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Things You Need to Know When Buying Cutlery

Today, we can no longer live without cutlery. A dinning table will not be complete without knives, spoon or fork? It will be impossible for us to cut,...


Today, we can no longer live without cutlery. A dinning table will not be complete without knives, spoon or fork? It will be impossible for us to cut, dice, mince or chop or food without knives. Raw food needs to be prepared properly to ensure hygiene as well as good meal presentation.  Although it’s possible to eat using bare hands, It’s just too inconvenient or unsanitary for modern man. So how does one buy cutlery that would suit your taste and needs?

Here are some practical advice when buying cutlery:

1. Decide on what type of cutlery you need to buy since they can be made from stainless steel or sterling silver. For daily usage, you must choose a cutlery that is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. They are also easy to use, lightweight and easy to clean. All you have to do is clean it with soap and water. No matter how, if you need a sophisticated set of cutlery for special and formal occasions, purchase a fine quality sterling silver set. Silver cutlery is more expensive than a regular stainless cutlery set. In addition, storage and maintenance takes so much effort. Although most silver cutlery are dishwasher-safe, it’s imperative to have a cutlery roll that has anti-tarnish properties.

2. Design is another important matter when you plan to buy cutlery. Choosing a theme will mainly depend on the motif or them of your kitchen but it also has suit your taste for designs. Basic designs are the brightest choice especially the ones with clean and simple designs. Other people especially younger couples love contemporary designs since there are many options to choose from in the market today. You can even personalize your cutlery if you wish by embossing your initials in it. Couples with kids prefer the designs of their cutleries especially designed for Children and Babies. Acquiring a chef cutlery is also a good buy for homemaker’s that love to cook.

Buying cutlery is easy and  hassle-free these days due to the availability of many brands and variety to choose from.

Proper Cutlery Storage


Cutlery items should be stored properly for they are indispensable items in a household. Knives and other such items help us in preparing our meals. Spoon and forks should be sanitized carefully since we often insert them in our mouths. When cutlery is not stored properly, they could lead to tarnishing or even gather moisture which can breed bacteria. Dirty cutlery can definitely make people sick so it’s best to read on for useful tips in storing cutlery properly.

One of the basic steps in properly storing cutlery is washing them thoroughly before storing them. Hands must wash forks and spoons although they are dishwasher safe. Knives are also important to be hand-washed since they could have be chipped when put in a dishwasher. Hand-washing cutlery is better because one can thoroughly clean the food particles stuck on the utensils.

Knives need specific cleaning compared to other utensils. Avoid letting good knives immersed in the sink for long periods of time, for this is considered a dangerous practice. Knives’ sharpness can be damaged and also can cut the owner. Some knives handles can loosen up when it is constantly immersed in water. When it’s time to utilize knife with loose handles, there’s a strong possibility that it can cause injury. Another important fact about storing cutlery like knives is washing them completely after using them on oranges or any acidic food. Acid can cause pitting and discoloration on steel. Cutlery like knives should be dried properly to prevent them from accumulating germs and bacteria. This practice makes the knife lose its edge so it’s important not to just store them in drawers. There are available special trays for knives that can fit into a drawer. These knife treys help maintaining the durability and sharpness of knives. In addition, children cannot reach knives if they are locked in cabinets. At the same, using knife blocks can enhance cutlery storage. By doing so, knives are easily accessible and their edges and point are kept sharp.

Cutlery storage when done the right way extends the life of even delicate cutlery. Try to look for different kitchen accessories for proper cutlery storage.

Professional Cutlery Knife Sets


Eating at restaurants and hotels is a pleasant experience, and this makes people ask what is the secret behind the well-prepared food?

There seems to be something amiss, because every chef can just interpret different recipes for his or her own purpose.

The answer is high quality cutlery knife sets; it is the one that makes food preparation professional.
Using   good cutlery knife sets are essential tools in the kitchen that every cook or homemaker must have.

Knives are important tools in the kitchen since they are commonly used for preparing food. There are different types of kitchen knives that should be part of a cutlery set. To better appreciate the importance of knives as indispensable tools in the kitchen, it is best to understand various knives and their use.

Knives used for meat are definitely more durable than the ones used for fruits or vegetables. There are also boning knives, which have 6 inch blades for cutting ham and beef roast.

