Facts On Chaldean Numerology And How It Works

The subject of numerology is one of great interest.  Whether you believe in it or not, there are certainly some very interesting facts on numerology....

The subject of numerology is one of great interest.  Whether you believe in it or not, there are certainly some very interesting facts on numerology.  Numerology is a practice that comes in a few forms, one being known as Chaldean numerology.  Whether you’re planning on getting into numerology and being a reader or just want to get a reading yourself, it’s important to understand the Chaldean numerology system and how it all works.

The main difference between the Chaldean numerology system and that which we are more used to in the Western world is that the mystical number nine is never assigned.  Whereas in Western numerology this is considered as being one of the most important numbers, in Chaldean numerology this is not the case and the number nine always disappears.  Another major difference between the two forms of this practice lies in the fact that the numerical vibrations which are assigned to the letters are determined by the energy vibration of each letter rather than in alphabetical order as they are in the Western world.  These may seem like relatively simple differences to the newcomer to the numerology practice but to anyone that has a bit of experience, they know how major they are.

There are also similarities between the two studies of numerology, including that for every number determined in a reading there is a different given meaning.  That includes the fact that there is a specific description given for each determined number in a reading.  You’re independent, dominating and creative.  On the other hand if you’re told that you’re a number three you would be manifesting and appreciate the pleasure and beauty of life.

Of course just as there are with similar practices, there are many skeptics of the Chaldean numerology.  The most important thing is that if you do happen to be unsure you give it a try.  There isn’t any extra personal information that you’ll need to give out to any numerologist and instead they just take your name and birth date, along with other basic facts that can be translated into numbers.  Instead you just need to give your basic information such as name, birth date and address.

Instead only basic information is needed such as your name and birth date which makes this a much more comfortable process for most people.  The numerologist will then take this information and use it to translate into numbers which are then used to give the reading.  It’s the study of numbers and the occult manner in which they reflect personalities and aptitudes of people.  Whether you go for the Chaldean or Western numerology reading, all that matters is you give it a try.

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