The Time for Lobsters: Lobster Season

During the lobster season is the best time to fish and hunt for lobsters. Since lobsters love the warm weather, the lobster season is usually around w...


During the lobster season is the best time to fish and hunt for lobsters. Since lobsters love the warm weather, the lobster season is usually around warm seasons.

Lobsters are mostly found 10 to 40 feet under shallow waters which should be remembered by all lobster enthusiasts. As winter storms come, lobsters go deeper around 60 feet to 100 feet to seek refuge. The frequent storms during the winter force lobster population to migrate to deeper waters because there, the effect of the storms are hardly felt. During this season, the harvesting of lobsters is the most difficult and challenging. Toward the end of the winter season, lobsters then go back to its previous habitat.

The lobster seasons are mostly year round with the exception of winter seasons. Most of the time, the lobster season ends in the first Wednesday after may 15 and begins on the first Wednesday of October of the previous year. The lobster season’s start and end is dependent on other things. Usually in warm places, the lobster season is from a month before the spring to a month after winter. The type of lobster that can be found in a specific place can also cause some changes in the start and end of the lobster season. Even though spiny lobsters can be bought all year long, shell lobsters and American lobsters tell a different story since the shell lobster season is around July to October and the American lobster is abundant during March to December. If the are where you’re planning to go lobster to is self managed, then you won’t be able to hunt lobsters anytime but if they are not, then you’ll be able to catch a few all year round.

Lobster season entails a lot of regulations when it comes to harvesting. One of these regulations clearly states that traps should be the only catching device used. The number of the lobsters that fishermen were able to catch using these traps should be recorded. For inshore fishermen, they should only have 800 traps and their fishing time is only from sunrise to sunset. Recreational lobster fishers must also abide with a maximum catch per day on a minimum length lobster. What these rules does is make sure that the lobsters are not overfished.

Whether you’re catching lobsters for recreational or business purposes, you should still take note of how deep these lobsters are. Also, abide the restrictions and limits that are in place to make sure that the supply of lobsters for the next lobster season is adequate for everyone.

The Lobster Facts Everybody Should Know About


Here is a couple of interesting lobster facts for those who like to eat lobsters.

The first lobster fact that you should know is that lobster belong under the Phylum called Arthropoda which is under Class Crustacea. Their defense mechanism is their sturdy exoskeleton and they down have notochord. Lobsters are ten-legged crustaceans closely related to shrimp and crabs.

Another lobster fact is lobsters have poor eyesight. Their eyes are compound eyes, it consist of hundred of lenses joined together on the ends of pair of jointed organs called stalks. Despite the poor eyesight, they have developed senses of taste and smell through the four small antennae on the front of their heads. The tiny sensory hairs along their legs are used for tasting.

Lobsters love to eat live prey such as mollusks and small fishes which makes them total scavengers. Their favorite time to hunt food is during the night. They end up eating plant life such as algae if these lobsters become too many. The gastric mill is where they chew their food and it is actually found in their stomach.

Another lobster fact is that they molt. Whenever they need to have a bigger shell, they molt since their shells are not really capable of growing. Before they shed the old shell, they form a thin one underneath. To make the shedding faster and easier, lobsters produce an enzyme which makes the old shell a lot softer. Once the old shell is soft enough, they will begin to shake it off while absorbing water so that they will grow. Each molting will make them grow around 20%. After the molting process, lobsters eat their old shell to replenish the calcium they lost and speed up the hardening of the new shell. It takes 6-8 weeks for the new shells to solidify which is why lobsters prefer to stay in their hiding places during this time.

One lobster fact that you might find fascinating is that they can re-grow their antenna, legs and claws. In fact they can amputate their own claws and legs to escape danger though it may take 3 to 4 cycles for claws to regenerate. Lobsters also use complicated signals to establish social relationships. They even sometimes walk hand in hand.

The last interesting lobster fact is that they have a wide variety of colors. There are times where in lobsters can have more than one colors but will still turn red once they are cooked.

