What Is Aikido Self Defense?

Morihei Ueshiba founded the Japanese martial art Aikido. In Aikido he integrates his religious studies, philosophy and of course martial studies into ...


Morihei Ueshiba founded the Japanese martial art Aikido. In Aikido he integrates his religious studies, philosophy and of course martial studies into one complete discipline. Aikido self-defense is all about guarding yourself while keeping the attacker from being injured.

Cooperating with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack instead of blocking or opposing it is performing aikido self-defense. This process is requires only minimal strength because the defender uses the attacker’s momentum in entering and turning movements. The techniques employ a lot of joint locks and various throws. Aikido self defense refers to the martial arts principle or tactic of blending with an attacker’s movement for the purpose of controlling their actions with minimal effort.

The religious influences of Aikido self-defense define its philosophy. To be able to achieve Utopia in one’s life, one must show love and kindness even to those who wants to harm others. Aikido applies this principle in its self-defense practice of receiving an attack and changing its course without hurting the aggressor.

It is a preferred outcome as both the receiver and assailant are left unhurt.

If you want to learn aikido self-defense, you must understand that it is quite the same with other self-defense disciplines; it involves commitment to both physical and mental aspects. The preliminary step is to master how to safely fall and roll as many of the aikido moves are composed of throws. The particular techniques for offense are grappling and striking while for defense, it is pins and throws. For conditioning purposes, aikido concentrates on relaxation, flexibility and endurance with less emphasis on strength. This is in line with aikido’s focus on pushing or extending rather than contracting and blocking.

The mental dimension of Aikido self-defense is also has a lot of similarities with other self-defense philosophies.

Staying calm under pressure is a significant aspect in aikido. Aikido states that the mind and body should be relaxed when confronted into dangerous situations. It is vital for an aikido practitioner to carry out the self-defense techniques with confidence and accurate directness.

Aikido’s philosophy includes not only self-defense but also a way of life that selflessly believes that one shouldn’t only protect oneself from harm but also the assailant as well.

Understanding Self Defense Training


Self-defense training is vital since many people do not have the capability to protect themselves when faced with a dangerous situation. It is significant to obtain self-defense training to that you can stand a chance against people who utilize size, intimidation, or numbers.

There are many facilities that can provide self-defense training. Regardless of age, size, or athletic ability, anyone can learn to protect their loved ones by practicing and internalizing different techniques and methods. It usually takes just a fraction of your time in a day to master what your sensei or instructor teaches, all it takes is comprehension, practice and application.

Self-defense training is preparing you for dealing with unfavorable situations. It helps you deal with different kind of situations and require you to react to different circumstances. Dealing with a purse-snatcher is different from confronting a mugger or thug; you need to know how to apply self-defense in these different situations.

Keeping away from violence is the easiest self-defense training. Stopping a fight from happening in the first place is most ideal. It is best to avoid a confrontation by not asking for it. Rather than go to dark secluded areas, walk on well-lit place where there are a lot of people.

Another type of self-defense training method is making use of improvised weapons as well as self-defense products. Be creative with the things that you usually carry around with you such as umbrellas, canes, pens, or even mobile phones, and use them as a weapon. A rolled-up magazine or newspaper can be used to block or parry an attack. Self-defense products include pepper sprays, mace, stun guns, and even an ordinary whistle. When you find yourself in a situation where you are outnumbered, you can blow the whistle to draw attention from other people, most especially the authorities.

Self-defense training allows you to become more calculating when facing a dangerous situation, so that you don’t take any reckless moves that can cause you harm. Once you learn how to process, analyze, self-defense would be incorporated in your lifestyle. What you need to remember is to train and practice frequently.

Understanding Self Defense Fighting


During the moments of self-defense fighting, the most crucial thing to remember is always use common sense. The reason is that common sense will make you remember the following advices that will help you survive against aggressors in real life combat. All you must do is understand the facts and truths with regards to fighting.

In self defense fighting, if you are threatened or facing an opponent holding a weapon, and he wants your cell phone, wallet, jewelry or purse, the best thing to do is give it to your opponent. In this case, the opponent has the upper hand so better give up the material thing in exchange for serious injury. Your life is not worth a fancy self-defense move, and chances are it wouldn’t work anyway.

