The Significance of Astrology Numerology

Numerology is quite significant in the world of astrology since it gives meaning significant numbers. Some say that even great mathematicians like Pyt...


Numerology is quite significant in the world of astrology since it gives meaning significant numbers. Some say that even great mathematicians like Pythagoras took a dab at numerology hence the birth of the Pythagorean Theorem.

This is why one thing about the numerology is that it provides a way for people to understand how numbers truly work. Numerology is relatively easy to understand because all you need are numbers from your very own birth date and the letters in your name. Indeed, it seems so personalized that it would be rare for an individual to have the exact birth date and name with someone from. After gaining basic knowledge in numerology, it is possible to make simple astrological predictions about yourself.

The birth date is important because it is the life path number. The basic step is to convert the birthdate  in numerical figures such as 5-20-1967. If your birth date is May 20, 1967, then this is how you will be able to figure out your numerology reading. If you add all the the numbers, you will have 4 digits left. Add the four remaining digits after which you’ll be left with just one digit and that will be your life expectancy number. After being left with just one digit, you can look up its meaning.

The second part of numerology is all about knowing what your name stands for by using numerical representation. After that, you should look at the chart that indicates the meaning of each letters by using the numbers that they correspond to. The first name and last name given at birth is computed separately at start. The next step would be computing for your destiny number which is done by adding all the remaining digits. Once you already know the answer, you just have to refer to the chart so that you’ll know what that number stands for. The thing that makes the meaning of your name so important is the fact that it shows the things that you should be working on.

Remarkably, the meaning also provides direction on what career path the person must take so he or she would be effective or successful. You don’t have to look fat for the interpretations since they are available online. To make things easier, there are websites who will do the calculations for you but you have to provide them with all the necessary information. Truly, understanding numerology is practical and benefits people to know more about themselves.

The Basics of Chinese Astrology


Chinese astrology has been around for a couple of years now and it is highly evident in the Chinese history. Contrary to other, more popular forms of astrology, Chinese astrology is not really based on the movements of the different celestial bodies. It would be quite inaccurate to define Chinese astrology as something that does not have any scientific basis whatsoever. Chinese astrology has played a vital role in the development of China and its interesting culture.

Why is Chinese astrology important? Basically, the 12 year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar was built on the principles of astronomy. This is really reliable since Chinese civilization dates back no less than 5,000 years ago thereby methods have been tried and tested already. Interestingly, Chinese astrology and its components such as the zodiac signs are still around today. Most of the time, the predictions that are from Chinese astrology can be so dead on.

Basically, this type of astrology can be defined as fortunetelling with the use of planetary movements. Considering the fact that Chinese astrology has been around for a very long time now, it is still uncanny to see those who consult it for every little thing. The Chinese calendar have certain days where in they say it is lucky to start up a business or do something major like marry someone. Certain months are considered to be more unlucky than the others such as the month of August,

Chinese astrology even makes use of someone’s birthday to predict the future. It seems that the birth date including year , month ,day and time have an impact on a person’s future. One of the major concepts of Chinese astrology that all people should be aware of are the zodiac signs. According to the rule, someone’s birth date corresponds to a certain zodiac sign. By knowing your zodiac sign, you will better understand the things that are going on around you.

The Basics of Astrology Love Signs


These days, it looks like everybody is looking for love. This is why more and more people are into using astrology love signs to find their true love. These love signs make it easier for couples to get along since they are being made aware of each other’s bad behaviors. For example, will as Sagittarian fit well with a Gemini? Both are adventurous and fun-loving but are they  better off as friends than lovers? Indeed, discovering more things about astrology love signs is more than interesting.

Astrology love match is very valuable especially for those who are considering a long-term relationship with a partner. Of course, one cannot just replace a loved one because his or her partner does not fit the love match . One strong reason for this is the fact that this can actually make a relationship work. This paves the way for compromises and adjustments so that a relationship can last. You don’t have to exert that much effort into finding your perfect match since there are websites that give the meaning of the astrological love signs that you should know about. This will inform you if you and your partner are a perfect match with regards to your astrological signs.

