Why Buy Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are distinctive kind of scooters that uses electricity to run instead of gasoline. As a result of rising fuel prices, electric scoot...


Electric scooters are distinctive kind of scooters that uses electricity to run instead of gasoline. As a result of rising fuel prices, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular and a study done by Pike Research even concluded that they are projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4% by 2016. If you are unsure of whether an electronic scooters are right for you, here are some of its advantages that can help you make up your mind.

Perhaps the primary reason why anyone would want to buy electronic scooters is that it is cheaper to run them than the conventional gasoline-powered scooters. In electronic scooters, you only have to pay for the electricity that you use for charging their batteries, which is only about 25% of the cost of gasoline power.

In addition, electricity costs are more stable than gasoline which can fluctuate depending on the behavior of the market.

Because electric scooters do not burn gasoline, it does not emit any gasses at all unlike its gasoline-powered counterpart.

In other words, electronic scooters are environmental friendly as they do not contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases which are believed to be the major cause of global warming. Even though the power grid that it requires to charge energy can still cause pollution, it is only little compared to those that are produced by gasoline scooters.

On electric scooters, you do not have to set off to a gasoline station ever again when you run out of energy. You only need to recharge on your own house. Another option would be on charging stations that have higher voltages for quick charging. There are also exchange stations wherein you can replace a discharged battery for a charged one so there is no more waiting involved.

In addition, a lot of governments from around the world are giving motivations for driving environmental-friendly electric vehicles. Some countries offer exemptions for carbon tax, vehicle registration tax, and road tax, allowing you to save more money.

While some critics point out the limitations of battery of electric scooters, the technology is still continuing to improve, making this type of scooter more recommended than its gasoline powered counterpart.

Suggestions For Custom Scooter Parts


If you believe that stock scooters are boring, you can always improve them by modifying their body parts in order to create cool, custom scooters. Although the modifications in these scooters are somewhat useless for the vehicle’s performance, it can absolutely improve the confidence of the rider as a consequence of the better aesthetics of the vehicle.

If you want to build custom scooters, here are a few body part suggestions that you can change to enhance the appearance of any stock scooter model.

One of the easiest ways to make custom scooters is through buying custom body kits. A body kit is a collection of vehicle body parts which are used for the purposes of modification. Body kits of custom scooters typically consist of front windscreen cover, front fender, front side fairings, and tail spoiler. Using body kits is recommended for people who are not that experienced in modifying scooters as you are somehow assured of a safe outcome since the combination is already proven. Another way that you can do is to combine two body kits for a more unique result.

Another method to make custom scooters is through installing chrome parts to the stock model. Chrome parts gives bling to the scooter, making its appearance more street-themed. There are a lot of chrome parts that you can buy for your scooter and among them are brake master cylinder, side air vent grill, fork covers, floor boards, air cleaner, piston caliper swing arm cover, fan cover, and air shocks. Keep in mind that you must not put too much chrome modifications because you may end up with an ugly vehicle instead.

It would be advisable if you only select specific body parts when creating custom scooters with chrome additions.

One more key part that you can change when building custom scooters are the rims of the wheels. The stock scooter wheels usually have spokes which are very commonplace. You can substitute them with solid rims that come in different colors. Furthermore, majority of custom rims are sold in sets of two so you don’t need to buy separate pieces, save for when you want your scooter to achieve varying rim colors.

Finally, keep in mind to examine the compatibility of the custom parts that you will buy for your scooter. Remember that these parts are specially made for particular models so make sure that the ones that you will buy are appropriate for your scooter.

Scooter Engine 101


Scooters have been around for a lot of time already that there are now different types of scooter engine. While many people do not care about them at all, it may be helpful to know more about them if you own a scooter or plant to buy one in the future. Here are some information that you have to know about a scooter engine.

The thing that you need to know about a scooter engine is that their size is measured by the amount of cc. They range from about 50cc up to 800cc. Moped scooters even have less than 50cc engines. This is important to know as the size of the scooter engine determines its speed. However, bigger scooter engines consume more gas and therefore have less mileage so you’d better keep this in mind if you are planning to buy a new scooter.

