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Playing paintball is a fun activity that can be easily learned by anyone. Even novice who have no prior experience can easily learn how to play paintb...


Playing paintball is a fun activity that can be easily learned by anyone. Even novice who have no prior experience can easily learn how to play paintball in just a matter of minutes. Here are the basic instructions on how to play paintball that you will need to know if you want to play this exciting game.

One of the first steps before playing paintball is establishing the parameters of the game. It is important that the size of your playing field is proportionate to the number of players. Choose the starting bases of each team and make sure that they are not in view of each other. Also, the players must set a dead zone for dead players, choose a game objective like capture the flag or elimination game, and come up with a time limit for the game.

The next procedure in playing paintball is commencing the game. All players start at their respective bases each team calls out to each other to signify that they are ready. Then the first team to call out must shout “game on” to mark the start of the game.

Paint checks are one of the important procedures when playing paintball that can be used if you are unsure if you have been hit. When a player shouts “paint check,” the game pauses and another player closest to that person must check him or her for hits. After verifying the matter, the game resumes with the players returning to their previous positions while the person who called for the paint check must shout “game on”.

If a person is hit, he or she must raise his gun over his or her head and notify the other players by shouting it to them. Then that player must quickly walk off the field to the dead zone while assuming the position and informing new players that they come across with. Once the objective of the game have been achieved by a team, all players on the field must be informed.

There are also safety paintball rules that must be followed by all players at all times and these include wearing masks, no drinking and playing, no blind firing, allowing surrenders, shooting less than 300 feet per second, and using barrel plugs.

Paintball Tournament


Playing in a paintball tournament is not the same as playing recreational or scenario paintball. They are played by teams of various sizes although most modern day paintball tournaments uses the 3-man, 5-man, and 7-man format, although during the earlier years of the sport, it is common to find a 10-man, 15-man, and 20-man tournaments in wooded fields. Most tournaments nowadays also uses the speedball format since they are practical to setup, easier to officiate, and more viewable to audiences. Here are some of the paintball tournament game formats that are used today.

The most original paintball tournament format and is still being widely used nowadays is capture the flag. It is used in both woodsball and speedball tournaments and is also used by the National Professional Paintball League as well as in other regional leagues like the Xtreme Paintball Sports League and New England Paintball League.

An exciting paintball tournament format that is used by the Paintball Sports Promotions is centerflag. In this type of game, one flag is placed at the center of the field. The objective of this game is to bring the flag to your opponent’s starting station to win the game.

XBall is a relatively new paintball tournament format that was used in the International Amateur Open in 2002. This game uses the centerflag format in multiple rounds until the game time, which is at 50 minutes, runs out. Each flag captured is equal to a point. Only 5 players can play in a game although a team’s roster can reach up to 19 players and each team can substitute players after every point. This format also allows coaches to communicate with the team on the sidelines, unlike in other tournament formats.

Another paintball tournament format that is used nowadays is a modification of XBall which is called XBall Light. This format only ha a game time of 15 minutes long. Games can be won immediately even before the game time expires when a team reaches a set point total of about 5 or 7 points. This paintball tournament format is used by Paintball Sports Promotion and Carolina Field Owners Association.

Paintball Tips


Paintball is both an intense and fun team game that requires a lot of strategy and teamwork to win. Beginners who play for the first time often paintball don’ts that often get them into trouble and cause their team a game. Here are some paintball tips that you can follow when playing paintball to improve your game and make you a more valuable team member.

The most basic paintball tip is to move around and not be a sitting duck in a game, especially if you are not guarding the base. Remember that a steady target is way easier to shoot than a moving target. In this sport you need to move at all times as you can easily be trapped by the opposing team if you remain stationary.

The second paintball tip that you can do before the actual game is surveying the field by walking around it. This will allow you to observe the best spots for cover and take note of the angles that you can use to your team’s advantage.

