Why waste shredders are important

As more and more people cause pollution, so is the need for faster and more efficient recycling technologies. Every day, several types of wastes from ...


As more and more people cause pollution, so is the need for faster and more efficient recycling technologies. Every day, several types of wastes from different sources, whether it’s medical, industrial, biological pile up and there is an urgent need to dispose them before they threaten our environment. Rather than bury or burn these wastes, another alternative is the use of waste shredders.

To an everyday man, waste shredding mean simply destroying documents, DVDs, CDs, expired credit cards to prevent identity theft. They thought that shredding is just a way of preventing people access to private information, but little that they know; our everyday world relies on waste shredders to dispose not only of paper but other wastes as well. Shredding is a disposal technique, utilizing waste shredders, for agricultural, household, electrical and industrial waste. Shredding is breaking them down into smaller parts.

Waste shredders have two vital benefits. First, the size of the waste is reduced to its original size hence it is easier to transport. The second benefit is that converted waste can easily be recylced and sorted.

There are several types of waste shredders. There is the cross-flow shredder, which beats the waste until it converts it to smaller parts. Another kind of waste shredder is the single-shaft shredder, which often use the blade system to cut waste particles into pieces. There is also the two, three, and four-shaft shredders which uses force to insert the materials between and against blades.

The cross-flow shredder is technically not a shedder but a crusher. These shredders crush refrigerators, electrical equipment, vehicle parts, plastic and metal packaging, glass-plastic composites, RDF, toner cartridges, and waste wood, and even the usual aluminum cans.

When looking for what waste shredder to buy, it is advisable to consider its energy efficiency. Waste shredders typically consume huge amount of power, and machines that operate with lesser amount means they are assured of long-term benefits. Not only they are reducing their carbon footprint, but an energy efficient machine is a cost efficient machine.

The future of Waste shredders is beginning as more and more people are becoming more conscious of the environment hence the need for recycling. It is ideal for an individual or a community to purchase waste shredders so they can help make the environment become green and clean..

What to look for when buying garden shredders


Garden shredders are highly useful for just anyone who loves gardening as a job or as a hobby. It can easily make small branches, twigs, and leaves into mulch or into small shreds that will compost rapidly. Garden Shredders are also efficient to use since it cuts time, effort and trips to the landfill. However, before even thinking of buying a shredder there are a couple of things you should consider.

Types of blades and noise levels: Quiet shredders, also called, as silent garden shredders are the most recent models. It uses a different cutting mechanism that usually feeds automatically as their turning cogs pull the material into the shredded to be crushed and the cut as opposed to the noisy garden shredders. These types of shredders are the cheaper models; it works by using a spinning blade to do the chopping.

Electric Shredders or Petrol Shredders? If you prefer a more cost efficient shredder then you might want an electric garden shredder, as it does not require the use of petrol saving you more money. However, it is classified as a medium power range of garden shredders, you also need to be certain that the cable is long enough to reach the area where you would be doing your shredding. Petrol shredders allows you to move freely around your garden at the same time one of the most powerful shredders available in the market. Most petrol shredders are costly but it surely worth buying because of the quality of the cuttings it can produce. The only disadvantage of a petrol garden shredder is maintenance, it needs more attention in cleaning and constant refilling of petrol.

Types and sizes of garden waste: There are several types of garden wastes branches from hedges, leaves, twigs and even kitchen wastes like vegetables which can be shredded. When looking for a garden shredder the blurb will typically indicate what size of twigs or branches you are allowed to feed into the shredder.

Purpose of the garden shredder: Is it for compost making? You must realize that a garden shredder will not make compost but it will increase efficiency when chopping your garden wastes into smaller bits that can lead to faster decomposition. You must carefully read the description of the model you are planning to purchase since some quiet garden shredder models can yield larger shreds than which takes longer composting time.

What is a micro shredder?


In this digital age, the significance of securing identity whether you are a businessman or a just a homeowner is extremely important. You have to take note that there would always be someone who would be interested in your disposable documents. Identity thieves are on the prowl, searching even your trash bins trying to gain access to your personal information like Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, signatures, bank account numbers, proprietary documents. If you are to dispose some of the documents that have this information, it is better to utilize a micro shredder than dispose of it in intact form where unscrupulous people have an easy access to it.

