Why Bring Collapsible Hula Hoops

Hula hoops originated way back to the time of Ancient Greece and Rome, and are still one of the fun toys for kids especially females of age 8 to 15. W...


Hula hoops originated way back to the time of Ancient Greece and Rome, and are still one of the fun toys for kids especially females of age 8 to 15. With the various attractive colors, styles and even glow in the dark and LED-lighted kinds of hula hoops, many want to get one for their kids as a toy. But a few are not aware that hula hoops are also generally used for exercise. It is a nice and affordable exercise wherein one can just revolve them around the waist, limbs or neck to get a firm and toned body. It is a very well-known type of aerobic activity due to the fun and playful means to achieve a healthy body. Hula hoops are even incorporated in some aerobic exercises or routines. But hula hoops with a diameter of 28 to 40 inches are not exactly easy and convenient to tag along when you are on your way to a workout session. With different versions of hula hoops, brands came up with collapsible hula hoops that answer this problem. Collapsible hula hoops have removable parts that can be detached and joined together utilizing elastic straps. You can turn your collapsible hula hoop in two smaller circles that can be easily worn across the body.

Never mind the big and stiff hula hoops and equipment like trampolines, exercise balls and dumbbells that are virtually impossible to carry around. This why more individual prefer to use collapsible hula hoops that fits right to their active and fast-paced lifestyle. It’s like folding up a small tent and carrying it with ease. They can easily reattach the collapsible hula hoops and be ready to do exercise.

Collapsible hula hoops are very affordable and inexpensive than other exercise equipment. Many videos and tutorials available online also teach simple steps on how to make collapsible hula hoops utilizing polyethylene tubing. You can make your own or order online to get customized collapsible hula hoops with various and unique designs to pick out from. So now you can just think of how functional and convenient collapsible hula hoops can be to your lifestyle and aim in achieving fitness.

Reminders on What Hula Hoops to Buy


If you are contemplating on what hula hoops to buy then read on for some proven advice when purchasing hula hoops. Keep in mind that there are numerous things that you have to consider when choosing for hula hoops to buy. Consequently, if you don’t take into consideration these things then you might only end up buying something that is not appropriate for you. That is why it is crucial to check some things first when picking for hula hoops to buy.

Take note that when you are selecting for the appropriate hula hoops to get for your kids be sure that the children are around so that you can measure the product before purchasing them. It is crucial to note that the size of the hula hoop must also be appropriate to the height of the kid.

In order to ensure that you are acquiring the appropriate size when choosing for the perfect hula hoops to buy there is one simple rule that you must adhere, and that is to place the hula hoop on the side of its intended user and make sure that its width or diameter is around the hip to chest area. Below this area then the hoop is too little; on the opposite if the hoop exceeds the chest area then it is too big.

Aside from that another essential factor that you must also think about is the weight of the hoop; which must also be appropriate for the person. If the merchandise is too heavy then it may significantly affect the performance. There are appropriate weight for kids, teens, and adults; select the ones that are appropriate for the user.

Take for instance, kids who are weighing under 60 pounds must use hoops weighing only one pound; for kids and teens weighing 60 to 100 pounds must select hoops weighing 2 pounds. However, for all adults regardless of weight, you must choose hoops weighing 5 pounds and above. For more information about this, ask the attending sales staff when you are selecting for hula hoops to buy. Just remember the all aforementioned advice in order to be sure that you are buying the appropriate hula hoop that is well suited to its user.

Question That Bugs People: Do Weighted Hoola Hoops Work?


Since ancient periods of Greece and Rome, hoola hoops are utilized in different ways. The most typical uses of hoola hoops are for circus presentations, toys for kids of age 8 to 15 and affordable exercise equipment for older ones. Hoola hoops are now very common as tool for workout activities wherein the goal is to burn calories and tone the body especially in problem areas like the waist and abdomen. The difference between hoola hoops as a toy and exercise equipment is the weight added to the hoola hoop utilized for exercise. Specialists in hoola hoop workout say that the weighted hoola hoop is easier to handle and use than a standard hoola hoop. It is easier to maintain on the waist for revolving and twirling routines. But there are many of questions and feedback about this new exercise option to running and aerobics. Do weighted hoola hoops work?