If you intend to make this game as your regular sport, then a good paintball tip is to get in shape and stay fit especially before games. Paintball is a very physical activity and requires a lot of cardiovascular endurance so that you don’t gasp for air while playing. Also, being fit will allow you to move through the rough terrains more easier and faster.

Another important paintball tip that should be kept in mind by anyone is not to be a hero during games. Paintball is a team sport and individual effort can only get you so far. Collective teamwork wins games so it’s better if you just communicate well with your teammates and formulate a team strategy to win. Plus, being a hero can also cost your team a win so don’t even bother with it.

Lastly, when in a game, always aim first before firing. This is especially important if your intended target is still not aware of your position. Firing a low percentage shot at your target is a reckless move and it will give your position to your opponent and a chance for him/her to react, or worse make a counterattack.

Paintball Teams


Paintball games may vary depending on the format and variation but most paintball teams require at least 3 players on each side for an enjoyable match. In regular games, paintball teams consist of three main positions that have their own roles: front players, mid players, and back players.

The front players or frontmen in a paintball team are the most straightforward position in the game as they experience most of the action. They are usually assigned farthest off the bunkers and their job is to attack or infiltrate the opponents’ base. In a paintball team, the front players do the most of the killing since they are the ones nearest the enemies. Front players also need to be agile and physically fit so that the enemies won’t eliminate them easily. They also require the least amount of paint since they can secure locations that have better shooting angles.

Meanwhile, the mid players are the players that need to be the most flexible in paintball teams. This is because their main role is to replace the spot of key teammates that have been eliminated, most especially front players since they are the ones most exposed. Mid players are assigned in locations between the front and back players. Because of this position they are ideal for covering front players and creating lanes for them so that their teammates can move further. They also need to have an overall awareness of what is happening in that particular game so that they can easily adapt to the circumstances.

Last but not the least position in paintball teams are the back players. As their name implies, they are assigned to the back row of bunkers in the playing field. Back players carry the most amount of firepower since their main role is to create openings for mid and front players as they move. Another important role of them is to defend their team’s base most especially in particular paintball variations such as capture the flag or king of the hill wherein the winning condition requires teams to defend or capture bases, objects or people.

Paintball Safety


Other people have reservations about playing paintball because they think that such game can cause a lot of pain or injury. However, the fact is that most paintball fields implement certain paintball safety rules and procedures that minimizes the risks of harm while allowing for a fun and enjoyable game. Here are some of these paintball safety rules and procedures that must followed when playing paintball to ensure the safety of all players.

One of the most important paintball safety rules implemented is the wearing of mask at all times. The mask protects the players face from being hit by a paintball so as not to cause serious injury. Players must not even remove their masks when they are in the dead zone or even when they are informed that a particular game is already over.

The second paintball safety rule is that all players must not be under influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications. This is important because the game must stay clean and safe at all times and people under the influence of these psychoactive substances are not in any way fit to think clearly or act appropriately.

Another paintball safety procedure that most new players seem to disregard is the prohibition of blind firing. Players must never shoot at what they cannot see as they can accidentally hit, or worse injure, leaving players, the referee, and other things that must not be shot.

The use of barrel plugs is an important paintball safety measure that must be practiced at all times. Barrel plugs must be plugged in the guns whenever players are not wearing masks in order to prevent accidental firings. The only time that a player should remove his or her barrel plugs is when everyone has already worn their masks.

Most fields also set the velocities of their gun under 300 feet per second. Paintball guns are timed with a paintball chronograph that are available in specialty shops. It is because anything faster than that can cause severe harm and injury such as welts or a broken skin.

Paintball is an extremely fun game that has risks that can be minimized by just following these simple safety procedures.

Paintball Rules


When playing paintball, there are certain rules that must be followed by all players. These paintball rules are strictly enforced by the referees in the game. These referees patrol the playing field to make certain that these rules are being implemented at all times. They also call out players who have already been shot and been marked with paint, so that they go to the dead zone and not interfere with the ongoing game. Here are some of the paintball rules that are always carried out during games.

