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The Beginnings: Rummy History

Since a lot of people from different countries have their own versions of rummy history it is hard to tell if its origin is accurate. A lot of people ...


Since a lot of people from different countries have their own versions of rummy history it is hard to tell if its origin is accurate. A lot of people claim that it started in Mexico, or originated in Spain, however, others trace the rummy history up to the old days of England. Up to now, nobody knows what exact territory did the rummy history started genuinely.

One of the popular notions about the rummy history is that it originally started hundreds of years ago in Spain where the people popularly termed the card game as Conquian or con quien; “with whom” in Spanish terms. Later on by middle of 1800s, the card game found its way to Mexico; in which some Mexicans insisted that the game was founded in their county. From Mexico, it was then introduced to the Americans; and they called it in various terms like Cooncan, Coon King and Conkin among many others.

From the United States rummy game spread across other continents like the United Kingdom; and England gave it another name, which is rum; an English slang for the word “odd.” Because of this, rummy history is also traced in England. In several nations, as this game is becoming more and more popular they later on called it as rummy.

These days, rummy is still one of the few sought-after games among people of various nationalities without regard to age. It is the most loved for people who simply want to enjoy, have fun and get entertained in playing card games in groups. It is the most-liked among families since this game allows the whole family to enjoy and participate in the fun.

Consequently, people who love playing card games doesn’t really care about disputing its origin what matters is that different levels of entertainment are attained when playing this game. At least having some insights about the rummy history will give you the edge when you are playing against friends, relatives and family members with full appreciation that the games you are currently playing was being played in the same manner hundreds of years before.

Rummy Tournaments – For Everyone’s Leisure


Rummy is a game of cards that was first played and presented in Spain and Mexico back in the mid 1800s. Afterwards it became more popular in other Western nations. Rummy originated from the word, “rum” that means odd or queer in English slang. It is typically played in groups with 2 or more players and was a source of good leisure and entertainment. Some people said that it was during the mid 1960s when this game was first played as a tournament at the first gin rummy tournament in Las Vegas. Now, many rummy tournaments are held frequently in several nations and regions with Las Vegas, the gaming capital of the globe, as the most well-known area for the tournaments.

Land-based rummy competition are held regularly. With the many variations of rummy such as rummy 500, gin rummy, contract rummy, kalooki, canasta, you can expect that many tables and more rummy challenges are occurring today. It’s quick to join. You just need to pay a fee to be able to take part in rummy tournaments and big prizes will amaze and excite you. A lot of rummy competitions does not need to pay for an entry fee. Simply signup and get ready to win rummy tournaments as big bucks await you.

For some individuals rummy tournament is a means to make big bucks while enjoying the thrill and fun of playing in a game of cards. With, big cash prizes, tournaments attract over 100 rummy competition enthusiasts. Possibly the biggest and most well-known land-based rummy tournament in the world is the World Series of Gin Rummy. In this rummy challenge, first place winner can at least win $40,000. Now you can imagine why a lot of people join rummy tournaments.

Meanwhile, some people prefer to play in what others call a virtual rummy challenge. It has also become a popular online rummy tournament wherein people can join and play easily through the internet. Websites offer rummy tournaments with big cash prizes too. Curious individuals just need to join, pay for a fee and buy tickets to get into online rummy tournaments. For others who just find rummy as an enjoyable game can just play online without a fee or simply play rummy with their friends.

Rummy Scoring 101


With the number of variations of the card game rummy present, there are differences with reference to rummy scoring methods. But, the way I notice it, there is a common scoring process that is widely being used and agreed upon by players of the game.

Rummy scoring of course relies on what type one is playing. But it is good to remember that each card has a specific score or points. Whatever the suit is, face cards (King, Queen and Jack) have a score of 10. The numbered cards are scored according to their face value. Remember that the Ace is scored as 1 so a meld of A, 2, 3 is good but not a meld of Q, K, A, which in poker, the Ace has a double-edged purpose being card 1 or the card higher than the King. Rummy scoring in some variations also has bonuses when a hand is won. Still some have players agree on a specific score or target score to aim for. Bonus points are given out as well if this aim is achieved by a player. Single games or a single hand of other variations of the game also have a player win if he has the lowest score upon counting all the cards that are remaining on hand. Some may also agree on a specific rummy scoring process depending on terms that the players will play.

