Why Start A Resume Writing Business?

Are you familiar of the fact that millions of individuals look for jobs daily? In reality, many of them navigate the internet and try to find for avai...


Are you familiar of the fact that millions of individuals look for jobs daily? In reality, many of them navigate the internet and try to find for available job posts that can perhaps give them a good break. In addition, these applicants are obliged to submit resume that must be professional-looking as most job industry is highly-competitive. Although there are many books and materials that can possibly assist job applicants in equipping them with resume writing skills, many would still not risk creating their own resume. This is a very good chance in creating your own resume writing business that could make some extra cash for you.

Before starting up your own resume writing business, it is helpful to understand why people simply don’t write their own resume. By clearly understanding these reasons, you would be more attuned to accommodating requests from potential clients once you have your own resume writing business. The following list gives you a detailed explanation why people would rather have you write their own resume:

1. Poor writing skills – A lot of people hate writing as it takes some skills to be able to write well. Besides, resume writing requires a more systematic form of writing so that experience, work and educational background, qualifications, as well as other relevant information must be presented very well so that potential employers would be impressed. A resume writing business is ideal for this purpose since good writers are often hired to do the writing. As a result, the clients are guaranteed of a good output.

2. Lack of time – A few people simply do not have the time available for writing. Most probably they are preoccupied improving their skills related to their job by attending seminars or training. Perhaps, they are also too busy networking and establishing contacts that can provide them better job opportunities. Due to this, a resume writing business is considered necessary since they really need someone who can immediately provide them a good resume. Furthermore, these people don’t have the time to spare to learn about word processors just to produce a good resume.

The economy is definitely still recovering so there is a huge demand for jobs and that’s what makes resume writing business so timely.

Varieties of Resume Writing Software


While there are so many people who are required to write their own resume everyday, majority of them are still anxious when doing so. These people have good educational background or highly-specialized training but still feel uneasy when it comes to listing down their achievements and experience. Resume writing should really be done with caution as it would make a lasting impression to possible employers. Poorly-written resume can have bad implications so that is why resume writing software is an important tool one must have nowadays.

Resume writing software makes life more efficient since all the user has to do is input data or information and voila! Resume is created in a flash. Although some people could reason out that they can use a word processor like MS word, still being unfamiliar with the features pose a lot of problems especially when formatting the page lay-out. Unlike resume writing software, there’s a template that has been specially created so user need not exert much effort in creating professional looking resume.

There are various types of resume writing software that is made according to one’s requirements as well as budget.

Resume models. These are guides that provide a minimum of ten examples of resume that may be used with a word processor so that you can create a refined resume.

The samples are somewhat effortless to alter and will not make it hard for people who are not confident in their resume writing skills.

Typical resume writing software This sort of software is generally available in the internet and can be be purchased for around 20 bucks. However, some top-line brands do sell for at least $50.00 since it has premium features such as salary negotiation, jobs agent, online interview simulation and video advice.

Regular software has the ordinary features like resume editor, customized resume depending on the profession, email compatibility to various programs, contact manager, and customized resume writer. You simply have to buy the software and download it.

Resume writing software really makes life easier by making excellent resume that will help you get your target job. It’s easy to choose from different types of resume writing software, all you need is a click!

Tips In Writing College Resume


Numerous individuals consider resume writing as something that people who need a job do. While this is definitely correct, another kind of resume writing skills is required: writing college resume. Most of the time, college resume writing requires refined skills in writing as the resume must be free from grammatical errors as well as typos. It must also be professional looking and not a biography of a person.

The main objective why one should polish skills in writing college resume is that this piece of document can be your stepping stone to future opportunities. College is not just a phase of learning but also a time when one can start testing the waters by applying for jobs that can be part-time or seasonal. You also need to consider possibility of applying for study grants, scholarships, financial assistance and internships. There are just too many possibilities in college life that is why polishing skills in writing college resume is an advantage over other students.