The first and foremost of the paintball rules is that masks must always be worn at all times especially when the players are at the playing area. The only time that masks can be removed is when all have their markers’ barrels blocked or when it is disconnected from their gas source. This is to ensure the safety of all players at all times because an accidental firing can take place which can lead to a serious head injury.

Another one of the paintball rules is that may change from venue to venue is the minimum distance rule wherein players cannot shoot their opponent when they are within a closer distance than this minimum range which is usually at 15 feet. A modified version of this paintball rule is the surrender rule wherein a player can offer a chance to surrender to his or her opponent when he or she closes within the minimum distance. These rules are implemented to prevent unnecessary harm or injury when playing the game.

Players are not also allowed to overshoot or repeatedly tag a player who are already dead or has just been eliminated from the game. This is one of the important paintball rules because some players can get carried away during a game and cause dangerous injuries to another person.

Also, some players attempt to cheat in a game by wiping the paint off themselves and act as if they have not been shot when they are tagged. Some people do it on purpose just so that they can stay in the game and continue on playing. This is certainly illegal within games to ensure fairness.

Paintball Gear


Paintball is a game that uses a lot of equipment. These paintball gears ensures that the game is enjoyable while minimizing the risks of injury or harm. Here are the most common paintball gears that are used for that sport.

The most important paintball gear in this game is the marker which is commonly known as a paintball gun. They are powered by the expansion of gas that is stored in a compressed bottle which allows them to expel paintballs at a high velocity. The commonly used compressed gas for paintballs are carbon dioxide, High Pressure Air (HPA) or nitrogen, and propane. Also, most paintball fields enforce a strict rule that allows only markers that have muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second or less to ensure the safety of all players.

The second most important paintball gear of course are the paintballs themselves. They are gelatin capsules that consist of polyethylene glycol, non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye. Most paintball nowadays are conveniently easy to wash off the clothes. There are also reusable paintballs that can be purchased which is called a Reball.

Paintball masks is an important paintball gear that protects the player’s eyes, mouth, ears, and nostrils. There are also double-layered or thermal masks that significantly reduces fogging in the masks. There are also masks that even have electric fans that reduces humidity and keep the lens dry. Paintball masks are made of Polycarbonate and have anti-scratch coatings.

The clothing used for this sport can vary depending on the type of game that is being played. Most players wear army surplus military fatigues to simulate combat warfare and to blend in with the environment as well. However in speedball this is impractical as the size of the playing field is small so players just wear a brightly colored team uniform. In scenario games, players dress themselves according to the character that they are portraying. It is also common for paintball players to wear extra layers of clothing to help reduce the sting of paintball hits. Padding for the elbows and knees can also be used to help in navigating the rough terrain of the field.

Outdoor Paintball


Most paintball games are played outdoors since the game was originally intended to simulate the excitement that is experienced in animal hunting. Outdoor paintball fields nowadays vary in structures and sizes. There are large outdoor paintball fields that are most suitable for woodsball type of games. There are also outdoor paintball fields that are just on an enclosed, fenced space and has various types of bunkers which is great for a speedball format. However, no matter how big or small the paintball field is, what matters is that outdoor paintball offers an unbeatable natural terrain that cannot be simulated with an indoor paintball venue.

The terrain of outdoor paintball simulates real combat situations well that even the military uses it as a form of training. Moreover, in outdoor paintball, the terrain is drastically affected by various weather conditions. You will really feel the heat during sunny days, or the footing will become slippery and muddy when it rains, or your vision will be impaired when it is foggy, thus making each game more exciting and realistic. One of its downside is that you cannot play when it is snowing heavily or there are heavy rains. Another disadvantage is that most outdoor paintball fields do not allow night games because it can be very dangerous for players, unlike in an indoor paintball facility.

Outdoor paintball is also best for scenario paintballs that requires a large space. These types of games often involve a lot of players and last for days, wherein they re-enact a certain theme such as a historical event. These kinds of games sometimes even involve improvised in-game tanks so an outdoor field is really required.