Micro shredders not only offer the highest level of security available but they increase security by making personal information very difficult, if not impossible to read. Micro shredders use a cross cut which cuts documents in both directions into smaller pieces as compared to the usual and outdated long strip cutting. Some micro shredders even cut the paper into confetti sized pieces, an estimate of 300 to 400 pieces for a 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. For stricter security measures, they can even shred documents to finer particles, of 1600 to 3000 pieces finer.

When purchasing a micro shredder, it is important to know the capacity and volume of the shredder. It is beneficial if the shredder would suit its intended purpose. Buyers should consider the volume of pages it can efficiently shred at a time. If the shreeder is for home use only, having 3 pages at a time can be adequate but if one has a bigger volume to shred, then a more powerful shredder is what you need. It’s possible for some shredders to shred 5 pages as much as 12 pages at a time. It is also helpful to know how long the shredder can continue its function before it needs to be turned off for a cool down..

Another criteria to look for in micro shredders is it ability to shred. There are some models that may shred paper into confetti size, while others into fine particle size. There are some models that basically shreds paper while some can even do a job on CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples. The anti-jam feature is an add-on. Check out also the safety features of the Micro shredder.

Browsing at some customer reviews as well as manufacturer details are good sources of information.

What are the features of a Good Office shredder?


Businesses need to discard a huge volume of paper, billings, letter and expired documents that have become obsolete. We have office documents that contain vital and sensitive information about the company and we don’t want our office trash to be exposed to data theft by scrupulous individuals. This is exactly the situation where office shredders come handy. It safely helps you destroy paper documents that contain sensitive information. It is a very dangerous habit to simply crumple and throw away documents that indicates personal and financial information. So it is a great idea if you have an office shredder at the comforts of your work place.

Before choosing and buying an office shredder you must consider a few things first.

Office Shredders can be very expensive; this is why you must set a price range for your office budget. Search for models that are within your budget. Paper shredders have different sizes and a range of prices, depending on what features you are looking for. If you plan to acquire a personal shredder make sure its for light use only. If you are in need of an office shredder that can handle tons of paper daily then it’s necessary to procure a commercial shredder. However don’t scrimp when buying a shredder because the amount is relative to the quality of the product.

Characteristics. There are so many cool features incorporated to office shredders today such as the “jam free” technology. There are also smart features that makes the office shredder shred paper clips, staples and more. For an office where the shredding capacity habitually requires heavy workload, it is a smart move if you purchase a machine that has a constant heavy-duty motor.

A sharp and modern commercial or office shredder is fundamentally what you need to safely dispose information that’s contained on your paper documents. Heavy-duty office shredders are considered safe enough since they can shred documents into a confetti-like particle. This will prevent unscrupulous people from scavenging through your office trash and steal any of your company’s sensitive information. Remember to consider these important features before purchasing the right office shredder. Plus, you must also consider the size of your office shredder to the size of your office.

Valuable tips when buying a wood shredder


Cleaning up the yard requires many things. Yard work is not just leaf-removal, if you live in a forested area or have many trees in your yard, then you must include cut limbs and broken branches to your list of things to remove. If you reside in areas where hurricanes and storms often pass by, chances are your yard will be filled with strewn leaves, branches, and tree limbs. Surely one can use them as firewood, but what about the small debris and brush? The best solution for this mess is buying a quality wood shredder.

Wood shredders not only eliminate the mess but it can also give a nice mulch to throw back to the garden. It can even give your yard a clean landscape atmosphere. Wood shredders are also versatile because they can double as leaf shredders, and the leaves can be made to compost faster.

Before purchasing a wood shredder, it is good to determine what is the size requirement and purpose of the shredder. Would it be for residential use only such as cleaning up the yard, or commercial purposes, like trimming trees, or landscape clean up? Small wood shredders typically cost between $700 to $750 while the bigger residential wood shredders would be double the amount. Commercial wood shredders can perform as much as 30 times the amount of the small wood shredders.

When purchasing a wood shredder, it is necessary to know its features. Durability and performance in terms of power should be a primary consideration. It must be built to grind up all the leaves, limbs, branches, and coarse debris. A quality wood shredder should have at least a 5-horse power engine that chips any branch up to 3 inches in diameter. Youmust realize that the shredder must be sturdy and stable. The bigger the machine, the more it would yield good results.

When handling wood shredders, be sure to be careful. There have been numerous injuries and even fatalities associated with careless handling of wood shredders. Make sure to wear gloves, earplugs, eye protection, thick jackets and pants and other safety device when using a wood shredder.

