Statistics in mobile marketing provides valuable insights for business

At present, many individuals still doubt the effectiveness of mobile marketing, truth is, mobile marketing statistics is the best possible solution fo...


At present, many individuals still doubt the effectiveness of mobile marketing, truth is, mobile marketing statistics is the best possible solution for most business. Perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are beginning to use various mobile devices and that the traditional forms of marketing is not as effective anymore as before. Here are some of the mobile marketing statistics gathered from various researches that just shows how relevant this new form of marketing is in this day and age.

An important mobile marketing statistics is the usage of mobile devices among people. In a study published by Accenture in October 2008, 21% of the respondents picked mobile phones as the second most preferred consumer electronics by US internet users as of December 2007, which is second only to 51% who chose laptop or desktop computers. Keep in mind that such data is gathered from members of the baby boomers or people age 45 years or older. On the other hand, 47% of Gen Y respondents ( 18-24 year old) choose mobile devices over other consumer electronic devices These figures emphasize the younger generation’s choice of mobile phones as a medium among younger people. This signifies the fact that mobile marketing and advertising is truly the wave of the future.
Another significant fact about mobile marketing statistics is that mobile devices can easily create product awareness through mobile ads. Nielsen Mobile studies on March 2008 revealed that individuals are getting the hang of mobile advertisements. In fact, the study elaborates further that mobile advertising recall rate increased by 38% from 42 million to 58 million during the second to fourth quarter of 2007. Moreover, more than half or 51% of mobile data subscribers promptly respond to mobile advertising. In short, mobile users have an open mind towards mobile advertising
The implications of these mobile marketing statistics are huge since they all point out to the increasing trend of mobile marketing. Although the data culled from various sources are still lacking, yet , it cannot be denied that mobile marketing is here to stay.

Mobile Marketing Campaign


Mobile marketing is a daunting endeavor, here are some mobile marketing tips to help you in your mobile marketing campaign. What makes mobile marketing great is that its has got variations, try to remember that. Below are the mobile marketing tips you need to remember.
One of the mobile marketing tips that you should never forget is that you should never forget the medium that you are delivering the content to. Mobile phones and other devices are personal things unlike say televisions, newspapers, billboards, and other forms of traditional marketing techniques. That being said, you should always keep the content that you deliver relevant and personal. Ensure that what you deliver is something that is meaningful to the individual to make it more appealing to the receiver.
Another example of mobile marketing tips that is highly recommended is to encourage interactivity with your customers in the campaign. By allowing them to submit videos and picture, you are getting the audience involved. Be innovative on how to use this technique. This kind of strategy should be maximized in any campaigns since this kind of user participation is unprecedented since the old forms of marketing campaigns uses medium that are essentially one-sided. This one of a kind mobile marketing strategy will help customers get to know the brand and establish credibility.
Another mobile marketing to that you can heed is utilizing giveaways. You can utilize freebies such as access to relevant content, discount coupons, or exclusive information in order to make people become interested and subscribe to your content. This strategy is a great way to increase your user base and will promote the user participation in your campaign.
If you heed these mobile marketing tips, a tedious mobile marketing campaign can be made easier.

Mobile Marketing benefits: effective and less costly


Mobile devices are used by millions of people worldwide even at times when the economy is down, benefits derived mobile marketing are very pronounced. Hard times would translate to maximizing mobile marketing methods that can boost sales. Companies must find new ways to reach out to their potential markets so that customers can become once again responsive to their sales pitch and there is no other logical way to go but mobile marketing. Here are some mobile marketing benefits that can help you decide whether it is best for your business.
The first and foremost of the benefits of mobile marketing is that it is a cost-effective way to create promotional campaigns that can be accomplished even on a short notice. Today, people have become oversaturated with the traditional forms of marketing messages in the form of advertisements, telemarketing, and email spam, which is why these are not effective anymore. In addition, the cost is much less in launching mobile marketing than traditional methods of campaign and the market segmentation is much more defined thus reaching your target market. Because of this, the target is hit by using less resources using mobile marketing.
In addition, mobile marketing in itself has features that traditional methods of marketing cannot do. For example, it is required in mobile marketing to subscribe to get updates and messages. What this entails is that you only get to send messages to people who are actually interested and have a high probability of buying your product.
You can also include in the benefits of mobile marketing the fact performance can be quantified and reported Which is very useful for a company so it can measure if the goals are being met. Results in real-time campaigns can be easily reported by accurate instruments The implications of this are huge since you can immediately take necessary actions to adjust the campaign based on the consumer response, to ensure that your investment will never be a wasted one.

