Winter Pool supplies every pool owner must have

Time flies so fast and before you know it, winter is here again. Sometimes, people neglect readying the winter pool supplies when winter comes. Perhap...


Time flies so fast and before you know it, winter is here again. Sometimes, people neglect readying the winter pool supplies when winter comes. Perhaps it’s a good idea to ready your pool as soon as possible because there’s nothing as worse as a frozen pool. In fact, if you let the water to ice or freeze, your pool might get huge structural damages. But, you can avoid all of that with the proper winter pool supplies such as winter pool covers, gas heaters, and heat pumps.

Every winter pool covers come with standard features. Since it is constructed from the most durable materials, this type of winter pool supplies can withstand any kinds of harsh climate features such as snow, cold temperatures, wind, rain and so on. There are different kinds of winter pool covers. First is the automatic pool cover, the term itself gives a hint that this kind of winter pool supplies is automated by an electric motor to be able to open or close the cover. The second kind is the solar pool cover, which actually provides solar energy to elevate the water temperature and lessen heat loss. These winter pool supplies holds the heat from sunlight inside thousands of little sealed air bubbles and transfer that energy to the water of the pool.

An additional equipment that should include in your winter pool supplies is the gas heater. Installing a gas heating system is a smart choice if you use a gas supply. It is commonly used in spas and short term heating requirements. Hence, it can only be used if you plan to take a dip in mild winter season. This system heats is quite fast in heating water than others, so its ideal for above ground pools.

Last but not the least crucial winter pool supply are the heat pumps. This pump acts functions similar to a reverse cycle air conditioning for your swimming pool. It transfers the heat from the air to the pool using a system similar to an air conditioner. Heat pumps are basically easy to install. It’s affordable, compact enough to fit into your filtration system.

What pool owners must know about above ground pool supplies


It is a common fact that many homeowners typically construct above ground swimming pools. When there’s a swimming pool in the backyard, it’s like enjoying summer all year round. They usually choose this option over the in-ground pool because it is economical and it’s easy to install. According to above-ground pool owners, people don’t want to go all through the hassles of uprooting trees, digging a hole on the ground. Maintaining an above ground swimming pool however also entails some costs. That is why it is important also to invest on quality above ground pool supplies.

The first thing to remember is when buying above ground pool supplies is to make sure they are made of good quality. Cost cutting for now may lead to more spending in the future. The only way to have quality pool supplies yet become become cost-efficient is to simply buy first the three basic necessities before looking at other accessories.

The filter pump isbasically an importnat above ground pool supplies. A good filter pump helps in reducing the need to change your water all the time. This instrument saves you money by reducing water bills. The second essential tool is a pool heater. A pool heater allows you to benefit from your pool way even after summer. It is relaxing to bathe in warm waters washing away the stress and fatigue of a hard and strenuous week. The last but necessary supply are cleaners. Chlorinators take charge of the pool’s cleanliness, preventing accumulation of slime inside.

After familarizing yourself with above ground pool supplies, then it’s time to also consider other accessories, such as a pool deck, a ladder and solar pool blankets. A pool deck makes the structure more attractive and inviting. It does promote strength, safety and easy installation for durability and a skid free surface. Ladders are useful for maintenance-free entry and exit above-ground swimming pool. It attaches to the pool and with its deep ladder treads it is safe for climbing. Solar pool blankets serve both as a pool cover and a heating mechanism for above ground swimming pools.

Remember, investment in an above ground swimming pool is an investment for happy times and good memories, buying above ground pool supplies is maintaining that investment for a long time.

Types of Inground Pool Supplies


Summer is a great time to bond with family and friends especially when chilling at the side of the pool at your backyard. Although it’s very normal for a person make the most out of good times, still, one is hesitatant to spend extra for adding more inground pool supplies. So here’s some practical tips that you can follow so summertime fun is endless.

First,you should check which inground pool supplies you currently have. Check if your filtration system is still working or if needs to be replaced. It must be installed near the pool because this makes the filter pump more efficient as it is not necessary to consume more energy to pump the water through the filter with unnecessary long pipes.

Second,make use of your pool cleaner, if you have one included in your inground pool supplies. If you are having problems with it, here are some quick tips on how to trouble shoot them. There should be adequate water to flow past the turbine if it’s not moving. It is also important that the “shoes” – the protective pads at the bottom- are too old and worn and prevent the surface from getting slippery due to algae. If the hose of the cleaner is twisting, it is advisable to straighten them out by leaving it outside for a day until the curls are gone so the hose can be used properly.