In order to have a cutting-edge over other students, consider the following helpful suggestions that can polish your skills in writing college resume:

Summarize all the credentials that you have. Many college students are taught in writing college resume to state their objectives, which is a brilliant idea. Nevertheless, possible employers or companies are more concerned in knowing more about your qualifications like skills as well as other tasks you are capable of. Do not forget that during this time you are still inexperienced and therefore leadership qualities and also soft skills like writing, negotiating, and interpersonal skills are crucial.

Clearly say you educational background. Polished skills in writing college resume reflect on how education was prioritized above other things. Brilliant GPA scores suggest that you are paying attention to your studies while being holistic on other special activities.

Apart from that, skillful students are potentially skillful employees too who can be an asset to any enterprise.

Be thorough when saying other job experience. This could include volunteering in an institution after class hours or working part-time in a diner. Writing college resume takes into account other personal work background that can show how you properly manage your time.

College life is has certainly plentiful in great opportunities but only those with honed skills in writing college resume can attain that pot of gold.

Technical Resume Writing 101


Resume writing is a crucial task for majority of the people in the world. Primarily most individuals in the world are employed or is seeking employment because not all people have the ability to own a business. Still, resume writing has a more extraordinary niche known as technical resume writing. Usually, technical resume writing is done by people who have specialized skills in technical areas like information technology. In fact, the number of people becoming IT professionals is rapidly growing. Therefore, IT graduates need great tips in technical resume writing to give them advantage in a highly-competitive field. Read on and get ahead in your industry:

Present your technical skills in an organized manner. You may be a genius programmer or financial wizard but it doesn’t matter if you have poor technical writing skills. Enumerate all your special skills with your strengths emphasized in the list. If you are good at Linux programming then highlight that and include all tasks, knowledge and programs related with it.

Include your educational background and also trainings that are pertinent to the job you are applying for. It is essential that employers become aware of your educational background to show to them that you are suitable for the job. It is advisable that you list down your job experience according to its relevance to the one you are applying for instead of presenting them in a chronological order.

Put down in quantitative terms your achievements. This is another useful advice in technical resume writing. At every chance you get, quantify things by stating them into figures. If you have been a major factor in lowering the costs in your department by 25%, then include it. If you happen to be an efficient programmer, just write down exactly number of codes you have written or debugged as well as time involved in finishing a hard project. Remember that employers calculate the numbers as they want know how productive and efficient you could be.

Last but not the least, make certain that you review your resume for errors which serves as the finishing touch in technical resume writing. A flawless resume with no grammatical errors would land you soon on your dream job.

Resume Writing Objective 101


The significance of having an excellent resume must not be disregarded because it can spell the difference between getting the job and being unemployed. Enhancing one’s resume writing objective can be very hard mainly if the applicant does not have a clear set of objectives in mind. While a resume may include an excellent summary of qualifications that an applicant has, nevertheless a person who lacks skills in resume writing objective may not get the job.

Usually, potential employers browse over the cover letter then reads the attached summary with a brief look over the objectives stated. When an applicant is not keen over improving his resume writing objective skills, then there’s a probability that the employer may get confused or have mixed messages.

In order to have a professional looking resume, it is extremely important that an applicant polish skills in resume writing objectives. The objectives are crucial since it presents to the potential employers a brief summary of your profile and career objectives.

Resume writing objective needs to zero-in at the job that the applicant really wants to have. Poor resume writing objective skills may indicate an objective that says “any position that fits my skills” which is not recommended. Additionally, brilliant resume writing objective skills imply a good statement that suitably matches the applicant skills to the job being applied for. Of course there may be circumstances when the applicant can alter his or her resume writing objective statements particularly if the resume is to be put up online at certain job sites.

It is also important to write the objective as concise as possible and it needs to sound clear and focused.

Proficient resume writing skills develop the total look of the resume since clearly stated objectives set direction to the application. Most importantly, these objectives must be located at the start of the resume. Once the objective becomes too wordy, then the HR person screening the application is either confused or feels misled by the objectives.

Getting your dream job can be stimulating only if you have refined resume writing objective skills. It is the first impression that really lasts so enhancing one’s skills in resume writing specifically in stating objectives is vital.

