What You Need to Know About Training Racing Pigeons

Although pigeons are relatively smaller than the other animals that are normally trained for racing purposes, it does not mean that training racing pi...


Although pigeons are relatively smaller than the other animals that are normally trained for racing purposes, it does not mean that training racing pigeons are easier. If you want to get into this business, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time with your pigeons and do a lot of hard work. However, all of the time and hard work that you will put into it will go to waste of you do not train your racing pigeons properly. Here are some of the things that you need to know about training racing pigeons the right way.

It is actually better to train pigeons that are right about the same age. You have fewer things to think about and take care of since they are still at a point where in all of your pigeons require the same level of attention and care. This allows you to focus on other aspects of training racing pigeons such as noticing their weaknesses and taking note of their progression.

It is also best to start training your racing pigeons two weeks after they have begun ranging or routing. This way, they are still at their peak of learning how to find their way home and exercising their bodies.

There are a lot of factors that you should consider about training racing pigeons. The first factor is the health of all your pigeons. You should always monitor any existing infections and health conditions. Aside from the fact that it can infect your other pigeons, this can affect their performance no matter how little or unobvious their health condition may be.

Another factor that you should consider is the time of the day when you will be training racing pigeons. The things that you should avoid are the weather conditions that may prohibit them from seeing and flying properly. Some of these weather conditions include rain, fog and strong winds.

One more thing worth remembering about training racing pigeons is developing a training schedule. This allows you to develop the mind set of your pigeons so that they will be easier to train.

What You Need to Know About Racing Pigeon Traps


If you are new to racing pigeons, then you might think that racing pigeon traps is an inhumane way of catching racing pigeons so that you won’t have to buy one. However, the truth is actually very far from this statement. Racing pigeon traps are actually essential to ensure that you can take care of your pigeons for a longer period of time. Here are the things that you need to know.

Racing pigeon traps are built so that you can let your pigeons fly freely without having to worry too much about them not returning. They are called traps because they are designed in such a way that once they get push their way inside, they won’t be able to push themselves out on their own. This way, once they get to their loft, they will stay there until the next day. You will get to prevent your pigeons from flying off when they are not supposed to and you can ensure that they will get plenty of rest after flying.

There are two ways that you can acquire a racing pigeon trap. You can either buy one or build one yourself. Although building one is definitely cheaper than buying a trap that is already finished, better think about it wisely. In order for the trap to be effective, you have to build it accurately. If you were not able to build it properly, your racing pigeons might wander off when they are not supposed to and never come back or get locked up in the trap or loft for a long time.

The main thing that you have to think about with regards to these racing pigeon traps is that they are very important in making sure tat you get to train your racing pigeons properly. They are also very important in the sense that it ensures their survival. This is why you have to make sure that you build the trap properly or at least buy one that is cheap yet safe and effective. Having one does not also end the ordeal. You have to maintain it and make sure that it is always clean and working.

Things You Need to Know about Racing Pigeon Strains


One of the best things that you can do to help you prepare before entering the world of racing pigeons is to know the basics about racing pigeon strains. Although ensuring that you are familiar with some of them guaranteed a better shot at winning, you don’t have to necessarily memorize every single thing about these strains. All you have to know are the basics so that you won’t be left in the dark. Here are some of the things about racing pigeon strains.

There are two types of racing pigeon strains, the pure and the mixed. It is quite difficult to find a pigeon that is from a pure strain since most of the time, they are just bred by a small number of really dedicated breeders. Finding and identifying a pure strain pigeons to start a lineage is also a very hard task. Almost all racing pigeons nowadays are from mixed strains.

If you are planning to buy a racing pigeon to start your team of racers, make sure that you know its breed. After knowing its breed, do a little research about it. Don’t rely on the idea that different pigeons have different personalities because even if they do, they will still have that basic personality that is provided by their genes.

If you are thinking of getting yourself familiar with the different racing pigeon strains before actually buying a bird, then good for you. Although they are many, it definitely does not hurt to know a little about them before making your pick. What you have to remember though is that you should not only look at the different abilities of these racing pigeon strains. You should also know their level of stubbornness and other bad habits and traits. Getting a winning racing pigeon strain does not automatically mean success.

Each racing pigeon strain is different from the other. In the case of a mixed strain, consider the fact that the abilities and bad habits of each strain involved may be present in that pigeon. This is why you should do your research even if your racing pigeon is pure or mixed.

Things to Think About When Buying Racing Pigeon Supplies


Choosing the right racing pigeon supplies to buy can be extremely difficult. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of varieties to choose from, some of these varieties are not as effective as others. This is why taking your time to consider the supply that you will purchase is very important. During this time, here are some of the things that you might want to think about when it comes to buying racing pigeon supplies.

It is always best to go all natural. There are feeds and supplements that are made of natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful, man made chemicals. Although some of these racing pigeon supplies can be more costly than the others, the results are actually better. You will start to notice that your pigeons are livelier and they have higher endurance. There are even some natural racing pigeon supplies users that say that their pigeons look healthier after week of usage.