After that, it is also a good measure to check if your pool’s walls and floors have protection. The correct inground pool supplies for this purpose is the inground pool liners. It can be bought in different pre-manufactured sizes, but usually supply stores take customized orders that fit your pool requirements. Most of the current inground pool liners are made of high-quality, prefabricated vinyl which is placed to the surface of pool for protection.

Finally, to have a lasting summer fun, having an inground pool supplies heater may possibly prolong your outdoor swimming season for a few more months. There are three varities of inground pool heaters. Whether your pool is in need of a gas-fired heater, electric heat pump or solar pool heater it is available in the market with different sizes and shapes.

Pool supplies pump types you can choose from


When a home has a swimming pool, family members definitely enjoy swimming. It’s a wonderful setting where your family can get together or even entertain guests for a party. But not all people can afford this luxury because they believe that it is very costly to maintain a swimming pool. In reality, maintaining a beautiful swimming pool is easy if you know how to invest on the right equipment like the pool supplies pump.

Pool supplies pump are the most important piece of equipment for your pool maintenance. Sometimes a single pool supplies pump can manage to keep the cleanliness of your swimming pool. These pumps are electronic devices that circulate and filtrate the water of your pool.

However, there are times that people overlook the importance of a pool supplies pump and the difference it can make if added in the swimming pool system. In case you intend to get one for your pool, be familiar with the different types of pool supplies pump. By doing so, you’ll effectively determine what is just right for your needs, specifications and budget.

The most essential pool supplies pump is the Single Speed Pump. It’s popular among pool owners for its affordability and simplicity. To destroy bacteria and contaminants that may harm you and your family’s health, this pump runs with maximum performance. But, the disadvantage of this pump is that it only operates on a single or uniform speed motor.

The other type of pool supplies pump is the Two-Speed Pump. This may look like just a simple upgrade from the Single Speed Pump, but it can be considered cost-efficient because it can easily change its speed levels.

Finally, the top grade quality when it comes to pool supplies pump is the Variable Speed Pump. It delivers the same efficiency like the previous types and affordably priced too. However, this pump can be switched into different speed levels according to your needs. It offers enhanced performance in terms of filtration, chemical distribution, cleaning and the number of swimming loads.

Now, it mainly depends on your decision if you would buy brand new or used pool supplies pump. Finding the right type will draw a lot of advantage for your pool. Just make sure that you’re purchasing a pool supplies pump that suits your needs.

Pool supplies filter equals clean swimming pool


The most rewarding activity on a hot summer day is going for a swim in one’s own pool. However, most people are often bothered by the process of maintaining a clean pool. Swimming pools without proper sanitation system pose as a health hazard to its users. This is where pool supplies filter and pumps come in, they are necessary for maintaining bacteria levels in the water.

Pool supplies filters are responsible for collecting and removing dirt that influence the quality of the water. The dirt is left inside as the pump runs and the water is purified as it flows through the filter. Different types of filters are available. They are Sand Filters, Diatomaceous Earth Filter, and the Filter Cartridges. These pool supplies filter are designed for specific purpose and have different approach in cleaning your water.

Normally, people prefer sand filters making them the most purchased pool supplies filters because they are affordable. This filtration system forces the water to pass through tanks made of concrete and fiberglass that contains a layer of special grade sand. Mainly , gravity pulls the water through the tank and then the sand layer collects the small debris and dirt. A major cons of this type of pool supplies filter is that it requires high maintenance.Nonetheless,a sand filter can last up to 6 years before it needs replacing but it still needs constant maintenance that can be a pain in the back.

On the contrary, a diatomaceous earth filter consists of powder made from fossilized remains of sea organisms. These organisms serve the purpose of filtering even microscopic particles.

Finally, the cartridge filters is the third type of pool supplies filter which uses a paper to filter out particles from the water. These paper cartridges are placed in a filter housing. It is well-known for its hassle-free features like easy to clean. Cleaning is conveniently done by removing the filter and washing it using a hose. These types of pool supplies filters may last up to 5 years as long as it is properly maintained and cared for.

Your personal preferences and idea will help you choose the right pool supplies filter suited for your swimming pool requirements. Anyway, all these filter systems work, it will just depend on your requirement for you to know which type of pool supplies filter you will buy.

Outdoor and sun pool supplies that adds pleasure to your pool


The most ideal time to bask in the sun would be summertime. Similarly, it’s also the most opportune time to buy outdoor pool furniture or sun pool supplies. Invite friends over to your outdoor or sun pool area and make them green with envy. These are great additions will make your pool complete and relaxing.

