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What Should Be Known About Building Solar Water Heaters

We can name many reasons why you might want to create a good solar water heater. Most will simply want to have smaller bills while others are actually...


We can name many reasons why you might want to create a good solar water heater. Most will simply want to have smaller bills while others are actually thinking about protecting the environment and cutting down on fossils and trees as supplies. The truth is that a water heater can really help out any home out there. We do have a lot of variations possible that you can choose from. We recommend that you choose a solar water heater that is passive and will not need an extra energy source to work.

The first step in building solar water heaters is analyzing your personal water needs. One person usually uses 30 gallons daily but maybe you need more. You can cut down on costs if you look for an electrical water heater tank that was discarded but is big enough for you. Think about the new heater placement. It should be placed outside the house with it facing south so that good sun ray exposure is possible. The tank must be painted black so that more sun energy is to be absorbed. Also, plywood boxes are required for each water tank. In order to place the heater in a proper upright position there is a need for it to feature one incline. Fiberglass insulation can be used on the interior of the box so that energy loss is minimal. Then just install your water tank.

The tank bottom has special fittings for pipes and plumbing fittings. They are going to carry the water from the home towards the installed solar heater. Then you need to connect another pipe set to the top of the heater. These are the pipes that go back to your regular heater inside the house. We do recommend that you get one in order to have one backup unit that is good and to keep water warm for as long as possible. The pipes that are exposed need to be insulated so that they do not freeze in winter. You can use insulation foam although fiberglass is a lot more effective. Now you need to cover your box with clear plastic or window glass. By doing this you basically keep heat right inside the box.

Solar Water Heater Repair Needs


Most solar water heater systems out there are really simple when referring to build type. You will be happy to know that repairing them is usually really easy. Unfortunately many people think that all can be done with ease although it is not always like that. Also, the secret to any solar water heater is to provide good maintenance. This will cut down a lot on repair costs. In most situations problems are given by the heater box. In most situations the repair lasts less than one hour. Hand tools are utilized and you can usually get the job done alone if you know what you are doing.

Solar water heating systems can develop complications when an electrical source is utilized. Fortunately energy is not utilized by most heaters. Leaks are actually quite common. They will usually appear in storage tanks or heat boxes. Although tank leaks are very easy to see, in the event that your leak is in your heat box then nothing is that simple. Costly repairs can be avoided if you use a plastic lid so that you can see leaks when they appear in heat boxes. Whenever you find a box problem you will need to turn off your water supply. Also, you need to dry the system completely. You can simply then un-mount your heater and then remove the lid. The leak area is cleaned with the use of sand paper that is wet and dry. In most situations leaks can be fixed by simply adding sealing tape over PVC sealers. If you are faced with a big leak then that affected pipe has to be cut and replaced with a new one.

When you are dealing with repairs needed for the water heater system that are complicated you really need to contact specialists and not try to fix anything yourself. While a leak is very easy to fix some problems are not. Never try to make modifications to a pre-built system unless you really know what you are doing.

Low Cost Solar Water Heaters


All water heater solar systems can be cheap or highly expensive. All is 100% based on how you handle the situation. We see many investing much money in solar water heating systems while believing that money can be saved while Summer days pass. While this is absolutely true you should know that you can also reduce costs when you are actually creating your solar water heater. You should know that a good system can be created with money that you would normally spend on the electric bill in one month.

The interesting fact few people are aware of is that almost all materials can absorb heat from the sun. A photovoltaic panel will need a really complex configuration combined with materials that are expensive so that electricity is generated. When dealing with water heaters everything becomes simpler.

Now in order to reduce costs when building solar water heaters you need to buy materials that are cheaper and available in many places. Although you might believe something else all that you really need is 2 days to spare and a bunch of common tools to build one. Also, when one person does all alone installation costs can be cut. The created design is the only thing that can limit the heated water quantity to be produced. It is one really good idea to search the Internet for possible plans you could use. While all is simple some tricks and tips can surely help out. If you use the best materials and do the entire work yourself you can end up cutting costs a lot more than you might have believed in the past. If you do need help then local plumber stores surely have people that you can ask. You are to learn all facts involved for sure. Make sure that you do not believe all sales pitches so that you do not end up purchasing those storage tanks and materials that are too expensive. Think about your personal needs and you can cut costs easily.

Installing Solar Swimming Pool Water Heaters to Cut Costs


Although you might believe otherwise, one great solution to keep your pool water warm every hour is to install a good solar heating system. Although you might see that the weather is wonderful and sunny the water might still not be suitable for swimming. In order to cut down on electricity costs there is always the possibility of installing swiming pool water heating systems that can do a proper job.

A solar swimming pool water heater is basically based on solar panels. What is really interesting is the fact that the entire system can easily be built if you have a small investment budget. Think about this even before you are building your swimming pool. What is really important is thinking about the pool’s size so that you can see how much solar power will be needed to keep it warm. Sizing is always necessary when heating a pool. One solar collector surface is needed and it has to be the same size as the length and width of the swimming pool in most cases. Sometimes you will need more. When you think about solar panel size a number of factors have to be analyzed. You mist first analyze the direction of the roof as a south facing roof can offer you better heat absorption. Although some believe that depth is really important you should know that pool shape is much more important. After that the local weather needs to be analyzed. Even trees that are shading the pool are important and have to be taken into account.

Whenever you install solar swimming pool heater systems you should think about hiring specialists. This happens as sometimes you will find it hard to see what you will need. All stands out as being more difficult when compared to house water systems. The good news is that prices are not as big as you might believe and you can probably afford it. Even in the event that you do not the investment is sure to pay off in the future.

Installation and Heating of Commercial Solar Water Heaters


A lot of solar energy system types have become popular thanks to a lot of reasons. We saw a lot of these systems widely used in the past in different residential areas so that individual needs were met. Nowadays we see many establishments considering solar energy system so that they can cut down on maintenance costs. Commercial solar water heater systems appeared and they now produce energy for many companies. A lot of small and even corporate businesses are constantly trying to apply solar effective principles for cost purposes.

Two major parts are included in any commercial solar water heater system: the solar panel and the storage tank. A solar panel can easily be installed and has been available for years now. Thanks to tube collectors solar water heating can be used in many climates. Collectors can possible retain much heat absorption and will work with absorbing the sun energy produced as water heat. Heated water will then move towards the storage tank. One good heat exchanger will also be included inside the main storage tank.

When talking about commercial solar heating system we have the storage tank as a highly important part. The reason why we see this is that they have bigger requirements due to handling more when compared to regular systems. Also, different commercial storage tanks are available on request, built based on design or shapes needed. If you can have one flat level spot to support it then there will be no problems getting a really good solar tank.

Because of solar water systems commercial establishments can now reduce a large part of their energy costs. Nowadays this is truly important due to the economic environment we see. Also, we are happy to notice that many companies have green thinking and do protect the environment even if cost stands out as the most important reason for installing this type of system. If you are a business owner and want to cut costs while also protecting the environment you should seriously consider the possibility of using commercial solar water heaters. Energy costs end up being reduced with even 70% yearly.