Another essential thing that you have to know about a scooter engine is the difference between a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke engine. A two-stroke scooter engine is not heave and has less moving parts so only a small amount of power is lost on friction and inertia.

They also have the capability to produce the double amount of power strokes with the similar number of engine revolutions. Because of this, they are simpler to start and have better acceleration.

However, almost all of two stroke engine is being phased out nowadays because they are very fuel-inefficient due to the fact that they must always burn oil to lubricate the engine. Because of this, they only get less mileage. In addition, they are also more prone to wear and tear and therefore they have a shorter life.

On the other hand, a four-stroke scooter engine have a more stable method of providing power to the scooter. It has a great ags mileage and is very easy to maintain as you can change the oil in it within just 15 minutes. A four-stroke scooter engine is can also be used with fuel injection which can improve their fuel efficiency and makes them more environmental friendly.

Mobility Scooters 101


Mobility scooters are medical equipment that can be another option instead of a wheelchair. It is prescribed to people who have mobility problems such as elderly people or those that were afflicted by medical conditions that limits their walking ability. Mobility scooters can also be for recreational purposes or as a utility tool for moving quickly into another place.

Most mobility scooters are powered by electricity and uses batteries in order to be operated, although there are still some gasoline powered models. Some of them have three wheels while others have four. The former is lighter and more agile but it is not as stable as its four-wheeled counterpart so it is not recommended for medical use. There are also models that are ideal for outdoor use only while others may be used for both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, some models can be disassembled easily so that they can fit inside the trunk of a car.

The features of mobility scooters may differ based on the model and manufacturer.

Several have pivoting chairs for a more convenient transferring of a patient. A few have horns and lights to ensure the road safety of the driver. A few have baskets for storing objects. Most mobility scooters have the reverse function which is truly important for riders who cannot walk and are stuck in a certain location.

Mobility scooters provide a lot of advantages over normal and even mechanized wheelchairs. First of all, it is not as physically exhausting to operate like a normal wheelchair. This is truly important for elderly patients and those that have medical problems that makes the person tire out easily. Additionally, there is a stigma of disability that society correlates with wheelchairs and therefore some patients do not want to be seen in one. Besides, mobility scooters have more features and is more cost-effective than a wheelchair.

However there are still some limitations when using mobility scooters as medical equipment. The key issue is the size of the mobility scooters that are too large to fit in elevators or bus lifts. Their length also makes them more challenging to turn on tight corners. Nevertheless, despite of these limitations, mobility scooters are still a great and convenient transportation utility to move around in wide and open spaces.

Important Considerations When Buying Gas Scooters


If you want a mobile and affordable vehicle that gets good mileage, then gas scooters may be the right one for you. They are not as expensive as motorcycles, have smaller engines which consequently consumes even less gasoline, and are easier to control because of its smaller size. If you are searching for a mobile vehicle that you can use for weekend, city, or short-distance driving, then gas scooters may be the most cost-effective one for you. Here are some important reminders that you must keep in mind when buying one:

First, you need to consider the size of the engine of the gas scooters that you are choosing from. The size of the engine determines the speed of the scooter and it can range from 50cc up to 800cc. Keep in mind that bigger engines are more expensive because they are faster so think about where you will be using your scooter and how much power and speed are you going to require. Also, bigger engines have less mileage as it consumes more gasoline to be faster. Thus you have to think about the right balance between mileage and speed when selecting gas scooters.

Next you have to be knowledgeable about the laws in your city or state concerning gas scooters.

This is essential as you do not want to have a scooter that you cannot utilize. Particular legislations in certain areas forbid the use of gas scooters that are less than or equal to 30cc in main roads. Additionally in other areas, there are dissimilar license requirements regardin the size of the engine of the scooter. For instance, you may not even need to have a driver’s license for gas scooters that have a 50cc or less engines.