A Beverage box. While sitting on your poolside with your back to the sun, listening to Katy Perry’s California Girls on your ipod, on a nice warm sunny day, you definitely need something to drink. Now, instead of running inside every time you want to quench your thirst or somebody from your guests needs a drink, purchase a beverage box. This outdoor or sun pool supplies will not only store and keep your drinks cool but it will also serve as a cooler furniture, you can either use it something you can sit on or a surface you can place your things on. They come in different styles and designs which can be very stylish especially if you choose colors that match your pool .

The Deck box. This outdoor or sun pool supplies is similar to a beverage box but it is much bigger and can hold a lot of items like toys, cleaning nets, pool covers or anything you like or need around the pool.

A mini-bar. The deck box is also a good substitute for beverage box. In case where you want an out outdoor bar in your background, you select from a tiki bar or go to a more traditional design with a concrete faced made bar.

Poolside Tables. If there is one outdoor furniture or sun pool supplies that is always overlooked, it is the poolside tables. These small tables are placed right next to the pool, which is very functional as place for phones or drinks making them handy rather than getting in and out of the pool.

A Hammock. The good old-fashioned hammock never fails to attract people to use it. The feeling is incomparable while you’re lying lazily on a hammock next to your pool side with the nice breeze blowing on your face.

Hundreds of these outdoor or sun pool supplies can be found online. For you to save money, try to purchase these items one at a time. Just make sure to remember the advice because without these sun pool supplies, your pool is not really cool.

Learn more about pool and spa supplies


Swimming pools and spas are two modern facilities which can ease the stress from people in a fast paced lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don’t understand that maintaining such facilities is complicated since they need to comply with hygiene and safety. The right pool and spa supplies can greatly ease in cleaning these facilities. If you happen to own any of the two, you know that cleaning a pool or spa regularly is very important. There’s no need to worry though, because maintaining a pool or spa has become much easier with various tools coming up in the market. You will spot a lot of different pool and spa supplies in the market including automatic cleaners, vacuum hoses, skimmers, brushes and other equipments.

The first and most essential swimming pool and spa supply you will need is a filtration system or pump. This filtration system will not only keep harmful and unwanted items from breeding in the pool or spa but it will also keep pools clean. There are also available pool and spa heaters, which can complement your pool and spa supplies if you prefer a warmer swimming pool. It operates like a common pump but whenever it allows the water in, it begins heating the water which would be released into the swimming pool.

Another much needed pool and spa supplies are pool cleaners and chemicals. It can help clean and maintain water in the pool. Vacuums and nets are classified as cleaners; it is mainly utilized to collect dirt and debris from the bottom and skimming the surface of the pool. Chemicals on the other hand are used to stabilize pool and spa water for a more hygienic and bacteria free environment. The commonly used chemicals for swimming pools are bromine, chlorine, algaecide and shock. Now, if you are uncertain on how to maintain chemical levels, you may buy an automatic chemical dispenser. Along with the chemicals you should check the water quality on a regular basis, which makes a test kit or testing strips essential.

Swimming pool and spa supplies are necessary in having safe,hygienic, clean operation and maintenance which results to having crystal blue water. However, though there are many swimming pool and spa supplies available, you just need to get the ones that you need and you should also consider your personal budget before splurging on these equipments.

Getting a little help from saltwater pool supplies to make your pool salty


Pool owners can make a different twist by having a salty swimming pool. In comparison with the regular chlorine-treated pool, a salt water swimming pool is actuallly easier to maintain and yet provide a different swimming experience. The only thing that a salt water pool needs are basic saltwater pool supplies to make sure that the salt swimming pool performs its function to the fullest.

In saltwater pool, the first saltwater pool supply that is required is chorine generators. The chlorine that is produced by this generator is different from the chlorine that is being sold at swimming pool supply shops. It doesn’t have the additives that are included in swimming pool chlorine tablets. This equipment includes the power supply and another saltwater pool supply called the salt cell. The salt cell is the small chlorine production facility, plumbed along with the existing pool equipment system.

In a salt water pool, chlorine is not a requirement. Instead, a saltwater pool supply called pool salt, is added instead which is actually like soft water salt. Electrolysis would be the next step for the water This converts the chlorine portion of the salt into a sanitizer, suitable for killing bacteria, algae, viruses and other organisms that grow in pool water that is left untreated and unclean. Due to this saltwater supply, a pool owner rids of the expenses associated with buying chlorine for the pool. This is very possible for many years without having to add additional salt to the pool water.