Some theorize that the heavier the hoola hoop, the more effective it is for exercise. But do weighted hoola hoops work when it is really heavier? What is the appropriate weight for a specific type of body? Is it just similar for males and females? These are some of the issues that a lot of people are wondering about regarding weighted hoola hoops. Some health and fitness professionals say that the more revolutions of the body achieved while using a hoola hoop will burn more calories and produce good results. The heavier the hoola hoop, the lesser rotation you can achieve. The lesser rotation you do, the less effective the exercise. But it still doesn’t specifically answer if weighted hoola hoops really do work and the opposite, this made it all the more confusing.

So how long does it take for a hoola hoop workout? Is it effective? Do weighted hoola hoops work with other forms of exercise? Do weighted hoola hoops work as substitute to crunches and sit-ups? These are other the concerns raised by people who are into hoola hoop workouts.

To give light to the recurring concern “Do weight hoola hoops work?” it is crucial and highly suggested to talk with a specialist who will give your firm and sound advice as to the appropriate weight for your hoola hoop routine. You can also look into other people who have experienced and tested weighted hoola hoops. They may or may not recommend this exercise but you can always try and see for yourself. It might be a fun and rewarding experience.

How to Win a World Record for Hoola Hooping


Hooping has been an activity enjoyed by more and more people. As years went by, many tournaments and hoola hoops activities were put up and numerous aficionados have shown really spectacular performances that have made world records. Are you a hoola hoop aficionado? You have the chance to beat the world record for hoola hooping. Are you up for the challenge? If you want to defeat a world record for hoola hooping, it is important to understand the rules and have a list of the latest world records to beat.

To qualify, challenger must be around the age of 14 and 18. For underage challengers, a signed permission from the parent or guardian is required. To win a world record for hoola hooping, you must use the regular weight and size of a hoola hoop. This must revolve or rotate between the shoulders and hips. A little overstep and you will fail the challenge to the beat the world record for hoola hooping. If the hoop drops below the waist, the challenger has 30 seconds to put it back up without using hands or arms. Otherwise, the challenger fails. Once the hoop started twirling, challengers must not touch it. If this happens, attempt will be futile. Even breaks and assistance from anyone are not allowed.

The current legal world record for hoola hooping under the category hoola hoop marathon was in 1984 from Kym Coberly of the USA who accomplished 75 hours of hoola hooping. For the world record for hoola hooping with most hoops twirling at once, Paul Dizzy Hips Blair of the USA holds the latest record with 132 hoops simultaneously on November 12, 2009.

To win the world record for hoola hooping, take note to practice safety precautions and ask for assistance from a professional physician before undergoing on this dangerous endeavor. The world record for hoola hooping is not the same as playing and hooping on long hours but requires no breaks and no ingestion of food or water. You must remember the implications of this challenge to your body and overall physical and mental health before anything else.

Hoop Tricks 101


There are several hoop tricks and techniques that you can learn when performing some hula hooping presentations. Hula hoops are very common today among young kids and adults alike since the enjoyment and fun that it provides. Hooping becomes more enjoyable especially when you have new hoop tricks acquired; that is why this one of the numerous fun ways to spend your leisure time due to your creativity is challenged on learning some new skills and unique hoop tricks.

There are numerous methods of creating fresh hoop tricks; you can either utilize one hula hoop performing different positions while hooping; or you can perform more challenging tricks like using various hula hoops all at once. Some hoop tricks that other people are performing are hoop running, hoop dancing, and hoop ballet just to name a few. You can also challenge yourself to hoop for long minutes and hours; this is usually known as hoop endurance.

Consequently, there are also many types of hoop tournaments. Some of them are hoop running contests, hoop dancing competition, endurance challenge, and tournament on doing some unique hoop techniques and tricks. You can join in any one of these contests if you like so that you are challenged on broadening your skills in hula hoops.

One of the several amazing benefits of doing some hula hoops is that you become healthier as you maintain it; since this is one way of performing some workouts for healthier body. Thus, this is an ideal way to have some fun while doing some exercises at the same time. For this reason, some organizations push the youth to participate in hula hooping challenges since this is one way to entice the young ones to do physical activities; especially those people who don’t love gym activities.