Scores gives the players of any game to keep track of their progress. Like in any game, the player who has the highest score, or least score depending on what game is being played, takes home the bacon. Rummy scoring gives players the same thing, plus bonuses on the side as well for bigger winnings when money is on the side. The rules are not complicated, the scoring is simple as well. And the game? Find out from the rummy players, they’ll tell you it’s fun, challenging, and you’ll always hope that lady luck is looking over your shoulders. But of course, always rely on your planning skills to assist you gain the upper hand and leave the table with both your wallet and your lips smiling.

Rummy Card Game – A Popular Card Game


Rummy is considered as the the 3rd world’s most played and popular card game, is played all over the globe, with differences from the original rummy game depending on which part of the world you’re in. Known a game of strategy over than skill, individuals love playing the rummy card game ranging from just the fun of it, to the madness of gambling on it, usually money, much like poker.

The rummy card game, according to David Parlett (The Penguin Book of Card Games, 1978), traces its beginnings from the Mexican game of Conquian, which in turn, derives its roots to the Chinese games Khanhoo and the even ancient game of Mahjong.

Variations about gameplay and rules abound with the rummy card game. But, the group of rummy card games typically has the same feature; to develop card combinations known as meld three cards of a similar suit in a sequence. A player is dealt with a number of cards, depending on the rummy card game differences, and tries to create melds by getting from the stack of cards that was not dealt, or the stock pile. The drawn card may be held by the player, and another card should be discarded or “thrown” by the player to the discard pile. Once a meld has been made, the player has the option to lay down the cards. But for the sake of strategy purposes, a player can retain on to the meld in order to declare “Rummy” as the game progresses.

A player may also opt to “lay-off” cards to a meld that was put down down by the other player. For example, a meld of the same suit of 3, 4 and 5 was laid down, the player taking his turn can add to that meld with his existing cards on hand by putting off 2 or 6 of the same suit to the current meld.

The game ends depending on what kind of the rummy card game is being played. Usually, game ends if a player has gotten rid of all their cards and declares “Rummy” or wins by getting the top score.

Whatever variation of the rummy card game a person is playing, it makes for a non-stop game of wit and strategy. One inappropriate move, undeclared melds, careless mistakes, these are sure fire ways a player may either go home to lick their wounds or come home to the wife with a thinner wallet. So are we ready to play?

Rummy 500: Learn to play


Today,the card game rummy is enjoyed by millions of players which due to its several variations, among them rummy 500, Gin rummy, and Indian rummy just to mention. Rummy 500 is the most popular variation of rummy. If you are uncertain of how this card game is played then here’s a handy guide for newbies of Rummy 500.

Take note that rummy 500 has several terms used by various people; such as Pinochle rummy, Persian rummy, and 500 rum among many others. All these names refer to the same variation of this card game; with almost the same game rules. This type of rummy has similar game rules; except for some few significant modifications made in order to make it more challenging and exciting.

This type of card game can be played by two to eight players using either one or two decks of cards. For groups of five or more players, two card decks must be used; or a total of 108 cards.

One of the crucial changes of this game is the way the card piles are drawn; in this case players are not only allowed to draw a card from the stock pile but they can also draw the card from the discard pile. However, once they pick card from the discard pile, they can get another one somewhere below the upcard. But that also means getting all the other cards above it as well.

Just remember that cards drawn using this method must be quickly placed on the meld; either by putting it to the existing meld on the table, or placing it as a new combination. Additionally, it’s also possible to discard the cards that you won’t use by placing them in combination of 3 or more cards taken from your hands; and placing them on the table with their face up. Aside from that, you can also opt to keep the melds in your hand.

Hence, as the game progresses, it becomes challenging due to levels of difficulty thereby making it a very entertaining past time..Because of this, many players regardless of race or gender prefer to play Rummy 500 over the other rummy variations. If you want to try this game then take note of the things discussed herein.

Progressive Rummy – A Fun Card Game


The rummy card game is played around the world, putting it on the map as the 3rd most played card game. However, did you know that this card game have different kinds being played? And each one has its own group of rules, and of course the regular rules apply as well.

