Why a springless trampoline is the ideal choice for safer work-out

A great majority of fitness enthusiasts worldwide are aware of the health benefits that can be derived from bouncing on trampoline. Aside from cardio...


A great majority of fitness enthusiasts worldwide are aware of the health benefits that can be derived from bouncing on trampoline. Aside from cardiovascular benefits, bouncing on a trampoline enhances balance and coordination in the body. Nevertheless, some people only use traditional trampolines despite the reality that there is a better alternative: spring less trampolines. These springless trampolines are not so well-recognized in other countries. In fact, springless trampoline can be considered safer than regular trampolines because of its unique features.

A Springless trampolines was designed with safety kept in mind since normal trampolines are associated with injuries. Although normal trampolines seem safe because they are built with strong metal tubes, good stitching, great padding and rigid enclosures, statistics show otherwise. Data from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NIESS ) in 1995 revealed increased incidence of trampoline injury which makes springless trampoline an ideal alternative. Most often, injuries from trampoline result from head collisions or hitting the steel frames after bouncing. The springs can be a major cause of injury which is why springless trampoline fits as perfect substitute. A springless trampoline brand gaining wide acceptance from fitness enthusiasts is the Springfree Trampoline that took no less than ten years to design since it is equipped with the safest features. The brand Springfree Trampoline is actually a springless trampoline that made use of flexible layers of rods that are carefully placed on certain angles underneath the mat. The bouncing effects is just as normal as the result from a spring trampoline.

Springless trampoline have very tough frames with legs that are angled outwards. For this reason, extra support is provided which prevents users from getting flipped over. The matting used in springless trampoline also spell difference since the matting is more durable than regular ones. The matted cushioning can endure heavy bouncing without being slippery so even children would be safe in using this type of equipment. Also, buying a springless trampolines that conforms to safety standards like the Australian Standards (AS4989 – Trampolines – Safety Aspects) brings security and peace of mind. Since a person is confident that the springless trampoline is safer, this also means savings since there are no trips to the doctor at the same the time fully enjoy the health benefits. It’s time to switch to springless trampoline so that fun-filled activities are safer and healthier.

Why a kid trampoline can make your child fit and happy


Because of technology, the lifestyle of billions of people around the world changed significantly. Apparently, any entertainment and information is accessible technological innovations. As new and fun gadgets are being manufactured with creative features, kids now prefer those over traditional toys, recreational activities and sports. The digital age has affected the lives of children and may have increased the risk of obesity, violent behavior and lack of proper social skills and interaction. Parents are challenged to bring a harmonious and healthy environment to their children and provide the necessary ways to enhance their physical development. Two words can simply address this huge challenge- kid trampoline.

One might think that a kid trampoline is just a huge toy that must cost a lot of money and space. It might be an unlikely idea to be included to a kid’s daily activities but think about the money you are spending on your kid’s gadgets, video games, toys, computers, etc. Considering that all these techno gadgets costs more than a simple kid trampoline that provides positive benefits to a child’s health and physical fitness.

A kid trampoline goes a long way back in 1934 back into the days when children relished bouncing as a recreational activity. Once a child is three years old, he or she is allowed to use a kid trampoline with supervision of course. It is a pleasurable activity that will excite children and possibly veer them away from video games, internet and television. Using a kid trampoline enables the child a to develop his or her motor skills in a fun way while breathing in fresh air outdoors. A lot of adults observed that kids who used kid trampolines are more sociable and inclined to enjoy sports and recreational activities. A kid trampoline has a lot to do with a child’s fitness and well-being.

Once you decided to buy a kid trampoline, it is good to exert extra precautions to ensure safety and prevent injuries. Normally, kid trampolines are fitted with net enclosures and padding to make playtime safer for the children. Familarize yourself with instructions carefully and monitor the child as long as they are using a kid trampoline. It’s always reassuring to know that you have used the right precautions for your delicate ones.

Things you need to know before buying water trampoline


Water trampoline is a good equipment that gives people hours of fun when they want have a trip to the beach, lake, or lagoon. Outdoor water sports activities using the water trampoline get more exciting since many water sprots and water games can be created using the innovative equipment. Therefore, if you are seriously considering buying a water trampoline then follow some practical advice that we are giving in order to get the best deal possible.