Another nice thing about hula hoops is that it is never dull to take part in since there are endless variations that you can do out of it. Some may use their arms, legs, neck, or whole body. Hence, when doing some activities, you can also target specific body parts like arms and legs to improve muscle from the new hoop tricks that you acquire.

Hoop Master 101


There are numerous tricks that you can do with hula hoops; if you wish to become a hoop master then you have to learn highly advanced skills on different tricks. Some of the standard tricks are the ringer, the booty bump, the knee knocker, and the arm twirl just to name a few. Thus, you can be a hoop master of the ringer tricks but not a hoop master of the arm twirl.

Also, if you wish to become a hoop master of numerous tricks then you need to relentlessly learn all other tricks as well; and other new techniques and style before you can be called a grand hoop master. Besides the mentioned tricks, you can also learn to hoop using many hula hoops all at once revolving around your body.

But, if you really want to become a master in hula hoops then you must also need to learn how to perform the basic hoop tricks so that you can hoop around with other individuals who are doing different regular tricks. One of the tricks that you need to learn is the ringer. This is almost the same as the standard position where you are spinning the hoop around your waist; except that in this case you are spinning it around your neck. If you are already competent in performing the basic style spinning the hoop on the waist then this trick should be easy for you to do.

The knee knocker is another basic trick. In this case, the hula hoop is spinning around your knees and legs. This is very simple if you are already a hoop master on the basic style and the ringer. You can also make variations with the knee knocker by raising one leg and revolving the hoop on the other leg; and then transferring it to the other leg and vice-versa.

The arm twirl is almost similar as with the other standard tricks with the exception that you are spinning it around your arms; either using only your left arm or right arm, or both. Hence, if you desire to be a hoop master then you need to master the above hoop tricks first before you start learning the more advanced techniques.

Exercise Hoops for an Active Lifestyle


People say that Greeks and Romans first utilized and created the hoola hoops. From circus presentations to fun activity and exercises, the hoola hoop provides different opportunities for fun and leisure. Currently, hoola hoops are more typically used as exercise hoops. Many adults, specifically women, believe that exercise hoops are effective ways to burn calories, tone and firm body while having great experiences. Exercise hoops put enjoyment in the word exercise. As an alternative to running, jump rope and regular aerobics tools, exercise hoops is one of the more common workout tool utilized today.

Exercise hoops are simple to utilize. Keep a steady revolution on your waist and start burning calories. There are also weighted exercise hoops that make spinning and revolution easier and more manageable than regular hoops. Two-pound hoola hoops are the most general type of weighted exercise hoops. It helps you to preserve the exercise hoop on your waist to achieve more twirls that will bring you closer to the sexy shape you hoping to achieve.

There are already many hoola hoop workshops and aerobic routines practiced today. They essentially teach hoola hoop aficionados the right way to utilize exercise hoops. They also give more extensive routines and more movements that will help achieve excellent fitness and a healthier body. Experts also recommend the utilization of collapsible exercise hoops. They are more affordable than other exercise tools. Plus, they are detachable and easy to bring along with you everywhere. Imagine carrying a dumbbell or exercise ball with you to the gym or aerobics studio? No need to burden yourself when you can just conveniently carry collapsible exercise hoops with you.

Exercise hoops come in different and one of a kind designs and colors. Some people give custom-made exercise hoops with even your nickname on. Others even make their own exercise hoops. Videos and tutorials are available at websites that offers simple detailed teachings on how to create exercise hoops. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money on exercise videos and equipment. Exercise hoops are very affordable, handy and trendy. Dont wait any longer. Get a rewarding and fun experience with this new innovation in fitness.

Essential Suggestions on Hooping Clothing


Flexibility and comfort are very important when doing some hula hoop workouts and activities; that is why it is important that you need to wear the appropriate hooping clothing that is perfect and specifically made for this activity. Take note that wearing the appropriate hooping clothing can significantly affect the performance of doing various hula hoop tricks; so, if you are planning to join a hula hoop tournament then wearing the appropriate hooping clothing is crucial.

When selecting for hooping clothing, choose the ones with loose fittings. Clothes that are too tight may interfere with your movement; and it can reduce the flexibility of your body. Always take note that flexibility is very important to the performance; be sure that your body can freely move without any interference made by the clothing that you wear.

