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What Is Modern Witchcraft All About?

The modern witchcraft of today has truly changed the practice of witchcraft in most people's eyes.  There are still a lot of people who think of cack...


The modern witchcraft of today has truly changed the practice of witchcraft in most people’s eyes.  There are still a lot of people who think of cackling witches stirring a potion when they think of witchcraft but this is not at all what it is about.  While these may have been the images delivered to us through movies and television, this is not actually the case.  Witchcraft is not all about the bad and about making potions that are going to turn someone into a frog.

The spread of Wicca and modern witchcraft spells has been truly amazing.  Even some of the last people you would suspect have taken an interest in witchcraft and this is not only in the North Americas but all around the world.  The problem is that there is still a sort of shroud against the practice which leaves a lot of people unsure of whether they want to let others know that they are into it.  Even if they are only using witchcraft spells to make good, positive things happen in life it can still be a bit scary to talk about.

This is certainly not an appealing image to someone who is involved in the same thing today.  The two are actually completely separate from one another and for witchcraft you simply need to follow certain spells.  This is why it is so important for our generation to realize that there is nothing scary about witchcraft.  Modern witchcraft does not revolve around bad, negative spells and instead it is about using spells to better one’s life.

People all around the world are starting to see there is nothing truly bad about witchcraft, if you use it properly.  Most people who practice witchcraft consider it to be a way of life.  It is their way of life and they revolve everything they do around it.  You get to decide what spells you want to try out and which you think are going to benefit you the most.

People always have different reasons for why they want to use witchcraft.  Just make sure you are not putting anyone against their own free will.  The spells can be used to better a person’s life and this is why they should not be condemned.  The modern witchcraft of today is impressive and is nothing like the witchcraft practiced in ancient times.

Understanding Witchcraft Laws


Witchcraft laws have eased in the 20th century resulting in increase of contemporary witchcraft practices, involving the use of magic and other methods to control unforeseen forces such as spirits and forces of nature.  The benefits derived from such practices have resulted in spiritual healings, natural medicines and other forms of treatments such as aromatherapy, herbalism and so on.  In this article we will explore the laws governing witchcraft and the spiritual techniques that are adopted to perform these practices.  In witchcraft, magic means harmony with the natural forces of the universe.

There are certain principles that need to be followed when practicing witchcraft for the good purpose of the human kind.  The foremost principle of witchcraft is ‚Love‚, which relates to act that does not harm others.  The harm to the other person can be caused in the form of words, deeds or thoughts, but no physical harm is allowed to others or oneself in practicing contemporary witchcraft.   The practice involves recognition of such forces, learning the laws governing them, and attuning ourselves to make use of them.

Contemporary witchcraft involves harmonizing forces of universe and to follow the Law of Polarity to understand its meaning and use.  This law establishes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the act carried out on others is either active or reactive in nature.  The second law explains the cause and effect relationship between the actions and practices of witchcraft.  Great powers bring great responsibilities, hence if the necessary precautions are not taken while performing witchcraft, it can corrupt minds leading to the destruction of humanity.

Contemporary witchcraft laws are based on proper techniques and it is essential to follow them in order to get the desired results.  The witchcraft techniques are present by birth in humans and also in the universe around them, but we need to unlock them with proper guidance obeying the witchcraft laws.  Much harm can be done, if these powers are not used responsibly, both to others and oneself according to the Law of Polarity and the laws of cause and effect.   For the betterment of human beings, the witchcraft law has been adopted to practice contemporary witchcraft.

The main purpose of contemporary witchcraft is for the betterment of humankind, by protecting body, mind and soul from the ills of life.  As per witchcraft laws, it is essential not to interfere in other life without their consent or knowledge in the name of healing.  This act must be done with permission, non-interference and ethical existence with full responsibilities.

Understanding Practice of Witchcraft


Witchcraft is a magical practice performed in many different ways, and is practiced all over the world.  Witchcraft is a science and art of creative consciousness, and has always been around in some form or the other.  Wicca is the old English term for the witch, and was used when the witchcraft was practiced as a religion.   The techniques of witchcraft have been practiced by only a set of men and women, and these people have been looked at with fear, awe and also hatred.

A spell is the act of focused, powerful volition that rallies all the mental and emotional energies combined with incantations, prayers and few ritualistic steps directed to achieve positive results.  A spell can be in the form of a speech, prayer, action, writing, drawing, sketching or dancing, and involves a magical occurrence.  Magical spell is the transformative and creative performance, and does not involve esoteric mumbo jumbo, sleight of hand or trickery seen in every day.   While performing the witchcraft and casting a spell, the witch takes on the responsibility on to herself.

