poses and facial expressions. This is why contrary to popular belief, print modeling is nor really a shallow modeling job. It requires more than just hard work. It requires determination and lots of focus.

Print models have to remember that every film counts. Every shot could be the shot that makes it to the spread which is why they have to give their all in every pose. However, they should always remember to take directions. They should follow the art director and the photographer. If the photographer is saying one thing and the director is saying another, it is the print model’s job to fuse them together and make sure that they incorporate these directions into every pose.

Print models should not just rely on other people’s directions either. Print modeling most of the time is ninety percent adlib.

Modeling Basics that Can Help You Start Modeling


There is no doubt that the modeling industry is a very difficult industry to break into. Aside from the stiff competition between the young models and those that are not new to the modeling world, it is also very tough it make a name for yourself. However, all successful people have humble beginnings. There are a lot of ways that you can start your modeling career and here are some of them.

Before you can start modeling, you got to have a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your pictures that are taken by a professional photographer. These pictures can come from your past modeling jobs. Make sure that the photos are versatile. Even if commercial modeling is your strong point, if you have a very elegant editorial picture, put it in there.

Utilize your resources. If you know someone that can recommend you or land you a small gig in modeling, take it. Everybody has to start somewhere so better take any modeling opportunity that you get no matter how small it is.

If you do not know anybody in the business or they cannot land you a modeling job, then it is the time to go to an agency. If you are wondering where to start your modeling career, a modeling agency is the answer. Don’t rely on them too much though. While they are looking for a gig that will suit you best, keep practicing your walk and your poses.

Another way to start modeling is by doing commercials. Some wannabe models think that they should never do any commercial modeling since their target is the high fashion market. They seem to forget the fact that in order for them to achieve that goal, they have to establish a name first and this is one of the ways to do it.

There are a lot of effective ways that you can use to start modeling. However, they will not be that effective if you do not put in any effort and if you are not serious about what you are trying to achieve. This is why it is best to remember that if you want to start modeling, you have to be prepared to work hard, not just look pretty.

Modeling 101: The Basics of Model Casting


One of the best ways to enter the world of fashion and modeling is by going to model castings. A model casting allows you to expand your horizon by meeting other models, managers and a number of influential people. However no matter how many people you meet, you won’t get anywhere if you are a big flop. Here are some tips to help you shine in a model casting.

The first thing that you remember is that when a casting call is announced; always arrive on the venue on time. If you can manage it, go there one hour before the casting call. This way, you get to prepare yourself physically and emotionally. Always remember that model castings are not just grounded on the models’ looks but also their personality. Also, being there earlier allows you to talk to other people that are already there such as the models and the organizers.

Be at your best. Don’t put too much make up when going to model castings though. You have to give that impression that you are a blank but pretty canvass that is very versatile. If you put too much make up, the designer or the organizers will only see the make up, not you.

When it comes to what you should wear, it really depends on what the model casting is for. If it is for a commercial, it is best to know the product that they are planning to endorse and follow the theme. It is for a modeling job, you should be fashionable but not too flamboyant. The best way to do this is by wearing a dress or a get up that is simple yet something that can show off your natural curves.

You should also remember to wear nude color underwear when going to a model casting. During a model casting, designers might want you to wear some of these designs. They certainly won’t make an effort to make it match the underwear that you’re wearing.

Just remember that it is not all about the looks. You have to be conversant and you have to give off that vibe that you are approachable and friendly.

Modeling 101: Modeling Scams You Must Be Aware Of


All people have that hidden desire to become a model or a supermodel. Some are willing to give up everything and give anything to have a shot at becoming a model. This is the reason why there are a lot of people who were able to make a living out of creating modeling scams. This is why if you want to start a modeling career, you have to make sure that you stay clear of these modeling scams. Here are the things that you need to remember to do so.

If the modeling agency is asking for a ridiculous amount of money which they claim is needed in order for them to jump start your modeling career, just walk away. You are the job seeker. You don’t have to spend money in order to earn money. Also, remember that these people have their way of getting into people’s heads so that they will be persuaded to pay. This is why if they are asking for money, they are definitely modeling scams and the best thing to do is walk away without talking to them.

Even established models get scammed which is why you should never think that you will never get scammed. That is how people get scammed in the first place. When going to an agency or a casting, get your head in the game. Don’t assume the best in people and in yourself. Always be open to the possibility of a modeling scam.

If the agency or the organizers cannot name the designer, label or even the company that they work for, don’t even consider taking a single photo with them. Modeling scams are not just about agencies that are asking for money. It is also about people who book models for pornographic projects without immediately informing them. This is why you should never sign anything not unless you are completely sure that everything is legitimate.

There is also a lot of modeling school scams. Some people offer fake modeling courses and charge money inappropriately. This is why when it comes to modeling scams, you should keep an open ear and an open mind all the time.

Choosing the Baby Modeling Agencies That You Should Try


All people have that secret desire to be a model. However, the truth of the matter is that not all people can be models. If you are one of these people, then you have two options. The first one is to find another career and the second one is to live your dream through your baby.

If you chose the first one, then concentrate on that career. If you chose the second one on the other hand, be prepared to go to a lot of baby modeling agencies so that you can succeed. Here are some of the guidelines that you should remember when going to these baby modeling agencies.

Choose a reputable baby modeling agency. If you were given a calling card by a complete stranger who says that their agency is looking for a baby model, do a little research about that agency before going.

Aside from letting you make sure that they are not scammers, it can also give you the information that you will need in order for your baby to get booked. Most of the time, baby modeling agencies are looking for those babies that are super cute and those that are not camera shy. This is why you should train your baby to smile at the camera. If you can’t do so, at least make them feel comfortable around cameras. The best way to do this is by taking your baby’s picture a lot.

Before going to a baby modeling agency, make sure that your baby is well rested and well fed. Avoid everything that can cause him to throw a tantrum. If there is one thing that baby modeling agencies don’t like, its babies who cry a lot more than the others. Since most of the baby modeling agencies is just willing to see potential baby models once, they might think that you baby cries a lot because he cried during the casting. Always remember that you will just have one shot with each baby modeling agency that you will go to. This is why you have to put your best foot forward.