Some sites are solely devoted to the compatibility of couples. After giving you and your partner’s birth date, you will soon know if you’re compatible with each other. Moreover, there is also a detailed report of a love sign such as Sagittarius in love which refers to the love signs attitude when it comes to relationships.

One of the most sought after websites is the Milton Black which gives couples a complete compatibility assessment. These compatibility charts will be given free of charge to those who will visit their site,

Interesting information about astrology


Astrology is a set of beliefs and practices that deals with planetary and celestial alignment for forecasting events. One thing about astrology is that it can be used to interpret certain outcomes in daily life . Horoscopes and zodiac signs are definitely part of things that can be learned about astrology

The history of astrology goes a long way as far as 3rd millennium B.C. Historical records reveal  that earliest civilizations know much about astrology since they based their calendar on the lunar cycle. Assyrians, Babylonians and Sumerians have high regard for astrology   which later influenced  the Greeks and Egyptians. When the Egyptians adapted astrology , they combined it with their own Decanic astrology which later yielded to the zodiac signs. Even the three wise men who needed to know the location of Christ relied on the stars in the sky. The Bible is silent about astronomy as a science which is sometimes correlated to astrology However, the scriptures does not approve of certain practices such as divination, prophecies and fortune-telling.

There are many interesting things about astrology and that includes matching compatibility with possible partners by looking for   the characteristics of  the zodiac sign. Usually, young people are the most enthusiastic people about astrology since they are so hooked on finding their love match. As people learn more about each zodiac sign,the unique features of each sign has certain compatibility match that’s very helpful.

It is also possible to learn more about astrology by reading books that  contains information about the different planetary signs so it’s important to memorize glyphs, zodiac signs and their qualities, the order of the signs and stuff like that. Once a better understanding of the planetary alignments have been computed, then events in the past can be charted to see if it’s related to planetary movements. Although the truth about astrology is that it is not really an exact science with verifiable data since things are based on experiences. Rememebr too that we make our own choices in life and astrology can just serve as a guide Nevertheless, astrology is can be a useful tool to influence us in making choices. Visit websites about astrology to increase your knowledge about this subject.

History of astrology


Even though it is the age of technology, there are still some people who prefer to have astrology compatibility readings. This concept of compatibility is actually popular in young people. Each birth date has its own zodiac sign and that is how astrology is able to give readings to each individuals. So for example, you are born between mid- November to early December, then you are considered a Sagittarius. A certain zodiac sign has personal characteristics or attributes. One can be stubborn, fickle-minded or generous depending upon the zodiac sign. Although the descriptions are fairly generalizations of certain behavior, not all individuals have the same characteristics. Nevertheless, individuals are very interested in knowing the compatibility rate through astrology.

The thing that makes the birth dates so significant is that these readings are based on these dates. Aside from this, the zodiac signs are further categorized into the four elements namely the earth, wind, fire and water. Those dreamers can expect their zodiac sign to be either Virgo, Taurus Capricorn since these signs fall under the earth catergory. The three zodiac signs that belong in the water category are the Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These are the types of people who empathize well with others. They also have less than likeable characteristics which includes being emotional but at the same time, they are also very intuitive. The third group which is air include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These are the types of people that are very sociable and are smart at the same time. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries on the other hand, belong to the last category which is fire. They are the leaders and they like to take action.

Astrology compatibility also suggests the proper mixture of the  elements as basis for matching partners. Those people whose zodiac sign falls under the fire category might find it easy to have a good relationship to those whose zodiac signs fall under the earth and air category but they might not be the perfect match for those who are under the water category. This is why each compatibility tests are interesting and unique.

Many websites offer astrology compatibility analysis. All you have to do is input your zodiac sign and voila! There’s a detailed report about your characteristics that can make or break the relationship. In order to have a more detailed interpretation, you can also give out the date of your birth. This is why there are so many people that are obsessed with these kinds of things.