Choose the oils and supplements that contain the right vitamins and essential nutrients for your racing pigeons. Some racing pigeon supplies claim to make pigeons perform better but when you look at their content, they only have one kind of nutrient. This is why when choosing these kinds of racing pigeon supplies, it is best to look at the actual content. Don’t just read the about the benefits that these racing pigeon supplies claim. Take a deep look at the ingredients that these products are made of.

When it comes to the bathing supplies, you should make sure that they are completely safe. There are lots of racing pigeon supplies that contain harmful chemicals for both pigeons and humans so choose the product that you are going to buy carefully. Also, this is the right time to look at the benefits. Some bathing supplies are not strong enough to get rid of any parasites or eliminate infections. However, there are others that are too strong. They are so strong that they can make the feathers of your pigeon fall off. The best way to prevent this catastrophe is by analyzing all of the racing pigeon supplies that you are planning to buy.

The Guide to Racing Pigeon Health


Getting into the racing pigeon business is definitely easier said than done. However with hard work and focus, you might just have a shot. One thing that you have to pay particular attention to however, are the tips and tricks that you can do to ensure perfect racing pigeon health. Here are some of the things that you ought to know.

Be aware of the racing season. Although you have to make sure that your pigeons are in perfect shape all year round, you have to pay close attention to the racing pigeon health once the racing season is near. Birds just like other animals are instinctive. This is the time where in you must pull out all the stops to make sure that they are prepared by having a clean bill of health.

When you say pulling out all the stops, it means making sure that their hygiene is being closely monitored. There are plenty of soaps and bath salts for racing pigeon that gets rid of parasites and actually prevents them from coming back or infesting your pigeons in the first place.

The racing pigeon health is something that you should never take for granted. Clean out the feeders and the loft regularly. Don’t wait for them to get dirty. This is one of the best ways to ensure a perfect racing pigeon health by preventing the occurrence of a disease earlier on.

There are also feeds and supplements for racing pigeon health. These items have immune system boosters and they contain all the necessary vitamins for a strong body system. Some of them can be quite expensive. This is why you have to look carefully at their benefits and their ingredients to make sure that you won’t get ripped off.

Make sure that your pigeons have access to clean water twenty four hours a day, even during the time when they normally sleep. You also have to keep an open eye for contagious diseases. If an epidemic breaks out, the rest of your pigeons will be in jeopardy. Be aware of the contagious pigeon diseases and their symptoms so that you will be able to immediately tell if one of your prized possessions have it.

The Basics of Racing Pigeon Breeding


If you are thinking of entering the world of racing pigeon breeding, it is best to equip yourself with the right knowledge before diving into anything. Not only will it make you win races, it will also ensure that you won’t put the life of your pigeons in jeopardy. Here are some of the things that can help you become successful in racing pigeon breeding.

Choose the right group of pigeons to take care of. These pigeons should be able to fly long distances. You don’t even have to wait for them to take flight in order for you to figure out if they’re the right pigeon to get. You just have to look at their anatomical structures. Two of the anatomical structures that you can look at are their eyes and chest. If their eyes are perfectly centered and they have a firm chest then that means that they are good aviators of their body.

Consider the type of breeding system that you would want to use. When it comes to racing pigeon breeding system, there are three types, the cross breed, line breed and the in breed. Before choosing one though, you have to look at each of them carefully. After having a firm grasp of the basics, you should then consider the type of pigeon that you have from their attitude to their built.

Another thing that you got to have a firm grasp of is the diseases that you are most likely to encounter. Racing pigeon breeding is all about taking care of these pigeons properly. One way to ensure their safety is by doing everything humanly possible to stop these diseases from developing and infecting other healthy pigeons that you have. Most of these diseases are caused by not taking care of pigeons properly or adequately.

There is definitely a lot to read about racing pigeon breeding. This is why most people are intimidated by it. However, you should not let this intimidate you since all types of breeding are hard. It is only the hard work and dedication that you are willing to put into it that can make it easier.

Racing Pigeons 101: The Racing Pigeon Loft Designs


Although your racing pigeons might not exactly be looking for a loft that is designed by an interior designer, this does not mean that you can just do whatever you want with the racing pigeon loft. The loft actually plays a very important part in your racing pigeon’s life. It does not just determine your pigeons’ survivability but also their performance. This is why you should put some serious thought into the racing pigeon loft designs that you will use. Here’s what you need to know.

All racing pigeon loft designs depend on the place where you are going to build your loft. The loft should be far from bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. This is because these places have high humidity which is not exactly ideal for all racing pigeon loft designs. A loft that is placed in an area that does not receive any contact with the rays of the sun at any time of the day is also not ideal.

When it comes to creating the blueprints of the racing pigeon loft designs that you are going to choose from, make sure that they all have a good air circulation system. This means strategically placing small windows so that your racing pigeons will not be suffocated without them having a shot at escaping.