The Different Lobster Recipes


Even though there used to be a time where in lobsters are for poor people, nowadays people all over the world enjoy eating it more than ever. Since technology has evolved so much over the years, it has made lobsters accessible to everybody. The fact that lobsters can be cooked in a variety of ways has made it one of the most sought after dishes in the entire world.

During the colonial times of the States, lobster was considered a mark of poverty, for they were served to indentured servants or lower members of society. In fact some servants became so tired of consuming lobster that they have included a clause in their contract that they would not be forced to eat lobster more than three times a week.

The taste for lobster changed once technology in the transportation sector improved. Once live lobsters can be delivered to urban centers, it became a luxurious food and international community embraced it contributing their own lobster recipes.

The more famous lobster recipes include the Lobster Thermidor , a classic French dish consisting of cream and baked cheese and Lobster Newberg (North America), made from lobster, cream, cognac, sherry and Cayenne pepper. These days, lobsters are just used in main courses anymore. In order to make lobsters taste sweeter, they are dipped in butter.

Even though there was a sudden rise in the way that lobsters are being cooked, boiling remains to be the most popular way to cook lobsters. In order to cook a lobster thermidor, you have to follow the simple steps below.

Find a pot that has a lid and put the lobster in it. Add in water and vinegar and bring the lobster to a boil. Let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes then remove it from the pot with tongs. You have to let it boil for 5 minutes more after you have gotten rid of its claws.

Once the claws are removed, you have to remove the meat that is inside them. The meat in the knuckles should be extracted. Then preheat the oven to 425 degrees. To save time, it is best that you start sautéing the onions, carrot and celery while waiting for the lobster to boil. You should then add milk and flour. Add dry seasonings and let it simmer for 15 minutes. In a small bowl, whisk together egg yolks and cream. Take the sauce of the heat and add it to the egg yolks and cream. Get another mixing bowl since this is where you’re going to place the lobster meat once you’re done cutting them up. The lobster tails should then be put in a baking sheet after which the sauce should be poured all over the shells and top it all off with parmesan. You have to continuous bake it in the oven until you see that the shell has turned brown.

This is just one of the lobster recipes where one can enjoy a tasty delicay. There are a lot of different ways that you can cook lobsters.

The Basics of Lobster Shipping


Lobster shipping can be beneficial to those who would want to eat fresh lobsters and to those who are looking for a business. All you have to do is follow these steps so that you can begin with the business.

To make sure that the lobsters survive the delivery, they have to be put in a container that is both cold and moist. Lobster deaths during shipping are caused by deprivation of oxygen. The key thing is to make lobsters cool because the cooler the lobster is, the less oxygen it uses. If the temperature is higher, the probability of a lobster drying out is higher because the lobster uses up a lot of oxygen. The gills on a lobster must remain moist to work and function properly. When handled properly, lobsters can live out of water for four to five days.

You have other choices that you can use to keep lobsters moist other than to submerge them in water. Don’t even consider putting ice inside the containers because they’ll just melt away and once they do, problems might erupt. If lobsters are exposed to freshwater, they will eventually burst since they will inevitably grow. Do not use dry ice either because of the lobsters can suffocate from carbon dioxide.

Create the right temperature for lobster shipping. Stored lobsters at 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit can be shipped at 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to regulate and control the temperature because too much temperature change can cause stress and eventual death for the lobster. Also, do not freeze the lobster by allowing the temperature to go down to 29 degrees Fahrenheit, the same freezing point for saltwater.

It is important to note that during lobster shipping, do not feed the lobsters. Lobsters should not be even fed two days before the shipping because a full stomach consumes more oxygen and increase the incidence of vomiting.

Finally pack the lobsters tight enough that they will not get damaged during shipping. Do not cram them close together because they might use up all the oxygen and die of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Just remember these lobster shipping advices and you can enjoy getting fresh lobsters delivered to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy the taste and flavor of lobster in your plate.

Lobster Delivery: What You Need to Know


Lobsters are known worldwide as a delicious food. Some people find it easier to buy lobster than the others. You have to look for a good lobster delivery company if you want to enjoy lobsters and to make sure that you are still covered even when the lobsters die.