Consequently, you must also remove additional clothing like jackets and sweaters when you are doing the hoop tricks since they can significantly interrupt with the spinning of the hoops. Besides that, remove any other personal accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and belts; they can also interfere with the way the hula hoops revolving around your body.

The pants that you are going to wear is another important hooping clothing that you must also take note of; since the leg is a crucial point of your body when swinging to spin the hoops. Thus, make sure that your legs can freely move by not wearing pants that are too tight. You may also use short pants; but try to stay away from wearing thick pants like fancy denims since they usually have thick folded edge that can greatly interfere the spinning hula hoops.

You must also take into consideration the shoes that you are going to wear when doing some hooping presentations and exercises; be sure that its soles are strong and well balanced so that you can have a more stable twirling of the hoops. These things are the basic factors that you must check when wearing the hooping clothing; if you properly observe these things then you can be assured that your performance is going to be great and optimized.

Can You Take a Hoops Challenge?


Hoola hoops are one of the popular and well-loved activities of kids and adults since time immemorial. A lot of us, specifically women, have tried it once or twice in their life. Its always fun and enjoyable especially during hoola hoops challenge held in schools, parties and affairs. They are usually held indoors or outdoors or any room that is safe and huge enough to make hoola hoop spins.

If you are joining a hoola hoops challenge or your child is, simple advice may help. Some people provide guidelines on how to utilize a hoola hoop. First, take into consideration the size of the waist and height of the chest. It will help win you hoola hoops challenge if you are utilizing the appropriate hoola hoop for your body type. Some say the bigger you are, larger your hoola hoop should be. Remember that larger hoops twirl a lot slower. In a hoola hoops challenge, judges and organizers count the number of revolutions. The more rotations, the bigger the points. So remember to find the appropriate size for the hoola hoops challenge.

Primarily, it may be hard to use a hoola hoop but as you get the hang of it and find the correct position, it will be way easier and fun. A perfect position is with one foot in front of another. This can help you better maneuver the revolutions. Set in motion the hoola hoop with a good shove then move your hips or waist back and forth to keep the hoop spinning. A great trick to win the hoops challenge is to restrict movements back and forth and never in a circular motion that matches the movement of the hoola hoop. This holds off the good movement of the hoola hoop and might lead to a quick finish and an unsuccessful hoola hoop tournament. You need more rotations and more time. Maintain its twirling and you have more chances of winning over your opponent in a hoops tournament.

Greenhorns can begin with hoola hoops utilizing the arms and neck. Adults may find it a lot arduous at first but children are more lively with playing and moving around and that helps them immediately understand how the activity works. Whatever the case is, added practice can always assist anyone get the right feel and movement that will prove favorable in a hoola hoops tournament.

Benefits of Joining a Hoop Group


Hula hoop is one of the common games that a lot of people of every ages love to take part in; consequently, many of them begin signing up for a hoop group in order to acquire some new techniques and share their own techniques as well with the other group members. This is just one of the numerous benefits of signing up for a hoop group; that is why plenty of hoop lovers usually sign up for at least one hoop group because hula hooping becomes more exciting and full of fun; especially when there are other hoop aficionados around.

Aside from the excitement and fun it gives, hula hooping is also another excellent way to exercise and stay active and healthy. Performing those swings take a lot of effort that require long physical activities; especially when performed for extended periods of time. When it comes to hoop records, many individuals across the from different countries are trying to defeat the records of doing hula hoops for extended hours; some of them are even very young kids of under 10 years of age.

In fact, a girl named May Jane Freeze grabbed a medal, way back in 1976, for winning the hoop endurance contest where she was able to hoop for as long as 10 hours and 47 minutes. This is already an exceptional feat from a small girl as young as 8 years old. Current hoop endurance record to date is being held by a person named Roxann Rose who was able to hoop for 90 hours long from April 2 to April 6, 1987. Even today, that is quite a record to break.

Motivational news like the above mentioned ones is usually exchanged by members of the hoop group; and that is another advantage of joining one in your area. You get to be well informed on recent news and developments when you are around people sharing the same activities like hula hoops. Aside from that, acquiring some new skills becomes much easier when you are properly guided by other members of the hoop group. Mistakes and wrong hoop positions are properly corrected when some experts are right behind you when doing the hoops as a group.