Mobile Marketing Association 101


Mobile Marketing Association is an international association whose goal is to enhance and improve anything that is related to mobile marketing. Advertisers, companies, software developers, and other agencies and corporate entities who has something to do with mobile marketing are what consists of the Mobile Marketing Association.
The Mobile marketing Association have 700 plus companies around the globe. Its main headquarters is located in the United States and it has regional chapters in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and North America.
There are a couple of functions of the Mobile Marketing Association. The MMA is a venue for members to meet and discuss the pressing issues of the industry so that a resolution can be provided. It functions as channel to connect various related industries on the local, regional, and global levels. The body also helps in develop the industry by sponsoring researches and developing various metrics that can be utilized by its members.
Back in the year year 2000 when it was established, the Mobile Marketing Association was called the Wireless Advertising Association. And in the year 2003 the Wireless Marketing Association merged with the Wireless Advertising Association to form the Mobile Marketing Association. There were only about 10-20 companies in the North American MMA until 2005. Additional Mobile Marketing Association national chapters in Austria, Spain as well as regional chapters for Middle East and African and Asia Pacific were founded in 2007, while the Latin America chapter was created in 2008.
Any corporate entity directly or indirectly related to mobile marketing can become a Mobile Marketing Association member. There are many benefits to becoming a member. Aside from being able to network and collaborate with the industry’s top players, the company can also get exclusive access to various mobile marketing events worldwide, as well as various resources and publications that are pertinent to this kind of enterprise.

Maximizing Via Small Business Mobile Marketing


Without further looking at it small business mobile marketing seems unnecessary.For what reason should a small business incorporate an amateur strategy rather than putting its resources to a more viable plan?If you will consider, small business mobile marketing is in fact the perfect booster for a trade that has limited resources.Small business mobile marketing is an exciting new way to reach out to new customers and improve your business performance.Here are some reasons why mobile marketing can be good for small businesses.

The primary reason why small business mobile marketing is a good idea is because of the sheer amount of mobile phone users today.In US alone, there are over 70 million US consumers who utilize their mobile phones regularly.Meanwhile 95% of new mobile phones that are sold nowadays have web browsing capability.Being much portable compared to laptop, a survey in 2007 shows that electronics buyers age 18-24 prefer mobile phones.Mobile web is definitely on the rise as seen through these numbers.Small business owners should take advantage of this time when mobile web is barely used across the competition arena.

You can choose from two ways on starting with small business mobile marketing.What most business opt for is doing it by third part mobile applications.Instead of creating a mobile application that may take time, it is more convenient for you to partner with an existing company with mobile app or you can just utilize the mobile tools and sites without paying a single dime.For example, you can list your business on Google Maps and Yelp since they already have a huge amount of user base.Doing that will give instant exposure for your business.To be more specific with your target market you can place your ad to a popular phone app.The stake is high for this option, making your money worth is dependent on what application you will attach your ad with.

Incorporating Hotel Mobile Marketing With Ease


Fresh marketing strategy can bring real boost to a business like hotel mobile marketing.There is high probability that someone who needs a hotel room carries with him a mobile phone or any similar devices.Such idea can open opportunities for hotel marketing to reach out to viable customers.Hotel mobile marketing is truly an innovative way to get in touch with people who are looking for a place to stay.

There are a couple of ways on how you can conduct hotel mobile marketing.One of the most basic is of course by creating a mobile website of your hotel.Even if your hotel already has an existing traditional www website, you still have to build a mobile-friendly website for the benefit of travelers who are using mobile devices to find the nearest hotel in an area.This way your website will load properly on mobile devices, ensuring that those people will get an information about your hotel.

