Getting Started In Numerology: Learning The Meaning Of Numbers Numerology

Numerology is a type of reading that can be given to any person.  There are some who believe in it and others who don't, just as with any other type ...

Numerology is a type of reading that can be given to any person.  There are some who believe in it and others who don’t, just as with any other type of psychic or other prediction.  The meaning of numerology is quite complex and cannot be answered in a single sentence.   Numerology is thought to be able to capture a person’s personality and determine a person’s strengths, weakness, and obstacles that they will have to overcome.

Numerology is a type of language in its own right and one that can be used to offer great insight to those who are interested.  Numbers in one’s life such as their birthday and favorite numbers are used to determine meaning.  Name numerology is one of the most important areas of this subject.  While the methods used to analyze numbers in a name may vary, the basics tend to remain the same.

Most numerologists will begin by taking the letters in someone’s name and translating them into numbers.  The same numbers can also be used to determine that person’s soul urge number and dream number.  The point of numerology to most is that if offers insight into what their life holds and they can then change their life path as they wish.  There are five major vibrations that make up the true meaning of numbers numerology.

Life path, birth day, expression, heart’s desire and personality are the five vibrations.  Each of these areas holds its own significance to different people so for instance while the determination of personality may mean more to one person, the expression may mean more to another.  Every person is thought to be a blending of these vibrations and the most common numerology lesson that people are interested in involves the Life Path.  This number describes what the person has achieved in their life thus far and what is planned for them in the future.

For most people who are into numerology at all they take it very seriously.  Anyone can learn how to give numerology readings but for the best results it’s wise to have a reading given by a professional numerologist who has spent years honing their craft and who understands what this technique is really all about.  A Life Path of four on the other hand would suggest the person has a natural genius for planning and fixing things and that they are a builder of society.  It’s the complex setup of numerology that really makes it so interesting and what makes it such a hot topic around the world from centuries ago to the modern times of today.

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