Some outdoor paintball fields use various objects as bunkers like oil drums, plywoods, wheels, conduits and other similar objects which players utilize throughout a game. However these type of bunkers are very hard, can cause injuries to players especially during fast-paced games, and is hard to modify once already setup. Therefore some outdoor paintball fields use inflatable bunkers which are also used in indoor paintball fields. These types of bunkers are also great for speedball tournaments since they are quite easy to establish and reconfigure.

Indoor Paintball


Paintball puritans strongly disagree to playing indoor paintball because it takes away the essence out of the game but this form of paintball is increasingly starting to become popular due to the advantages it offers over its more original, outdoor counterpart. Indoor paintball is played within an enclosed facility that typically uses carpets and bunkers to simulate the outdoor experience. Although the playing field in indoor paintball is generally much smaller than outdoor paintball, there are a lot of things that can be done with this type of field which makes it versatile and flexible.

First of all, with indoor paintball you can play at any time of the day, even during the night. Sure, some outdoor paintball fields can facilitate night games but the lighting in such fields can never match the lighting in an indoor paintball field. With indoor paintball you can have safer night games because of the good visibility that it offers. So if you are looking for a quick paintball fix during a weekday with your friends, you can do so with indoor paintball.

Indoor paintball also extends your playing season since it allows you to play during unfavorable weather conditions. Indoor paintball fields offer climate control so you can still play your favorite game even when it is raining, snowing, or muddy outside. You can also play paintball when the sun is too hot and can cause sunburn or heat strokes. Indoor paintball fields also provide better amenities like shower rooms, wi-fi, good sound system and many more.

While indoor paintball fields have limited space, this makes them ideal for speedball and rec-games. Such games are easier to facilitate in this type of field because it is more viewable and various conditions can be controlled. Because of this, indoor paintball is also recommended for small scenario games because the field is easier to setup.

Another great advantage of an playing indoor paintball is that it is more convenient to tie up a paintball game with a social event such as a party. This is because most indoor playing fields offers function rooms that are well-suited for such events like birthday parties, team-building, Christmas parties, and many more.

Extreme Paintball


Paintball is considered by many people to be an extreme sport because of the inherent risks associated with being shot at using gun-like devices. Some games such as the Woodsball and scenario paintball even utilize the natural outdoor terrains to simulate a real combat experience. Therefore most paintball playing fields has adopted this “extreme” label in branding their facilities to market themselves to those people who are looking for that adrenaline rush. Here are some of these extreme paintball facilities.

Highway 77 Extreme Paintball is a paintball facility located in Southport, Florida. It is a large 13 acres of paintball terrain that has 4 fields. It used to be a zoo so you can find old zoo structures in the field which provides an exciting and unique paintball experience. Highway 77 Extreme Paintball implements a field paint only rule so you cannot bring your own paintballs. Aside from paintball, you can also play airsoft in their playing fields.

Another extreme paintball facility is the LA Extreme Paintball which is in Slidell, Los Angeles. It is also another field-paint-only facility, to ensure the safety of players. They are also open to walk-on play so you don’t have to form a group in order to play paintball there.

Meanwhile the Rebel Extreme Paintball is a playing field in Leicestershire, UK. It is an 80-acre field woodland that is created in the 1990. This paintball venue offers over 20 game scenarios which include fuel depot, three kings, crossover, ravine run, and rebel revenge. They also feature the latest paintball equipments for a better experience and you can even book their venue online at the comfort of your own home.

If you are in Central New York and looking for some paintball action, check out TNT Extreme Paintball. They offer special playing fields for woodsball and speedball type of paintball games. They also rent the place for special social events like birthday parties, bachelor parties, pickup games, company outings and many more.

All in all, while paintball is largely considered by many to be an extreme sport, the risks of players harming themselves are actually very low compared to other contact sports because the modern equipment and the rules implemented in most playing venues make it very safe while nevertheless enjoyable for its players.