On top of the first technique in hotel mobile marketing is adding up touch of customer service specializing on these types of patrons.Customer service can have a personalized touch in mobile marketing.Like in reserving a room, SMS can be you way to assist clients from inquiry down to post-stay.Just imagine how easy it will be to get the information you need or answer customer queries without spending so much like if you have to send sms blast for satisfaction survey.

To save time you can also set-up mobile opt-in service to compliment your hotel mobile marketing so SMS for events and promotions can be sent in bulk.You might get a weak response to this as most people would rather not let their mobile number in any opt-in listings.However, there are certain strategies that will allow you to solicit opt-ins in your text list.Among these are contests, quizzes, polls, survey questions that you can post online.

Familariaze yourself with the definition of mobile marketing


The most basic way to familiarize oneself with mobile marketing is to understand its definition. Mobile marketing can be broadly defined as marketing technique that utilizes mobile devices for advertising. However, mobile advertising could also be expanded to other moving devices such as billboards or technology road shows. However, these mobile marketing definitions are very vague and doesn’t quite capture the basic gist of the concept.
However, during November 2009 Mobile Marketing Forum, the Mobile Marketing Association announced an updated mobile marketing definition, to include more comprehensive details to help make people understand the term better. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the number one international non-profit trade association that was created to lead initiate the growth of mobile marketing and advertising as well as their related technologies. It has a 700-strong member companies from over 40 countries around the world. Themain headquarters is located in the United States but there are regional chapters on North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.
According to the Mobile Marketing Association, properly defined mobile marketing refers as a set of practices that organizations can utilize to communicate and connect with their customers in an interactive a well as relevantt way by utilizing any mobile device or network. The enhanced definition of mobile marketing needs two more explanation that would convey the meaning. As a start, the set of practices can be appropriately defines as : institutions, activities, industry players, processes, advertising and media, standards, promotions, direct response, CRM, relationship management, loyalty, customer services, social marketing, and all the other elements of marketing. The second term that aptly describes ” connect with their audience” signifies to initiate relationships, acquire, generate activity, stimulate social interaction with organization and community members, and being at hand during the moment consumers express their needs. Additionally, establishing communication with the consumer can easily begin with a response or a click coming from the marketer
According to Mike Wehrs, President and CEO of MMA, the underlying framework in explaining the definition of mobile marketing is to provide greater understanding of this dynamic field of mobile marketing

Edge In Mobile Search Marketing


Mobile marketing is highly dependent on mobile search marketing.By incorporating search engine optimization and marketing, a mobile website can assure of higher search hits and exposure.Mobile search engine is not as sophisticated as other web search engines as it was just developed recently.This makes mobile SEO and SEM quite challenging.However, this should not be a reason to stop you from taking advantage of mobile search marketing especially it is still considered in its young stage.

Currently, the top search engines in mobile web today are Google XHMTL Mobile Search from Google Mobile, Yahoo! Mobile, MSN Mobile Search, AOL Mobile Search, Nokia Mobile Search, Technocrati Mobile, and 4INFO Mobile Search. These are the most important mobile websites that you should always keep in mind when conducting mobile search marketing.Basically you want your mobile website to attain a high search result ranking on these engines so that people can easily find your site and drive more traffic to it.

Making use of a guaranteed valid XHTML 1.0 code is an essential when you are to put mobile search engine optimization in your plans for mobile search marketing.Rather than using WML that may go off soon, XHTML can optimize your website longer.Another importance of using a valid code is to make it easy for search engines to administer your website.

Creating a mobile site that loads up in any online channels is one of the SEO strategies in mobile search marketing.Make it your top priority to give access to any possible ways a mobile web surfer could get into your web page.

Keeping best SEO practices is the right way to go even in mobile search marketing to avoid common mistakes.When putting up a mobile website, make sure that it is keyword-rich and those keywords are in key places such as title tag, H1, body text, anchor text, and so on.It is a grave mistake to fail submitting your page to major mobile engines as this is how they can index your website.