Like all rummy game kinds, progressive rummy have its own group of rules to follow. It is associated to contract rummy with minor differences. It is a rummy card game wherein a specific number of deals comprise a game and in each deal, a specified contract or agreed predetermined melds must be met in order to put down any cards. The difference that progressive rummy has with contract rummy is that each player is dealt with one more card per hand in each deal. As an example, in deal 1 a player is dealt 6 cards, deal 2 with 7 cards and so on. Also, progressive rummy requires players to specifically meet the contract for each meld which is 3 cards for a set and 4 cards for a sequence with no extra cards. So for the 6 cards dealt in deal 1, a player must have 2 sets (6 cards), in deal 2 1 set and 1 sequence (7 cards), deal 3 must be 2 sequences (8 cards), deal 4 is 3 sets (9 cards) until deal 7 with 12 cards for 3 sets. As you can see, the numbers of cards laid represent the number of combinations that are needed by each player to win. There is also another type of progressive rummy which runs up to 15 deals and a choice to buy cards from the discard file. There is also a joker or a wild card a player can utilize to develop melds and sequences. The joker can be any card to finish the meld or sequence, and the player is required to say the suit and rank of the card being replaced by the joker. Following the contract allows the player to lay down additional cards to melds on the table. So laying requires a player to meet the contract first. At the end of a hand, the sums of all the cards on hand are tallied for each player, the lowest points acquired for the seven deals wins the game.

That’s a lot rules to follow. And that makes progressive rummy a lot more complicated and challenging.

Online Rummy – The Latest Rummy Craze


People are abuzz with online transactions, wheeling and dealings, social networking, online gaming, the works, even the kitchen sink. One of the most well-known of them all? Internet gambling which consists website slot machines, roulette, card games such as online poker and black jack, baccarat and online rummy to name a few.

With the world wide web taking much of the time of people’s activities currently, it’s no surprise that every business is jumping on the bandwagon. That consists of online card games. With the ease of click of the mouse, a person can bet his life on a card game, win big or lose everything with that one click. A plethora of card games are available and online rummy is one of them, with its popularity being the 3rd most played card game all over the globe.

Similar to the traditional game, online rummy is played on you computer screen, with virtual cards given to the player via an internet connection. Players are from all over the region, and one will play against them, much like the website games that kids play nowadays where they shoot each other’s heads off or annihilate entire cities with their legions. The way I comprehend it, a player will subscribe or log on to an internet gambling website. When approved, bets are placed utilizing the credit card or any other payment transaction. Then a player chooses the game he/she desires to play and viola, he or she is seated side-by-side with virtual players. The online rummy game has commenced! The cards are dealt just like the traditional game although this time, it’s a online dealer. How convenient right? The rules of the game are the same as the conventional game. But, everything here is done via the mouse, just click away.

Online rummy and other card games are gaining popularity with gamblers. At least they won’t have to leave the comforts of their houses, feel safe and secure, and best of all, they don’t have to walk around with all their money inside their pockets. Mind you, they say playing internet games is addicting.

International Rummy Sites – A New Way of Playing Rummy


Rummy originated in Spain in the mid-1800s and later on became more widespread in nations such as Mexico, United States and England. Rummy originated from from “rumi” which in English slang symbolizes odd or queer. For fun time with friends, neighbors or family members, rummy games are played in group of 2 or more players. As technology and the utilization of the Internet have become more accessible, rummy games are now very easy due to a lot of different international rummy sites available. Simply get connected to the Internet, look for international rummy sites and you will get many results. Easily click one and you can be able to enjoy playing your most loved rummy games like rummy 500, gin rummy, contract rummy, kalooki, canasta.

International rummy sites provide people with fun means to play rummy quickly online. You can even play games with other players from several parts of the world. Unlike land-based rummy games and tournaments, online rummy games in international rummy sites are more accessible right in your own home. In a day, one can easily sign up on various games in international rummy sites. Most of these sites require you to sign up, pay a fee to join and buy tickets to be able to enter in virtual rummy competitions. Easily and quickly pay through Paypal or credit card and begin playing.

Newbies can use free tournaments at first to practice their rummy game skills. When they are more sure and more driven to win, they can start joining on challenges in international rummy sites. Schedule of games are often posted and constantly updated for interested players. Several categories and kinds of rummy games are categorized in international rummy sites. Intermediate players can even join more competitive and challenging tournaments.