Butchers’ knives also known as cleavers are used for pounding and chopping. A chef’s knife has a lot of purpose; it can be used for slicing, dicing, mincing and even chopping.

There are knives that are manufactured for specific usage such as the cheese knife, butter knife and the clam knife. Other knives have specific uses, such as cutting frozen foods and deveining shrimps. Using the proper knives in preparing food is not only efficient but it is safe as well. A lettuce knife is made from plastic so the lettuce leaves won’t turn into brown once served for salads. A concern that should be considered when buying cutlery knife sets is safety. Blunt knives can be a peril in the kitchen, not only it’s dangerous, but it destroys the quality of food. Some knives must be really sharp, like a Japanese knife, so when it cuts meat, it can go through the grain and still look presentable.

High-quality cutlery knife sets define meal preparation by producing food that looks professionally prepared even by an ordinary homemaker. Check out our site today for the latest cutlery sets.

Environmentally Safe Green Cutlery


More and more people are being conscious about the environment, especially the climate changes brought about by the Greenhouse effect, and they are trying to define their roles as warriors for Mother Earth. Almost all of the nations in the world, especially those belonging to the Kyoto protocol have asked their citizens to be aware and to do their duty in preserving the environment through reduction of carbon footprint. As a result, there is a proliferation of green cutlery as answer to the call of preserving the environment.

Evidently, millions of people everyday use cutlery that are disposable such as food holders, plastic knives, spoon, fork that all add up to trash after the party is over. Worse, plastic is bad for the environment since it is toxic when incinerated and not advisable to be buried in the ground. Good thing green cutlery is now widely available on the market. In fact, even some restaurants took the initiative to use disposable green cutlery.

Green cutlery involve a wide range of kitchen items such as biodegradable forks, biodegradable knives and biodegradable spoons. By utilizing green cutlery, pollution would be cut down in the planet. Packaging items have also joined the green movement, by preferring brown bags over plastic. The need for green cutlery is on the rise as citizens of the world find ways to reduce the volume of trash every day. Children’s parties, often leave a lot of trash can now start using green cutlery as their way of helping the environment.

Green cutlery are now made up of organic materials like potato starch and thus disposable knives, forks, and spoons can be composted with biodegradable materials. It is now guilt-free to use big quantities of cutlery because they can be disposed of by composting in the garden.

The good news about green cutlery is that they’re as functional and handy as normal cutlery since they’re not made of poor quality plastic that easily breaks or chips. In fact, green cutlery can withstand heat up to 220 F, applicable for hot food and roast meat. Now is the time to contribute to mother earth, by using green cutlery. You can look at various websites for this kind of products.

Disposable Cutlery Items


Millions of people use disposable cutlery for their daily needs, since they find them very practical and for a lot of other reasons. Plastic cutlery is very common because its easy to dispose of it once the user is done utilizing it. The most common disposable cutlery is plastic because of its lightweight and handy feature. Polystyrene is the type of plastic that is globally used when it comes to disposable cutlery as well as food-packaging products. Even foam drink cups and insulation products are made from this substance which can be recycled. Unfortunately, disposable cutlery is also a great contributor to pollution since polystyrene is hardly biodegradable. Nevertheless, plastic disposable cutlery is safe to use for human consumption since it has passed the stringent standards of Federal Drug Administration of   USA. Because of this, most fad food chains use disposable cutlery since this rids the task of washing dishes which takes up a lot of labor and man hours.

Disposable cutlery may come in different forms, from the usual knives, fork, spoons to drinks stirrer and flexi straws. Even forks, chip forks, dessert spoons, and soup spoons are made of plastic hence it can be disposable too. Disposable cutlery follows certain measurements for general use. Plastic knife and tea spoons have different sizes, 167 mm for the former, while the latter’s size is 145 mm. There’s a spare piece to every pack so don’t be confused if a common pack contains 51 pieces.

Besides plastic, there are also wooden cutleries. Disposable cutlery made from Birchwood is also practical and a very environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Disposable wood cutlery is biodegradable; hence it won’t be a pollutant. It’s guilt free to use birch wood because its origins are from sustainable forests.

Plastic disposable cutlery is no longer plain and boring ever since they started to come in different colors and design. Some manufacturers also sell by wholesale as well as disposable cutlery kits that’s hassle-free and convenient especially suited for volume usage. If children are expected for a party, it is deemed impractical if they don’t use disposable cutlery.