The racing pigeons loft designs should also be able to maintain a temperature of anywhere between ten to thirty degree Celsius. This also depends on the structure of the loft so make sure that the design will accommodate the right amount of humidity and temperature.

Lastly, when picking out from the list of possible racing pigeon loft designs; you should pick the one that is easy to clean. Even if your loft is well ventilated and is in the right temperature, if it is not clean your pigeons will still get sick. The design should not be too intricate and complicated that you won’t feel enthused to clean it regularly.

All racing pigeon loft designs have its own sets of pros and cons. This is why you should take your time into choosing the design.

Pigeon 101: Racing Pigeon Food Basics


When it comes to taking care of your pigeons, it is always a good to move to make sure that you buy the best racing pigeon food. However, just how do you differentiate good pigeon foods from those that are less effective? Since there is a lot of raising pigeon food to choose from, it is quite easy to get lost in all of the choices. Here are some tips that can help make the right choice.

The best racing pigeon feed does not have to necessarily be the most expensive feed. Instead of looking at the price, you should look at their health benefits. Looking at the health benefits is always a good way to tell if it is going to be the product that can fit your needs. Different feeds have different benefits. It is better to analyze your needs before buying racing pigeon food.

It is always a good choice to choose organic racing pigeon food. Aside from letting you go green, it also ensures that your pigeon is free from harmful chemicals that some feeds may contain. Always take a look at the ingredients. If you are not familiar with one of the ingredients, do a little research on what that ingredient is. Although pigeons are not as delicate as other animals when it comes to the food that they eat, they are in no means immune to any irreversible conditions that can be induced by man made, artificial chemicals.

If you are still unsure when it comes to the racing pigeon food that you are planning to buy, it is always a wise move to ask other pigeon breeders. The best way to know if a racing pigeon food is actually effective is by using it. This is why getting the opinions of others when it comes to a brand of racing pigeon food is a very good idea.

The main thing that you should remember about racing pigeon food is that you should feed your animals in moderation. Make sure that you don’t feed them too much. If you do, you’ll end up making them heavier than they are supposed to.

Long Distance Racing Pigeon: How to Choose the Right One


It is not that easy to choose the right long distance racing pigeon that you should take care of. Since there are a lot of pigeon breeders that are sprouting like mushrooms, it is easy to get lost. However, all you have to do is be aware of the things that you should look out for when you’re looking for the one and you should be just fine. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

The first thing that you have to know is that in order for you to win, you should choose the right type of pigeon. When choosing a long distance pigeon, it is best to get the pigeon that does not get into fights with other pigeons. This is because it is a sign that they are planning for their flight which is a very good trait for a pigeon to have.

You also have to take a deep look at the body type of the long distance pigeon that you are planning to buy. It is best to get the pigeon that has a set of eyes that are centered and a head that is rounded. You should also consider a pigeon whose eyes are bright since these pigeons are known to breed well.

A pigeon that does not have a short neck is also good. This allows the pigeons to be good flyers. They will be able to travel father than other pigeons which is the main thing that is needed when you are planning to get the perfect long distance racing pigeon.

Before buying a long distance racing pigeon, you should first assess their chest strength. The best way to do this is by putting your index finger between the first knuckle of the wing and the rib cage. Your finger should leave an indentation.

Also, it is best to look at the wing of the pigeon that you are planning to buy. It is best to choose a wing that is wedge shaped. It is should also be strong so that your long distance racing pigeon would be able to fly high and travel longer distances.

Effective Pigeon Racing Tips worth Knowing


Training racing pigeons can be quite tough especially if you are new to training animals. However, there are pigeon racing tips can help make things easier for you. You don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars on training manuals and videos that do not even contain half of the things that you need to know about training racing pigeons. Here are free and effective pigeon racing tips that you should be aware of.

It is best to buy all the things that you will need before actually getting a pigeon. Buy basic pigeon feeds and loft. However, you have to allot time to think about the supplements that you are going to buy. There are a lot of supplements that promise to achieve a lot of things but do not deliver in the end. It is best to ask other people for pigeon racing tips regarding these supplements.

One of the best pigeon racing tips that you should keep in mind is to never overfeed your pigeons. Contrary to popular belief, pigeons are very lovable creatures. This is why can be quite easy for you to treat them like ordinary house pets and feed them as much as you want. This is where you draw the line. Racing pigeons have to be in tip top shape in order to win.

Invest on products that can prevent parasites, infections and other diseases. This pigeon racing tip will not only make your pigeons healthy, it will also make them perform better. There are a lot of pigeon bath salts and oils that can prevent pigeon diseases and infections. Just remember to analyze each product carefully to make sure that they are not too strong.

Another racing pigeon tip that you have to keep in mind is to perfect the art of letting go. You should anticipate that some of your pigeons might not come back after setting them out to fly. They can either be eaten by predators or caught by other people. In this case, this should not deter you from taking better care of your other pigeons.