Making Use of Resume Writing Services


Resume writing is a task that often terrifies many people as not all have good writing skills. Whereas there are some persons who can naturally write down their own excellent resumes, there are also others who are worried when producing their own. The reason for this is that resumes must not be taken for granted because it provides the first impression that most potential employers would have of an applicant. Aside from this, resume writing involves using a word processor that can be rather complicated especially for those who are not proficient in tinkering office applications. There is only one solution to this dilemma: availing resume writing services.

Resume writing services are mostly available online. In fact, there are many companies nowadays offering quality resume writing services that can produce a well-polished and professional resume personalized for you.

Resume writing services provide a major advantage to applicants since they usually have a roster of professional writers dedicated to modify, polish, edit and produce a professional looking resume that even the owners can’t recognize their own resume. Generally the procedure starts off with selecting from particular types of experience level like entry-level, professional, military, federal, or career change level. There’s a group that signifies the level of experience that you are under. This removes guesswork out of the equation and goes direct to the point as to which particular type of resume you need. This allows the resume to become very personalized and presentable.

Resume writing services are swift and can be relied upon. Some testimonials are usually posted in their website to demonstrate how pleased their clients have been. Of course, the benchmark of performance is the hiring rate. Some testimonials even state that their resume had been approved by many companies. Furthermore, a few resume writing services certify the resume that they create. Poorly written resumes can be edited as part of their quality service.

Lastly, some top resume writing services even offer posting your resume in job sites. This is absolutely a great way to improve your visibility with the help of resume writing services. So do not lose sleep over your resume and utilize resume writing services and see the difference it would make on your career.

Guide On How To Write Resume


One of the most needed skill that a person must have is knowing how to write a resume. Being knowledgeable on how to write a resume is a requirement for almost any individual as it’s unlikely to obtain a job without such skill. A good resume serves as the primary and best representation of an applicant to a potential employer. It is usually the best impression that an applicant would ever present to a potential employer. Sometimes, talented people are simply not hired because they miss out on learning how to write a resume. The following practical tips would teach you how to write a resume:

1. Tell the truth. Most of the time, applicants would try to hide a period wherein they were unemployed which is not advisable. It is standard for most companies to conduct a background check by contacting other companies that an applicant has worked for. Simply put, be truthful about your employment history. Honesty is a virtue that employers value among applicants even today. In addition, do not declare any skill or task that you do not actually have with since the interview produre may involve presenting such skills. It would not only be humiliating but a reason for denying your application as well.

2. Write in a professional manner. A professional resume includes a brief overview of your work experience and a professional email-address. Make sure to double check your resume for errors as typos show that you are careless about details which can disappoint employers. Don’t forget to update all information which is a crucial component in learning how to write a resume. The resume does not have to be very long so make it concise enough so the personnel in charge of it can immediately see your experience, education and skills.

3. Always write a cover letter. Many people usually fail to notice the significance of a cover letter and therefore they need to learn how to write a resume. The cover letter must have a little introduction that will generate interest to the employer so that he or she will read your attachment. Once you learn how to write a resume, you would eliminate unnecessary information that must not be included.

Learning how to write a resume is not rocket-science. It is a simple process that can be learned through constant practice. Sticking to the tips mentioned above would help you jumpstart your application.

Comparing Various Resume Writing Format


For numerous people, writing is a daunting task as it is difficult to put down in words thoughts that run across our mind. The aim of the writer is to be able to sort out the ideas in his or her mind so readers can grasp the message that they’re trying to express. This is also the major reason why resume writing like any form of writing style can be difficult. In order to understand how to properly create a resume, there are several resume writing format that can be used as a model. The following resume format would help you decide on how you can begin writing your resume:

Chronological. This is the most common resume writing format that you would often see as an example. A lot of employers find it easy to browse through resume that have been chronologically presented since it gives them a quick overview of recent updates of the applicant. Usually, work experience is presented first then followed by educational background.