When browsing through several various products make sure to check the materials used on the water trampoline; its springs must be sturdy and made of good quality steel spring. The quality of the material used on the coil spring can significantly affect its bouncing effects. Aside from that, it must be strong and thick enough to support people jumping and bouncing on the trampoline. The strength of the spring is also vital to the safety of the people using it.

Another important aspect that you must also consider is the size of the water trampoline. In fact, the usual practice is to choose something big enough to give you a good and stable bounce. It is a known fact that small sized trampolines are unstable in the water; if you want to have a more firm and steady bounce then get large sized water trampolines. Typically, the most ideal size or diameter is around 20 feet; thus, choose the product that has at least 20 feet or more in diameter.

Buying the water trampoline is not enough, take note that you may also need several important accessories as well; such as a highly-pressurized blower to inflate the trampoline, docking chain to keep it well anchored and stable, and some life jacket especially for the young children. Without these samll but important accessories, the product would be of no good for your outdoor water events.

Therefore, when you buy a water trampoline, always remember the aforementioned tips; and do not forget the necessary accessories that you must also buy along with it for safety purposes and to keep the trampoline stable while floating in the water.

Practical advice you need when buying trampoline


Trampoline is one of the most exciting and health-giving equipment that man ever thought of. Exercising using the trampoline makes the body fit due to improved lymphatic system, better circulation of oxygen in the body, and improved metabolism in the body. For this reason, people can’t help buying trampoline since it’s not only fun to use but healthy as well Although there are many types of trampolines available in the market, one must consider many factors when buying trampoline. In the first place, the trampoline would be used for a long time by all members of the family. Also, it takes some considerable amount of money when buying trampoline. An important aspect of buying trampoline is closely looking at the different parts of the equipment. The following guidelines would help you out when buying trampoline:

Inspect the trampoline frame. The frame is a vital part of the trampoline since it gives support to the whole equipment. The metal tubing must be tough enough to carry even heavy weight especially big people bouncing on the trampoline. The thickness of the frame, the steel gauge used as well as the maximum load must be understood by the buyer. In addition, the tubing must be weather-proof since most trampolines are commonly placed in open spaces like gardens. Always prioritize the quality of materials when buying trampoline since it is more cost-efficient.

Inspect the jumping mat. The mat or trampoline bed is commonly made of black mesh fabric. Typically, most trampoline manufacturers rely on matting made from US factories. However, the quality of stitching defines the performance of mats. Buying trampoline that has a well-stitched mat and good anchor bars stitched in the fabric is an assurance of good quality.

Check the trampoline springs. The trampoline springs determines the quality of bounce when it comes to using the trampoline. When buying a trampoline, make sure that the springs are made of metal not cheap elastic tubes. Although both materials can bounce, the metal springs would last long and give a better bounce. This is very crucial since the bouncing activity on the trampoline is what provides health benefits. Cutting costs on such features by buying trampolines that are cheap is a bad move. If such is the case, better hold off buying until you can get a good product.

Buying trampoline is a practical investment in fitness as long as you go for high-grade materials.

Parents have peace of mind with safe trampolines


The equipment known as trampoline was invented in the 1930s by an individual known as George Nissen. This person worked in the circus for a long time that is precisely why he created the trampoline for the purpose of showcasing acrobatics while being suspended in air. Even the person who invented the trampoline never crossed his mind that the trampoline would be a fitness equipment one day.

Nissen invented the trampoline to present circus tricks, somersaults and acrobatics that are very dangerous and complicated for a normal person to perform. Trampolines used in circus performances weren’t exactly safe trampolines.

As a household equipment, a trampoline is readily available for someone who purchased and installed it in their own backyard. However, kids who are usually very imaginable and naive might have seen circus performers doing their amazing tricks using a trampoline; and will try to recreate or imitate the movements of these performers. There goes the missing warning, “Do not follow this at home”.

Any household equipment that is within reach of children can be a potential source of injury. Because of this, it’s necessary to observe precautions and use safe trampolines. Safe trampolines are made of strong netting, enclosures and padding to prevent children from being hurt while using the equipment. Always keep in mind to warn kids not to jump onto or off the trampoline and remove objects around the trampoline that can cause unforeseen injury or disaster.