Finally, when buying gas scooters, inquire about other features that may be installed or added in it. It is possible that you may miss out on something that you like or find useful such as alloy rims, radio, anti-lock braking systems, or anti-theft alarm system. Furthermore, keep in mind to question about their policies regarding guarantees and warranties so if ever there is a problem with your new scooter, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety When Buying Scooters


A lot of parents have qualms about purchasing kid’s scooters and their fears are not unfounded. Taking into account that kids can experience accidents while riding the relatively slower bicycles, then how much more hurt will these quicker kid’s scooters do?

However, riding one does not require much physical movement compared to a bike so there is less possibility for injury. As for its speed you only need to do a couple of safety precautions to ensure your child’s safety and here are some of them:

The most basic safety precaution when letting your child ride kid’s scooters is equipping him or her with the appropriate safety gear. Your child must wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. These gears ensure that your child sustain minimal damage if he or she unfortunately encounters an accident and gets off-balance on the scooter. In addition, proper footwear is also recommended and it’s best that your kids wear sneakers rather sandals or flip flops as they are safer and provides more balance.

Next, it is advisable that you practice your child how to balance using a bicycle first. It is not a good idea to let your child ride kid’s scooters primarily as it is more risky for them to ride these heavier rides. Falling may not be avoided when learning how to ride a two-wheeled vehicle, and falling on kid’s scooters may harm your child worse than on a bike so it’s better not to let them use scooters until they have perfected how to ride a bike first.

Lastly, you have to make sure that your child is only riding kid’s scooters on ideal places. These places must not be near moving vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally, the ground where your kid will ride must not be uneven, bumpy, or slippery. These things greatly risk the safety of your child when riding. If possible, you should always watch your kids while they are riding to guarantee their safety at all times.

The most significant thing is that you instruct your child the rationale behind these safety precautions so that they’ll know that it is for their own good. This way they will remember it until they grow up.

Basics of Extreme Scooters


While majority of the people believe that kick scooters are just for kids but there are actually extreme scooters. Extreme scooters signify the usage of kick scooters for the purposes of executing cool gravity-defying freestyle tricks. They are regarded as a type of extreme sports like BMX, skateboarding, and aggressive inline skating due to the high level of risk that people who join it encounter. The structure of extreme scooters is close to a skateboard so most of its tricks are derived and have the same name like those of skateboarding. If you want to try out simple tricks for extreme scooters, here is a guide on how to do a couple of them:

One of the most basic tricks for extreme scooters is the bunny hop wherein the rider jumps while riding the scooter. To do this, simply put your stronger foot on the back, grab the handlebars tightly, and jump up while lifting the scooter along the way. Once you have mastered doing this process, you can try it on curbs and ramps for more hang time. Bunny hops are essential as it is a requirement for other more complicated tricks.

Another trick for extreme scooters is labeled as the X-up. To perform this, you have to do a bunny hop first with a decent amount of hang time. Then once you are airborne, twist your arms rapidly for 180 degrees while grabbing the handlebars, then putting it again to its previous position before landing in the ground.

An additional trick that you can accomplish on extreme scooters is the tailwhip. To perform this trick, execute a bunny hop first, then while on the air, kick the board with either your left or right foot and let it rotate a full circle underneath you. Remember that you have to land with your feet on the board, so it may take some time getting used to the timing. However, by the time you’ve perfected it, it is a very amazing trick that you can perform for spectators.

Although these tricks for extreme scooters that are mentioned here are somehow easy, always keep in mind to use safety gears like pads and helmets when executing them so as to lessen the risk of any injury. Do not forget that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

All About Three Wheel Scooter


A three wheel scooter is a form of mobility scooter that is only equipped with three wheels instead of the usual four. A three wheel scooter are prescribed to elderly people or to those afflicted by medical condition that makes them incapable of walking. It also functions as a nice substitute for a wheelchair, even to its mechanized version, because it does not give the stigma of being disabled to the rider, making some of them to be embarrassed to be seen in one.

There are some advantages of a three wheel scooter over its four wheel counterpart. First of all, it only has one wheel on the front, giving it an excellent turn radius.

This makes it more maneuverable than its four wheeled counterpart so it is more ideal to use on tight and crowded spaces. The length of mobility scooters makes it hard for them to go around corners and the design of three wheel scooter can help compensate for this weakness.