Skills Format. In this format, the resume starts off with a list of skills that are relevant to the position being applied for. If one is seeking employment for a programmer’s job, then skills in different programming languages can be written dows as well as software programs that one specializes in. Entry level jobs can include office skills and soft skills that can be useful to a potential employer.

Curriculum Vitae. Most of the time, this kind of format is somewhat comprehensive as it provides a long account of the person’s achievements. CV is often employed by individuals such as people from academe, researchers, educators, and scientists. It contains detailed description of inventions or research that were published, papers they have written, books published, past and current research, as well as awards or citations received. The aforementioned information may seem very detailed but usually required for the posts that they are applying for such as Dean of college or even professor.

Electronic Format. The common format found in many word processing applications that can be altered depending on one’s need. There are many templates that can be easily modified when it comes to using the electronic format. Resume writing format is crucial for all applicants but the key is employing the appropriate style that can give a leverage to your application.

All About Resume Writing References


There are millions of job applicants daily aspiring to obtain a job specially in these tough times. Some are victims of layoffs while others are fresh graduates, even so any individual must take into account resume writing references when applying for a job. Certainly there are people who can produce an excellent cover letter but is poor on resume writing references. For one, resume references is crucial in any job search. Although this is not often asked for, it is handy to know resume writing references since the time would come for you to submit a list of references.

What makes resume writing references valuable for an applicant? Well, employers ordinarily make a background check of your previous work history. In a way, doing this process ensures them that you are telling the truth about your work experience. There are many people nowadays who write fictitious work history which can be regarded as a crime. The vital thing about resume writing references is being able to update any contact information that you have disclosed to the potential employer.

A good method to approach resume writing references is to update all contact numbers of individuals you wrote down as references. This involves immediate supervisors, co-workers, bosses, customers or clients, customer service reps, secretaries, or even companies that you have done business with. There are instances when you may include in the resume writing references persons of authority like public officials that you know personally, as well as former professors.

It is important to remember that the persons who were in your reference list can guarantee for your credibility as an employee or as a person. It is also a good idea to call these people once in a while so you are constantly updated of any changes in their contact information. As part of being ethical in resume writing references, ask the consent of these people before adding them in your updated list. Furthermore, ask which contact number they favor to be contacted with. Consequently, they will perhaps remember who you are and what kind of person you are. This is very relevant since anytime a potential employer may call them and ask about your background.

Good practices in resume writing references would absolutely improve your chances of getting your dream job.

All About Resume Writing Cover Letter


Resume writing would certainly be not complete without a good cover letter. Every day, millions of resume are produced by people looking for jobs of which some land in trash bins or filed for future use. Only a tiny percentage of applicants have their resume noticed by HR personnel. So what could have spelled the difference between resume that gets noticed and resume that’s discarded? Simple, it’s the cover letter that catches the attention of the reader.

First thing an applicant must understand is the purpose of a cover letter. Why is it a must in the first place? Technically, a cover letter is some sort of introduction to a potential employer who wants a general overview of your background. It is due to this fact that skills in resume writing cover letter is very essential. The most fundamental thing about resume writing cover letter is that the document must not be too long but appealing to draw the attention of the reader. Another thing to keep in mind about cover letter is that it must include your intention when applying for the job. Probably a good background research on the organization can give you additional leverage when making a cover letter. When your cover letter impresses the HR person, he or she immediately takes a quick scan on your educational background and qualifications. The cover letter is truly the key to acquiring a job interview.

When do we usually need a cover letter? The following circumstances require a cover letter which is why it is essential to learn more about resume writing cover letter.

i. Filing an application for a job that you found out in an ad or online jobsite. All resume must have a cover letter that would be good introduction of your application and intention in applying for the job.

II. Trying an application for a job similar to a cold call. There is no job opening at the moment but it’s possible to let the firm know about your skills so they can consider you when selecting applicants in the future.

3. Applying for a job that someone referred you to. It can be used of course for applying for promotion within an organization to refresh them about your updates in your skills and training.

Resume writing cover letter is not a challenging task at all. All you need to do is improve your writing skills and check out online services that offer cover letter writing.