Huge cash prizes are at stake in these international rummy sites but it is important to pick a legitimate site before joining. You might be spending your cash on entry fees and tickets and the international rummy site might be illegal. To have fun and feel secure with every online rummy game or any game for that matter, check the site around first and see if there are reviews or more players in the site. Internet gaming can be a little tricky so prior to playing and shelling out cash, be sure they are genuine sites that a lot of people trust.

How to win at Rummy Games Tips and Tricks


Rummy is a game of cards played by an estimated 700 million people around the world. It is dubbed one of the most well-known games similar to scrabble, monopoly, poker and chess. Played for enjoyment at home, in groups or for serious tournaments, it is an easy game of cards once you get well acquainted of the rules and goals. But it will be more exciting when you have the upper hand and the right tricks on how to win at rummy games.

Never depend on pure luck but have the thorough understanding of the rules and goals of the game. Rummy games have different kinds depending on the differences in rules and goals. The other types are rummy 500, gin rummy, contract rummy, kalooki, canasta but let’s stick to the simple and look into the simple means on how to win at rummy games.

If you already know the rules on how to play, these are some of things you have to take note of on how to win at rummy. Remember to always take out higher cards first that you cannot meld since in the unfortunate probability that you lose the round, the bigger cards left with you will be tallied for higher points for the winning player for that round. Keep only the cards that you will definitely be able to meld. It is also safer to have or work around cards like 6, 7, and 8. These cards offer you more possibilities of completing a run. As an example, you have a 7 and an 8, it will be quicker for you to complete a run by getting 9 or 6 cards. That’s more odds in getting your cards melded.

How to win at rummy also includes a sharp attention to discarded cards. Be on guard of cards picked by your opponent from the laid-off file. This provides you an idea of the cards your opponent is building on. It allows you to foresee your opponent’s game plan and also give you a sense of what cards you shouldn’t discard immediately since your opponent might be waiting for that card to complete his meld or set. For example, you saw your opponent choosing 2 kings and then he or she is likely to need another king. If you already have that king, then it is strongly discouraged to lay off that early in the game.

Know how to win at rummy by practicing and playing the game. You will learn how to be more cautious with what cards to choose and what to discard. One of the great tips on how to win at rummy is to stay unpredictable. Never play the same cards to prevent your opponents from figuring out your game strategy. This will also assist you find out which strategies work best for you and will give you more confidence. Comprehending how to win at rummy doesn’t make you a winner. It’s how you cautiously use the strategies and tips that help you win more games at rummy. More games played, provides more understanding of how to win at rummy.

Almost endless rummy variations


What makes rummy as one of the oldest and popular card games in history is because it has several rummy variations; each variant offering a new level of challenge and fun in playing the game. Because of so many rummy variations, each rummy variant is categorized according to the type of play the game has. As a result, there are also numerous rummy main categories that organize all the rummy variations.

The main categories of rummy include the following: basic rummy, knock rummy, manipulation game, Asian style, contract rummy, and meld scoring rummy among many others. Take note that under each of these categories there are several rummy variations. For example, the famous variant Gin rummy belongs to the knock category, Shanghai rummy is under the contract games, Mahjong belongs to the Asian-style game, and carousel or sabra rummy belongs to the manipulation category.

Additionally, severalrummy variations have varying goals; such as the rummy 500 aims to achieve 500 points as its name suggests, the winner of the canasta rummy is the first one to get5000 points, while gin rummy has the lowest point to achieve at 100 points. The points are just part of winning but there are also several variants that have different styles of approach to becoming a winner; as shown by the contract rummy that awards victory to the first player that gets the target numbers of contracts.

Contract games are one of the stimulating category of rummy due to its numerous rummy variations; this include the Liverpool, dummy, joker, progressive, Russian, Florida, Shanghai, and Continental rummy. For every variant, there’s a different number of contracts to target in order to win the game. For the continental rummy the only thing needed to win is one contract , for Russian rummy 5 contracts, 7 contracts for both the Liverpool and joker rummy, 10 contracts for the Shanghai and Florida, and progressive rummy with the highest number of contracts set at 15 contracts.

Since there are many rummy variations to select from, players have endless choices on how to play the game depending on the preferences of most players. Hence, when you play rummy make sure that you know what type of variant that you like to play so that your goals are aligned with all the other players.