Remember in self-defense fighting to differentiate the make believe world and the real world. The martial arts and kung fu stuff that Hollywood produces is not practical in the real world. You will never be able to stop a bullet with your mouth, much more disarm a crazy maniac with a smooth move named after some animal. Do not forget that movie fighting is staged so it is not a good idea to ever imitate it.

In self-defense fighting, it is crucial to think and take action even when under stress. You can try getting hit in the gym under controlled conditions and with safety equipment to avoid injuries. Train yourself to take hits and also how to hit back while thinking about your next moves. You should be capable of fighting even under a stressful circumstance without folding in fear. Focus and concentration can help you withstand punches and kicks at the same time retaliate with maximum impact.

Lastly, in self-defense fighting, your ace in the hole is to fight dirty. In scuffles, there is a chance that you will face a bigger or heavier opponent. If you have an opening to kick or punch your opponent in the groin, do not hesitate to do so. Pulling the hair, poking the eye, or biting any limb is fair game.

Keep in mind that there is no beauty in fighting so if you have the opportunity to walk away from a fight, do so. Meaningless fights doesn’t necessarily prove your toughness to anyone.

Understanding Female Self Defense


Women are always susceptible in this dangerous world that we live in. Women are the usual victims of violence and they are more likely to be harmed by someone that they know rather than a stranger. Therefore it is vital for them to learn female self defense in order to empower them and prevent others from hurting them.

There are a lot of tips and techniques for female self-defense. What’s important is that women should know that female self-defense begins with a state of mind, the ability to sense danger, and what to do when that situation arises.

Avoidance is usually the first female self-defense or for that matter, what the basic of self-defense teaches. When confronted in a dangerous situation, it is better to run, hide and attract attention. If backed in a corner, then that is the time to fight.

Women can enroll in martial arts classes and gather pertinent information from dependable sources. There are programs regarding personal safety and also classes that teach people how to defend themselves physically. Teachers are trained to help women on how to defend against an assailant , what techniques should be utilized, and these techniques are taught at a supportive and safe environment.

Female self-defense will instruct you the vital areas that you should target when they are assaulted, like the eyes, groin, or knees.

Employing weapons is also included in female self-defense. Aside from using different martial arts techniques, they can also make use of self-defense products like tasers, pepper sprays, stun guns, as well as improvised weapons like magazines, mobile phone, umbrellas, and also the ultimate self-defense weapon, a hand gun.

Women must always be aware that danger lurks everywhere so it is important for them to be prepared and follow their intuition to stay safe. They shouldn’t risk going in dark secluded areas and avoid carrying expensive items that can attract the attention of potential attackers. It is also advisable to ensure that your house doors and cars are locked at all times.

The essence of female self-defense is remaining calm and composed and being ready at all times, and most especially not panicking when faced with a dangerous circumstance. This will put you one step ahead of any potential attackers.

Self-Defense Products 101


Self-defense products are items that are specially designed to assist you in the act of self-defense. Self-defense products are comparable to insurance polices because both of them can assure your security. Purchasing a self-defense product can boost your confidence since you can feel safe if you have one.

When picking what self-defense product to buy, always remember that convenience is the key. You should be able to carry or have your weapon with you at all times. You also have to make sure that the self-defense product that you wish to employ is effective, meaning it’s not a dud. The product should be able to accomplish its mission because if it cannot ward of an attack then it’s useless.

There are different kinds of self-defense products. Stun guns and tasers are electronic self-defense products. They can restrain movement by sending out a strong electrical charge. This self-defense product affects the target’s nervous system by depleting the blood sugar, which immediately immobilizes the person.

Some people prefer pepper sprays for self-defense products. They are quite simple to use and is relatively more humane than the other self-defense products.

It is an aerosol that has an inflammatory agent obtained from capsicum or hot peppers.

The capillaries swell up when the eyes, nose or parts of the respiratory system are hit by the liquid steam or mist, foam or gel. Eyes become shut and breathing becomes harder for the target.

It is a very useful self-defense product as the target immediately becomes disoriented.

Some pepper spray even include dyes that can greatly help the police track the assailant.

Another self-defense product is the baton. A well-timed whack in the head with a steel baton will make the assailant unconscious or even cause death. Professional training is needed if you wish to use the baton properly.

Always remember that the self-defense product’s purpose is to counter the attack and render the attacker ineffective by stoppage or by forcing the attacker to cease from his impending assault. You have a right to defend yourself, and protect your loved ones, your property and your personal well being.