The first step towards learning the witchcraft is to study the religion, and you can do this by studying several journals and books online and offline.  To practice witchcraft, it is essential to explore your unique and magical pitch or tone that is different from the regular speaking voice.  The basic principles of witchcraft include casting circles, calling quarters, invoking Gods, raising and channeling energies and in the end, grounding, centering and closing the circle.  Write down your own rituals and dedicate yourself to witchcraft, and always be particular about safe practice.

Once you feel that the enough energy is generated, you need to release it by saying the chant for the last time, and ending with ‚ÄòSo Mote It Be‚Äù.  Witches have a strong belief in the Law of Three which claims that anything sent out into their world returns back to them three fold, either bane or good.  The circle of energy must be purified and cleaned by sweeping it, and then burning the incense sticks to create the spiritual ambience.  Witches are just like other human beings and are capable of making errors and mistakes in judgment, and flaws in human nature apply to the witches as well.

In the recent years, the use of herbs to heal the people has been rediscovered, hence make use of valuable healing properties of herbs.  Meditation is a good way to look within yourself, and discover your own powers.   After the task has been performed, the raised energy needs to be grounded back, and though most of the raised energy is spent to cast the spell, some remains unutilized, which must be released into the earth.  Prior to using any of the witchcraft tools, consecration must be practiced.

Traditional Witchcraft Spells: Love Spells


People have to understand that there is a lot more to traditional witchcraft than just casting spells to make someone turn into a bat.  Because of what people have seen from movies and TV, they generally have a warped view of just what witchcraft is really all about.  People always have the misconception that witchcraft is about evil spells and witches standing about a brewing pot making potions, but this is not the case.  If you are interested in getting started off in witchcraft it is best to take it slow and these are a few of the simplest spells you can try.

For the basic love spell all you need is a piece of the person’s hair and a picture of them.  Then you want to put the picture face down on a purple glass plate for about fifteen minutes.  The hair should be placed on top of the back of the picture and by fifteen minutes time the person should have called you, come to your house or otherwise gotten a hold of you.  Of course this spell can only work if you know the person and are able to get these things of theirs.

There is another love spell that works well and which would be easier if you were not able to get these items from the person.  Gather together lipstick, perfume, a piece of paper, red marker and some rose petals.  For this spell you will need a marker and piece of paper so you can write down the qualities you are looking for in a person.  You then put this in an envelope and put some red or pink rose petals in with it.

Then you want to fold this paper up and put it in the envelope, place the rose petals in as well and seal it up.  Tuck this away somewhere where it will not get lost or opened by someone else because this means the spell will be broken.  As long as you keep this sealed the spell will not break and you will find that true love in your life.  Traditional witchcraft can be a lot of fun and it is important to see that there are a lot of fun, happy things you can use witchcraft spells for.

Your true love should come around shortly after, someone with all the different qualities that you had listed.  Remember, witchcraft spells are not only always about the bad.  If you do, karma will be out to get you.  Even if you are a bit of a skeptic it is not going to hurt you any to try out these spells and see if they work for you.

The Positivity Of White Witchcraft Spells


More people than ever before have taken an interest in witchcraft.  People are starting to realize that witchcraft is not all about hexes and potions or turning people into frogs.  There is the black magic side of things which most people are used to seeing, especially through movies and television.  This is where the problems come into play because once you are forcing anyone to do anything against their will you are going to end up dealing with karma.

White witchcraft is basically all the different spells that are used to bring happiness and positivity to one’s life.  These are the spells that most regular people are used to using, those who are into witchcraft at all that is.  There are a few rules of white witchcraft that are important to be aware of if you want to start casting some white witchcraft spells.  The first rule is to live and this means you can cast any spell that is going to help you do that.

There are so many dreams we all have and you can use white witchcraft spells to help you gain achievements in life.  There is no guarantee but if you are using the right spells and following the proper routine, you should see results almost immediately.  The second rule is to love as much as you can and if you are lonely and want to find someone who is going to be your partner in life, there is a really basic love spell you can try.  All you need is a purple glass plate and a picture of the person you want to be your suitor.

Within that time or at least within the next couple of days that person is going to make a move and show you that they love you.  The next white witchcraft rule is that you need to learn.  There is a lot to learn in the practice of white witchcraft so if you are serious about it you can learn new things all the time and become a Wicca expert.  Learning is considered to be a cornerstone to the practice of Wicca.

Finally the fourth rule is to enjoy.  Enjoying is a very important part of witchcraft because you should be positive in a good mood when you are casting spells.  More and more people are taking an interest in witchcraft and wondering why they did not get into this before.  White witchcraft is completely safe and you do not have to worry unless you start getting involved with any black magic spells.