The saltwater pool supply that is added to the pool water is pure, natural, evaporated ocean salt. It is also necessary to add another saltwater pool supply called muriatic acid to the water once a week. Muriatic acid is a combination of mineral acid and salt.

Swimming in a pool with saltwater pool supplies is actually less harsh to the skin and hair than chlorinated pools. Hair is not affected by the chlorine, thus it does not tend to have a green tinge. Also,skin feels smoother and softer in a salt water pool.

The saltwater pool, as long as saltwater pool supplies is used, it can be less costly to maintain than a traditional pool. It provides a lot of benefits for the body and of course for the wallet.

Choosing the right kind of pool maintenance supplies


Keeping a pool clean and letting it stay that way used to be a complicated process. It has become a less complicated process nowadays due to the available high quality pool maintenance supplies. Tools such as pool vacuum heads, pool skimmers and pool brushes are included in this list. Sometimes these tools are specialized for a specific task like clear-view vacuums, leaf skimmers, telescoping poles, wall brushes, telepole replacement clips and skim tools for dirt. However, you may not require all of these pool maintenance supplies, so here’s a good list of the many items that you should include.

1. A good test kit. Owning a good test kit over a cheap basic water testing kit will save you a lot of money. Water chemistry or the chemical levels in the water is the most important thing when maintaining a swimming pool. It is important to establish a regular schedule of checking the chemical levels in the water and high quality testing strips can aid you in doing this regularly.

2. A suitable 18 inch nylon wall brush with metal back This is necessary when brushing the pool surface like the walls and floors regularly to avoid algae build up.

3. Telescopic pole.Never settle for a cheaper pole as it is brittle, bends easily and quickly break. There are two choices available: a 6-12 foot or an 8-16 foot model as long as the quality is good.

4.A leaf rake. A leaf rake or skimmer is useful for cleaning the water surface of the pool. These pool maintenance supplies are essentially important and should be always around to easily remove leaves that fall on the water’s surface. Good type of skimmers and rakes do often come with a standard bag or a fine mesh material.

These items or pool maintenance supplies should always be accessible in case there are unexpected circumstances where your pool needs cleaning. The following suggestions about pool maintenance supplies will assist you in maintaining your pool conveniently. Now, there maybe certain reasons why you can’t clean your own pool then you might as well outsource the job tocertified pool cleaning experts. Pool maintenance supplies can be a little expensive but this will surely ensure the cleanliness of the pool.

A clean pool largely depends on pool cleaning supplies


It is mandatory for swimming pool owners to have their pool regularly cleaned. The water must be always clean and hygienic to so water borne diseaseswould not contaminate the pool. Keeping the pool clean is now more efficient since pool cleaning supplies are avaible from most online stores aside from suppliers. There are a lot of pool cleaning supplies ranging from cleaning tools like vacuum heads, skimmers, brushes and chemicals. They are essential items in pool maintenance.

One of the most important pool cleaning supplies is a good water test kit. Water chemistry should be regularly checked and is one of the most important things to maintain. Maintenance of ph balance and proper total alkalinity levels are of great importance. The availability of testing strips can help test the quality of water.

One major type of pool cleaning supply is a good telescopic pole. Telescopic poles are created to perfectly fit pool vacuums, leaf rakes, skimmers and wall brushes to provide greater reach and easier handling.

Swimming pools need constant brushing, so it’s important to have a good wall brush. This practice serves as the first line of defense against algae. These wall brushes can made from nylon, stainless steel or a combination of both.

Leaf rake or skimmers is another pool cleaning supply that is required by pool cleaners. They are designed to deal with pools which have leaf problems and prone to dirt. Typically, high quality skimmers have a mesh or a bag that which can efficiently collect debris.

Lastly, get an automatic pool cleaner. This pool cleaning supply collects sediment and debris from both types of pools. They are very easy to use since they don’t require anymore any manual cleaning and these devices require minimal human contact. Once it is properly installed, you can rest since it would do the work it is designed for.

The other pool cleaning supplies are water care products such as sanitizer, balancing chemicals, fungal treatment chemicals, stain treatment/ prevention products, clarifiers, oxidizers and sanitizers.

It is important to have the right pool cleaning supplies to maintain your pools to its crystal blue and sparkling appearance. Thus it can be employed and enjoyed whenever the feel and the need arises.