Self Defense Techniques 101


In these perilous times, a knowledge of some self-defense techniques cam help us stay safe from dangerous people that will want to harm us. Being familiar with self-defense techniques can help us survive dangerous circumstances.

Try to know the basics of self defense techniques through training and be aware on when is the right time you should use them.

Keep it mind these self-defense techniques, tips to help you in these tight situations. First thing you should do is attending self-defense classes where you can be taught some effective techniques. In class you can simulate different attack scenarios and an instructor can teach you different ways to ward them off.

Another self-defense technique that one can consider is to master martial art techniques. There are different martial arts styles like Wu Shu, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae kwon do, Aikido and Judo. These martial arts techniques not only help you defend yourself, it can also enhance your health and keep you fit. A particular discipline has a unique style that is different from the others but they all share the same objective which is to bring down your opponent in the quickest way possible.It is just a matter of selecting what style suits you best.

It is vital to remember that self-defense techniques are based on calmness as well as good judgment of the situation. It is knowing when to walk away from a brawl and when to face an aggressor. When confronting someone, be level-headed and appraise the situation carefully. Keep in mind that in a street brawl, it is a no holds barred match where you can fight dirty. You can always go for the effective eye-gouge. It can briefly disable your opponent, giving you a chance to escape or go for the finishing move. You may also go for pulling the hair or biting your opponent in exposed body part. Last but not the least, you can always go for the jackpot and strike the groin area really hard. That would really give you some advantage or make a break for it.

There are a couple of self-defense techniques as well as tips that can be obtained from various resources, so choose one that best suits your style.

Kids Self Defense 101


It this dangerous world, parents should think about the safety of their children. Parents or guardians must select the appropriate martial arts or kid’s seld-defense program that the child should enroll in. Children must enroll in self defense programs so that they can protect themselves when they are in a dangerous situation.

Parents should start kids self defense training by identifying the threats to your kid’s safety. It may be the school bully or it may be the stranger that is asking directions from them. A bully may be easily identified, just tell your children who is taking advantage of them in school. Children should know and recognize the common child lures and how to respond to them. The best form of kids’ self-defense is learning and recognizing situations where they should just ignore the stranger or walk away or call an authority figure to report the situation.

Kids’ self-defense takes into account teaching children how to draw attention to them by screaming. The reason is that child kidnappers typically don’t favor children who can reveal their intentions to other people. This kids’ self defense technique may be taught at home through role playing.

Signing up children in kids’ self-defense class is another way. Kids must become familiar with the basic self-defense moves. This method has a lot of benefits. It will give children the confidence and remain calm in emergency situations. Aside from that, it can also teach them the concept of respect, improve their health, develop their discipline as well as social skills.

Last but not the least, improvisation is another kids’ self-defense method that can be employed when everything else has failed. Kids must be ready to look after themselves by any means necessary. They can bite, kick, gouge, and head butt but always remind them that they would employ such tactics as a last resort. Tell them that running away from the dangerous people should always be the priority.

Parents must always be on top of their children’s kids’ self defense. They can train the child within their house or involve the community by inviting local police representatives to their school or youth clubs to present self-defense to children.

All About The Art of Self Defense


The Art of Self Defense utilizes structure of codified methods as well as battle traditions at the center of self-defense. The art of self-defense is comprised of many self-defense techniques whose aim is to stop a person from hurting you or others. When talking about “the art of self-defense,” people relate it with martial arts which is something that is thought of as both art and science. They are usually linked with different belief systems, for example, judo with Shinto, jiu jitsu with Confucian or Shaolin monks, etc. While each style has unique facets that make it different against other disciplines, their common characteristic is the systemization of fighting techniques. Training methods include breathing techniques, mental exercises and of course application.

The art of self-defense varies widely, but can be classified into three, such as striking, grappling, and weapons training.

When it comes to striking, the more popular disciplines that comprise it are boxing, taekwondo, muay thai, and karate. Meanwhile, grappling disciplines are comprised of wrestling, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Sambo. Lastly, the art of self-defense that feature weapons training are fencing, arnis, and kendo.