Lobster delivery makes a party look classy with lobsters on its fare. It is one of the best ways to purchase live lobsters for lobster delivery; the only thing to do is make a right selection. You would be able to get what type of lobsters and lobster parts directly from the moment the lobster leaves the boat and right to your doorstep. There are even cooking tips, manuals that are included with the lobster once you purchase an order.

Before, a lot of people have a hard time getting fresh lobsters, but now, acquiring it is just a matter of choosing from a number of options available. Lobster delivery companies nowadays are particular with the quality of lobsters that their customers are getting. Most of these companies claim that they only deliver the freshest lobsters but you have to make sure that they are true to their word. Shipping costs vary from one company to another which is why there are some that are less pricey than the rest. If you want to make the right decision, search for at least 2 companies that have different lobster delivery cost. Different shipping companies have different shipping costs which is why it is a good move to analyze each one.

There are certain lobster deliver companies that offer express shipment. Find out how these deliveries will be shipped. What makes the lobsters so precious is the fact that they can expire which is why they should be delivered a.s.a.p. It is normal for one or two lobsters to die during the period that they are being delivered even if companies to everything that they can to prevent it. You have to first figure out if you’re still covered if a lobster dies. Will they offer a discount or reimburse you for the cost of the lobster and the shipping?

What you can do if you do not have the capability to eat them as soon as possible is to boil or steam the lobsters and store them accordingly. Since lobsters can expire, you have to eat them as soon as you can.

Having Fun with Frozen Lobster


Some people like frozen lobster better than the live ones. Some say that once you buy live lobsters, you have to cook them as soon as you can. think. If something comes up, and you can’t cook the lobster on that particular night, there will still be other nights to enjoy your frozen lobster.

The most common and usual type of frozen lobster is the frozen lobster tails. Always buy frozen lobster tails from reputable stores. Some would try to increase the weight and preserve the tail for long periods of time by injecting it with water. A result of this is an increased weight in tail but the meat is just the same hence you pay more than it’s actually worth. Another thing is that you have to watch out for the tail if it has discoloration. Discoloration is present when certain parts of the lobster are turning grey and black and yellow spots can be seen on the meat. If you think that there is something wrong with your lobster, stay away from it and don’t even think about buying it.. In these cases, its better to be safe.

Considering the fact that high-quality lobsters are quite abundant nowadays, you’ll get to enjoy it more. Below are the steps to follow when cooking frozen lobster. Begin by letting the lobster thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours before cooking. If the tails are left unthawed, it’ll take a longer for them to be cooked.

If you want to thaw the lobster faster, then you have to put it in a plastic bag and immerse it in water. One of the ways to cook lobster is by teaming it in 4-5 cups of water. Boil it until it steams. Before you put the lid, you have to first put the lobster in a rack. You have to continue steaming until their meat turns white and the shell turns red. Steam for 14 minutes for the first pound, and additional 3 minutes for each additional pound.

Once the frozen lobster is cooked, remove it from the rack, run some cold water on the lobster. This stops the cooking process, and would make sure that your lobster won’t be overcooked.

Lobsters can be enjoyed in a lot of ways and this is just one of them. Lobster is quite abundant since they can be bought anywhere.

Facts about the Rare Blue Lobster


The usual colors of American lobsters are greenish brown or live green. However, there are rare cases where in the lobsters are light blue or even red in color. There are even certain instances where in lobsters have more than one color.

The Blue lobster, also known as Atroceruleous Homarus, is a mutated species of lobster found on North America. A genetic defect that produces an excessive amount of protein are found in blue lobsters. The protein covers a small carotenoid molecule, astaxanthin, and when they’re combined together, they produce a blue complex called crystacyanin. This is what gives the lobster a blue color. About one in a million lobsters are blue.

What makes this specie of lobster so rare is the fact that their color makes them stand out more, making them more noticeable to predators. These days, the number of blue lobsters is beginning to grow due to the over fishing of cod. The enemies of blue lobsters include haddock and other lobsters.

Blue lobsters can be as long as 0 inches to 26 inches and be as heavy as half a kilogram to four kilograms. They are usually found under the rocks that can be found in cold water since they are the safest there. There are a couple of experts that claim that blue lobsters are more aggressive than most lobsters. They have adapted and changed to survive. Most of the time, they eat mollusks and other little crustaceans.

