A Guide to Understand Numerology

Numerology is considered a pseudo science of mathematics, and till date, there has not been much evidence supporting its validity and accuracy.  Howe...

Numerology is considered a pseudo science of mathematics, and till date, there has not been much evidence supporting its validity and accuracy.  However, the art of numerology has existed for thousands of years, and many people all over the world believe that pseudo sciences like astrology, numerology, tarot etc help them predict future, and gain deeper insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.  For all the calculations, most numerologists use the name as recorded in the birth certificate.  The name given at the time of birth is called cosmic name, and it reflects your talents, goals, debts, lessons and reason for being here, and changing the name may enhance or reduce your ability to fulfill your goals in life.

More than month and year of birth, the date of birth is an important numerological indicator that provides overall thumbnail sketch of person’s traits, and it has a very strong influence on the most productive periods of their lives.  Adding together all the vibrations of the vowels gives Soul Urge, and it depicts the longings of the soul, and motivations and goals of life.  Sum of consonants is the Quiet Self, indicating the unique talents that help individual to reach his or her goals, and because it operates on the subconscious level, is expressed just like a dream.  Total vibrations of the name is Expression, and is the real face you show to the world, and the traits most readily seen by others in you.

Sum of the birth date is called life path number, and it represents your identity at birth, and native traits that your will carry throughout your life.  A chart is used to assign the number to each letter and all the numbers are added up till a single digit number is obtained.  Numerology is also used to estimate the potential of having the longterm compatibility with a person, address the problems with existing relationships and have a better understanding or personal relations.  The number of times same number repeats or lack of certain numbers has special significance in numerology.

Many people use numerology to find the compatibility with other person or to compare their number with someone else in order to get the deeper understanding of their relationship and chances of success.  Many parents consult a numerologist to get assistance in choosing the suitable name for their child, however, role of numerologist must be limited to getting the insight into traits of different numbers, or to find the names that are compatible with parents and other members of the family.  Number 1 signifies independence, creativity, ego, self and originality, 2 signifies cooperation, empathy, over-sensitivity, consideration and co-dependence, 3 signifies artistic expression, superficiality, friendliness, wastefulness and sociability, 4 signifies application, practicality, rigidity, loyalty and repression, 5 indicates adaptability, freedom, abuse of senses, travel and inconsistency, 6 indicates responsibility, love, meddling, understanding and jealously, 7 indicated mental analysis, spirituality, fault finding, wisdom and suppression, 8 indicates management, power, executive ability, materiality and unscrupulousness, 9 signifies artistic genius, romance, humanitarianism, dissipation and emotionalism, 11 indicates idealism, intuition, insensitivity, invention, and fanaticism, and 22 indicates practical idealism, get-rich-quick schemes, material mastery and viciousness.

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