Make Your Own Organic Gardening Pest Control Sprays

Are you upset at the amount of bugs and insects that infest your garden and which you presume are the root cause of all your gardening woes?As it happ...

Are you upset at the amount of bugs and insects that infest your garden and which you presume are the root cause of all your gardening woes?As it happens, only a very small percentage of these insects, about 5% in all, can really hurt your garden and many help by carrying pollen from plant to plant and aiding fertilization.Even those that do not actively help your garden work for you by eating weeds or feeding of the eggs and larvae of the harmful insects.Of course, there are still many insect species that can ruin your garden and which have to be kept away.

Being an organic gardener you are already encouraging natural biological organic gardening pest control.Obviously you do not want to use chemical based pest control sprays and so on in your garden – it will no longer be organic.However, there are many natural herbs and other ingredients that can be used as organic gardening pest control materials – things you can make for yourself.Besides keeping your garden organic, these organic garden pest control measures are both safe to use and can result in a large savings over the use of commercial chemical products.

You can find details of how to make these organic pesticides in any detailed organic gardening guide but in general they come in five types.Strong odors drive away many insects and an organic gardening pest control spray made from strong smelling substances like tobacco, garlic and onions is very effective.A lot of plants give off odors that humans cannot smell but are strong enough to drive away insects and a spray made up of water in which these plants have been soaked is an effective organic gardening pest control method.A soapy spray will remain on the plants for a longtime and repel many insects and there are many organic detergents and soaps can be used to make this.If the bugs need to be killed off, you could try a spray made of a mixture of vegetable and mineral oils which will form an oily coating on the bugs and suffocate them.The final basic type of organic gardening pest control spray is made of alcohol and chilies that burns the insects and kills them off without harming the plants.

Any detailed resource on organic gardening will provide detailed information on how to make and use organic gardening pest control sprays and powders.Please remember not to get carried away when using these organic gardening pest control methods.Simply because they are organic does not mean that they are harmless and can be used in large amounts – they need to be potent to work and measured use is the best.Also keep in mind that some of the stronger organic gardening pest control sprays can, if used in sunlight, have a chemical reaction that could cause your plants to burn and these must be used only after sunset or when the garden is in the shade.

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