Its rarity is what makes seeing one a good experience. Fishermen spend their entire life looking for these lobsters however only a few of them have become successful. They are left spellbound and in awe that they don’t have the heart to cook it but rather donate it to aquariums and other habitats for others to admire too.

Everything about Lobster Fishing


Whenever you catch lobsters, may it be for recreational or entrepreneurial purposes, it is called lobster fishing. This kind of fishing all started a few decades back when people began to realize that it is safe to eat lobsters.

To start fishing for lobsters, you must have a nice and sturdy boat as well as good fishing gears. It uses tools such as boats, navigation and other fishing technology. Lobster fishing generally includes traps, or pot warp, connected to one another and to a buoy with rope. Lobster traps must have escape holes to allow under-sized lobsters to get out of the trap. A trap must also have a device that allows its door to open after it has been out too long. Traps are sunk to the ocean bottom and dead fish are used to bait the lobsters. What these traps do is provide fishermen with a lot more lobsters.

Below are some of the steps that lobster enthusiasts can follow in order to catch some lobsters. To kick things off, you must first obtain a state or federal lobster fishing license. For those who are thinking of going lobster fishing for recreational purposes, they should only get a state license while those who are in it for the business should get a federal license.

Another thing that you have to get is a boat that you can either buy or rent out. The next set of things that you should buy are lobster fishing equipments such as buoys for the line.. A line contains a series of traps, some even reaching up to 10 per line. If it is an absolute must that you entrap many lobsters, then you can opt for a lot of lines. In order for you to easily keep track of your lines, you can buy a tracking system.

You should have additional lobster fishing gears so that you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency. Buy rain gear weather, water resistant boots, oil gear, gloves, dry socks. Another important set of gears to buy are safety gears such as life preservers.

Another thing that you have to secure are baits that should have enough of. Store them in tubs or drums, and the amount of bait depends on the number of traps you plan to release.

Finally, make sure you have provisions in case any contingencies that might arise, one of which is who will purchase your harvest. Lobster fishing is an expensive endeavor, and it’s important to recoup your expenses whether you fish recreationally.

Buy Lobsters: Choose from your Options


Fresh lobsters are the best lobsters to buy. Lobsters can also be found in seafood groceries, in tanks and aquariums. If there is no seafood grocery near your area, then you can also consider purchasing frozen lobsters.

Frozen lobsters in supermarkets must be examined carefully. Chances are the lobster has passed through different suppliers since it’s been caught from its habitat. Check for discoloration, if one is not sure of the quality, the best option is not to buy it, but if you have to buy lobster, then the preferable option is to cook it right away.

If you have the opportunity to buy lobsters live and fresh, then one should be discerning as to who would have the honor of entertaining your discriminating palate. It all begins in the proper selection.

The holding tank where they keep the lobsters should be the first thing that you analyze when shopping for lobsters, The water in the tank should be clear, it should not have any algae and there should be no dead lobsters. After you have made sure that the water is clear and there is no overpopulation of lobsters, you should work on choosing the right lobster next.

1 to 3 pounds is the average weight of lobster that are being sold to people. Sometimes, the lobsters that are not heavy are more tender than those that are which is why some people prefer them.

If you’re about to buy lobsters, you should also take a good look at how active they are. An active lobster usually moves its claws. You can still choose to buy sluggish lobsters since they might be that way because the water that they are in is simply too cold for their liking.

When it comes to handling the lobsters, your forefingers should hold the rest of the body while your thumb should be behind the claws. Check the tail of the lobster for any signs of flapping or curling. Uncurl the tail and make sure it curls back when you release your hold. Another quality that you have to look for is that the claws are not drooping. If the tail is not curling back or the claws are drooping, then the lobster might already be dying.

Finally, check for hard shell versus soft shell. Hard shell means it has more meat, while soft shell lobsters are lobsters that just have molted. The most important thing to remember is soft shells are cheaper because of the space in between the shell and meat.

The last step is to enjoy eating it with someone or by yourself after following all the necessary steps when it comes to buying lobsters.