Another advantage of a three wheel scooter is that it is lighter than a four wheel scooter. In other words, it is more portable. There are also three wheel scooter models that can be separated into a few piece so that it will fit in a car trunk. On the other hand, four wheel scooters are bulkier and a they cannot be detached into smaller parts. So when you have to bring it somewhere very far, you have to put it in a very large vehicle.

While there are a lot of advantages of a three wheel scooter, it also has its share of limitations. As it only has three wheels, it is not very stable compared to its four wheel counterpart. This type of scooter can overturn easily, making it dangerous for patients. Because of this, a lot of three wheel scooters are only for indoor use because the rough outdoor terrain is not ideal for the scooter. You can still make use of it outdoors if you know that the road surface is not rough. And because of its portable structure, its load capacity is inferior to its four wheeled, full-size counterpart.

All in all, a three wheel scooter can still be a reliable and versatile mode of transportation for people with special medical concerns despite of these limitations.

All About Kick Scooters


Kick scooters are metal platforms that have handlebars and may be ridden as a means of recreation or transportation. Like a skateboard, the rider drives the kick scooter via his or her foot while grabbing on to the handlebars. Many of the kick scooters nowadays feature two wheels, are created from aluminum which makes it lightweight, and are foldable so that they are easy to carry and store. While kick scooters are often considered as a kid’s toy, there are actually various forms of it and here are some of them:

The earliest forms of kick scooters have been existent for about a hundred years already.

It was created by adding roller skate wheels to a wooden board with a handle.

To steer this type of kick scooter, you have to lean on the side or the direction where you want to turn.

The modern aluminum scooter was created on the late 1990s by Wim Oubother of Switzerland, who was working for Micro Mobility Systems.

At the same time in the United States, the Razor brand of scooters became well-known as well. At present, these two scooter brands are still the most famous kick scooters in the market. Additionally, their target market are kids as well as adolescents who engage in freestyle or extreme scooter.

Though most kick scooters are designed for young people, there is also a kind of scooter that is specifically designed for adults. These adult kick scooters have bigger wheels, sturdier structure, a hand brake, and wider and longer decks that is capable of carrying big adults.

Last but not the least, there are also kick scooters that utilize bicycle wheels that allows them to be faster and even capable for racing. These are called kickbikes and they can also be used off-road as the big wheels can now tolerate rough terrains. As a result, they are also known as mountain scooters. Kickbikes may also be employed for commuting with their increased speed, and also for dog scootering wherein dogs pull the scooter with a rider, the same as how a sled is pulled in the snow.

All About Electric Scooter Repair


Scooter repair may be difficult for certain people specially if it is an electric kind as it is not as popular as its gas powered counterparts. Furthermore, the repair shops for electric scooters are not that common so it is helpful to know the basics of electric scooter repair. Here are some simple advices that you can try when repairing your electric scooter.

The most common problem that you may encounter is when the scooter does not move at all. There are a couple of things that you can do for this kind of scooter repair. First you can check the rear clutch which is the brass colored ring that is directly connected to the side of the read sprocket. If the chain is rotating but the scooter isn’t moving, then you have to replace the rear clutch.

Another problem could be the throttle. If the speed display is not lighting up when you operate the throttle, then the problem lies with the throttle or its connecting parts. Alternatively, you can also check if the problem is in the engine by directly linking it to the battery. If it does not work, then have it looked at by a professional.

Another electric scooter repair concern that you may go through is when the scooter is not charging. The charger could be the issue so check its connecting components. You can also try if it is working by utilizing a volt meter. The voltage must be between 12V-14V on 12 Volt chargers, 24V-28V on 24 Volt chargers, and 36V-38V on 36 Volt chargers. Buy a new charger if the voltage it produces is not enough.

The other components that you should examine when performing this kind of electric scooter repair are the fuse and connections inside the scooter. The fuse shields the controller from internal shock so if it becomes overloaded, the charger will not work. As for the connections inside the scooter, you can check them by removing the scooter cover.

While the tips that were discussed here were only simple ones, knowing about these electric scooter repair tips can save you a lot of money as well as trips to your mechanic.