The Asian disciplines usually merges the art of self-defense with other fields such as medicine. This is very evident in Chinese martial arts wherein they recover from acrobatic training using acupressure, acupuncture, and bone setting. The art of self-defense shares its history with religion as the oldest practitioners were priests or nuns.

The art of self-defense as well as preservation of life is the main goal of martial arts. Martial arts training now also gives some benefit both for the physical and spiritual. Regular training in the art of self-defense enhances the practitioner’s physical fitness.

The body movement coordination, stamina, and strength are greatly developed as the training enhances the muscular system as well as inculcate correct breathing techniques.It also provides benefits to the many of the body’s systems.

Finally, the art of self-defense also develops character and sense of respect and justice because training alone develops self-control and self-determination. It is a method to find out more about oneself and his or her relation to the environment.

All About Tae Kwon Do Self Defense


Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts from Korea that denotes the way of kicking and punching. Tae Kwon Do is made up of philosophy, combat techniques, sefl-defense, mediation, exercise, and sports. Tae Kwon Do self defense concentrates on kicks executed at a safe distance. It generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches and open-handed strikes as well as various take-downs, sweeps and joint locks.

Many think that Tae kwon do self defense is very applicable in every facets of life because it develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina.

It is a union of physical and mental discipline.

Tae kwon do involves anaerobic and aerobic workout, self defense techniques, sparring, and relaxation and meditation exercises. Tae Kwon Do self-defense focuses on mental and ethical discipline, justice, etiquette, respect and self-confidence.

Tae Kwon Do self defense adheres to strict rules in its discipline. According to its philosophy, practitioners must aspire to become champions of justice and freedom and that it is their duty to make this world better and more peaceful. That is the reason for such strict rules in this discipline.

When applying it in street fighting, Tae Kwon Do self defense must be utilized for its intended use. This entails that must be only used for self-defense and not to injure weaker opponents. Tae Kwon Do practitioners should practice self-control when handling attackers. They should just disarm, and make sure the attacker would be immobile.

Tae Kwon Do self-defense must have a balanced offense as well. This entails that if the attacker is already disabled, the practitioner must stop inflicting damage.

The practitioner should walk off the fight than inflict further damage to the assailant.

Restraint, composure and a clear head is important for tae kwon do self defense. This ensures that the practitioner will not overdo his or her kicks, would be aware when to start and stop a fight, and follow the guidelines of the discipline. Tae Kwon Do self-defense is a martial arts that is truthfully one of the best if not the best in unarmed combat.

All About Conventional and Improvised Self-Defense Weapons


In the field of self-defense, there are many self-defense weapons that you can know more about. You can quickly find facts about various kinds of weapons ranging from the acient times like bows and arrows, to those that are used in the current times like pepper sprays and handguns.

Every personal self-defense weapons have its own unique size and shape. In fact, anything that can be conveniently carried around and be used to defend can be considered a self-defense weapon. There are the conventional weapons, mace and pepper spray, stun gun and tasers, kubotans and batons, knives, and of course the ultimate self defense weapon, the handgun.

Mace or pepper sprays are self-defense weapons that are sprayed against attackers. It usually stops them when the chemicals hit their eyes, nose and respiratory system.

Stun guns are also effective self-defense weapons.

Its high electrical voltage can disable the muscles of the attacker. As a result, the assailant’s blood sugar is depleted making that person unable to move.

Batons and kubotans are well-known self-defense weapons. Just like batons, kubotans are used for wielding against an attacker. However, batons can be used to hit any body part since they are larger while kubotans are used to inflict pain on pressure points.

Bladed weapons like knives are also good self-defense weapons. They are not highly utilized but the moment they are exposed, it gives the attacker second thoughts.

The most extreme self-defense weapon is the handgun. It is a deadly weapon that can cause serious damage or harm.

Self-defense weapons are not always accessible to everyone and therefore you should be creative and improvise with whatever you have at hand, for instance rolling up a newspaper or a magazine can help in blocking strikes. The use of cane or walking sticks, similar to that of kung-fu teachers in the movies.

A vital improvised self-defense weapon is a camera phones. You can utilize it to identify the assailant by coordinating with the police.

If there are no knives available, pens, pencils can be considered self-defense weapon.

Personal items just like belts for lashing and striking can also be considered as improvised self-defense weapons.

The most important thing when utilizing self-defense weapon is to think strategically and understand when to fight and of course when to avoid conflict by just walking away.