If you intend to get a good trampoline for your kids, buy a trampoline that can handle heavy loads in case your kids are quite big. The safe trampolines for toddlers are usually small ones. You can decide to choose fairly big ones that are considered safe trampolines for young ones and for older kids as well. It’s a practical idea to choose well-known and reputable manufacturer of safe trampolines. Parents can feel more confident knowing that they have bought sturdy, durable and safe trampolines for their precious kids. Daily, your children’s routine activities can include playing in safe trampolines, it is a must to monitor playtime and exert precautions to prevent injuries and accidents in your home.

Nursery Trampoline: Parent’s solution to active kids


It simply doesn’t matter where young kids come from, one thing is common among them: they’re very energetic. Normally, they run,scream, kick and do play endlessly as if they never get tired at all. When it’s time to play, for children ages two to three, a nursery trampoline is the perfect match for their boundless energy. Parents can be confident in using a nursery trampoline since young children get proper exercise from bouncing in this equipment. Also, there have been studies that children who use trampoline are more calm than those who don’t. This makes the nursery trampoline ideal for hyperactive children who often wear down their parent’s energy. Furthermore, a nursery trampoline is great for young children since the equipment can help develop balance, rhythm, agility and body coordination which can prevent injuries when playing.

Nursery trampoline are important play equipments that parents must buy for their children. Balance and coordination are essential skills that young children must learn since their movements are still awkward. In comparison with leaning to ride a bicycle , bouncing on a trampoline involves less risk since the child can hold the rails making it safer. Furthermore, the trampoline is can really exhaust the boundless energy of a small child.

Nursery trampoline are also called junior trampoline. Commonly, this equipment comes with a soft grip handle that’s fitted for kid’s small hands. Nursery trampoline can be located outdoor or indoors because it’s designed to be weather proof with mat and tubular steel frame that has been coated against rust. Usually , nursery trampoline are priced starting from $70 to a hundred bucks depending on the quality and features.

However, certain risks are also associated when a kid uses a nursery trampoline the wrong way. It is common sense for parents keep watch of their very young children when using this equipment to prevent any unpleasant inconveniences. It would be practical to put additional rubber mats around the nursery trampoline. This prevents young kids from hurting themselves in case they fall off from the trampoline. Also, it is just but reasonable to teach the child to hold the rail while bouncing. Explain to the child why he shoudl not jumping off the equipment after bouncing. As long as the child safely uses the equipment, playtime is always filled with fun.

Mini-trampoline provides great health benefits


If you want to derive health benefits from a simple equipment, go for a mini-trampoline. Aside from being a fun way to exercise, mini-trampoline bouncing numerous health benefits. The mini-trampoline is one mean piece of fitness equipment that can help you build more toned muscles for your body. Aside from that, doing some exercises using a mini trampoline significantly helps provide good lymphatic circulation; and tremendously improves body coordination.

Hence, if you want to perform a low-impact exercise that improves over-all muscle tone for well-balanced body built then the mini trampoline exercise is one of the most recommended for you to perform. This type of workout is also best for people who want to detoxify their body from harmful toxins; since this exercise can notably cause some positive effects to the lymphatic system.

Take note of the fact that the lymphatic system is largely dependent on the physical movement of the body in order for it to circulate. During the circulation process, it carries along with it some nutrients for distribution to various parts of the body; while at the same time it also carries away with it some harmful toxic wastes. Thus, it is necessary for the body to have good lymphatic drainage in order to assist the body in natural detoxification process; and one of the many ways of doing that is to perform several mini trampoline workouts which are highly effective in keeping the lymphatic system properly circulating.

This exercise can povide a good work-out to people of all ages, from young energetic kids to adults who don’t mind enjoying a trampoline. In fact, even elderly people who are still active can perform the workouts for several minutes each day for optimum health. Thus, regardless of age, the mini trampoline exercise provides a good work-out. It is suited for small spaces and does not take much spacet; and you can also perform the workout even if the weather is bad. But the highly significant fact is that it is one fun and healthy way to stay fit.