Finally, the top brands of wood shredders if one is interested to note are Troy Bilt, Echo Bearcat, Craftsman, MTD and Patriot. You can check them out on reviews and forums online.

Things to consider when looking for residential shredders


Shredders are typically utilized for various industrial applications. It is also very practical to use in waste management as they chop unwanted or useless materials into small bits. They are continuously used for heavy-duty purposes such as handling materials like cardboards, plastic and metal. If you hold large amounts of important valuable documents that need to be shredded, you must look beyond a standard model. Rather than getting a medium to large size of shredder, you must look into industrial shredders especially if you are shredding documents on a regular basis.

Industrial shredders are large-sized machine employed to condense and lessen waste materials that needs to be disposed. Most variety of industries uses them, such as medical, recycling, paper production, waste removal and milling. Industrial shredders are made of a feed area with blades cutting or slicing the material. It is normally equipped with screens responsible for controlling the machine settings like the particle size of the finished product.

If you do not need an industrial shredder on a regular basis, it is highly advisable to rent one instead. It is the most practical way to get rid of sensitive material quickly. Many companies offer industrial shredders that can easily rented anytime. This is a more viable option since you do not need spend that much as someone who needs the shredding more than you. Anyway, these heavy-duty industrial shredders are fitted with high security crosscut and micro cut options, so there’s no risk about your information getting into the wrong hands.

Aside from the fact that you are saving money from industrial shredders rental you also do not have to worry about the maintenance of the machine. Since it is a large-sized machine, it usually requires oil or lubricant from time to time, you also don’t need to worry about down time and costly repairs. It’s not necessary to borrow the equipment whenever you are renting an industrial shredder but you will be provided with a locked box to store your confidential documents. It will be immediately and securely placed into a truck containing the shredder mixed with other documents. This is the typical process of industrial shredders rental because most machines will not fit a typical door in your workplace.

The Right way to use a DVD shredder


Your business’ vital documents such as business plan, marketing strategy, advertising campaign and PR plan should be kept away from prying eyes. Companies or businesses that usually destroy some of the old or obsolete digital copies that contain vital business data must start using a DVD shredder.

Using DVD shredders is a cost-efficient method to pre-dispose all the unwanted DVD/CD in your office. It is a powerful security solution at reasonably cheap prices. Aside from that this type of shredder is fairly easy to use and requires no technical knowledge of any kind. This device works just like the traditional paper shredders.

Here are the basic steps on how to use a DVD Shredder or CD Shredder.

1.Purchase a DVD shredder in the Internet or your local office supplies store. You can try looking for an Aleratec DVD Shredder. It’ not only useful for shredding and grinding DVDs but works well even for for paper documents.

2. Just plug and switch on the DVD shredder. You can fix the adjustments from the mini screen above the shredder but most shredders are equipped with an auto feature to set and determine the operation configuration.

3. Properly place the CD or DVD at the top of the blades, gently feed it into the shredder which would clasp on to the CD or DVD. Majority of DVD shredders does full crosscutting and sometimes cut the disks into 7mm strips. It will automatically stop running and turns off after the compact disc goes through the shredder.

4. To shred credit cards, follow the same procedure. As an additional security feature, the shredder will cut the credit card into strips.

Using a DVD shredder is very easy. However, if you are still having a hard time understanding the steps or want to configure the settings, you can always refer to the manual or user guide of the shredder. This comes along with the product registration card, store this in a safe place for warranty purposes in case your machine breaks down.

A DVD shredder completely destroys CD,DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs which is an irreversible process..

Shredder reviews provide valuable information


Paper shredders are mechanical devices designed to cut paper into strips or particles. Companies, organizations and individuals normally utilize this device to get rid of confidential, private, sensitive or excess documents. Commonly shredded documents are bills, tax documents, credit card and bank statements, to prevent identity theft. That is why if you want to find the perfect shredder for you, it’s very important to check out Shredder reviews.

Before the existence of shredder reviews, people think that shredders are used to conceal documents that may be damaging to the people who utilized it. In Germany in 1935, a paper shredder was manufactured to destroy anti-Nazi propaganda. It was in 1984 after a Supreme Court decision that people started to patronize paper shredders for privacy concerns, but they would usually use shredders without consulting shredder reviews. They just rely on what they read on the news, or what is recommended without checking if that is the shredder they require. In 1987, the Schleicher Intimus 007 S cross-cut model sales shoot up by twenty percent when Oliver North revealed to Congress that he shreds confidential documents.

There are a many sources where you can read valuable shredder reviews. There are free publication that publishes articles about the latest and new technological innovations of shredders as well as online sites that offers updates on such devices.

A good thing about shredder reviews is that they inform you about what type of device is suitable for your shredding needs. Since there are many types of shredders that come in different shapes and sizes, the prices are relatively based on the features of the shredder. Shredders range from small and inexpensive units to large units that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars; conglomerates that employ commercial shredding services commonly use this. Shredder reviews help consumers choose a shredder that is appropriate for their needs.

Shredder reviews would usually cite that the paper shredder is jam-free. They would also enumerate the materials ( aside from paper) the device can shred, like paper clips, staples, even CDs and DVDs. It is also important to learn the pros and cons of the shredder, and of course, know the cost since it can be expensive too at times. It is up to the reader to check if the reviewed shredder is worth his time, his money.

High-security shredders are important equipments


Using high-security shredders is an excellent way to comply with certain federal privacy laws and protect one’s self from identity theft. This type of shredder is flexible to use either for personal or business purposes. Businesses are now struggling with more security issues than ever. With many identity theft concerns, dumpster divers, and federal security regulations you will be needing machines and document security that you can rely on. Companies should find the appropriate level of security according to their needs. Whether you have a couple of documents or dozens of boxes full of paper waste, you must understand the following shredder security levels.

Level 2- Strip Cut. This is the least secure method of shredding documents, it is only recommended for general shredding. This shredder should only process documents that do not contain any financial or personal information if they were to be read by someone with bad intentions. This is because strip cut shredding merely cuts paper into long strips meaning the paper can still be reconstructed using a tape making it readable.

Level 3- Cross Cut. It shreds the paper into short confetti like rectangular shapes. This is the standard level of security that the law approves of. FACTA regulations mandate that businesses and individuals who usually handle sensitive personal and financial information like social security numbers should appropriately discard these documents with a Level 3 or above security shredder before disposal.

Level 4-5 Cross Cut. This is definitely classified as a high-security shredder. More often known as “diamond cut”. High security shredders do shred paper into particles but much smaller than the level 3 cross cut. If you need to discard paper documents on a regular basis, it is suggested that you use a high-security shredder like this.

Level 6 Micro Shred is ideally reserved for high-level, top secret government work like the military or homeland security. These shredders effectively eradicate an ordinary paper into thousands of very small particles.

In general,it is highly-recommended to find the right high-security shredder that meets all your shredding needs. Either from personal, low volume to high security shredders, high volume and DOD-certified shredders. Privacy and security is everybody’s concern, a good quality shredder is you primary defense to people with bad or hidden agendas.

All about tire shredders


There are different ways to recycle tires and shredding is just one of the many alternatives. A proper way to recycle tires properly is utilizing tire shredders which gets the job done. Recycled tires are very useful,in fact, it can either be shredded for the landfill or used as a cover.

There are two types of tire shredders for recycling purposes. It is the high-speed and low-speed shredders. A High-speed tire shredder is made in the shape of a tub. The tires goes through a various shredding and grinding processes. Most of this machine’s grinder uses a lot of power to efficiently break down the rubbers of the tires. A good reason to use this tub size shredder is because it yields a larger output. No less than 4,000 tires are actually processed in an hour.

Rotary Shear or Low-speed tire shredders are popularly known as the most utilized tire recycling equipment. The blades fitted in this type of shredder help reduce maintenance costs, as this shredder is big on tire feeds. The tire does not bounce even while the entire wheel is fed into the shredder.

Regardless of the type of tire shredder used, the kind of tires should be determined because each one of these tires processes a little differently. Whether light truck tires, passenger tires, truck tires or agricultural tires each type of tire necessitates a different configuration.

Tire shredding and granulation is essentially a hazardous process. There is a higher probability of causing fire with systems that requires removal of steel since this can create a spark. This is the major reason why some machines are equipped with heat and fire detectors plus other systems that will possibly prevent fires. For example, some machines are installed with water misters and temperature detectors that will automatically shut down the machine if it gets too hot. Disaster could happen if these tire shredders are not managed and monitored properly..

Furthermore, the maintenance of tire shredders can really cost a lot. Replacing the knife is the single largest maintenance expense. The actual expense of shredding is in the machine that cuts the rubber that contains metal.